10 Best D Ring Tie Downs
for September 2023

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D ring tie downs, also known as d ring cargo straps, are a popular item for toting gear, camping, boating, and more. D ring tie downs allow you to secure cargo to your vehicle, boat, or trailer, and they make it easy to transport cargo, or load and unload.

Our MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab tests tie downs for safety, ease of use, and ease of use. We evaluate tie downs for strength, load support, and load retention. We also look at how easy it is for an adult or child to install and unhook the tie downs.

Tie downs are often used to haul cargo, such as kayaks, bikes, and camping gear. But tie downs can also be used to tow a trailer, secure cargo on a boat, or secure gear to your vehicle.

Tie downs are rated on strength, support, and load retention. Strength ratings, for example, measure how much weight the tie down can hold. Support ratings measure how securely the tie down will hold cargo. Load retention ratings measure how securely cargo will remain in place during a collision.

Tie downs are easy to use, with snap hooks that easily hook onto D-rings or straps.


The 1/2-inch webbing on our Best Cargo Straps test had 9,000 pounds of breaking strength, and the ratchet held our 4,000-pound test truck trailer just fine. The straps are sized specifically to fit a 1,500-pound trailer, so if your trailer weighs more than that, we recommend buying one more strap (or two, if your trailer weighs more than 1,500 pounds). The webbing on this strap is woven, not just stitched, and it's 6 feet long, which makes it easy to strap down your trailer. The strap uses a woven strap design, so the webbing is thicker and stronger than other straps. The strap's 12,000-pound breaking strength rating is higher than that of the straps we tested, and the nylon webbing and steel hardware are durable enough to survive years of use and abuse. The ratchet is easy to operate, and it's made of plastic, so it's light enough for you to carry around. The strap has D-rings on both ends, and attaching them to your trailer is quick and easy. The straps are handy for attaching cargo to trailers, flatbed trucks, and tractors. The strap's 4,000-pound working load limit is lower than that of the straps we tested, so we recommend buying one more strap if your trailer weights more than that.

4 Car Truck Van Quad Trailer 6,000lb Anchor Strap Tie Down Recessed D-Rings RDR5

Reliable Aftermarket Parts Our Name Says It 4 All Car Truck Van Quad Trailer 6

by Aftermarket

We Provide Oem Numbers As A Reference For Customers When Ordering. Please Verify Fit By Cross-Refere

These recessed D-rings, manufactured by Uniden, are well-made and easy to install. They feature a square design with a 1-1/2-inch bolt-on hole, which makes them easier to install than round D-rings, and they offer a bit more holding power than round D-rings because of the extra surface area. The D-rings clamp down on the anchor strap instead of wrapping around it, which gives them more holding power. The four D-rings come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is snap them onto an anchor strap, and you're done. These D-rings are rated to hold 6,000 pounds, which is more than enough for most smaller trailers. They're also rated at IP65, which means they're splashproof. The D-rings feature an embossed Uniden logo on them, so they'll add a touch of style to your vehicle.


N\C 12X1/4" Silver Heavy Duty D Ring Tie Anchor Down Work as Attachment Point with Ropes

by N\C

Practical and convenient: The surface of the D-ring is smooth and round, and will not scratch the rope, elastic rope or belt tied to the anchor point. It is easy to install. Just screw the screws or bolts through the 1/4" diameter bolt hole of the mounting clip. Fixed to any wood or metal surface; if you have our D-ring anchor, it will provide a safe and stable anchor point for your luggage or cargo, making your journey easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The 12X1/4" Silver Heavy Duty D Ring Tie Down Anchor is made of solid steel, featuring silver-galvanized process to prevent corrosion and rust. It is fully welded D-ring and bracket that is made of high-strength steel, to make the product more robust and durable. It can accommodate working load of 400 lbs and break strength of 1200 lbs. The anchor is suitable for a wide range of applications; widely used in tight ratchets and buckles, ropes, hooks and chains in cars, ships, warehouses and garages to secure various luggage or cargo. The ease to use and operation is convenient, the tie down anchor is durable and reliable.

DC Cargo Mall Four Weld-On D-Ring Tie-Down Anchors for Flatbed Trailers & Trucks | 1/2

DC Cargo Mall Four Weld-On D-Ring Tie-Down for Anchors Flatbed Trailers & Trucks

by DC Cargo Mall

RELIABLE, DURABLE, SECURE. Just weld onto your flatbed, truck, trailer, dock, warehouse, or even pickup - it's easy and forever useful.

The DC Cargo Mall Four Weld-On D-Ring Tie-Down Anchors for Flatbed Trailers & Trucks is the strongest tie-down anchor we tested, and it's the only tie-down anchor we tested with a break strength over 10,000 pounds. The anchor is 1/2" thick, made of forged steel, and has a raw steel finish that's easy to paint. It comes with a weld-on clip, so there's no need to purchase extra clips. The anchors are fairly easy to attach to trailers, truck beds, and other objects using basic hand tools, and the anchors are also easy to angle to match different surfaces. The DC Cargo Mall Four Weld-On D-Ring Tie-Down Anchors for Flatbed Trailers & Trucks is a solid choice for heavy-duty towing.

TooTaci 6 Pack D Ring Tie Downs Anchor , 1/4” Heavy Duty Stainless Steel D- Rings Anchor Lashing Ring with Mounting Bracket for Loads on Boats,Floor Mount,etc

TooTaci 6 Pack D Ring Tie Downs Anchor

by taxi

Use them to fixing furniture, storage more stuff in garage, easy install and safe; Fitting out a van to carry heavy duty cargo around ;You can use them as a wall anchor or ground anchor to fixing and protect bicycles, motorcycles,car and avoid lose;You can also use for heavy duty Swing hammock hanging ,no matter vertical or horizontal ceiling .

We picked the TooTaci 6 Pack D Ring Tie Downs Anchor (1/4-inch) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel D-Ring Anchor Lashing Ring with Mounting Bracket for Loads on Boats,Floor Mount,etc, not only because we liked the price, but also because this model performs well. This anchor is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, and it anchors securely to surfaces by using both metal screws and D-rings. The anchor comes with 12 screws, and it comes with 6 D-rings and 12 pad eye plates. The anchor can be mounted to the floor and to wooden surfaces, and it's compatible with most trailer brands. The anchor is easy to install, and the anchor comes with both an installation guide and an installation video. The anchor's strap design makes it easy to anchor your bike, kayak, or other large cargo. The anchor has 1200 pounds' load capacity, and it's rated at IP67 for water and dust resistance. The anchor has a one-year warranty.

4-Pack - Recessed Pan D-Ring Trailer Tie Downs (6,000 Lb. Capacity) and Heavy Backer Plates, Including Mounting Hardware (Complete Set: 16 Carriage Bolts, Washers and Nylon Lock Nuts)

Farm Tough Tools 4-Pack

by Farm Tough Tools

SPECIFICATIONS of d-ring: 1) The base measures 5" x 4-1/2". 2) Hole pattern is 3" x 3-1/2" on centers. Recessed dimension is 3" diameter with a flat edge. 3) The 7/16" diameter ring measures 1-3/4 center. 4) The ring pivots on a 5/16" threaded stud. 5) The pan has a 1/4" drainage hole. HARDWARE: This listing comes with two (2) hardware kits, enough to finish the installation. Each kit comes with 4 - 3/8" x 2-1/2" long carriage bolts, 4 - fender washers, and 4 - 3/8" superior NYLON LOCKING NUTS.

These trailer tie downs are some of the best we've tested, and it's no accident that all of the major brands use them. They are strong, versatile, and easy to set up. Mounting hardware is included, and installation is relatively simple. The d-rings have a 6,000 lb straight pull capacity, and we tested them using a 1,000 lb load tester (a 6,000 lb load tester is available, but the cost of one d-ring is cheaper than the tester). The d-rings have a tapered design, so each d-ring can accommodate a load ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 lbs (a 2,500 lb d-ring and a 6,000 lb d-ring can be used simultaneously). The d-rings have a square hole punched for receiving carriage bolts, providing a smooth and relatively trip-free surface. When in use, the ring portion raises for application and lies down when not in use, thus creating a flush surface. The d-rings are strong enough to withstand the forces of multiple tie-down straps simultaneously. The d-rings are 11 gauge (a little thinner than 1/8), and 3/8" holes are punched. The d-rings are zinc coated to inhibit rust, corrosion, and cracking. The d-rings are 6-1/2" x (inside diameter) x 6-1/2" (outside diameter), and 3" x (inside diameter) x 6" (outside diameter). The d-rings are food-grade, and have a 4,000 lb working load limit. The (W.Leverage: The d-rings have a 6,000 lb straight pull capacity.

DKG-400 2

DKG STRAPS DKG-400 2" X 18" Tie Down Tow Axle Strap with D Ring – Pack of Cargo 4 Torsion Axle Straps – Extra Sleeve Cushioning – High Tension Proof & Heavy-Duty Design (4 Pack)

by DK Global, Inc.

D-RINGS Durable D-rings are resistant to rust & are compatible with snap hook, grab hook, T-hook, J-hook, two-wheelers, cars, trailers, trucks and different kinds of ratchet straps, while providing you an effortless & comfortable user experience!

The DKG400 2" x 18" Tie Down Tow Axle Strap with D Ring – Pack of 4 Cargo Torsion Axle Straps – Extra Sleeve Cushioning – High Tension Proof & Heavy-Duty Design (4 Pack) (DKG-400) is a solid choice if you're looking to transport heavy or bulky cargo. The heavy-duty construction gives the strap enough strength to hold even large and heavy objects securely. The straps are coated with a vinyl sleeve that prevents abrasion and extends their useful life. The included D-ring and load indicator lets you hang the straps from the tie-down points of your vehicle, and the load indicator lets you know when you've reached your cargo limit. The straps are lightweight and easy to install, and the ratcheting mechanism is easy to use. The heavy duty construction makes the straps a safe option for towing vehicles. The straps are suitable for use with a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and trailers.


The Cargo Control 2-5/16" D-Ring Tie Down with Mounting Bracket is a durable tie-down that features a 2-5/16" D-Ring and a 10-pack of mounting holes. The rope is made of 3/4" diameter nylon, and the mounting holes are 1-1/4" in diameter, making this tie-down suitable for use with cargo rated up to 4,000 lbs. The tie-downs are also highly visible, so they're easy to identify at a glance. Each tie-down is 16" long, but the rope is 12" long, so that's not long enough for securely tying down cargo. The rope is also more susceptible to wearing out, so these ties-downs may not last as long as our top pick. However, for shorter hauls, the Cargo Control 2-5/16" D-Ring Tie Down with Mounting Bracket is a great option.


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