10 Best Dash Pads for Cars
for October 2023

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If you've ever been in an accident, you know how stressful it can be. From repairing damage to getting your car repaired, it can take days. That's why having a dash pad in your car is a great idea.

Dash pads are custom car mats that help reduce noise, dampen vibrations and protect your dashboard from damage. They can easily be installed and removed, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, so you can find one that matches your car's interior.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, our engineers test dash pads for performance, including noise level, vibration reduction, and protection from scratches. We also test how easy they are to install and remove. We've rounded up the best dash pads for cars of 2022, based on testing, consumer ratings, and price.

Extra Large & Thick Sticky Anti-Slip Pad for Car Dashboard, MINI-FACTORY Universal Non-Slip Grip Cell Phones, Sunglasses, Keys, Decoration Gadgets Mat for Car / Home / Office

MINI-FACTORY Extra Large & Thick Anti-Slip Sticky Pad for Car Dashboard

by Mini-Factory

Cut to fit - this non-slip sticky gel pad is designed to use for multi-purpose usages, large size, can be cut down to smaller pieces according to your needs.

The Extra Large & Thick Sticky Anti-Slip Pad for Car Dashboard is our favorite dashboard mat, thanks to its extra-thick 3mm gel, which grips to your car dashboard without slipping, and its large size (11 inches by 7 inches), which fits most phones, sunglasses, and other gadgets. The pad is reusable, so you can keep it in your car for repeated use, and it will regain its stickiness after washing with soap and water. The pad is temperature-resistant, so you can use it on both cold and hot dashboards, and it's non-magnetic, so you don't need to worry about your car dashboard getting damaged by a magnet. The pad is non-toxic, and it contains no glue, so it poses no health risks. The pad is easy to install, and it's free of adhesive, so it won't damage your car dashboard. The pad has a soft, pliable texture that feels great on your car dashboard.

TORRAS Adhesive Sticky Pad Mounting Disk for Car Dashboard, Suction Cup Pad for Cell Phone Holder Car Mount with 80mm Diameter-One Pack

TORRAS Adhesive Sticky Pad Disk Mounting for Car Dashboard


[PREMIUM STICKY PAD]: When you want a dashboard car phone mount, maybe you are worried about the suction cup of your car mount, which is not stronger, maybe you also afraid that your car dash does not accept to the suction cup of the holder. Now, with the adhesive pad, you never worry about it anymore. Everything is perfect!

The TORRAS Sticky Pad Mounting Disk for Car Dashboard is a great addition to our list of car mounts, because it provides an easy way to mount your smartphone or GPS navigation device to your dashboard without drilling or screws. It installs quickly, and if you don't like the position you installed it in, you can easily reposition it with another sticky pad. The sticky pad is adhesive, not suction cups. It's best to install the sticky pad in an area on the dashboard where it's protected from heat or sunlight, since it's best not to install it in an area with direct sunlight. The sticky pad is also thin enough that it won't interfere with your rearview mirror or antenna. The sticky pad is easy to install, but it's best (and easiest) to install several sticky pads close together, so your phone or GPS device doesn't move when you turn. The sticky pad also comes in a 2-pack, so you can mount more than one device at a time.

Very High Bond Car Adhesive, AZXYI 9 PCS Dashboard Sticky Adhesive Replacement, Double Sided Sticky Pads Sticker Tapes for Mounting Windshield Dashboard Magnetic Phone Car Mount and Dash Cam

AZXYI Very High Bond Car Adhesive


[Very High Bond & Durability] - These high-strength, double-sided adhesive pads let you quickly and easily create a long-lasting bond attaching various substrates/surfaces, stable even in bumpy roads and actually builds strength over time. These Double-sided stickers roll with pressure sensitive adhesive bonds almost instantly with no drying time. It also resists heat and moisture, and protects adhesive surfaces against scratches, easy peels off without leaving any sticky residue behind.

The AZXYI dashboard sticky pads are among the best we've tested, and they perform well when applied with steady pressure on a clean surface. The adhesives are strong enough that our car mount for dash cam never fell off our windshield, even after a large storm. The pads are versatile and flexible enough to stick to most flat, hard surfaces, including glass, mirrors, and lockers. The sizes are also compatible with most magnetic dashboard mount bases. The AZXYI sticky pads are easy to install; just remove one pad from the backing, position it on your dashboard, and press firmly. The adhesive will cure within 20 minutes, but they need 2 days to be 100 percent cured. The adhesive is so strong that it allows you to reposition the dashboard sticky pads, and we didn't experience any issues with adhesion when doing so. The AZXYI dashboard sticky pads are also easy to peel off, and the backing is clean so you won't mess up your car's interior. They're also reusable, so we don't recommend using them to attach heavy objects, such as heavy speakers or mirrors.

Car Phone Holder Phone Mount for Car Anti-Slip Silicone Car Pad Dashboard Phone Holder Phone Stand Compatible with iPhone, Samsung,Android Smartphones

Chirsfly Car Phone Holder Phone Mount for Car Anti-Slip Silicone Pad Car Dashboard Phone Holder Phone Stand Compatible with iPhone

by Chirsfly

EASY TO USE---It's easy to use, First,please rip the bottom plastic protective film of the phone holder,, then the car phone holder can be adhered to the dashboard of car, trucks, SUV .etc, it won't leave any marks on the dashboard. One-handed operation, insert or remove your mobile phones much more quickly and easily. The height of car phone holder/mount will not block your driving sight and make sure you drive safely. The cable slot of the car phone mount can fix the charging line.

The Car Phone Holder is a very useful devices if you want to mount your phone on your car dashboard. The dashboard phone holderis made of high quality and environmentally friendly silicone material.The car phone holder is non-toxic, tasteless, durable.The dashboard phone holder is suit for iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Mini/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/ XS/ XR/8/8 plus/7/7plus/6s, Samsung galaxy S8/9 Note 9/

Anti-Slip Car Dash Grip Pad for Cell Phone, Keychains, Sun Glasses,Stand,New Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Mat for Navigation Cell Phone (Black)

DBlosp Anti-Slip Car Dash Pad Grip for Cell Phone

by DBlosp

Stable and Security- non-slip dashboard phone bracket, simple structure, easy installation. Polished silicone gel bottom, safe and stable, can be placed to dashboard of cars, trucks, SUV etc when driving. Deal with perfect and lock your phone tightly when taking a sudden turn,go and down or slam the brakes on

This Anti-Slip Car Dash Grip Pad for Cell Phone, Keychains,Sunglasses,Stand,New Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Mat for Navigation Cell Phone (Black) is a practical, functional, and good-looking dash mount. It provides a smooth, non-skid grip for your cellphone, keys, sunglasses, and other small items. The pad is waterproof, so it's safe to put your phone in, and it's easy to clean. And it's well-made and easy to install. The pad has a soft-touch surface, which feels very comfortable to hold. I also like that it has 2 separate storage pockets, so you can easily store your phone, keys, sunglasses, and other small items all in one place.

ZC GEL Sticky Dash Pad (4 Pack), Removable and Traceless Car Dashboard Mat with Heat Resistant, Sticky Non-Slip Dashboard Gel Pad for Cell Phone, Sunglasses, Keys, Coins and More (Size: 5.9

ZC GEL Sticky Dash Pad (4 Pack)


EASY TO INSTALL - Just stick it on the smooth surface and press it firmly about 5s, then you can place your GPS, cell phone, glasses, keys and so on, it will keep them stays safe! Easy to place and take out your items, so convenient. Also it is widely used, will cling to almost any surface in your car, truck, SUV, boat or airplane and so on.

This "dash pad" is sticky enough that it sticks to your dashboard without damaging it, but it's thin enough not to leave any residue. The gel is removable and washable, and it's reusable again and again. The stickiness is stronger than our previous top pick, the Dash Command, so your phone will stay where you put it. The pads are a little larger than our other top pick, the Dash Command, so they're better for holding larger items or phones that stick out. The pads aren't as sticky or as thin as the Dash Command's pads, so they're better for holding smaller items or phones that don't stick out quite as far. The pads are also a little smaller, so they're better for dashboards with smaller gaps or tighter quarters. However, the Dash Command is more affordable, so we think it's the better buy for most people.

Anti-Slip Pad for Car Dashboard Multi-Functional Non-Slip Magic Sticky Gripping Mat PU Gel Washable Reusable Extra Strong

Yi Tai Anti-Slip Pad for Car Dashboard Multi-Functional Non-Slip Sticky Magic Gripping Mat PU Gel Washable Reusable Extra Strong

by Yi tai

Works Great in Summer: Made of durable and malleable PU gel.This mat tolerate extreme heat in Summer. It shows no sign of melting or breaking down.

This sticky anti-slip car mat is thin but strong. It has a sticky layer on both side, so it is sticky not only on car dashboard but also on random objects. Also, this non-slip pad is thin enough that it can be placed under the seat. It is as thin as a piece of paper. Our test showed that this non-slip pad has anti-skid function. It is super sticky, and it will not move even when we step on it with bare feet. The anti-slip pad is washable, so you can wash it if it begins to lose stickiness.

10.6 x 5.9 Inch Car Dashboard Anti Slide Mats Adhesive Pads for Cell Phone, Electronic Devices, Keys, Sunglasses, etc, 1 Pcs

Hulless 10.6 x 5.9 Inch Car Dashboard Slide Anti Mats Adhesive Pads for Cell Phone

by Hulless

Please note: Do not expose to strong sunlight for a long time, it deforms or melts easily, it is hard to remove, it residue is always left, Operation Temperature -25- 85/-77- 185.

The non-slip dashboard mat is just the thing you need to keep your phone, sunglasses, and other gadgets from falling off your dashboard. This mat features with polymer elastic material, our car mat features with amazing adsorption, which will hold your gadgets securely on the bumpiest roads, such as sunglasses, mobile phone, perfume, business card, etc. The anti-slip dashboard mat is washable and reusable, Just wash it and air dry to restore its stickiness. The non-slip dashboard mat is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. The dashboard mat is easy to install, and you can wipe it off with a damp cloth at any time.

DaKuan Car Dashboard Anti-Slip Mat, 4 Packs 10.5

DaKuan Car Dashboard Anti-Slip Mat

by DaKuan

PREMIUM QUALITY - The mats are made from premium quality which is heat resistant, perfect for using in the car.

The DaKuan Car Dashboard Anti-Slip Mats are exactly what we hoped for: An affordable and simple-to-use dashboard accessory that gets the job done. The mats are washable, but we didn't experience any sticking issues after washing, so these mats will last a long time. The mats are large enough to fit on dashboards, and they have a sticky gel surface that grips our devices securely, even when driving in the rain. The mats are also small enough to fit easily on most dashboards, so they aren't obtrusive, and they are small enough to fit easily in purses and shopping bags. The stickiness of the mats isn't great, though, so they aren't suitable for keeping your phone in place when it's sitting on a desk or table.

Olixar Car Dashboard Tray - Sticky Dash Mat Car Phone Holder with Mount - Large Non Slip Gel Pad - Washable - Car Dashboard Accessories - Holder for Keys, Cell Phone, Coins and Glasses

Olixar Car Dashboard Tray

by Olixar

[Perfect For Bumpy Roads] Anti slip design means items are secure on even the bumpiest of roads, or the most extreme angles. Ideal for car dashboard accessories

The Olixar Sticky Dash Mat is an attractive, flexible dashboard mat that can hold your phone, keys, coins, glasses, or other small items on your car's dashboard. The mat has an adhesive-free design, so there are no sticky residues left behind. The mat is flexible and bends to the contours of your dashboard and isn't bulky or heavy. The Olixar Sticky Dash Mat is easy to install, and it comes with adhesive strips and a mounting pole that you can position either by your air vent or on your dashboard. The mount and mounting pole is made from durable plastic, and both have a non-slip grip. The Olixar Sticky Dash Mat is easy to clean, too, as it's washable and reusable. The Olixar Sticky Dash Mat is available in two sizes, and it's 5.3 inches by 7.7 inches and 6.5 inches by 10.1 inches. The mat is easy to install, and it's reusable and washable.


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