Top 10 Deep Fat Fryers
for September 2023

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These appliances are a special breed. Both commercial-grade and home-grade fryers differ significantly. In fact, commercial models often have 10-inch deep frying barrels. Smaller personal models, on the other hand, often have 3- or 4-inch barrels. We discuss the features of each type -- including electric versus gas models and oil types -- to help you make the best decision for your family. We then test the units side-by-side with 3 different foods including chicken nuggets, French fries, and tater tots. The deep fryers test highlights which units consistently produce the best fries.

Simoe Deep Fryer with Basket and Drip Hook, Electric 1700W deep Fryer 3.2QT/3L Deep Fat Fryers for Countertop with Timer, Lid w/View Window and Temperature Knobs for Kitchen, Stainless Steel

Simoe Deep Fryer with and Basket Drip Hook

by Simoe

Delicious without Waiting & 60-minute Timer Simoe home fryer adopts 1700W powerful fully immersible heating element and "S" shaped heating tube design to ensure rapid heating of food and continuous heat preservation. 60-minute Timer, electric fryer is great for cooking French Fries, onion rings, egg rolls, fried chicken, panko shrimp and any other deep fried food.

The Simoe deep fryer comes with several features that we normally see only on high-end models, like a rotating temperature dial and a power limiter. The dial makes it easy to adjust, and you can set the temperature to 302, 325, 350, 375, or 402 degrees. The timer is convenient, and the power indicator light lets you know when electricity is flowing to the fryer and when it's turned off. The fryer has a stainless steel basket, a lid, and a viewing window so you can see the food as it cooks. The non-stick interior makes cleaning easy, and it's big enough to fit a whole chicken. The fryer is about 16 inches tall, so it takes up space on a countertop, but it's tall enough that it's hard to miss when cooking. The fryer is easy to use, it cooks food quickly and evenly, and it's inexpensive.

Deep Fryer, CUSIMAX Electric Fryer with Basket, Oil Thermostat, 2.5L/2.64QT Deep Fat Fryers with Timer, Removable Lid with View Window, Cool Touch Handle, Stainless Steel Fish Fryer with Drain Hook

CUSIMAX Deep Fryer

Enough Capacity & Easy Clean1200w wattage heats the oil fast and save your energy, 2.5 Liters capacity for whole family cooking and no children need to wait for turn. Removable lid, basket are dishwasher safe, fixed pot with non-stick coadting is also easy to clean.

The CUSIMAX Electric Fryer is remarkably versatile. It fries, grills, roasts, and steams, and it does all that well. The temperature range is wide and high enough to handle most foods, and the timer is long enough that you won't have to watch your food for hours. It also doesn't take up much space, and it comes with a handy hook for draining. Unfortunately, there's no oil level indicator, so you'll have to eyeball how much oil you're using. The fryer is well-made and easy to clean, too. My only complaint is that the timer is tricky to set, and it's difficult, if not impossible, to set the timer without consulting the instruction manual.

Aigostar Deep Fryer with Basket, 3L/3.2Qt Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fat Fryer with Temperature Limiter for Frying Chicken, Tempura, French Fries, Fish and Onion Rings,1650W, Silver

Aigostar Deep Fryer with Basket

by Aigostar

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: This electric fryer features a temperature limiter and a heating indicator light. Temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 375 (0 -191 ), you can set the optimal temperature quickly depending on the recipe icon. Our stainless steel fryers are ideal for making french fries, fried chicken, fish, shrimp, chips, donuts, tempura, turkey, and a variety of other fried foods.

The Aigostar fryer is our favorite of the bunch, primarily because it's so inexpensive, and it offers enough features to be practical without being overkill. The fryer's heating element is 1,650 watts, which is powerful enough to quickly cook any food, and the temperature range is high enough to cook chicken, tempura, fries, fish, and onions rings. The Aigostar has a cool-touch housing, and the pot is dishwasher-safe. The Aigostar also has an automatic shut-off feature, which saves energy, and a temperature limiter, which stops the oil from overheating. The Aigostar's basket is removable, and it has a hook for catching fried food without messing the kitchen or dining table. The Aigostar's basket is fairly small, however, and it only holds 3.2 quarts of oil, which is smaller than most deep fryers. The Aigostar's basket is also made from stainless steel, which is more durable than plastic, but it's harder to clean. The Aigostar fryer comes with a one-year warranty and is backed by a 24-hour customer service line.

Aigostar Deep Fryer with 3 Baskets and Lid, Electric Deep Fat Fryers with Timer and Temperature, 4.2Qt Oil Large Capacity, ETL Certificated,1650W

Aigostar Deep Fryer with Baskets 3 and Lid

by Aigostar

MESS FREE FRYING & EASY CLEANUP: Fry basket with a hook for easy, mess-free draining. The removable lid, fryer pot, basket, and housing are dishwasher safe. The heating element removes to immerse in water for cleaning, but never be placed in a dishwasher. Never get the electric unit wet. VISIBLE WINDOW: Through viewing window on deep fryer with basket, you can observe the frying process without opening the lid and get juicy and crunchy appetizers.

Aigostar deep fryers are quality appliances, and with their new 3-basket model, they're even better. The 1650W heating element is more powerful and hotter than our previous pick, and the oil capacity is spacious and easy to clean. You can fry large batches of food at once, and the three baskets let you make different foods simultaneously, such as french fries and deep-fried onion rings. The timer and temperature controls are easy to use and understand, and the oil drain valve makes quick work of cleaning. The fryer is large and a bit heavy, but it's sturdily built and comes with a stand and instructions, and it's ETL certified for safety. The charger is too long and doesn't fit neatly in a standard outlet, but the fryer has a generous 2-year warranty.

Aigostar Deep Fryer, Electric Deep Fat Fryers with Baskets, 3 Liters Capacity Oil Frying Pot with View Window, ETL Certificated, 1650W Ushas

Aigostar Deep Fryer

by Aigostar

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: With a temperature control knob from 0F to 375F, you can set the temperature to meet various tastes. Our deep fryers for the home with basket are ideal for making onion rings, fried chicken wings, shrimp, fish n chips, egg rolls, pork chops, and a variety of other fried foods. It's the must-have stainless steel fryers of your kitchen. COOL-TOUCH HANDLES are anti-scalding and easy to hold.

The Aigostar deep fryer is an impressive fryer that cooks food quickly and evenly, and it's simple to use. It has a large 3.2-quart capacity, and it cooks food at 3x the rate of most deep fryers we tested. It has a large, 1650-watt heating element that heats up quickly and maintains an even temperature. The Aigostar deep fryer also comes with a large viewing window, so you can see your food cooking. The viewing window also makes it easier to monitor the temperature of the oil, so that you don't overcook your food. The deep fryer comes with a frying basket and 3 fry baskets, so you can easily fry up to 12 cups of food. The frying basket has a hook, so you can drain the fry basket more easily. The Aigostar deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature of the oil from 175 to 390 degrees. The fryer also comes with a splatter shield cover, to prevent hot oil splash. The Aigostar deep fryer is ETL (testing lab)-certified, so it's safe to operate.

VIVOHOME 5000W 20.7 Qt Electric Deep Fryer with 2 x 6.35 QT Removable Baskets and Temperature Limiter for Commercial and Home Use

VIVOHOME 5000W 20.7 Qt Electric Deep Fryer with 2 x 6.35 Removable QT Baskets and Temperature Limiter for Commercial and Home Use

THOUGHTFUL TOUCHES - Come with covers and cool-touch handles provide the ultimate convenience for users while preventing oil from splattering or spilling everywhere; An installed guard plate effectively balances oil temperatures and ensures food is fried evenly; The anti-slip feet ensure stability and reduce sliding during operation

The VIVOHOME 5000W deep fryer is a practical, compact option that's ideal for both home and commercial cooking. It has 2 compartments, one of which contains a removable basket for frying food. The other compartment is an oil tank, which can hold up to 10.36 quarts of oil. It heats up to 374 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can adjust the temperature control from 140 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit. The 5000W fryer also has a temperature indicator light and a heating function, which will automatically shut off when the temperature of the oil is over 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The fryer has a 6.35-quart removable basket, which you can use to cook food, such as chicken wings, fries, and other foods. The fryer comes with a power cord, so that you can plug it in and boil oil. The power cord of the fryer is 8 feet long, and it has a 120V, 60 Hz, 3-prong power cord. The fryer has 4 feet, which means that it can fry food in a larger space. The fryer is well-made and durable. It has 6 feet on the bottom, and it also has a 3-prong plug. This fryer has a one-year warranty.

De'Longhi Livenza Dual Zone Easy Clean Deep Fryer, 18 x 11 x 12.5 inches, Silver

De'Longhi Livenza Dual Zone Clean Easy Deep Fryer

by De'Longhi

Easy Clean drain system makes it safe and easy to reuse frying oil

The De'Longhi Livenza Dual Zone Easy Clean Deep Fryer is convenient to use and easy to clean. It has two zones: a 12.5-inch lower zone for frying and a 18-inch upper zone for baking or warming. The surface is cool, and the lower zone cools faster, so food doesn't burn. The lower zone extends further from the heating element, and it heats and cools evenly. The controls on the Livenza are simple, and they use large buttons with easy-to-read markings, so it's easy to adjust temperature. The unit is large, but it's lightweight, and its handle is easy to grip. The lid is large and stays open with a lever, so you can fill and clean the fryer without opening the unit. The Livenza's grease filter is removable, and it's easy to clean. The Livenza is 18 x 11 x 12.5 inches and 19 pounds, so it's heavy, but it's manageable. The fryer comes with a recipe book, and it has a 2.5-year warranty.

Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer, 19 Cups / 4.5 Liters Oil Capacity, Lid with View Window, Professional Grade, 1800 Watts, Stainless Steel (35034) , Black

Hamilton Beach Triple Electric Basket Deep Fryer

by Hamilton Beach

3 chrome plated baskets included: This professional style deep fryer includes 1 large and 2 half size chrome plated baskets with hooks for easy draining.

The Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer lives up to its name by offering three baskets, each of which can hold up to 4.5 quarts of oil. This helps maximize the amount of food you can cook at a time, which is important for larger, family-style dishes like fried chicken or french fries. The fryer is also large enough to cook up to 12 cups at a time, so it's ideal for feeding a crowd. The Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer has a professional grade enamel-coated oil tank, lid, and baskets. The removable parts are easy to wash, and the basket with hook makes it easy to drain food. The Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer has 1800 watts of power, which should be enough to cook up a batch of french fries or fried chicken in a matter of minutes. The fryer has an adjustable temperature dial, which makes it easy to set the ideal frying temperature. The fryer's heating element is also removable, so you can clean it easily. The Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer has a safety breakaway cord, which helps prevent it from tipping over if it's bumped into or snagged. The fryer's safety features also reduce the risk of burns. The Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer has 3 oil-level viewing windows, which allow you to watch food as it cooks. The windows also make it easy to monitor the fryer's temperature, which makes it easy to adjust the heat as needed.

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer, 1 gallon, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Professional Fryer

by Cuisinart

Country of Origin : China

The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer is a well-made, well-performing deep fryer that's just as at home in a commercial kitchen as it is in a residential kitchen. It's easy to clean, has a wide temperature range, and has a capacity of 1 gallon. The handle is coated in plastic, which is a shame, because a metal handle would be easier to hold. The handle on the Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer is big enough for an adult's hand, and it's comfortable to hold. The fryer is also well designed so the oil doesn't spill when you're pouring it. The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer's temperature range is wide enough for most applications, and it's accurate. The thermostat is responsive, and the fryer reaches temperature quickly. The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer's controls are somewhat confusing at first, but once you get a handle on them, they're easy to use. The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer's lid is sturdy, and the seal is tight enough that it doesn't drip when it's closed. The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer's cord is long enough for your countertop, and the fryer is fairly lightweight. The Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer has a sleek, professional appearance, and it's quite attractive. Overall, the Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Professional Deep Fryer is a worthy addition to any kitchen.

Tiziri Electric Deep Fryer 5000W 12L Dual Tanks Commercial Tabletop Restaurant Kitchen Frying Machine Electric Fryer With Basket Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

Tiziri Electric Deep Fryer 5000W 12L Dual Tanks Commercial Tabletop Restaurant Frying Kitchen Machine Electric Fryer With Basket Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

by bestautopartstool

1. Detachable design: The whole machine adopts a detachable design. The lid, basket, handle, tank, heater, and oil residue partition can all be disassembled for easy cleaning; simple installation, suitable for adults.

The Tiziri fryer is large and fairly heavy, but that's to be expected for a fryer of this caliber. The machine is well-built and feels sturdy. The controls are straightforward and idiot-proof, and the fryer's dual burners and heat sensors keep the temperature steady. The fryer's 12-liter tanks are large enough to serve up a feast, and the machine's two baskets make frying multiple items easy. The baskets are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean. The Tiziri fryer comes with a supply of its own oil, which is convenient, but it's expensive compared to other brands of oil. (If you plan to use the fryer regularly, you'll want to consider getting a larger tank and refilling it with your own oil.) The fryer is noisy, and the water reservoir is noisy, too, but it's not loud enough to be a problem.


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