Top 10 Deep Fryers with Oil Filtration Systems
for February 2024

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Welcome to the enthralling world of kitchen gadgets, where the seemingly mundane becomes the heart of culinary exploration. Today, we're diving deep into the realm of deep fryers, specifically those that include an oil filtration system. Why in the world, you might wonder, would such a niche product be interesting? Well, dear reader, these are not your ordinary deep fryers.

Right at your fingertips, you have access to top-rated equipment like the Kalorik XL 4.0L Deep Fryer, which is loved by many for its large capacity. The T-fal 2.6-Pound Deep Fryer, winning hearts with its easy cleaning feature. And of course, the exceptional Kalorik 3.2 Qt. Digital Deep Fryer dressed up in stunning copper finish. Why are these interesting? Apart from their unique, user-friendly features, they all possess one key trait - an oil filtration system. This means no mess, easy clean up, and your oil will last longer. So, they're not just a purchase, they're a wise investment.

Now, don't be so quick to check out just yet. We strongly encourage you to see all the items on this list. We saved the best for last, our crown jewel - The Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer. Boasting a professional induction and an easy-to-clean drainage system, this 3000-Watt stainless steel beaut will make your restaurant or home kitchen an impressive cooking paradise. Explore the full list, your perfect deep fryer could be just a scroll away. Trust in the MOOZ algorithm, we've got you covered in making shopping fast, easy, and supremely satisfying.

Kalorik XL 4.0L Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System

Kalorik XL 4.0L Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System for Effortless Cooking

by Kalorik

Capacity: 4L / 4.2 qt. / 18 cups, ideal for families or larger meals

Being the topnotch on the list, this Kalorik XL Deep Fryer has scored high on some of our key ranking algorithms. The prime features that placed this gadget first are its 4.0L capacity and the incredible oil filtration system. This isn't an ordinary fryer - it's a culinary maestro! Picture this: you're in your kitchen, the delectable aroma fills the air, whisking you away to fond memories of a buzzing diner. This fryer has mastery in recreating that tantalizing essence of restaurant-quality fried food at your home.

The Kalorik XL is not just an ordinary fryer as the clever system drains used oil into a store-away container, making it remarkably mess-free. Moreover, this feature keeps your oil cleaner for a longer time. So, you aren't just cooking delicious food, but you're saving time, money, and the precious oil for future gastronomic adventures. Therefore, this is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you are seeking to achieve palatable perfection.


The T-fal Deep Fryer, our second top pick, unveiled itself in a new dimension, enamoring us with its unique features. What swept us off our feet? It was the patented oil filtration system! This dandy feature brings you the joy of deep frying paired with cost savings and uncomplicated oil storage. This isn't just a kitchen gadget, but a culinary wizard that has revolutionized how you conjure your favorite deep-fried delicacies.

Moving onto the power-packed performance of this gadget. Equipped with a mighty 1700-watt impeller, it boasts a vast oil capacity of 3.5 liters and can hold 2.65 pounds of food. This means you can toss in a generous amount of your favorite nibbles, all at once! And voila! Within minutes, you've got a smorgasbord of crispy, golden goodies that would have your friends and family scoffing them down in no time!

Kalorik 3.2 Qt. Digital Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration, Copper

Kalorik Copper Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration: Perfect for crispy delights

by Kalorik

Basket with insulated handle. Magnetic breakway cord.

MOOZ ranks the Kalorik Digital Deep Fryer third on our listings, not without reasons. As you stroll your way to the kitchen, your eyes capture the shiny stainless steel housing of the fryer adding a classy touch to your contemporary setup. You'd appreciate the innovative oil filtration system that prolongs oil life, saving your time and hard-earned cash.

Now, envision yourself cooking your favorite crispy fries. You can easily manage your cooking time and temperature with a digital display and control, presenting you the convenience not many fryers offer. And, what's that knackering sound? That's your dishwasher cleaning the dishwasher safe lid with a large window. So while you're ticking your to-dos, your trusted Kalorik fryer is being thoroughly cleaned without any debacle. This fried food indulgence with minimum fuss truly marks a sweet spot in our rankings.

T-fal - FR600D51 T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel lean Deep Fryer with Filtration System, 3.5-Liter, Silver

T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System - Perfect for crispy meals

by T-Fal

QUALITY BUILT AND MODERN DESIGN: Premium stainless-steel housing. Compact and modern design.

In the infinite world of kitchen appliances, the T-fal Odorless Deep Fryer shines brightly. Its active filtration system is an impressive feature, reducing cooking odors by a remarkable 74%. It's no wonder it charmed our algorithms, earning itself a place on our list. For the oil splatter weary, you'll delight in the closed-lid frying function.

The large anti-fog viewing window lets you keep an eye on your food magically transforming, without any foggy interferences. The home cooks yearning for excellence in deep frying will find the adjustable timer a godsend, minimizing guesswork and freeing up time for multitasking. Your counter-tops and back-splashes will thank you. With a generous 3.5-liter capacity, this fryer accommodates every epicurean delight in style.


One intriguing feature about the Kalorik Modern Digital Deep Fryer that caught our savvy MOOZ algorithm is its unique oil filtration system. Imagine an evening where you're busy whipping up some tasty fried delicacies and your deep fryer efficiently takes care of filtering the used oil, without you having to intervene. Sounds like a culinary marvel, doesn't it?

Coupled with its interactive digital display and control, it enables you to effortlessly manage your cooking time and temperature, elevating your frying experience to a whole new level. The fryer's stainless steel housing and enameled oil pan clubbed with a viewing window are intelligently designed to make your cooking process much more seamless and enjoyable.

The Kalorik Modern Multifunctional Digital Deep Fryer would be especially handy for home chefs who love experimental cooking and appreciate high functioning gadgets. Just remember, you've got a smart assistant here, keeping your oil cleaner and handling your frying business with absolute finesse!

Kalorik 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration, Stainless Steel

Kalorik Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration - Perfect for Homemade Fried Delights

by FT 43721 BK

Dishwasher-safe container for storing clean oil. Dishwasher-safe basket, lid, oil tank and filtered oil container make for easy cleanup .

As a connoisseur of homemade culinary experiments, MOOZ's fancy was particularly tickled by Kalorik's 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer. What caught our attention is its remarkable capacity to create a delectable balance of golden exterior and tender interior. No doubt, this feature will instill a tinge of envy in even professional chefs, and also combat the universal longing for crispy fried food.

The star feature, of course, is its Eco-friendly oil filtration system which not only sustains the oil's reuse, sparing your pocket from undue pressure, but also gracefully contributes to resource preservation. Furthermore, the convenience of an adjustable thermostat and odor filters smoothen your frying journey. So, if you're a lover of restaurant-like crispy delights, made in the warmth of your home, then this Kalorik fryer is your perfect companion.

Valgus 1750W Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer 12L Large Capacity Countertop Kitchen Frying Machine with Basket & Lid, Drain System

Valgus 1750W Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System - 12L Capacity for Countertop Kitchen Frying

DURABLE and EASY to CLEAN: Thicken stainless steel tank for durable use. The removable baskets of the induction fryer are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Robust drain tap for oil release and easy cleaning.

If you're a home cook, you know the pain of struggle to match the taste of the crispy restaurant-grade french fries. With the Valgus 1750W Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer, you hit your restaurateur ambitions, all in the comfort of your own kitchen. The magic lies in its 1750W power, bringing that heating punch to cook faster, and an impressive 12L capacity. This means you're not just cooking for one, but an entire party.

If you value safety as much as flavor, you'll appreciate the overheating protection. This trusty feature ensures temperature doesn't reach a dangerous level, granting you peace of mind alongside mouth-watering meals. It mesmerized our smart algorithms not only due to its cooking prowess but also for prioritizing user safety. That's right, the deep fryer is not just a one-hit culinary wonder, it's the guardian of your kitchen too. For those who find a special place in their hearts (and stomachs) for deep-fried goodies, this useful appliance will be your new best friend, making it highest utility to enthusiastic home cooks and party hosts.

DIYAREA Movable Fryer Oil Filter Machine,300W Commercial Frying Oil Filtration System 15.3 Gallon /58L 110V 60Hz 248-356℉ for Supermarket Restaurant

Commercial Movable Fryer Oil Filtration System for Supermarket Restaurant - Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance- Oil hose, silicone gasket, net frame are removable and cleaned easily. The oil pan can be cleaned with kitchen cleaning paper. When the machine is not in use, place the parts inside the machine and close the cover

MOOZ was intrigued by the DIYAREA Movable Fryer Oil Filter Machine for its unique capacity to purify used frying oil, turning a messy task into a simple procedure. If you're the type who despises waste and enjoys fresh-tasting fried foods, this might be your secret weapon. Its noteworthy thermostatic controls make sure that the oil stays in the optimal 248-356℉ range for the purest results, ensuring the original flavour of the oil is preserved.

Getting a deeper glance, the Fryer Oil Filter Machine appears to be built for extensive use in supermarkets and restaurants. The device is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with silicone oil hose (and universal joints) which results in longevity and adaptability. With a promising capacity of 15.3 gallons and a 300W power rating, this oil filter machine facilitates quick and efficient filtering, making fried chickens and French fries taste better. This buddy might be ideally suited for your heavy-duty frying needs.

Valgus Dual Tanks Electric Deep Fryer 3000W 240V 24L Large Capacity Stainless Steel Countertop Kitchen Frying Machine with Basket & Lid, Drain System for Restaurants Commercial Uses

Valgus Dual Tanks Electric Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System - Commercial Grade Kitchen Frying Machine

DURABLE and EASY CLEANING: Thicken stainless steel tank for durable use. The removable baskets of the induction fryer are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Robust drain tap for oil release and easy cleaning.

Here's a nifty piece of cookware, the Valgus Dual Tank Electric Deep Fryer. With this gadget, whipping up crowd-pleasing dishes like French fries or crispy chicken is a piece of cake. One standout feature is its generous 24L capacity, making it your perfect ally for those big patriotic parties you often thought about. Another top-notch feature is the separate control and power plug for each tank which allows you to multitask with different foods as you showcase your culinary prowess.

Need to feed a houseful of party-goers? No worries, your Valgus Fryer's fast heating feature got you covered, firing up your bites in no time. With the adjustable temperature, precision is just a knob-turn away. It's understandable if you get a bit overzealous with your frying, but this beast has overheating protection for that. Imagine, nixing the burnt-oil-smell that could've otherwise ruined your soirée. This one's highly recommended, especially for restaurant owners, party planners, and large families.

Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer with Basket, Professional Induction Deep Fryer with Drain System 8.5QT/8L, 3000 Watts, Stainless Steel Easy to Clean for Restaurant Home Kitchen Food Cooking, 208-240V

Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System - Professional Stainless Steel Fryer for Restaurant and Home Kitchen

by Duxtop

LARGE CAPACITY -- Professional 8-liter/8.5-quart deep fryer lets you cook your favorite crispy snacks quickly and easily. This commercial deep fryer comes with three removable baskets with hooks for easy draining. Cool-touch handle helps for preventing scald.

MOOZ found the Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer intriguing, owing to its unique twist on safety. It boasts an induction heating element, which is quite a departure from the traditional immersion type. Not only does this speed up the cooking process significantly, it also reduces the risk of oil-electricity mishaps; a feature we believe you'll appreciate.

The 3000W power rating combined with adjustable temperature control is perfect for achieving that ideal level of crunch and golden brown color on your snacky treats. But, what really caught our eye was the inclusion of various safety functions, such as Automatic Shut-Off, Overheat Protection and Boil Dry Protection, promising a safer cooking environment.

This device, according to our analysis and tests, would be most beneficial to small restaurant businesses, cafes, and caterers. However, it's easy to assemble, use, and clean criteria also makes it ideal for families who love hosting gatherings. It's a versatile cooking ally ensuring delicious and safe frying adventures for all!


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