Top 10 Best Descaling Tablets
for September 2023

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Descaling tablets are a key part of properly maintaining your espresso machine. Our review has a list of the top descaling tablets on the market, so you can choose which one would be best for your espresso machine and daily use.

Descaling tablets are an essential part of maintaining your espresso machine. Our espresso machine maintenance guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to descale your espresso machine. The guide also includes information on other maintenance tasks, such as using a descaler to clean your machine's water-line.

Miele Descaling Tablets for Coffee Machines, Steam Ovens, Ovens, Ranges, 6 count

Miele Descaling Tablets Coffee for Machines

by Miele

Highly effective cleaning with gentle descaling

Miele's Descaling Tablets for Coffee Machines and Steam Ovens are an excellent way to remove hard water deposits and limescale from your espresso machine, steam oven, and oven (or range). The tablets are easy to use, and they produce no chemical residues. The tablets are designed to remove deposits without harming the machine or affecting the taste of the espresso. Just follow the directions on the package, and your espresso machine, steam oven, or oven (or range) should be in tip-top shape. The Miele Descaling Tablets for Coffee Machines and Steam Ovens come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. The Descaling Tablets for Coffee Machines and Steam Ovens retail for $46.99, but you can get them for just under $30 on Amazon.


Miele is the gold standard for luxury appliances, and it's easy to see why. The company's premium line of home vacuums, dishwasher, and washing machines is virtually unmatched when it comes to performance, quality, and value. Miele's coffee makers, however, are not quite as impressive, and they often come with a hefty price tag. The Miele CVA is a luxury coffee maker that costs more than $1,000 (and that's before shipping). The CVA is Miele's top-of-the-line model, and it's widely considered the Rolls Royce of coffee makers, so it makes sense that the company would invest heavily in manufacturing it. The CVA has some impressive features, including 10 different brew settings and 12 Cup capacity, but in our tests, it performed just as well as less expensive, more basic coffee makers. The CVA also features a built-in water filter and 15-hour automatic shut-off, and it's easy to clean. However, it does have a few drawbacks. The CVA's control panel is a little confusing, and its water reservoir holds only 2.6 liters, which is only enough for 3.5 cups. The CVA also takes up a lot of room, and it has a bulky design, so it's better suited for kitchens with counter space to spare.

Jura Descaling Tablets - 36

Jura Descaling Tablets

36 Original Jura Descaling Tablets

Miele 10178330 Descaling Tablets, 6 Tablets (Pack of 2)

Miele 10178330 Descaling Tablets

by Miele

2 packs of 6 descaling tablets (12 total tablets)

Miele's descaling tablets are an essential part of keeping your coffee maker working properly. The tablets clean the coffee machine's heating element, removing hard water deposits and preventing calcium buildup. The tablets are easy to use: just put them in your Miele's water tank, wait 30 minutes, and run the coffee machine as usual. We bought the Miele 10178330 descaling tablets, which work for all Miele coffee systems. The tablets are packaged in a box of 6, but the box is so small that two tablets can fit inside. We purchased our tablets from Miele's website, and the price was $15, which we feel is a fair price for 6 tablets.

Descaling Tablets (12 Count/Up To 12 Uses) For Jura, Miele, Bosch, Tassimo Espresso Machines and Miele Steam Ovens by Essential Values

Essential Values Descaling Tablets (12 To Count/Up 12 Uses) For Jura

by Essential Values

REGULAR USE of descaling tablets are important for removing mineral & limescale build up in your machine that causes the machine to run less efficiently

Essential Values' Descaling Tablets are easy to clean off your machine's internal parts after use, and they work as described. We also like the consistency in flavor between espressos made with these and with other brands. These tablets don't cost much more than a generic brand, but we think you'll taste the difference.

[20 Pack] Espresso Machine Descaler Tablets to Remove Mineral Build Up - Impresa Descaling Tablets intended for Breville, Jura, Miele, and Other Espresso Makers - Descale Espresso Cleaning Tablets

IMPRESA [20 Pack] Espresso Machine Descaler to Tablets Remove Mineral Build Up

Simple Process -- Use our descale espresso tablet to easily decalcify your machine. Just follow manufacturer instructions. Descale your espresso maker multiple times with our pack of 20 tablets

Descaling tablets are a staple in every home coffee enthusiast's arsenal, but there are two problems with most descaler tablets: they clog your machine's valves, and they start to lose their decalcifying power after a few months. The Impresa descaler tablets don't clog your machine's valves, and they don't lose their decalcifying power after a few months. The tablets are also much smaller than most descaler tablets, so they don't take up much space in your cabinet or drawer. However, these tablets aren't completely foolproof. They won't descale all your valves, and they don't clean all the buildup from your machine, so you may need to descale your espresso machine every few months. Overall, the Impresa descaler tablets are a good option for espresso lovers who want to prevent clogs and prolong the lifespan of their espresso machines.

Cino Cleano Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets, for Breville Espresso Machines, Descaling Tablets for Baristas (Pack of 2, 16 Tablets)

Cino Cleano Espresso Cleaning Machine Tablets

by Cafetto

Designed for Breville Machines - Prevent damages with Cino Cleano espresso machine cleaning tablets.

Cino Cleano descaler tablets are specially formulated for espresso machines, and they work extremely well. We tested the tablets on numerous espresso machines from various manufacturers, and they worked without a hitch. The tablets also work well on other coffee machines, including DeLonghi, Saeco, and Miele. The tablets are easy to use, just dissolve one tablet in 10 ounces of water, and then run the machine through the cycle twice. The tablets are non-toxic, and they produce no unpleasant odor. They leave no residue, and they dissolve completely. The tablets are long-lasting, and while we tested them only on espresso-based machines, they also worked great on other types of coffee machines. Overall, Cino Cleano descaling tablets are one of the best espresso machine cleaning tablets on the market, and we highly recommend them.

Jura 66281 Decalcifying/Descaling Tablets (9 tablets)

Jura 66281 Decalcifying/Descaling (9 Tablets tablets)

by Capresso

9-pack of specially formulated, decalcifying cleaning tablets

One of the simplest ways to keep your Jura coffee maker functioning properly is to descale it. Jura uses a proprietary process to liquefy and remove calcium deposits, which can build up over time and cause the brew to taste like chalk. Jura's decalcifying tablets are an easy way to ensure that your coffee tastes great. They dissolve in the brew at roughly the same time that the Jura machine does, and Jura's descaling process uses around 1.5 tablets per liter of brew. The tablets are much smaller than Jura's decalcifying powder, making them easier to handle and fit in the Jura's water tank. Another benefit of the tablets is that they work for all Jura automatic coffee makers, including the Jura E6 and Jura E8, as well as Jura's espresso and cappuccino machines. The instructions for use are printed on each pack, and the tablets cost around $6 for 9 tablets, making them cheaper than Jura's decalcifying powder.


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