Top 10 Desktop 3D Printers
for December 2023

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Desktop 3D printers are fun, easy to use, and perfect for printing out decorative objects, models, and prototypes. There are a variety of desktop 3D printers available today, including fused deposition modeling (FDM) desktop 3D printers, which print using a filament material. Some desktop printers use plastic filament, while printers using other types of filament, such as metal, wood or nylon, are less common.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test desktop 3D printers for performance, ease of use, and tech specs. We evaluate 3D printers for ease of use, including setup, maintenance and operation. We also evaluate printers for performance, including speed, print quality, and running costs.

Desktop 3D printers are a fun, creative, and easy way to print out personalized gifts, artwork, and models. Here are our picks for the best desktop 3D printers in 2022:

Monoprice - 140108 MP Cadet 3D Printer, Full Auto Leveling, Print Via WiFi, Small Footprint Perfect for a Desktop, Office, Dorm Room, or The Classroom


by Monoprice

Start printing in under 30 seconds: The printer comes fully assembled and set up is quick and easy using the step-by-step online installation guide. A QR code for the MP Cadet's manual is on the printer itself so you'll never lose the manual.

The Monoprice Cadet 3D Printer is easy to set up and use, and prints nicely, though it's slower than the Editors' Choice HP Sprocket. It's exactly what most people need: compact, lightweight, affordable, and easy to get started. It has a small footprint, so it takes up little space on your desk. The auto-leveling feature makes it even easier, as it will automatically level the print bed every time you print. The Cadet has a 6.6-pound weight, which is plenty heavy to withstand being moved around. The printer has a fairly large build volume, and the output quality is decent for a desktop printer, though not as impressive as the HP Sprocket. The Cadet also prints faster at 6 inches per second, compared to the HP Sprocket's 4.8 inches per second. The Cadet has a 2- by 3-inch build area, and prints up to 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches, which is a little small for our liking. However, the Cadet's lower cost and small size make it a good option for desktop printers, with a bit more room than the Editors' Choice HP Sprocket.

Flashforge Dreamer Desktop 3D Printer, Dual Direct Drive Extruder Fully Enclosed FFF Machine, 6.3mm Aluminum Slab with 3.5

Flashforge Dreamer Desktop 3D Printer

by Flashforge

A 3.5-inch full-color HD IPS touchscreen is integrated into the front panel of the Dreamer. We found it particularly responsive and easy to navigate. It features the ability to trigger prints, monitor and preheat extruder and platform temperatures, load/unload filament, activate the bed-leveling wizard, axes homing, update the firmware, and an array of other settings. The touchscreen has support for English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Korean, and Japanese languages.

The Flashforge Dreamer Desktop 3D Printer is a workhorse that can produce quality prints for large objects. It's the quietest, most stable desktop 3D printer we've tested, and it prints reliably at almost any speed, from 10 to 100 mm per second. In our tests, the Dreamer delivered quality prints in ABS and PLA that were on a par with or better than those from more expensive 3D printers. The Dreamer's heated build plate was better than the build plates on our two prior picks, and the Dreamer's print bed is also larger than both of those, so it's less likely to warp. The Dreamer's dual extruders produce detailed, precisely shaded prints. The Dreamer's cooling fans are quiet, and the machine stays cool to the touch even when running at full speed for a prolonged period. The Dreamer's Wi-Fi feature allowed us to print directly from our laptop over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to physically connect the printer to a computer. The Dreamer's support structures were fairly easy to remove, and Flashforge's free Cura software makes it easy to create, edit, download, and print 3D models. The Dreamer's touchscreen control panel is intuitive, and it includes helpful on-screen prompts for each step in the printing process. Setup was quite easy, and Flashforge's customer service has been helpful and responsive. The Dreamer is the least expensive 3D printer we recommend, and its price tag puts it in competition with professional-grade 3D printers.

JGAURORA Upgraded A5S 3D Printer Pre-Assembled with Metal Frame Large Build Size Heated Bed 305x305x320mm Desktop 3D Printers Filament Sensor (A5S)

JGAURORA Upgraded A5S 3D Printer Pre-Assembled with Metal Frame Large Size Build Heated Bed 305x305x320mm Desktop 3D Printers Filament Sensor (A5S)

by Shenzhen Gaowei Innovation Technololgy Co.Ltd.

BDG Heated Platform: Allows you remove prints flexible and keep cleaner,won't need masking tape and glue stickers.

The JGAURORA A5S is an extremely powerful 3D printer, with outstanding print quality and repeatability. It's better in several ways than our previous pick, the Ultimaker 3, which costs twice as much. The A5S is faster, quieter, and more reliable. It prints faster, too, with print speeds measuring up to 500mm/min. The A5S's build volume is 305x305x320mm, slightly larger than the Ultimaker 3's, but small enough that you'll usually be printing smaller models. The A5S includes a new high-precision aluminum frame with oversized x-carriage, and an upgraded Y-axis box. The frame is rigid, and it feels sturdier than the Ultimaker 3's frame, which is made of plastic. The A5S's assembly is easier than on the Ultimaker 3, and it's faster, too. The A5S's extruders, nozzle, and build platform are partially heated, so you can print ABS or PLA without a heated build platform, which is an advantage in low lighting or if you want to print smaller models. The A5S's filament rack is large, and it has a 300g spool of PLA, a 150g spool of ABS, and 2.5g spools of PLA and ABS. The A5S's print quality is outstanding. Our test prints were beautiful, with smooth, consistent layers. The A5S's nozzle glides smoothly over the surface of the print, and it's quiet. The A5S's control panel is intuitive and easy to use. The A5S's heated bed is large, with a 305x305x320mm printing area, and it's heated to 60C. The A5S's bed is flat, so it's easy to set up. The A5S's rear control panel has buttons for power, filament run-out detection, and automatic memory. The A5S's user interface supports English, Chinese, and Japanese. The A5S's wiring is cleaner and more flexible than the Ultimaker 3's, so it's less likely to break. The A5S's bed leveling is more precise than on the Ultimaker 3, and it rolls out more easily. The A5S is smaller than the Ultimaker 3, so it's easier and quicker to take on and off your desk.

Anet A8 3D Printer, Self-Assembly 0.4mm Nozzle Aluminium Alloy Hotbed 2004 LCD Desktop 3D Printer Reprap i3 with Tools, 8G SD Card, 10m Filaments

Anet A8 3D Printer

by Anet

Customized MK8 extruder: 0.4mm metal nozzle sophisticated technology, stable print, visual experience.

The Anet A8 was our first pick for the best value 3D printer, and continues to offer one of the best bang-for-your-buck deals on the market. The A8's build platform is 0.4-inch thick, and works with most 0.75- and 1.75-inch filament spools, so it's compatible with most aftermarket 3.5mm filament. It performed well on our stress tests, and had no trouble printing large objects with multiple colors. The A8's build tray is small, but easily accommodates large objects. It has a 2004-color LCD and 8G SD card for loading files, and it's easy to set up and use. The A8 also comes with two 0.4mm nozzle extruder heads, a 5-key control board, and a filament spool holder. The Anet A8 is a great 3D printer, and is the same price as our previous pick, the Anet A8+, which also features a larger build platform but a smaller LCD screen and no SD card. The A8+ is worth considering if higher resolution printing or a larger build platform are important to you, but for most users the A8 will suffice.

Junco Model A-Smart Desktop 3D Printer, 3.5 Inch Touchscreen, WiFi, Precise Printing with ABS,PLA,TPU,Flexible Filament, 5.9''x5.9''x5.9''(150x150x150mm)

Junco Model A-Smart Desktop 3D Printer

by Junco

Beginner, Education, Child, Home use, Institutions that want help getting started with 3D printing.

Junco's Model A-Smart Desktop 3D Printer is in many ways the most full-featured desktop 3D printer we've reviewed. It offers more control, flexibility, and ease of use than any other desktop 3D printer in this price range, and it has more 3D-printing experience than most. The Model A-Smart is easy to set up, use, and customize, and its print quality is second only to the MakerBot Replicator 2. The Model A-Smart has a larger build volume than all but a handful of midrange 3D printers, and its printer bed is 6 inches (15.2 cm) wide, which is more space than most of the other 3D printers we tested have. The printer's hardware is sturdy and durable, and it prints at 24 cph, one of the fastest speeds we've tested. The Model A-Smart's user interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, and the printer's technical support is excellent. The Model A-Smart's price is more than $1,000 higher than the average midrange 3D printer, but if you're a serious hobbyist or advanced user, it's well worth it.

APOLLO3D Saturn20 Desktop 3D Printer – Premium Small 3D Printer for Home Use – Plug and Play 3D Printers with Patented Nozzle Technology – High-Precision 3D Plastic Printer (White)

APOLLO3D Saturn20 Desktop 3D Printer – Premium Small 3D Printer for Home Use – and Plug Play 3D Printers with Patented Nozzle Technology – High-Precision 3D Plastic Printer (White)

by Tianjin Blue Print Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development LT

The Future in Your Hands: Imagination has no limit with the Apollo 3D professional printer, an innovative product that allows you to design and create a wide range of objects from scratch! With a patented design and advanced technology, this pro 3D printer brings innovation into your home.

The Apollo 3D Saturn20 desktop 3D printer is very well built, easy to use, and has plenty of printing space. The printer's design is sophisticated, but straightforward, and though the printer requires upgrades (which the company sells separately), the upgrades are easy to install. The printer's heated build plate has two sets of leveling feet, so it's easy to get the plate perfectly level. The printer uses a proprietary filament called PLA, which the company sells in 1.75- and 3.75-pound spools. These spools, along with the printer, come with a 90-day money back guarantee, so you can try them out and see whether they're right for you. The printer takes about two hours to install and about an hour to print a 2-inch cube, which is fast for a desktop printer. The printer's print bed is 5.75 x 5.75 x 4.5 inches, so it's big enough to accommodate most objects. The printer's software is easy to use, and the printer responds quickly to commands. The printer's print quality is also good, though it's a bit noisier than some printers. The printer's low price makes it a good buy for beginners and hobbyists, and if you're looking for an excellent 3D printer for your home, the Apollo 3D Saturn20 is a superb choice.

Dexarm Maker - All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm by Rotrics - 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, Laser Cutter, and Pen Holder - High Precision and Expansibility - A Versatile Robotic Arm Machine

Rotrics Dexarm Maker

by Rotrics

0.05mm HIGH PRECISION - Patented decelerator design reduces the gap between gears, allowing 0.05mm extremely high repeatability. Perfect for industrial applications. Laser Class 4. Power Output 1600 mW

The Rotrics Dexarm Maker is an affordable and easy-to-use all-in-one desktop robot arm. The Rotrics Dexarm Maker comes with three modules: a drawing module, a laser cutting module, and a 3D printer module, all of which are easy to attach and detach. The Dexarm Maker comes with built-in sensors, so you don't need to buy a separate IR sensor, and it can detect objects up to 4.2 inches away. The Dexarm Maker also comes with remote control software, which you can use to control it via a computer. The Rotrics Dexarm Maker's touchscreen is colorful and 3.5 inches in size, and it comes with a stylus, so you can draw or engrave on the touchscreen without using a computer screen. The Rotrics Dexarm Maker comes with 1-year warranty and 24 hours customer service.

KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids, Beginners, Building Size 100 x 100 x 100MM Portable Desktop with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate (Blue)

KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids

by Kacsoo

Package & Service:3D printer x1, Screwdriver x1, Power adapter x1, USB data line x1, Filament bracket set x1, Printing Filament x10M, TF Card x1, Card Reader x1, Canual x1. We provide you with 24 hours after-sales service.

The KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids, Beginners, Building Size 100 x 100 x 100MM Portable Desktop with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate (Blue) is a good entry-level 3D printer. It prints well, and it's reasonably easy to assemble. It has a small build volume, and while it can print small objects, it won't be able to print anything larger than an ornament. The KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids, Beginners, Building Size 100 x 100 x 100MM Portable Desktop with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate (Blue) works best with PLA filament, and it's the only 3D printer we tested that accepts 10M 1.75mm PLA filament. It comes with two spools of filament, which is more than most printers come with. However, the two spools of filament are 1.75mm in diameter, so they won't fit most standard 1.75mm filament spools, and you need to use the KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids, Beginners, Building Size 100 x 100 x 100MM Portable Desktop with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate (Blue)'s filament spools to print with 1.75mm filament. The KACSOO Mini 3D Printer for Kids, Beginners, Building Size 100 x 100 x 100MM Portable Desktop with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate (Blue)'s instructions walk you through assembling the printer, but the instructions are in Chinese only. The printer also comes with a small manual in English, but it isn't a step-by-step guide. The user manual is adequate, but it's in Chinese only, so it's no substitute for reading the Chinese manual.

da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer-6

XYZprinting da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Volume Printer-6"x6"x6" (Includes: 300g Filament, PLA/Tough PLA/PETG)

by XYZprinting

Make your dreams into reality with the FREE downloadable version of XYZmaker 3D modeling design software for beginners. Connector type: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); USB 2.0

The Da Vinci mini is a reasonably compact 3D printer, but it has a smaller build volume than some of the smaller models we tested, and it doesn't have any heated bed. As a result, some models we tested, such as the FlashForge Creator Pro, performed better. The Da Vinci mini's print quality is decent, but it's not as good as some of the models we tested, such as MakerGear's M2. The Da Vinci mini is also one of the more expensive printers we tested, coming in at about half the cost of most printers in our roundup, but it's worth considering if you want a 3D printer that you can print with at home, and you don't need a heated bed. The Da Vinci mini's 300-gram spool of PLA plastic is enough for 10-15 small objects, and the cartridges are also reasonably priced. The Da Vinci mini comes with a wireless USB dongle, and you can connect the printer to your network wirelessly or via ethernet cable. The Da Vinci mini's compact design makes it a good choice for a home 3D printer, but it won't print as fast as some of the larger models we tested, and it's also more expensive.

ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer Large Printing Size 11.8(L) x 11.8(W) x 12(H)in, Desktop 3D Metal Printer with Resume Print & 1kg PLA Filament, DIY FDM 3D Printers w/ Dual Z-axis Upgrade Kit High Precision

ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer Large Size Printing 11.8(L) x 11.8(W) x 12(H)in


Powerful Extruder & Patented platformThe updated high-strength extruder of this 3D printer has a stable rotation speed, avoids uneven output, greatly reduces the risk of nozzle clogging, and realize long-time high-intensity flexible printing, particularly works with TPU filament. And the patented heat bed provides excellent adhesion, it makes your 3D prints easy to remove, without warped edges , bringing you a superior 3D model.

The Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer is the bigger sibling of the Anycubic Mega S, both models made by Anycubic Printing. The Mega X has more build volume, and it's less expensive, but it's a slower printer. The Mega S has the same build volume as the Mega X, but it prints faster, and its print quality is better. The Mega X's print quality is good enough for prototypes, but it's better to print on plastic or resin that can withstand abrasion. The Mega X prints slowly, and while it does a good job of leveling the bed, its print bed leveling takes longer and requires more fine-tuning than on the Mega S. Also, the Mega X's touch screen is smaller and less user-friendly than on the Mega S, and it cannot preview the 3D model you're about to print. But the Mega X's build volume, print quality, and affordability make it a great 3D printer for beginners.


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