Top 10 Best Digital Piano Keyboards
for December 2023

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Digital pianos are the ultimate instrument for any musician, whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, digital piano keyboards offer the same familiar piano keys, but in a convenient, portable package.

Digital pianos are especially popular for practicing at home, since they're small enough to fit on your tabletop or in your closet, but offer the same authentic piano sound that players love. Our digital piano keyboard reviews focus on quality, stability, and ease of use. We evaluate piano keys for feel, playability, and note response, as well as note volume control. We also test keyboards for stability, including how easy they are to set up and how long they last. Finally, we evaluate how easy they are to clean and maintain.

Here are the best digital piano keyboards you can buy in 2022:

Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Semi Weighted Keys, 2x20W Speakers, 5 Voices, Split, Layer and Lesson Mode, FX and Piano Lessons

Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Keyboard Piano with Semi Weighted Keys


Powerful Educational Features - Standard, split, layer, and lesson modes with 128-note max polyphony and Skoove 3 month premium subscription for expert interactive online piano lessons

The Alesis Recital is one of the best keyboards we've tested, and it's perfect for both beginners and seasoned players. The keyboard is lightweight but sturdy, and it's designed for portability, so it folds up easily and fits easily in a backpack or case. The keys are responsive and have plenty of travel, so your fingers never feel cramped. The built-in speakers are loud and clear, and the keyboard also has two headphone jacks if you want to practice privately. The Recital is well-suited for a variety of musical styles, from classical and jazz piano to electronic music, and the included 60 free virtual lessons will help you get started. The Recital also has a number of premium features that aren't usually found on keyboards in this price range, including a built-in FX processor with Chorus, Reverb, and Delay, and dual 20W speakers. The Recital is best suited for people who play piano for enjoyment, not as a profession, but for average-level players, it offers great sound, great looks, and great value.

Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano with 300 Sounds, Speakers, Digital Piano Stand, Bench, Headphones, Microphone, Music Lessons and Demo Songs

Alesis Melody 61 Key Piano Keyboard with 300 Sounds

by inMusic Brands Inc.

Powerful Educational Features - Skoove 3 month premium subscription for interactive online piano lessons; 2 months of live video lessons from TakeLessons

The Alesis Melody is a well-made, straightforward digital piano that's perfect for beginner to intermediate players. The keyboard is responsive, and the large, well-spaced keys make playing feel natural. The piano sounds are authentic and expressive, and the range of voices is broad, from the rich, polished tones of an acoustic piano to the percussive energy of an electric piano. The built-in songs are great for practicing, and the piano's demo mode has 40 songs, including popular songs and melodies. The keyboard's built-in speakers are loud and clear, and the keyboard is light enough to easily move between rooms. The Melody also includes an easy-to-read, 7-inch color display, and the keyboard includes recording and playback features that let you save songs. The Melody's control panel is also easy to navigate, and the keyboard's lesson mode has 40 step-by-step lessons that teach everything from how to play piano to how to read sheet music. The only drawback to the Melody is its limited features. The keyboard has no metronome, and it has no music-learning apps. The Melody's lesson mode does include 40 step-by-step lessons, but they are basic and rudimentary. The Melody's recording and playback features are very basic, too, and the Melody doesn't include a stand or bench. The Melody is a great starter piano, but more advanced players may be disappointed.

Alesis Recital Pro - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Hammer Action Weighted Keys, 2x20W Speakers, 12 Voices, Record and Lesson Mode, FX and Display

Alesis Recital Pro

by inMusic Brands Inc.

Start playing professional keys today - the ultimate beginners digital piano loaded with 12 expertly crafted voices and powerful educational features

The Alesis Recital Pro is an affordable 88-key digital piano, but it's a bit sluggish in getting started. When you turn on the unit, you have to press the OK button to initiate the login process, which takes about 10 seconds. Once logged in, pressing the OK button again brings up a confirmation dialog that then needs to be confirmed with a click on the OK button. The Recital Pro is responsive once you boot it up and start playing, but it's a bit sluggish in getting started. Once you log in, you'll find a very clinical interface, with very few visual or audio cues to help you play. Most functions are controlled by two buttons on the right, which also controls the playback function. The single knob at the top of the unit controls the volume. You also get some sliders along the bottom, which control various parameters, such as the strength of the built-in effects. The Recital Pro comes with 12 built-in piano voices, and you can add two more with the optional Alesis Expansion Pack. These voices sound pretty good, but they're not on par with other premium digital pianos. The Recital Pro is Bluetooth compatible, and it supports audio streaming from smartphones and tablets. In addition to piano, you can play other instruments using the Recital Pro's built-in 20W speakers. The Recital Pro's built-in speakers are powerful enough to fill a small to mid-size room, but we noticed a bit of distortion when playing at high volumes. The Recital Pro's built-in speakers aren't loud enough for live-performance situations, but for practicing, they get the job done. The Recital Pro's sustain pedal input is convenient, but it's vulnerable to being unplugged by accident. Like the Alesis Uno, the Recital Pro is a quick, easy way to learn how to play piano. The Recital Pro's touch sensitivity is adjustable, and you can adjust the number of voices and keys, as well as the touch sensitivity, to suit your preferred playing style. The Recital Pro comes with a 3-month premium Skoove subscription, which includes 30 hours of online piano lessons, 300 songs, 50 hours of backing tracks, and 200 interactive exercises.

Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano with Furniture Stand, 3-Pedal Unit

Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano Key 88 Full Size Weighted Keyboard

by Donner

Multi-Purpose 88 key keyboardThis streamlined 88-key piano is designed for rehearsing, learning and creating, practice or performance.

The Donner DEP-20 is basically an upright piano in a portable form, making it an ideal choice for musicians who are always on the go. The piano sounds are excellent, and it's especially impressive that it plays well at all volumes, whether you're playing quietly or pumping up the volume. The sustain pedal responds well, and the keyboard comes with a triangle and pedal, so it's perfect for performing in a band. The piano is easy to set up, and it's small enough to bring to a concert or loud performance. It's extremely portable, too, and comes with a padded carrying case. The piano's sound is rich and deep, and it's capable of playing a wide range of styles, from classical to rock to jazz. The piano also has a built-in metronome and a piano tuner, so you can practice your scales and chords. The piano's backlit screen is bright and easy to read, and it's loaded with a ton of different tones, so it's perfect for musicians of any skill level. The keyboard also has a built-in 2.5-inch color screen, so you can display your music notes and other notes. The piano's controls are easy to use and well organized, and it's built to stand the test of time. The piano's built-in speakers are loud enough to fill a small to large room, and its headphone jack lets you practice without disturbing others. The piano's built-in 3.5mm audio input lets you plug your MP3 player or a guitar into the piano, and the piano's built-in 3.5mm audio out makes it easy to connect to a sound system. Overall, the Donner DEP-20 is an impressive performer, and it's a good choice for musicians of any skill level.

Donner DDP-90 Digital Piano, 88 Key Weighted Piano Keyboard for Beginner/Professional, Keyboard Piano W/Three Pedals, Supports U-disk Music Playing, PC/Tablet/Cell Phone Connecting, Audio In/Output

Donner DDP-90 Digital Piano


Beautiful and Practical Digital PianoThe excellent flip cover come with a slow closing function to protect your hands and keyboard. And we redesigned the shape to a smaller piano body without infect any perfect sound quality, which is suitable for dormitories or other small rooms.

The Donner DDP-90 is a great piano keyboard for beginners, but it's even better for intermediate players. The piano keyboard's piano sound is very realistic, and it has plenty of horsepower, so it's suitable for both beginners and professionals. The keyboard's weighted keys emulate the feel of an acoustic piano, and the pedal system ensures that your playing will sound just as realistic. The piano keyboard's 128 polyphony and 3-pedal system ensure that your playing will be smooth, even when playing fast trills. The piano keyboard's USB port also allows you to connect it directly to your computer or laptop. The piano keyboard's built-in amplifier allows you to play your own music or listen to your favorite songs through your computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you have easy access to your entire music library. The piano keyboard's piano stand is also sturdy and convenient. Thanks to its advanced features, the Donner DDP-90 is one of our favorite piano keyboards for beginners and intermediate players.

Best Choice Products 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard Set for All Experience Levels w/Semi-Weighted Keys, Stand, Sustain Pedal, Built-In Speakers, Power Supply, 6 Voice Settings

Best Choice Products 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Keyboard Electronic Set for All Experience Levels w/Semi-Weighted Keys

by Best Choice Products

ACCESSORIES: A compact folding stand fits anywhere and provides a stable foundation for practice or performing and a music stand lets you maintain good posture as you read your score

This digital piano is plenty large for practicing at home, and the built-in speakers are loud enough to be heard over practicing in a crowded apartment. It's also reasonably priced, and the combination of piano and organ sounds works well. The keys on this model are slightly smaller than those on our top pick, but they still have a decent feel. The sustain pedal, however, is poorly designed. It detaches easily, but if you accidentally detach it while practicing, it stops working. The piano has six sound settings, and switching between them is easy. The keyboard has a metronome and built-in songs to help you practice, and it also has an app to download additional songs, which can be useful if you're taking piano lessons. The keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Starfavor 88 Key Digital Piano Beginner Electric Keyboard Full Size with Semi Weighted Keys Dual 30W Speakers SP-10 Bundle include Sustain Pedal, Power Supply, Stand, Piano Stickers

Starfavor 88 Key Digital Piano Beginner Electric Keyboard Full Size with Weighted Semi Keys Dual 30W Speakers SP-10 Bundle include Sustain Pedal

by Starfavor

ACCESSORIES: SP-10 88 keys Piano Keyboard bundle includes an X-style piano stand, a music sheet holder, sustain pedal, piano power supply. All the necessary accessories have provided for beginners and students.

This is a solid 88-key electric keyboard that offers great sound, plenty of editing options, and a durable design. The SP-10's 30 watts of power provide plenty of volume, and the keys feel solid and well-weighted. The built-in speakers are loud enough to fill the room, and the sound is rich and full. The interface is easy to navigate, and there are a few useful built-in songs. The SP-10 offers several useful editing functions, such as adjustable volumes and effects, while the MIDI and mic connections let you connect this keyboard to a computer. The keyboard is sturdy, and the keyboard stand is sturdy enough to hold the keyboard and shield it from damage.

FVEREY 88 Key Foldable Digital Piano Keyboard,Full Size Semi Weighted Keys Portable Electronic Piano,Bluetooth Digital Keyboard with MIDI,Speakers,Sustain Pedal,Piano Bag for Beginners

FVEREY 88 Key Digital Foldable Piano Keyboard


Lightweight & PortableThis foldable digital piano keyboard can achieve the same performance as the Grand piano and saves space with folded size 24.8*8*4.7in.It weights only 8.8lb.Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and a carrying case,you can easily take it as you go, which is suitable for parties and outdoors.

The FVEREY piano keyboard is an ideal choice for both beginners and pros. It's inexpensive, but it feels and sounds better than many higher-priced keyboards, and it's loaded with useful, professional features. We especially appreciate the piano keyboard's USB port, which allows you to connect it to your computer and add more music to your library. The keyboard also has a built-in speaker, so you can practice silently at night without disturbing anyone. The piano keyboard's 88 keys have a soft, springy feel, which emulates that of a real piano. We especially liked the fact that you could split the keyboard into 44 keys, so the whole family could take turns playing. The keyboard comes with a bonus sustain pedal and a case, and it's also compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets. The sustain pedal is useful for practicing longer pieces, and the included case is great for protecting the keyboard while you're traveling. The keyboard's Bluetooth connection works well, and the keyboard is easy to set up. It's also compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Overall, the FVEREY piano keyboard is a great choice for anyone looking to learn piano or improve their playing skills.

Ingbelle 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Bluetooth, Foldable Electric Piano, Semi-weighted Keyboard for Teaching, Powerful Educational Features for Beginner, Sustain Pedal Include

Ingbelle 88-Key Digital Keyboard Piano with Bluetooth

by 6926417204159

Playing On The Go- The foldable design makes it easy for you to take the Piano Keyboard whenever they go. Comes with power adapter or with 1800 mAh the rechargeable Lithium batteries for professional piano performance wherever you are (6-8h Playtime per full charge) , Perfect for outdoor plays, Band practice, piano lessons, etc

The Ingbelle 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Bluetooth is one of the cheapest 88-key digital pianos available, with features comparable to more expensive models. It has 88 full-size keys with semi-weighted action, and the same electronic sound engine and speakers as more expensive models. It also has a sustain pedal, a practice mode, and 128 built-in tones, including acoustic piano, electric grand piano, church organ, and strings. The keyboard folds up for easy transport and storage. A USB port is built into the keyboard, so you can connect it to your computer or other devices. The keyboard's Bluetooth function works well, and it connects quickly to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. You can't connect a USB storage device to the keyboard, however, and you can't play songs stored on the device. The 88-key keyboard is great fun for practicing, but it's limited in what it can do. The sustain pedal needs improvement, and the speakers aren't loud enough for good performance. The piano's voices are pleasant, but they're not very realistic. The keyboard's Bluetooth function also limits what you can do with the keyboard. For example, you can't play songs downloaded from iTunes or Amazon Cloud Player, and you can't record or play back songs you've loaded onto the keyboard. The keyboard's Bluetooth connection is also flaky, with sometimes long delays before it connects and disconnects. We'd have liked to have seen a headphone jack on the piano, too. The Ingbelle 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Bluetooth is fun to play and a decent value, but we'd recommend spending a little more to get a good experience.

Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano With Furniture Stand/Triple Pedals/Power Supply

Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Full Key Size Semi Weighted Keyboard


Modern Design: Modern DesignSophisticated craftsmanship brought out streamlined piano body and textured keys, giving you an extraordinary playing experience, especially suitable for you to enjoy the beauty of music when you use 88-key weighted keyboard digital piano.

The Donner DEP-10 is a smart, well-designed digital piano that offers everything you want from an entry-level model, but at a very affordable price. The keyboard is sturdy and feels natural to the touch. The keyboard is also detachable, which makes it easy to transport. The piano's 88 keys are full-size, and the keys have a satisfyingly meaty feel, providing more control than you'll get out of many cheaper models. The piano's sound is good, and it's equipped with a good assortment of voices; in fact, the voices provided here are much better than what you'll find on many other entry-level digital pianos. The piano's performance is great, too. As the producer in our video demo says, "The piano sounds a lot better than any digital piano I've ever heard". What's also great about the DEP-10 is that it includes everything you need, from headphones to speakers, for an easy installation. The piano has basic controls, such as octave and treble settings. It also has buttons for recording, muting, and other functions. The piano's sound can be controlled using a remote control. The remote control is well designed and easy to use.


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