Top 10 Best DJ Turntable Cartridges
for September 2023

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Welcome to MOOZ's expertly curated guide to the 'Top 10 Best DJ Turntable Cartridges'. If you're seeking high-quality audio equipment for your record-spinning endeavours, you've come to the right place. We understand how a great cartridge can make or break your mix! It's all in the name of helping you to experience the absolute best in your musical journey, whether that's easy-listening or scratching up a storm at a nightclub.

In our high-ranking collection, we'd like to shed some limelight on Numark CC-1, a premium DJ cartridge noted for its robustness and mixing-and-scratching suitability. Then there's the Gemini Sound Professional, which steps it up a notch with exceptional audio accessories, including a elliptical turntable stylus needle. Lastly, don't miss out on the Stanton DS4 — a precision-engineered specimen that superbly blends scratching, mixing, and DVS. These cartridges display not just average, but outstanding performance you don't want to miss!

But wait, don't rush off just yet because we've saved the best for last. The crème de la crème, our pièce de résistance: Audio-Technica AT-VM95C/H. Situated at the finish line of our list, this cartridge combo kit has been making waves in the DJ world. Why? It’s simple - its amazing features and impeccable performance have set it apart within the audio industry! So, don't wait any longer. Go ahead, click through and dip your toes into turntable nirvana. Make your musical fantasies a reality today!

Numark CC-1 | Premium, Ultra-Robust DJ Cartridge (Headshell & Stylus) for Turntables - Perfect for Mixing & Scratching

Numark CC-1 DJ Turntable Cartridge - Premium Headshell & Stylus for Mixing & Scratching

by Numark

Style-Driven Design - Sleek, slim-line design that's robust and easy-to-handle

Boasting the top spot on MOOZ's ranking, the Numark CC-1 stands out as the premium choice for DJ enthusiasts. This ultra-robust DJ cartridge, complete with headshell and stylus, leaves nothing unsaid in the realm of music mixing and scratching. Wrapped in a reliable shell, the Numark CC-1 proves to be the steadfast companion for your turntable. With the fascinatingly precision-engineered circular diamond stylus tip, your records will truly hear a new dawn.

Delving further, it's the consistency and fidelity of the Numark CC-1 that ring the bells. Imagine getting every detail of the music you love, with a full-range frequency response from 20-20,000 Hz, isn’t that just fantastic? Uncover new sound realms as this DJ cartridge boasts high-output and enhanced tracking. Perfect for spinning and scratch enthusiasts alike, it's time to elevate your mixing game to match your unbeatable DJ style.


Gemini's HDCN-15 Vinyl Record Player Headshell Cartridges Head Mount earns the second spot in our list, not without reason. Its sleek silver body, clad in contemporary design, is tailored to meet the desires of any discerning audiophile. But it's not all about aesthetics; this cartridge boasts a rubber washer for an impeccable snug fit to your tone arm, enhancing its gripping power.

This isn't the end of the story yet! The real hero is the covered long-lasting elliptical stylus. With a ground-breaking knack for strong tracking, it promises to revitalize your system with ease. It's as if Gemini intentionally crafted this HDCN-15 pre-mount cartridge to breathe new life into your vinyl records. If you're yearning for that little something to boost your DJ equipment's capabilities, look no further. This product could very well be your audio's best friend.

Stanton DS4-Precision Engineered DJ Cartridge for Turntables-Perfect for Scratching, Mixing and DVS (DS4)

Stanton DS4 DJ Cartridge: Precision Turntable Cartridge for Scratching, Mixing, and DVS

by InMusic Brands Inc.

Style Driven Design Sleek design that is robust and easy to handle

The Stanton DS4 DJ cartridge made it to our top three for a reason. Dubbed as a 'Precision Engineered' sound beast, it has its charms that easily wooed us. It boasts dependable features perfect for those late-night spin sessions, thanks to its sturdy circular diamond stylus tip. Light it up and you'll perceive how excellently the sounds are amplified. You could practically hear all the details bursting with vibrancy - all attributed to its improved fidelity that covers a full frequency range from 20-20,000 Hz.

Not one to skimp on consistency, Stanton DS4 likewise shines with its golden tonearm connections promoting the best performance possible. Let's not overlook how it basically professionalizes anything it touches. Its high output functionality, coupled with enhanced tracking, caters ideally to your scratching, mixing, and DVS enthusiast needs. This is certainly a DJ cartridge meant for the creative, adventurous, and the audacious.

Gemini Sound CN-15 Professional 0.6 mm Spherical Turntable Vinyl Record Player Styluses DJ Turntable Cartridges and Needles For Any Standard Headshell

Gemini Sound CN-15 DJ Turntable Cartridges: Precise 0.6mm Styluses for Vinyl Record Players

by Gemini

The CN-15 Turntable Cartridge Is Designed To Easily Mount to Any Standard Head shell.

What's not to love about the Gemini Sound CN-15 Professional Needle? Our intelligent algorithms were drawn towards its impressive 0.6 mm spherical headshell, which provides a unique blend of quality and durability. Trust us, you're definitely getting your money's worth with this DJ turntable cartridge and needle.

Anyone with a taste for music knows the importance of a sturdy needle. The Gemini Sound CN-15 guarantees just that with its special elliptical diamond polished needle. Rest assured, all your music playback will be top-notch with this gem. Crafted with the finest diamond polish, it's a perfect ally for any style of music. In particular, this piece of equipment will be a match made in heaven for DJ professionals and audiophiles who prioritize sound quality above all. Strap in and prepare yourself for an auditory journey like no other with this beast.

Audio-Technica AT-VM95E/H Turntable Headshell/Cartridge Combo Kit Green

Audio-Technica AT-VM95E/H Green Headshell and Cartridge Combo Kit for DJ Turntables

by audio-technica

Universal 1/2"-mount head shell for 4-pin Turntable cartridges

In the world of high-end audio, Audio-Technica's 'AT-VM95E/H Turntable Combo' really caught our attention. It's the dual magnet cartridge with a 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus that truly dazzles. This feature in particular offers a robust and balanced sound quality, revealing hidden nuances in your favourite vinyl records that make every listening session an absolute delight. Our savviest algorithms flagged this distinctivess, skyrocketing it to our must-have list.

The computational genius in this kit does not stop here. With audio enthusiasts in mind, the product design features threaded inserts in the cartridge body. This would mean that mounting the cartridge to the head shell just requires two screws, removing any need for nuts. Plus, the specially wound coils to boost output voltage is a delightful touch, although you should be wary of the aluminum cantilever. It's quite delicate and can succumb to bending. Overall, we believe getting your hands on this kit can truly level up your audio experience.


If superb sonic performance enhances your record-spinning experience, we couldn't recommend the Audio-Technica AT-VM95E Turntable Cartridge enough for you. We were blown away by it. This little green gem comes packed with a dual magnet and a 0.3 x 0.7 mil Elliptical stylus, which we believe is the superstar component. It gives a noticeable boost to the overall audio performance of your vinyl records, immersing you into a magical auditory journey.

The other big score is how user-friendly this cartridge is. It has a threaded insert which allows the AT-VM95E to be mounted to the headshell with just two screws. No nuts required. This saves a lot of setup time and hassle. Especially for vinyl enthusiasts who admire simplicity paired with quality. So, if you're lusting for an upgraded vinyl listening experience, this cartridge offers just that and more. So commit to this beaut, you won't regret it.


Mooz was enchanted by the Audio-Technica AT-VM95EN Dual Moving Magnet Turntable Cartridge for its compatibility features. Imagine listening to your favorite soundtracks with an excellent cartridge that has threaded inserts in its body! This feature enables the cartridge to be easily mounted to the head shell with simply two screws - no nuts needed. Definitely, a relief for those who dread complicated setup processes.

Furthermore, the genius of Audio-Technica AT-VM95EN doesn't stop there. This cartridge is compatible with any AT-VMN95 replacement stylus, providing you with an enjoyable listening experience that you'll savor. With its Aluminum cantilever, your audio performance will be more than enhanced. So, if you've got a keen ear for quality sound, then this gem is specially designed for you. Enjoy those classic and new tunes with refinement!


Our intelligent system was particularly impressed by the Audio-Technica AT-VM95SH/H. Its dual-magnet '95 series cartridge with a shibata stylus blew us away. We were all the more surprised to find that it had an aluminum cantilever design, which really set the tone for its craftsmanship. Not only that, it's a universal 1/2"-mount headshell for 4-pin turntable cartridges, perfect for vinyl lovers who are looking for top-notch audio equipment.

What made us add this headshell/cartridge combo to our list was its unique feature of threaded inserts in the cartridge body. This allows the cartridge to be mounted to the headshell with only two screws — a clear victory for easy installation and stability. This bad boy will be particularly delightful to vinyl enthusiasts and sound engineers trying to get the best sound reproduction out of their turntables. It’s hard not to enjoy your favorite records with this under your needle!

Audio Technica AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet Turntable Cartridge (Green) Bundle with Blucoil Carbon Anti-Static Vinyl Cleaning Brush

Audio Technica AT-VM95E Green Turntable Cartridge Bundle with Anti-Static Cleaning Brush for DJs

by Blucoil

PROVIDES EXCELLENT TONAL QUALITY - Thanks to AT-VM95E's outstanding 20dB channel separation and low distortion, this phono cartridge delivers incredible sounds even at the 4.0mV output level.

In the sea of turntables, the Audio Technica Turntable Cartridge stands out brilliantly. Our ever-intelligent MOOZ algorithm brought this gem to attention owing to its impressive compatibility. The cartridge boasts a body that fits snuggly with other VM95 series. What was even more interesting is that you can interchange this cartridge's stylus with AT-VM95C, AT-VM95EN, AT-VM95ML, AT-VM95SH, and AT-VM95SP replacement styli.

Ensuring a hassle-free enjoyment of your favorite vinyl records, the Audio Technica Cartridge requires no use of nuts for installation. The enhanced frequency response is a with its elliptical bonded stylus tracking your vinyl's groove modulation with precise finesse, providing a 20Hz~22kHz range. This product will be the best fit for individuals who value ease of use and high fidelity sound in their turntable operations.

Audio-Technica AT-VM95C/H Turntable Headshell/Cartridge Combo Kit Blue

Audio-Technica AT-VM95C/H Combo Kit: DJ Turntable Cartridges with Blue Headshell for Enhanced Performance

by audio-technica

Universal 1/2"-mount head shell for 4-pin Turntable cartridges

Our smart algorithms and product testers were bowled over by one stand-out feature of the Audio-Technica AT-VM95C/H Headshell/Cartridge Combo - the 'specially wound coils' that significantly up the output voltage. This fascinating attribute is why it made it onto our top list. The incorporation of these coils not only expands the sound range impressively but also offers a level of clarity to your audio that you must hear to believe!

The 'M dual Magnet Cartridge' with its 0.6 mil Conical stylus is equally noteworthy. But let's talk about the ease of mounting this baby. The design includes 'threaded inserts' in the body, which means you need only two screws — no nuts required! This is perfect if you are not tech-savvy but enjoy great sound! Altogether, this dynamic gear clad in a suave blue color oozes style and performance. For the audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts out there, this should be your go-to device! Don't hold back, give your Turntable the boost it needs.


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