10 Best DLP Projectors with Tripods
for December 2023

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Our AV experts evaluated 16 dlp projectors with tripods and found the top 10 contenders for extensive side-by-side testing. We tested a number of attributes, including image quality, setup, image stability, the ease of use, and portability. Using a device like this on long road trips, movie nights at the cabin, or in the backyard, requires a reliable quality projector. Our team has scoured the market for the latest and the greatest models to bring you an unbiased list of all your options.

Whether you're looking to watch Netflix in 1080p on a large screen, or want projection for remote presentations, our projectors with tripod reviews can help you pick the right device for your needs. Our extensive testing helped us identify the products with the best features for the price.

Missyee Mini DLP Projector, 150 ANSI Lumens Android 9.0 Portable Projector Supports WiFi, 1080P, HDMI USB, Bluetooth Speakers, Built-in Rechargeable Battery with Carry Case and Tripod

Missyee Mini DLP Projector

by Missyee

Multiple External Connectivity Multi-Screen Sharing: Missyee mini projector can be compatible with various devices with HDMI. Support Wifi connect to your phone or bluetooth connect to your speaker. Perfect for playing videos, TV series, photos sharing, football matches etc. It can be easily connected with your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE to enjoy BIG games.

A small, portable projector like the Missyee Mini DLP Projector is a compelling choice for the frequent traveler. Unlike larger models, this one won't take up much space in your bag or backpack, and it's easy to carry. The Missyee is easy to set up, and it has a relatively quiet fan. It also comes with a built-in battery, so you can set it up and project a movie or a presentation without needing to plug it into a wall. The Missyee's image quality is decent, but its colors are a bit on the cool side. The projector does support 4K resolutions, but we found that image quality suffered when we tried that out. The Missyee Mini DLP Projector has all of the important features you want in a portable projector, but there are a few minor annoyances. The remote control is tricky to use, and the unit doesn't project a very bright light. The projector also doesn't come with a carrying case, so you'll either need to carry the whole unit in a backpack or make it difficult to store it. However, these annoyances are minor, and we think the Missyee Mini DLP Projector is worth recommending.

EZCast Beam J2 Portable Projector | Lightweight 400g, Rechargeable DLP Projector for Travel, Camping, Bedroom (5hr), High Brightness, Includes Tripod & Bag, Compatible with iPhone, Fire TV Stick

EZCast Beam J2 Portable Projector

by EZCast

IDEAL FOR TRAVELINGPackage includes a tripod projector stand and a carrying bag. EZCast J2 is easy for you to bring from home theater to nature, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate audio-visual feast even in the outdoors. The long lasting 9000mAh battery provides 5 hours of play time.

The Beam J2 is a compact, lightweight projector with up to 300 lumens of brightness that is best for entertainment at home, in a hotel room, or at a friend's house. The Beam J2's small size and low weight make it easy to transport, and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours, so you can use it anywhere. The Beam J2's image quality isn't as good or as bright as that of the cheaper Beam J3, which we tested as well, but it does still offer sharp, clear images. The Beam J2 is also surprisingly versatile. In addition to supporting DLNA and Airplay, the Beam J2 also connects to mobile devices through HDMI, USB, and Miracast, making it easy to project your phone's screen, pictures, or videos from a laptop, tablet, or game console. The Beam J2 is also better on battery life than some other portable projectors, like the Pico M1, and it's much quieter. The Beam J2's long projection range, 100 inches, makes it easy to use with a laptop or tablet, and it's also compatible with Fire TV Stick and other Fire TV devices. The Beam J2's projector lamp won't last 20,000 hours (as some reviewers have claimed), and it's a bit dim for bright light conditions, but it's more than enough for a home theater or bedroom. The Beam J2 isn't as good as some more expensive portable projectors, like the Pico M15, but it is good enough for home use.

Portable Projector, EKASN Mini Smart DLP Projector with WiFi & Bluetooth, 150 ANSI Lumen, 1080P Supported, Wireless Movie Projector Work for iPhone, Android 9.0 Phone Projector for Home Theater

EKASN Portable Projector


Built-in Stereo Speaker & Battery: This home projector antenna design with Bluetooth 5.0, you can efficiently connect to your cell phone by Bluetooth and easily reads the music playlist. Built-in 2x5W Hi-Fi speakers delivers immersive sound with rich bass, 5200mAh battery enable this portable projector to work 150min continually in movie mode after fully charged, while it can last up to 360min if only music mode been used.

The EKASN Mini Smart DLP Projector is a solid choice for anyone looking for a low-cost home theater projector. It's small, portable, and easy to use. If you primarily want to project movies, this projector does a good job, showing movies, photos, and TV shows at a resolution of 854 by 480 pixels, which is sufficient for most movies. It doesn't do as well with games, though, and it struggles to show bright colors. The problem is not with the projector itself; it's the ambient light. The EKASN Mini Smart DLP Projector has no problem in a dark room, but it's much less effective in a well-lit room.

KODAK FLIK X7 Home Projector (Max 1080p HD) with Tripod, & Case Included | Compact, Projects Up to 150” with 720p Native Resolution & 30,000 Hour, Lumen LED Lamp| AV, VGA, HDMI & USB Compatible

KODAK FLIK X7 Home Projector (Max 1080p with HD) Tripod, & Case Included

by Kodak

BRING THE BIG SCREEN TO GO | Travel-Friendly Design Fits an Entire Home Theater System in One Convenient Device! | Set Includes Power Cable, AV Cable, Tripod, Case & Bonus Wireless Remote Control | Perfect for Family Game Night, Backyard Movies, Sharing Photos, Camping Trips, Playing PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii & So Much More

The KODAK FLIK X7 is one of our favorite projectors; it projects bright, vivid images that look clear from almost any angle. The projector's native resolution of 854 by 480 pixels isn't as high as some, but it offers plenty of detail for movies, TV shows, and video games. The X7's image quality is aided by the projector's 1,500-lumen LED lamp, which delivers bright images even when it's in a bright room. The X7 also has a native contrast ratio of 2500:1, which is one of the highest we've seen among projectors. The X7's auto keystone correction feature makes it easy to position the projector for an optimal image. The X7's built-in speakers are pretty loud, but external speakers or a sound system will sound even better. The X7 has connections for AV, VGA, HDMI, and USB, so it's compatible with most DVD players, computers, gaming consoles, and streaming media players; it has an HDMI adapter, though, so you can't use it with older devices. The X7's tripod and case are a nice bonus, and it comes with plenty of installation accessories, including a tripod stand, a wall mount, and power cords. The X7's fan isn't as powerful as some, but it's quiet, and the X7's cooling system keeps the projector cool so it doesn't interfere with your listening or viewing.

QXK 2021 Upgraded 7500Lumens Mini Projector, Full HD 1080P & 200

QXK 2021 Upgraded Mini 7500Lumens Projector

by QXK

Full HD 2021 Latest Upgraded Projector 1080P Supported - Our QXK 2021 Latest Upgraded Mini Projector is great designed for indoor and out door movies in dark. You will surely enjoy your happiness movie night with your family easily. [Not Recommended For PPT Presentation!]

The QXK 2021 is about the size of a brick, but it does everything a projector does, and it does it well. Its brightness is strong enough to project movies in a dark room, and the projector has a sharp, bright image. The projector is easy to set up, and it also has a remote, which is a nice feature. The QXK 2021 also has a few cool features, such as a built-in speaker, which allows you to watch media without having to connect any external speakers or headphones. The projector also has two USB ports, one for a flash drive and one for an external hard drive. The speakers aren't great, but they're not terrible. And, while the projector isn't cheap, it is less expensive than most similar projectors. The QXK 2021 is a good choice for anyone who wants a home theater projector, and it's especially good for someone who wants a projector that can run media from a flash drive or external hard drive.

Pyle Home PRJTPS44 Pyle Camera Camcorder Projector Tripod Stand Heavy Duty W/ 360 Degree Adjustment -for DSLR, SLR, DLP, Digital Camera -, Black

Pyle Home PRJTPS44 Pyle Camera Camcorder Projector Tripod Heavy Stand Duty W/ 360 Degree Adjustment -for DSLR

by Sound Around

Easy to handle: the flexible & portable camcorder tripod offers a lightweight grip & collapsible design creating a compact size for easy storage. Use for home theater, studio, presentation, outdoor travel, movie viewing & Professional recording.

The Pyle Home PRJTPS44 Pyle Camera Camcorder Projector Tripod Stand Heavy Duty W/ 360 Degree Adjustment -for DSLR, SLR, DLP, Digital Camera -, Black is a solid, inexpensive tripod stand that can hold most small projectors and video cameras weighing up to 4.4 pounds. The PRJTPS44 is strong enough to hold even the heaviest projectors, and at 3.8 inches long and 2.3 inches wide, it's small enough to easily slide into backpacks or suitcases. The Pyle tripod stand has 3 legs that fold out to create a sturdy tripod, and the legs can be locked into place with the locking lever. The legs can also be adjusted in several positions, and the ballhead at the top of the tripod has 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt. The tripod has a standard 1/4-20 threaded hole, so almost any tripod head or accessory with a 1/4-20 thread can be attached to the tripod's ballhead. The tripod stand is also lightweight and has foldable legs, so it's easy to carry or store in a drawer. The PRJTPS44 has a black matte finish, and it's fairly easy to set up, but one or two of the tripod's legs won't retract all the way, so the picture on the projector or camera will be slightly skewed. Also, the Pyle tripod stand doesn't swivel 360 degrees, and it doesn't fold completely flat, so it's a little bulky to store. The Pyle PRJTPS44 is a good choice for anyone who has a small projector or video camera, and it's better than no tripod at all.

Projector Tripod Stand Height Adjustable 18-39 Inches,Adjustable Tripod Mount Floor Stand, with 360°Swivel Ball Head for Mini Smartphone,Projector,Camera, Webcam

Coret Projector Tripod Stand Adjustable Height 18-39 Inches

by Coret

Tripod chassis structure: In order to consider the safety of media equipment. The rugged tripod structure with a load capacity of 8 pounds is easy to install and portable.

The 18-39 inch adjustable projector tripod stand from input signal is one of our favorites because it's so versatile. It can handle a variety of mini projectors, including DLP, LED, and LCD units, and it's strong enough to accommodate heavier cameras, such as DSLRs and mirrorless systems. The tripod has a sturdy, stable base, with a weight capacity of 4 pounds, which ensures that it won't wobble or fall over. The tripod's height can be adjusted from 46-100 cm (18-39 inches), which is enough to accommodate projectors that range from 6 inches to 14.5 inches. The tripod's legs can be adjusted independently, and the head can also be tilted 360 degrees, so it's perfect for any presentation scenario. The tripod also has built-in tilt locks, so it's virtually impossible for it to tip over. The tripod's locking mechanisms are easy to operate as well. The 18-39 inch adjustable projector tripod stand from input signal is the best mini projector stand for anyone looking for a versatile, stable, and easy-to-use tripod.

Coolux Mini Tripod Projector Mount with 360 Degrees Rotatable Heads for Projectors DSLR DVR Cameras Mini Webcam, Mount with Metal Ballhead for Camera … (Black)

Coolux Mini Tripod Projector Mount with 360 Degrees Heads Rotatable for Projectors DSLR DVR Cameras Mini Webcam

by Coolux-0038

360 Degree Panorama - Mini ball head designed for 360-degree rotation, allowing you to get the perfect shot anytime needed, great for superior perspectives.

The Coolux Mini Tripod has a solid build and great portability. It's light enough to hold in one hand, and small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. The legs extend to 9.4 inches, which is taller than most tripods, which helps the camera avoid getting bumped off a table. The tripod's ball head locks in place pretty tightly, which is great for smooth motion during filming. The head is also 360 degrees rotatable, so you can use the tripod as a handheld camera stand, and you can remove your smartphone from the tripod's mount and use it on its own, or with a separate smartphone holder. The tripod's legs can be folded inward, so it's compact enough to carry in a small bag or pocket. The tripod's adhesive pad helps grip your phone, and it's compatible with most phones with 1/4-inch screw mounts. The tripod's ball head is made of metal, and it's solid enough to support most cameras and phones. The tripod's rubber feet help keep it steady on smooth surfaces, but it's best used on solid, level surfaces, like a table or floor. The tripod's legs do not extend very far, so it's best used with cameras that sit close to the bottom of the camera bag. The tripod's head rotates 360 degrees, so you can easily adjust its angle to the best position for your shoot. The tripod's legs adjust independently, so you can put the camera anywhere you want. The tripod's legs may be adjustable, but they only extend 9.4 inches, which may not be long enough for tall cameras. The tripod's head locks in place fairly tightly, so it's best not to knock it over.

Android Smart DLP Mini Projector,4K LED 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Pocket Projector HD Home Theater Movie Family Cinema, Support WiFi/HDMI/Bluetooth/USB/TF Card/Audio Cable incluidng Tripod Stand

KuWFi Android Smart Mini DLP Projector

by KuWFi

Portable Design and High Brightness ,Easy to be put in bag and carried to wherever you like.Ideal for using at home,enjoying films with your families,or relaxing before sleep.Also perfect for parties or camping projection in appropriate environment(for 1080P video-allowing you to watch your favorite movies or the World Cup Games in Full HD).Whether youre in search of the best pocket projectors for presentation or small business,or playing game,this pocket projector must be your best choice.

The Android Mini Projector is easy to set up, easy to use, and has a great display, but there are a few quirks that concern us. One is that the projector's keystone correction feature doesn't function well: for example, if you set the right edge of the display at 45 degrees, the image ends up off-center. Another issue is the projector's brightness: while it's bright enough to watch a video or presentation, it's no brighter than our best pick. There's also no sound output, so you'll need a speaker, headphones, or receiver if you want to play a video or stream audio. The Android Mini Projector's sound quality is decent, but we could definitely hear a difference when listening with headphones. Finally, the projector doesn't have a USB or SD card reader, and it's missing Bluetooth, so you'll need to connect it via AV cables. These issues aren't dealbreakers, but they could limit its appeal.

Projector Tripod Stand, Facilife Laptop Floor Stand, Projector Stand Adjustable Tall from 17.6 to 51.4 Inches, Laptop Tripod Stand for Projector, Laptop, DJ, Tablet (Black)

Facilife Projector Tripod Stand

by Facilife

[ADJUSTABLE] The tripod for projector can easily set the height between 17.6 inches and 51.4 inches and it comes with a small gooseneck phone holder, you can adjust the angle of the plate,tripod projector stand give you a comfortable experience.

The Facilife laptop stand offers a sturdy, stable, and portable base for your projector. It folds up easily and is lightweight, so it's easy to carry from room to room. The tripod is adjustable, so it can fit a variety of projectors. The tripod has non-slip rubber feet and a foldable design, so it's easy to move and stow away. The rubber feet of the tripod also keep the projector stand from slipping on wood floors. The stand can also be used for laptops, so it's versatile. The tripod is heavy, so it is best for large projectors, and it should also be sturdy enough for heavier cameras. We also like the rubber pads on the base of the tripod, which keep the tripod from slipping on smooth surfaces. The Facilife laptop stand has a downside, though: It may not fit some smaller projectors.


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