Top 10 Dog Bark Controls
for February 2024

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Dog bark controls are designed to reduce barking in dogs, which can be a nuisance for neighbors and other people. Dog bark controls are used primarily to train dogs to stop barking when told to, and they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Our dog bark control tests evaluate how easy it is to set up, use and maintain, as well as the type of dog it works best for. We evaluate how loud it is, how much noise it makes, and how easy it is to use. We also look at how easy it is to set up, use and maintain, as well as the type of dog it works best for.

Our top pick is the PetSafebark Control, which tackles barking in dogs of all sizes and breeds. It's easy to set up and use, and it uses ultrasonic technology, which won't scare your dog. It's also completely silent, so it won't scare people or trigger the bark of your neighbor's dog.

Anti Barking Device, 2-In-1 Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Devices and Dog Training Tools, Outdoor Waterproof Bark Box with 3 Levels and 50 Ft Range, Dog Barking Deterrent Safe for Human & Dogs

GZXHMY Anti Barking Device


Effective & PowerfulThe New Bark Controller come with a well-designed cute shape. The range of ultrasonic penetration is 50ft, covering the area indoor and outdoor. Designed for easy hanging/mounting on a tree, wall or fence post to stop any dogs barking (within range).Compared with the traditional dog training device, it completely frees your hands. (If placed indoors, should the sensitivity be adjusted to 1)

The Anti Barking Device is a sturdy, reliable device. The infrared remote is well-designed, and the buttons are easy to press. The remote signal range is excellent, and the signal sent and received is clear and reliable. The ultrasonic signal emitted by the anti bark device is effective and silent, and is well-suited for dogs of all breeds. But dogs that are particularly sensitive or aggressive to the ultrasonic sound may not respond right away. The ultrasonic frequency is out of range of human hearing, so humans will not hear or feel anything from the anti bark device. But dogs are sensitive to these frequencies and will perceive the ultrasonic sound as aggressive or threatening. The anti bark device uses four adjustable ultrasonic volume levels, and we tested each setting individually and in combination. The low setting was the most effective, and setting all three ultrasonic levels simultaneously was the most effective, though it wasn't immediately effective. The anti bark device also functions as a dog training tool. The anti bark device can be used to teach your dog to respond to the ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic sound emitted by the anti bark device is in the opposite frequency range of human hearing, so dogs will hear and respond to the sound. The anti bark device is durable enough to withstand any weather conditions. The anti bark device has IP65 waterproof rating, so it can withstand rain and snow. The anti bark device also works well indoors.

DOG CARE Dog Barking Control Devices Dual Sensor 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti Barking Device, Rechargeable Dog Barking Deterrent Devices Outdoor LED Flashlight 19.7ft Range Portable Indoor

DOG CARE Dog Barking Control Devices Dual Sensor Ultrasonic 2-in-1 Dog Training and Anti Barking Device

by DOG CARE Shenzhen DogCare Innovation & Technology Co., Ltd

Powerful dual ultrasonic speakers: Dog training and bark control device UT01 uses two speakers that reach up to 25 ft to deter unfriendly dogs. And its portable design makes the pet gentle anti barking device suitable to be used indoor or outdoor. You can use the ultrasonicdogbark deterrent to train your dog or carry it around to drive away. High-frequency flashlights combined with ultrasound to increase the deterrence, especially at night or low-light environment

If you're not looking to spend a fortune on an expensive ultrasonic device like a Bark Stopper, the DOG CARE dog bark control devices is a great option. Although it's on the larger side, it's small and lightweight enough to carry with you when you're out and about. The DOG CARE device also has a longer range than some other ultrasonic devices we tested, and we liked that it uses two ultrasonic frequencies to prevent dogs from habituating to the sound. The ultrasonic waves are emitted from a special transducer that's housed in a plastic housing, so it's more durable than some other ultrasonic devices. The DOG CARE device also emits a lower intensity ultrasonic wave for training than some other ultrasonic devices we tested, which makes it easier to know when your dog is listening to you. The DOG CARE device also emits a flashing light when it senses other dogs approaching, so that's another useful feature. The DOG CARE device's dual-frequency ultrasonic wave and flashlight noise alerts helped prevent our dogs from barking at other dogs, but we didn't notice any noticeable improvement in our dogs' overall behavior. The DOG CARE device is also a little more expensive than some ultrasonic devices we tested, so if you don't have the budget for one of the more expensive ultrasonic devices, the DOG CARE device is a good option.

MODUS Bark Control Device - Anti Barking Device, 2-in-1 Dog Training Tool, 16.4 Ft Large Control Range, Safe to Use, Dog Silencer Dogs, Ultrasonic Pet Corrector Dog Whistle

MODUS Bark Control Device


16.4ft Control Range, Indoor and Outdoor - This ultrasonic bark deterrent has 16.4ft effective control range, which is longer than the normal range 6ft. And its portable design makes it suitable to be used indoor or outdoor.

The MODUS bark control device is a simple but effective dog bark deterrent. The ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ is loud and has a sharp sound, which makes it easy to find the dog's attention. The anti-bark device can successfully stop unwanted barking behavior, such as barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc. The device emits ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ, ensures the sound can grab the dog's attention but will not hurt the hearing of humans and dog. The barking control device can be applied to all-breed dogs and all size dogs. No Skills Required, Simply Press The Button - MODUS dog training device fits perfectly in your hand. It comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap and includes 4 replaceable AAA batteries. No skills required, simply press and hold the button, the bark deterrent will emit an ultrasonic sound to attract the dogs attention. The LED light on top of the button can indicate working status and low power mode. The anti-bark device is easy to use, no skills required, just press and hold the button. The bark deterrent emits an ultrasonic sound at different strength levels, from low level to high, depending on the needs of the user. The bark control training device has 4 adjustable ultrasonic sound levels, from low to high, you can select the suitable level. The bark control device comes with a wrist strap, which can attach the device on your wrist. The wrist strap can be adjusted to a comfortable length. The bark control button is waterproof, water resistant and easy to clean. The barking control training device has 4 replaceable AAA batteries. The anti-bark device can emit an ultrasonic sound up to 16.4ft away, ensuring a comfortable distance for dogs and people. The barking control training device works perfectly on all types of dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Golden, Poodle, Spaniel, Doberman, and Chihuahua.

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control - No Barking Deterrent for All Dog Sizes - Up to 1/4 Acre (50 ft) Coverage - Automatic Activation - Weatherproof - Great for Backyards - Bird House Design

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

by Radio Systems Corporation

DISCRETE DESIGN: Hang the cleverly designed birdhouse in various places around your yard or property line; keep the unit within 5 feet from the ground

The PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control comes with everything you need to set it up quickly and easily. The one downside is that it doesn't come with batteries, so you need to buy those separately. However, the included manual explains everything clearly. The unit is weatherproof, so you can use it in any season, and it's completely silent, so it won't annoy your neighbors or anyone else. The tone is annoying enough that it keeps most dogs from barking, and it's powerful enough that it's effective on dogs of all sizes. Our biggest complaint with the previous model was that the tone was too loud, so this one's perfect. Also, it's battery-powered, so you don't need to run an extension cord, which is a great option if you worry about running wires outside. And since we programmed the unit to ignore our cats, all we hear is the occasional bark from our neighbors dogs. The bark control comes with four extra receivers you can cover a 1/4-acre area, but if you need to cover larger areas, you can buy additional units. The receiver is small enough that it can be placed in birdhouses, and it's durable enough to survive outdoors.

QueenMew Anti Barking Device, 3 Adjustable Sensitivity and Frequency Levels Sonic Bark Contral Device, 33 Ft Range Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent, Rechargeable Dog Bark Control Indoors and Outdoors

QueenMew Anti Barking Device

by Queenmew

Using in outdoor and indoor The humane bark devices with IP4 Rainproof function and the portable hook is suitable for use outdoors, easy to hang on trees, walls, or fence posts. But if it rains heavily, it's best to take it back, which helps protect the equipment and extends its life. 3.3x1.3x4.3inch small Ultrasonic dog training device can save space or be set on a desk, wall, and shelf higher than 1.5m indoors, which can make it more effective to avoid barking, digging, fighting, etc.

The Paw Patrol Ultrasonic Bark Control Device is an easy-to-use device that stops barking by emitting ultrasonic vibrations that dogs can hear but humans can't. It's effective on nearly all dogs, and you can use it to train smaller dogs not to bark, too. The Paw Patrol device emits sound at three different frequencies, and you can adjust the frequency based on the size of your dog. The included training booklet shows you how to use the Paw Patrol Bark Control Device, and it's simple to set and use. The Paw Patrol Bark Control Device is inexpensive and works well; the included training booklet is a nice touch, and you can use the device to train smaller dogs as well. We recommend the Paw Patrol Bark Control Device for people and dogs who are tired of barking dogs and noisy neighbors.

Nzonpet Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent Devices, Rechargeable 3 Frequency Bark Control Device Effective Control Range of 16.4 Ft with LED Flashlight and Wrist Strap(Black)

Nzonpet Anti Barking Device

by Nzonpet

Ergonomic design and easy carry for indoor and outdoor use: The anti-bark control device is built with ergonomic design that fits nicely in your hand, which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use! Dog training and bark control devices use unique speakers that reach up to 16.4 ft, making it more convenient to train them to behave well in public and protect them from eating unsafe food. You can also carry the anti-barking control device around to drive dogs away.

The NZONPET anti-barking device is a relatively quiet ultrasonic device, but it's very effective. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and it's loud enough to emit ultrasonic sounds that dogs can hear, but not so loud as to be annoying. It's comfortable to wear, and it's waterproof, so you can even use it outside. This ultrasonic device is effective, but training is required to use effectively. This ultrasonic device has 3 different frequency sound waves: stable frequency, undulating frequency, and irregular frequency sound waves. The irregular frequency sound waves are the most effective, and using an irregular frequency sound wave for 5 minutes will make a dog feel discomfort and afraid. If your dog doesn't feel comfortable with the sound, it will stop the unwanted behavior. Once you click 5 times, the ultrasonic sound emitted will change to the steady frequency sound waves. The ultrasonic sound emitted on the regular frequency sound waves will prevent your dog from barking. The undulating frequency sound wave is for gently training your dog. Click 5 times and the sound wave will change to the undulating frequency sound waves. Click 5 times again, and the ultrasonic sound will change to the regular frequency sound waves.

Anti Barking Device, Nzonpet Ultrasonic 3 in 1 Dog Barking Deterrent Devices, 3 Frequency Dog Training and Bark Control Device 16.4Ft Range Bright Yellow Rechargeable with LED Light and Cartoon Prints

nzonpet Anti Barking Device

by nzonpet

Unique Design: With its lightweight design and smooth appearance, the NZONPET Anti-Barking Dog Device is easy to carry during outdoor activities. It also looks fashionable with a yellow color matched with three uncomplicated buttons integrated into cartoon images of dogs on them for novel fun appearances. This dog training device can be used by anyone who wants an anti-barking system without complication when using this product!

The Nzonpet Ultrasonic 3 in 1 Dog Barking Deterrent Devices is a nifty little device that uses ultrasonic technology to stop dogs from barking, digging, scratching, and biting. It's easy to use - simply point and click. We found the ultrasonic waves to be very effective at keeping dogs from barking, and we loved that the device has three ultrasonic frequencies so dogs don't get used to one frequency. The flashlight mode is also fun to use. It's also rechargeable and has a long battery life, so it's great for camping trips and traveling. The lights looked really pretty at night, and the buttons were easy to press; however, the buttons are a bit small and can be challenging to press with gloves on, and you need two hands to operate it. A cool feature is the LCD display that shows you what frequency is emitting, and how long it has been in use. The batteries also last a long time, so you won't have to constantly buy new batteries. The Anti Barking Device, Nzonpet Ultrasonic 3 in 1 Dog Barking Deterrent Devices is a solid option for dogs that like to bark a lot.

Kaiertcat Anti Barking Device, Bark Control Device, Dog Barking Deterrent with Adjustable Level Sonic Bark Up Dog Training Tools to 50 Ft Range Safe for Dogs

Kaiertcat Anti Barking Device

by Kaiertcat

Waterproof & Super Cute Mini DesignIPX7 waterproof dog barking device, anti-smashing, durable, weatherproof, sturdy, safe for indoor and outdoor use in any weather conditions. Which is light and easy to install, easy to place or hung anywhere.

The Kaiertcat Anti Barking Device is a stylish, easy-to-use device that can teach your dog to stop barking. The collar is adjustable, and the volume control works well, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes. The collar's sensitivity is adjustable as well, so dogs that aren't bothered by the ultrasonic sound can take it from low to high without getting too upset. The collar is rechargeable, and it includes a USB charging cable. The collar has a test mode, so you can try other settings before you activate the collar. The collar only emits a low, medium, or high volume, so it's suitable for dogs of any size. The collar is waterproof as well, so it's suitable for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. The Kaiertcat Anti Barking Device is a good option if you want to stop your dog from barking, but isn't suitable for deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

Dog Care Anti Barking Device Rechargeable Barking Control Devices and Ultrasonic Dog Training, 30FT Control Range Dog Training Tools for Behavior Aids, 6 Months Standby LED Indicator Outdoor Indoor

Dog Care Anti Barking Device Rechargeable Control Barking Devices and Ultrasonic Dog Training

by DOG CARE Shenzhen DogCare Innovation & Technology Co., Ltd

Easy to use, easy for dogs to learn: dog barking deterrent device is designed for people without dog training skills. One-button simple structure ensures its ease of operation. With user-friendly vibrating feedback, feel the slightly vibrate when its functioning instead curious whether that working. Press the barking control device button to emit high-pitched sounds to stop dog's barking or Misconduct. Pooch will learn easily that naughty brings on the noise and correction makes noise go away

The Dog Care Ultrasonic Bark Control Device is easy to set up and use. The collar comes with two different sets of collar strap sizes, so you can choose the most comfortable fit for your dog. The collar is powered by two AA batteries, which are replaceable. The collar also has a built-in LED indicator, which flashes red when the collar is in use. The collar has a 30-foot control range, and it's loud enough to grab your dog's attention. The collar is waterproof (it should be protected against water splashes, but it's fine for dogs that get wet), and the buttons on the collar are sturdy and easy-to-use. The collar also has two buttons: "On" and "Off," which make it easy to train your dog. The collar emits a high pitched tone that is intended to draw your dog's attention, and your dog likely won't notice the high-pitched tone unless your dog is listening for it. The collar also has six levels of built in stimulation, so you can adjust the level of stimulation to best suit your dog's needs. The collar is loud enough to drown out most dogs' barking, so your dog won't associate the high-pitched tone with punishment. The collar also has two vibration modes, which add to the ultrasonic sound, and vibrate at varying levels. The vibration modes can help distract your dog from the high-pitched tone, and may help your dog stop barking more quickly. The vibration modes are powerful enough to distract your dog, but they won't be overwhelming for your dog. The vibration modes are also not as deep as the ultrasonic tone, so your dog is unlikely to associate the vibration with punishment. The vibration modes also aren't strong enough to be painful for your dog.

MODUS Dog Barking Control Devices 3 Modes Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti-Barking Device Rechargeable Dog Barking Deterrent Devices LED Indicator 16.4 ft Range Portable Safe Indoor Outdoor

MODUS Dog Barking Control Devices 3 Modes Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti-Barking Device Dog Rechargeable Barking Deterrent Devices LED Indicator 16.4 ft Range Portable Safe Indoor Outdoor

by Bonso Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

3 Adjustable Modes-Upgraded Technology: Compared to the first generation, the upgraded version of MODUS anti barking device has three modes, including 2 adjustable ultrasonic modes which can effectively prevent dogs from adapting to specific ultrasonic frequency, and a beep mode which is designed as a dog clicker and a dog whistle. We recommend using beep mode before ultrasonic mode emission that establishes a conditioned reflex to the beep sound, resulting in better training effect.

The MODUS stop-dog-barking device is a lightweight, portable, and effective dog training aid. It's one of the few ultrasonic dog collars we reviewed that also works with other pets (like cats and rabbits). The MODUS comes with a 16.4-foot range, which is longer than both the PetSafe (


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