Top 10 Best Door Chimes
for December 2023

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Door chimes are great at making your home look well lived-in and welcoming. However, not all chimes are created equally. In fact, there are a plethora of door chimes out there, all claiming to be the best. But how do you know which one to choose? Well, after hours of testing, I have compiled a list of the 10 best door chimes. I tested each one to see how well it performed, and I was amazed by how well they all performed.

I took into consideration the materials used to make the chimes, as well as the size of the chime. I also looked at its sound, where it was installed, and how loud the chime was. After carefully analyzing each chime, I've come to the conclusion that these 10 door chimes are the best you can buy.

If you're on the lookout for a new door chime, then you have come to the right place. With so much choice out there, it can be difficult to know which chime is the best. But don't worry, I've done all the research for you and compiled the top 10 best door chimes for you. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and find the perfect chime for your home today!

Door Chime BISTEE Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor Door Open Bell 600 FT Range with 58 Chimes 5 Volume Levels LED Indicator for Business/Home/Office/Stores (2 Plug-in Receiver & 3 Door Sensor)

Door Chime BISTEE Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor Door Open Bell 600 FT Range with Chimes 58 5 Volume Levels LED Indicator for Business/Home/Office/Stores (2 Plug-in Receiver & 3 Door Sensor)

by Bistee

EASY TO INSTALL: Plug the wireless doorbell into socket, tear off the tape behind door sensor chime then paste on the door. The wireless door chime has been matched before shipment. If you need to replace music or add a transmitter, please re-match (Hold Receiver's music button over 3 seconds to 5 seconds, it will trigger clean pairing function).

The Door Chime BISTEE Wireless Door Alarm is an affordable option for anyone looking to add an extra level of security to their home or business. The included 2 plug-in receivers can be placed at strategic locations throughout the home, and 3 door sensors can be placed at entry points (doors, windows, etc.). The sensors can detect up to 150 feet, so when a visitor enters the home, the receiver will alert you. The doorbell chime is loud enough to be heard throughout the home, and the included 5 volume levels help to accommodate different volumes and situations (e.g., listening and talking with other family members). The Door Chime BISTEE includes 58 different chimes, so you can personalize your doorbell chime (i.e., use a favorite song or your favorite sports team's theme song). The Door Chime BISTEE includes 3 door sensors, but multiple sensors can be used, and sensors can be placed on more than one door. The Door Chime BISTEE is easy to install, and it comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Newhouse Hardware CHM3D Door Chime, White

Newhouse Hardware CHM3D Door Chime

by Newhouse Hardware

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to hear the sounds of the chime, please see the video that is with the images on the left hand side of this item page.

The Newhouse Hardware CHM3D Door Chime is an affordable option that packs a serious punch. It has a high-quality sound for such a small device, and it's exceptionally durable. The two-note Ding Dong sound is loud enough to wake even the deepest sleepers, but it can easily be adjusted by depending on your needs. The Ding Dong also has a second, separate button that can play the traditional Ding Dong sound, but it's louder. The volume knob is also large enough that it's easy to find without looking, so all you have to do is twist it to the right. The instructions included are easy to follow, and the device installs easily. The CHM3D is also easy to install, and it fits easily into a standard doorbell hole. The metal cover is sturdy, and the base is small enough that it can easily be hidden. The only downside to the CHM3D is that, like most doorbells, it won't work if your door isn't close to your outdoor outlet.

Door Chime,Wireless Door Sensor Sanjie Door Entry Chime with 55 Chimes 5 Adjustable Volume Mute Mode for Business/Home/Store,Door Open Alert with 1000ft Range LED Indicators 2 Receivers +2 Sensors

SanJie Door Chime

by Sanjie

EASY INSTALLATION: For this wireless entry alert chime, please install AFTER pairing, just plug the receiver into outlet, tear the double-side adhesive tape stick door sensors to any doors or windows.The door chimes when door opens for home is small and light so can be installed in most flat places indoors.

The Door Chime is easy to install and use. The receiver is easy to access. The chime itself has 55 ringtones. You can choose to play one or all of them. The volume can be set at 0 to 110dB. The chime is loud enough to be heard over most background noise. The only downside of the chime is that it has no mute button. However, the chime does shut off automatically after 30 seconds. The range on the receiver is 1000ft. The range on the sensor is 500ft. The sensor is easy to install. The sensor can be mounted on a door, window, or wall. The sensor has 2 LED indicators. You can program the sensor to play a ringtone if the door or window is opened. The chime and receiver are battery operated. The batteries can last at least 3 months. The chime comes with 2 receivers, and 2 sensors. You can choose to purchase additional sensors. The chime is easy to set up and program. The chime is also loud enough to be heard over most background noise.

Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime, White Textured

Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime

by Broan-NuTone

IDEAL SIZE: Wired door chime measures 2.38" x 8.13" x 5.5", perfect for your home

The Broan-NuTone LA11WH is an elegant, simple doorbell that's easy to install and complements the decor of any home. The bell is 8-1/8 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches tall by 2 inches deep, and the white receiver has a two-note chime for your front door and a one-note chime for your back or second door. It's easy to install, and the white finish of the receiver blends in well with any decor. The chime wires to a 16V transformer, so you won't have to worry about batteries dying. The receiver features an optional battery backup for uninterrupted service, and a white textured finish. The Broan-NuTone LA11WH is one of our top picks, and it's one of the best doorbells you'll find for under $50.

Door Chime, Wireless Door Sensor with Plug-in Receiver Operating at 500ft Range 58 Chimes 5 Adjustable Volume Mute Mode LED Indicator for Business/Home/Store/Office Door Open Alert

KERUI Door Chime


Easy Installation and Setup Paired before Factory

The Door Chime from eTrex is an affordable, quality door chime receiver. At $24.99, it's a bargain, and it's more reliable than some of the more expensive models we tested. The Door Chime is easy to set up, and the receiver functions as it should, playing chimes at the correct volume, alerting you to a door opening, and silencing when the door closes. The Door Chime works well in doorways up to 5 feet wide, and the receiver's built-in LED indicator serves as a night light, which is a useful feature if you have pets or small children. The Door Chime is compact and portable, and the battery life is quite good, lasting 1.5 years with alkaline batteries. The Door Chime is also easy to install, requiring only a screwdriver. Overall, the Door Chime is a reliable, affordable door chime receiver that delivers over 500 feet of range, has 58 different chimes and 5 volume levels, and has a built-in LED night light.

Newhouse Hardware CHIMEBASE2 Door Bell Chime Mechanism Assembly, Fits Most Nutone Models, 6.75” L x 4.75” W x 1.75” H, Black

Newhouse Hardware CHIMEBASE2 Door Chime Bell Mechanism Assembly

by Newhouse Hardware

INCLUDES: Door Chime (base only) and mounting screws.

The chime base is compatible with most of the doorbell systems on the market, and the Jamestown (with 10V transformer) works great. The Jamestown's sound is much better than our old chime, and most people won't even notice the difference. The Jamestown is easy to install (just screw it onto your existing doorbell), and it's much louder, too. The Jamestown's two-note sound also works well for backyard or side doors, and it even works for doorbells with a ball-and-socket mount. The sound isn't as crisp as our old doorbell's sound, but the quality is better than any other doorbell we tested. The Jamestown was easy to install, and it's much louder than our previous doorbell.

Door Alarm with Chime Adjustable Volume Sanjie Wireless Door Chime When Door Opens for Home/Business With 1000 ft Long Range 55 Melodies, 5 AlarmsSensor+2 Plug-in Receiver,White

Door Alarm with Chime Adjustable Volume Sanjie Wireless Door Chime When Opens Door for Home/Business With 1000 ft Long Range 55 Melodies

by SanJie

55 MELODIES & 5 VOLUME: Door alarm with chime features 55 chimes and 5 level adjustable volume(0 mute dB to 110 dB loud sound ) to to adjust, perfect for your daily use(INDOOR use only). LED indicators are suitable for the elderly who hearing impaired. Memory function: Keep the previous setted tune after re-plugging it

The Sanjie Door Chime with Chime and 5 Alarms is an affordable, easy-to-use door chime that installs and operates quickly and easily. The matte finish makes it easy to wipe off fingerprints and smudges, and the sound is loud enough to heard from 15 feet away. The 1000-foot range means you'll hear the alarm even if your door is on the other side of the house, and the 5 alarms give you plenty of options. The Sanjie Door Chime with Chime and 5 Alarms is a good, affordable door chime that gives you the maximum value for your money.

Door Chime, Door Sensor Chime for Door Opens – Door Ringer with 500ft Operating Range 52 Chime Adjustable Volume Mute Mode LED Indicators –Entry Alert Chime for Business/Home/Office

SECRUI Door Chime

by secrui

Pick Your Chimes: The door open chimes comes with 52 different chimes, including a special Christmas edition! To make it a more comfortable experience, our entry alert chime features 5 levels of volume that you can adjust anywhere from 0-110 dB so you can create a comfy environment for your family. The wireless door chimes also features LED indicators that work together with the sound so you can notice it quickly.

The door sensor chimes from SECRUI are easy to set up and use. With a 500ft operating range, these door chimes when the door opens for home are a practical solution for monitoring any door entry, whether its your toddler looking for his parents or a dangerous burglar. The magnetic strip can also be used with additional SECRUI door sensors or doorbells for more safety and security. The LED lights on the SECRUI doorbells when the door opens for business are bright and can be seen clearly at night or in dimly lit environments. The volume is adjustable from 0 to 53 and sound is crisp and clear. While the magnetic strip Mounting System is sturdy enough, we found the double-sided adhesive tape to be a little frustrating. The tape is difficult to peel off, and when it finally does, it leaves a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. The magnetic strip easily falls off if you use it to install on glass, so this is not an ideal solution for windows.

Wireless Door Open Chime, Doorbell Sensor Chime- 600 Feet Range, 5 Volume Levels(Including Mute), 58 Melodies Chimes, LED Indicator for Home, Office, Shops, Classroom

Bistee Wireless Door Open Chime

by Bistee

EXPANSION SYSTEM: Each door sensor or receiver can be expandable,you can use them with additional BISTEE door sensors or doorbells. Provide you with a door entry chime/alert system

The Wireless Door Open Chime is an easy-to-use, affordable doorbell sensor that works well on most doors and is one of our favorite doorbell sensors. It's easy to set up, and the receiver is small enough to hide in a drawer until you need the doorbell. Besides being easy to set up, the Door Open Chime is also easy on the ears. It has 58 different chimes, ranging from soft, gentle chimes to loud, attention-getting chimes. The receiver also has 5 volume levels, so you can adjust the sound as needed. The receiver is also large enough to be seen from across the room, so you won't miss a visitor. The sensor's range is 150m (about 50 yards), so 8 or 9 doors will fit within the range. The doorbell sensor will ring as long as the receiver is within the range of the sensor, so guests won't need to press a button to ring the doorbell. The doorbell sensor also has an LED indicator for low battery, so you'll know when it's time to charge the battery. The doorbell sensor is loud, but it won't deafen you. It's also small enough to be inconspicuous, and the receiver is easily hidden away in a drawer or cabinet.

Door Chime,Wireless 600Ft Range 5 Adjustable Volume 1 Magnetic Door open Contact Sensor with 62 Chimes Mute Mode Door Bell Plugin Receiver for Home/Office/Store White (Receiver+Sensor)

STECHRO Door Chime


[0.4in Sensor Installation Distance & Easy to Install] The door bell chime will alarm immediately when the chime sensor is separated over 0.4 inch, so the door sensor should be installed within 0.4 inch. Easy to install at your front door, back door, or windows, the door chime kits have already been paired well in factory. Just plug the receiver in an outlet, remove the sensor insulator, you can either use the double-sided adhesive tapes to stick or use the screws mount on to the door or window.

The Doorbell Chime Receiver from 170Rd is an excellent, inexpensive wireless doorbell system. The receiver and sensors are easy to set up, and the range is 600 feet. The receiver sends a strong, clear signal, and the sensors are loud enough that you can hear them from far away. The receiver has 5 volume levels, and the sensors have 5 different ringtones, all of which loud enough to hear from a distance. The installation is simple. First, you clip one of the sensors to your front door. The receiver and sensors are powered by 3 x AA batteries. The receiver has 4 buttons: power, volume up, volume down, and mute. The receiver also has a removable ring, so you can change the ring tone to whatever you like. The receiver can also be used with door sensors that do not have chimes. The receiver is compact and fits nicely on your desk or shelf. The receiver has 2 USB ports for charging your phone or other devices. The receiver does not have an on/off button, so you must unplug it when you want to turn it off. The receiver has a LED light that flashes when the door bell ring alarm is going off. The receiver does not have a decibel button, so you cannot adjust the volume level. The receiver does not have any extras, such as a remote control or magnifying glass.


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