Top 10 Best Double Dutch Jump Ropes
for February 2024

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Double Dutch jump ropes are a classic workout staple that have been around for more than a century. They're perfect for interval training, which relies on short bursts of intense activity followed by short breaks. Double Dutch jump ropes also work your cardiovascular system, helping you improve your stamina and endurance.

Double Dutch jump ropes are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and nylon. Our testers evaluated each rope for durability, weight, and thickness, as well as ease of assembly, length, and style. We also evaluated each rope's ability to remain cool during use, as well as ease of storage.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews lab has tested countless jump ropes over the years, evaluating them for weight, length, ease of assembly, ease of use, and style. Here are the best double dutch jump ropes of 2022:

Hipeakboo Double Dutch Jump Rope 16 Ft 2 Pack Long Jump Rope Kids Adults Skipping Rope Soft Beaded Multiperson Jump Rope

Hipeakboo Double Dutch Jump Rope 16 Ft 2 Pack Long Rope Jump Kids Adults Skipping Rope Soft Beaded Multiperson Jump Rope

by Hipeakboo

AFFORDABLE FRICE:Come with 2 pack 16 ft long jump rope,top quality with highly cost-effective.

Our pick for best double dutch jump rope is the Hipeakboo Jump Rope, which is perfect for group activities or family activities. The 16-foot length allows for 4-5 people to jump rope simultaneously, and the rope is long enough to fit several jumpers comfortably. The soft, durable rope is easy for kids to grip, has a tangle-free design, and is brightly colored, so it's fun to jump with. The jump rope's dual design, with a jump rope for adults and children, is also convenient. The jump rope's 5-meter handle length makes it easy to jump while holding onto the rope, and the rope's adjustable length helps make it suitable for both kids and adults. The jump rope comes with 10 extra beads in the package, so you can adjust the length of the jump rope within minutes.

16 FT Long Jump Rope for Kids, 1 Pack Double Dutch Skipping Rope with Wooden Handle, Multiplayer Rainbow Jumping Rope for Outdoor Fun, School Sport, Party Game

ACEONE 16 FT Long Rope Jump for Kids

[Anti-slip Cute Wooden Handles] Offer extra comfort while also preventing palm sweat, handle size is reasonable, be in line with human ergonomic design, Exercise jump rope is really easy for you to hold and keep.

This jump rope is fun to use, and it's sturdy enough that kids are more likely to use it safely than they might with a shorter rope. The rope is 16 feet long, which makes it more suitable for serious jumping than shorter ropes. The rainbow-colored rope is bright, so it stands out from most competitors, and it's made of a heavier cotton webbing than most of the ropes we tested. The rope has a wooden handle, which is soft and easy for kids to hold, and it arrived unscratched and in working order. The rope's length is ideal for jumping, and it's long enough for kids to exercise in pairs without getting tangled. The rope's weight makes it easy to throw, and it's held up well when it comes to catching. The jumping rope has a hole for a rope handle and an extra hole for a rope handle with a carabiner, so it's compatible with most jump rope handles. The jumping rope is easy to set up, and it folds up neatly. The rope's length makes it easy to carry around, and it's long enough that kids can use it outside. The rope is available on Amazon for $14.99 with free shipping.

Just Jump It 16' Foot Single Jump Rope - Active Outdoor Youth Fitness - Double Dutch Length - Raspberry Confetti

Just Jump It 16' Foot Single Jump Rope - Active Outdoor Youth Fitness - Double Dutch Length - Raspberry Confetti

by Just Jump It

MADE WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Our toys and sporting goods are modernized versions of popular, best selling classics, with improved safety and play functionality. Older kids and adults enjoy them too.

The Just Jump It 16' Foot Single Jump Rope is a great product for kids, who love being active, but aren't able or willing to participate in team sports. It's a solid choice for kids from about age 5 to about 12, or kids who are just starting to get into jumping rope. The rope is 16' long, so it's long enough that kids can jump without getting hung up on the rope, but short enough that kids (and adults) can get a good workout. The rope is 16' long, and it's made with durable, thick plastic - it's comfortable to sit on even when skipping, and the rope doesn't cut into your hands when you skip. The handles are 4' apart, which is ideal for kids who aren't yet good at jumping, but it's a little short for older kids (and adults) who aren't yet good jumpers. The handles are spaced farther apart on longer ropes, which can make skipping with a longer rope more challenging, but from about age 7 to about 12, most kids are able to jump the rope without too much trouble. The rope is brightly colored, with red and blue handles, and green rope. It's perfect for kids' birthday parties and for recess, and the rope is long enough that kids won't get tangled in the ropes. The rope is also good for kids who are just learning how to jump, since kids of all ages get better at jumping rope as they get older. The Just Jump It 16' Foot Single Jump Rope is an affordable alternative to team sports, and it's a fun way for kids to stay physically active.

Beprezco Long Jump Rope,Double Dutch Jump Rope 16 Ft 2 Pack,Jump Rope for Kids Adults,Beaded Segmented Skipping Rope (Blue)

Beprezco Long Jump Rope

Durable&LIGHTWEIGHT:Come with 2 pack 16 Ft double dutch jump rope,so cost effective!Soft TPU beads and durable nylon rope,lightweight to use.

The Beprezco Double Dutch Jump Rope is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Its simple design and bright colors make it simple for kids to learn how to use and, once the jump rope is adjusted, the jumping distance is adjustable, too. The beads are easy to grip, and the jump rope is long enough for even five jumpers. The jump rope comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, customers can return it for a replacement, no questions asked. The jump rope is made of plastic, which may not be durable enough for older kids. Also, while the jump rope is bright, the jump rope's durability will depend in part on how well the jump rope is treated.

Coolrunner 16 FT Long Jump Rope(2 PACK), Double Dutch Jump Rope, Soft Beaded Skipping Rope for Kids Adults, Plastic Segmented Jump Rope, Long Enough for 4-5 Jumpers(Rainbow) (Style 1) (Green) (Green)

Coolrunner 16 FT Long Jump Rope(2 PACK)

by Coolrunner

Ergonomic Design - Groove design on handle provides comfortable and secure no-slip grip for all hand sizes.Great for indoor and outdoor, practical, portable exercise for all ages includes children, teenagers, adults and elders.

For jumping rope, the Coolrunner 16 Ft Long Jump Rope (2 PACK) is hard to beat. The rope is long enough to fit multiple jumpers, and the beads are soft and easy on the hands. The rope is long enough that you can jump comfortably with your feet together, so you don't have to turn the rope. It felt comfortable while we were jumping, and it didn't slip at all when we turned the rope. The rope is 16 feet long, and it's made of 1 inch(2.5cm) plastic segmented beads over a solid, long-lasting braided nylon cord. The rope felt comfortable while jumping, and the beads were soft, so we didn't experience any bead abrasion. The rope is adjustable, and you can add or remove beads to shorten the rope to any length. The rope also comes with a carrying pouch. The rope is more expensive than some other options we tested, but it's well worth the money.

NICO SEE WONDER 16' Double Dutch Jump Rope, Long Hemp Skipping Rope with Bag (2-Pack)

NICO SEE WONDER 16' Dutch Double Jump Rope


NOTE ! -NO HANDLES but works fine, chinese jump rope with big knot at ends to grab or tie to a post, easy to adjust the length.

The NICO SEE WONDER 16' Double Dutch Jump Rope is our favorite durable jump rope for active kids. It's the best of the jump ropes we tested because, at 16 feet, it jumps higher than the rest of these jump ropes. It jumped higher because it is made of real hemp rope, not plastic. (It also lasts longer.) The ropes are long enough for 3-4 kids to jump at the same time and also long enough to fit on a swing set. The ropes are sturdy enough for adults to use, too. The ropes have a 1/2-inch tick, which is proven to be more durable and less likely to snap. The ropes are made of heavy-duty plastic, not thin, cheap plastic, and they don't break easily. The NICO SEE WONDER 16' Double Dutch Jump Rope comes with 2 jump ropes, a storage bag, and a training DVD. The ropes are tagged as suitable for 3- to 6-year-olds, but kids of all ages will enjoy this jump rope.

16 FT Double Dutch Jump Rope for Kids - Wooden Handle - Adjustable Cotton Braided Fitness Skipping Rope

Homello 16 FT Double Jump Dutch Rope for Kids

by Homello

EASY TO USE - This jump rope is designed for young jumpers. Provides healthy, active, screen-free time for all skill levels and improves their overall health. Great indoor and outdoor fun for kids of all ages. Looking for the ideal gift for birthday, Christmas or Easter? This wood jump rope is ideal gift for many occasions!

The 16 FT Double Dutch Jump Rope for Kids is our favorite jumping rope for kids, and it's easy to see why. The 16 feet of adjustable rope makes it suitable for kids of all sizes, and the wooden handles are comfortable and easy for them to hold. The rope is braided with cotton, which is durable enough to be able to handle years of use, but soft enough not to leave marks on your arm. The handles are 3.9 inches long, which is plenty long enough for kids who aren't quite adults yet. The rope also moves smoothly and doesn't make too much noise. Our only complaint is that the rope isn't long enough for kids who are over 6 feet tall. Other jumping ropes for kids we tested have longer ropes, which make them more suitable for older kids. However, if you're just looking for a rope for kids who want to get a little exercise, the 16 FT Double Dutch Jump Rope for Kids is an excellent choice.

Supertrip Double Dutch Jump Rope Soft Beaded Jump Rope Long Jump Rope 16 FT 2 Pack , Jump Ropes For Women Adult Kids Adjustable Skipping Rope Long Enough for 4-5 Jumpers

Supertrip Double Dutch Jump Rope Soft Beaded Jump Long Rope Jump Rope 16 FT 2 Pack

Lightweight & Anti Slip HandleIt is ergonomic design with a wraparound wave for an anti-slip that fits your hand well, providing a firm and comfortable grip while jumping. Good for kids and Adult to jump.

This jump rope set was ideal for kids and adults of all ages. The 16-feet jump rope was long enough for 4-5 people at once, and it was easy to adjust to any length I wanted. The soft beads were easy on the hands, and I never had trouble catching the strings or jumping. The jump rope also stayed in place well, even after a long run. The rope was both lightweight and strong, and it didn't tire my hands or knees during workouts. The set was durable, and I had never had a problem with it breaking down or wearing out. The jump rope set was also inexpensive, and the included storage bag made it easy to travel with. Overall, it was a pretty durable set, and we would recommend it to anyone.

Skipping Rope, 16ft-22.9ft-32ft Long Jump Rope with Wooden Handle for Kids and Adult, Best Team Group Double Dutch Jump Rope for School Sport and Outdoor Activity

ACEONE Skipping Rope

Easy to Carry Each comes with a carry bag. You can take it to everywhere. Aslo an interesting fun toy to give your family and team.

The Skipping Rope from Eggland's Best is an affordable choice that's ideal for group training. The rope is 16 feet in length, making it slightly longer than our top pick, and the rope and handle are made from soft cotton for a comfortable grip, which helps prevent arm and wrist strain. The rope's texture is smooth, so you won't lose any grip when you pull the rope from your hands, and it's wide enough to prevent you from dragging your feet. The handle is made from wood, and it's slightly thicker than the wooden handles on our two top picks. The handle is long enough to accommodate tall people, and it's also slightly curved, so it's more comfortable to hold. The rope is coated with latex, so it can withstand repeated use without getting dirty or tangled. The rope's color is also more vivid than our other picks, and it's also easier to see from a distance, making it a good choice when jumping rope in front of a crowd. The rope's handle is long enough that it can be attached to a pole or tree, making it a good choice for outdoor group training. The rope also has a foam insert to prevent the rope from cutting into your skin, and the rope is long enough that it can be looped around a tree or pole. The rope comes with a drawstring bag, which is great for storing the rope after you're done using it. The Skipping Rope from Eggland's Best is a good choice for a group training session or fitness routine.

Double Dutch Jump Ropes - Royalty Ropes (Hot Pink)-Set of 2 Ropes

Street Ropez Double Jump Dutch Ropes

by Street Ropez

Sturdy double dutch jump ropes


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