10 Best Drain Toilet Plungers
for June 2023

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Toilet plungers, also known as plungers, are a common household item that you probably already have on hand. They're usually made of rubber, plastic, or metal, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Toilet plungers work by pushing water through the clog, creating a suction that forces the clog up through the drain. However, plungers only work if the water is deep enough to reach the clog. If the water is not deep enough, the toilet plunger won't create enough suction.

Toilet plungers work great for small clogs, but larger clogs may require a plunger with a flange, which attaches to the toilet and expands the plunger's surface area, making it easier to push water through the clog.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test drain plungers for ease of use, including how easy it is to push water through the clog, how sturdy the plunger is, and how easy it is to remove and replace the plunger. We also evaluate how well a plunger opens up the drain.

Here are the best drain plungers to buy in 2022:

ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger, Squeegee, Clog Remover, Drain Cleaner, Bathroom Toilet Dredge Tool, Stainless Steel Handle with Caddy Holder, Оne Расk, Black

ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger

by Juka Innovations Corporation

Innovative Design: The Shroom head was designed to hit the vast majority of toilets out there. Insert at a low angle and simply push in and out a few times

The ToiletShroom Plunger is a handy tool to have around when it's time for a drain cleaning, and it's especially effective on clogs in older toilets. The plunger is well-made, and we didn't experience any problems using it. The plunger is streamlined, so there's less surface area in contact with your drain, and that's crucial when you're pushing out clogs. The plunger is also built with a cup holder, which makes it less awkward to hold than a straight plunger. The plunger's handle is made from stainless steel, so it's heavy duty and won't rust or tarnish, and it comes with the matching Caddy Holder, which serves as a stand for the plunger. The plunger doesn't come with a drain snake, and the included caddy holder is a bit small, so it's necessary to use a separate drain snake when cleaning a clogged toilet. The plunger is available for purchase on its own, but we recommend purchasing the ToiletShroom kit as well, which includes the plunger, the caddy holder, and a bottle of Draino liquid clog remover.


The Supply Guru Heavy Duty Force Cup Rubber Toilet Plunger with a Long Wooden Handle to Fix Clogged Toilets and Drains is arguably the best plunger we've tested. The 18-inch long and 5 1/2-inch wide rubber Force Cup is made to last. The plunger has a sturdy wooden handle that is comfortable to hold. The plunger is bright red, so it's easy to locate and use. The plunger cup is made of dense, hard rubber, and it cleans out clogs and drains effectively. The plunger also has a large opening in the handle, so you can easily plunge the Force Cup down the drain. The plunger is strong enough to clear stubborn clogs and drains. The plunger is heavy and feels solid in your hands. The plunger is super easy to use. The plunger cup has a curved design, so it's easy to plunge the plunger cup down the drain. The plunger cup also has a narrow opening, so it's easy to plunge the plunger cup down the drain.

DINY Home & Style High Pressure Powerful Pump Multi-Drain Plunger Bathroom Kitchen Toilet Shower Sinks (Black)

DINY Home & Style High Pressure Powerful Pump Plunger Multi-Drain Bathroom Kitchen Toilet Shower Sinks (Black)

by Dependable Industries Inc

Powerful Multi Drain Plunger - Stronger then ordinary plungers

The DNY Home & Style High Pressure Powerful Pump Multi-Drain Plunger Bathroom Kitchen Toilet Shower Sinks is our best pick because it combines many of the best features of our top picks into one powerful unit. It boasts powerful, high-pressure performance, but it also has dual interchangeable plunger heads, which can handle large and small drains, and is easy to clean. The pump is also quiet, so you can use it for late night bathroom cleaning without fear of waking your family. This pump is also capable of emptying sinks and bathtubs, but its relatively small size means it won't work if you want to drain a deep tank. The pump is powerful enough to quickly clear most blockages, but it's a little slow when you're trying to clear a large drain.

CLOG BOSS No-Splash Toilet Plunger for Toilets, Drains, Sinks, Showers - Universal Tip Creates Tight High-Pressure Seal, Toilet Cleaner Breaks Up Any Clog

CLOG BOSS No-Splash Toilet Plunger Toilets, for Drains, Sinks, Showers

by CLOG BOSS® Developments

MOST ADVANCED TOILET PLUNGER A new, modern plunger that effectively removes clogs by using a tight seal and compression. Our no-splash and no-mess plunger will make your life so much easier -- and cleaner. Our sink, drain, and toilet plunger will work on ALL toilet brands

The Clog Boss No-Splash Toilet Plunger is unlike any other plunger we've tested. Its unique design ensures that the plunger tip fits completely inside the trap, instead of outside, as with most other plungers. This, combined with the fact that the entire plunger fits inside the trap, makes it nearly impossible to splash water everywhere. The plunger is also easier to handle than older cup style plungers, and it's relatively light, so it's easy to use. The drain cleaner that it comes with is simple to use, and it does a great job breaking up any clog. It's essentially a plunger, a drain cleaner, and a toilet brush all in one. The plunger also does a fine job at cleaning the bowl, and it's much more effective than using just a toilet brush.

Stainless Steel Toilet Cannon Plunger, Toilet Plunger, Drain Plumb Plunger,Power Plunger, Air Blaster Gun Plunger High Pressure+Detachable Heads for Plugging Toilets,Kitchens,Bathrooms,Drains (blue)

Shineyard Stainless Steel Cannon Toilet Plunger

by Shineyard

The blaster pump is connected with the gun main plunger body and the air pressure is greater than that of the ordinary non-inflator, which is more convenient to use. The drain blaster uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the clogs quickly and easily,Plunger head ensures an sealing for great pressure.The air pressure is large and can be reused without having to inflate multiple times in an anxious situation.Much faster and more effective than traditional plunger and snake.

The plunger from Toilet Cannon is a high-quality plunger that does the job well, but it costs much more (and takes much longer) to fix a clogged toilet than to fix it with a standard plunger. The Toilet Cannon plunger is much bigger and heavier than a traditional plunger, and its head is bigger, too. The smaller end is curved, so it can dig into a clog much better than a standard plunger. However, since the plunger is so big and heavy, you don't want to use it on clogs that don't exist. If you try this plunger on a toilet that won't flush, it will probably just break your toilet. The Toilet Cannon plunger is best used for clogs that do exist, and it's best used for clogs that are actually in the toilet, since a Toilet Cannon plunger won't work on a clog that's pushing against the overflow pipe. The plunger comes with five interchangeable heads, and the heads are interchangeable with the standard plunger heads that you can buy at home improvement stores. The plunger is well made and feels surprisingly light for such a big tool. It's well-built and well-made, and it's made of high-quality, durable stainless steel. The plunger is easy to install, but you do need to assemble the plunger before you use it. The instruction manual is a little confusing, but if you follow the instructions, you can assemble the plunger in just a few minutes. The plunger has eight pressure settings, and you can set the pressure between 2 and 15 psi. The plunger is very powerful, and you can unclog toilets that haven't flushed for years. The toilet gun is one more tool in the arsenal of plungers, and it's a powerful one. The toilet gun is also very loud, so it's best used on toilets that aren't in use, so you can warn people not to flush. The Toilet Cannon plunger and the toilet gun are both powerful and well-made, and they are both expensive. The Toilet Cannon plunger costs about $50, and the Toilet Cannon gun costs about $100. The Toilet Cannon plunger and toilet gun are both very powerful, and they are both expensive. The Toilet Cannon plunger and toilet gun are both powerful, and they are both well-made, but if you need to fix a clogged toilet, the Toilet Cannon plunger is a better choice.

Toilet Plunger, Air Drain Blaster, Pressure Pump Cleaner, High Pressure Plunger Opener Cleaner Pump for Bath Toilets, Bathroom, Shower, Sink, Bathtub, Kitchen Clogged Pipe

Bert Toilet Plunger

by Air Drain Blaster

Environmentally Friendly --- ABS gun body, natural rubber blocked head. A natural rubber that is tough and durable for our drain blaster.

The Toilet Plunger Set from Anubeco is an inexpensive, effective, and versatile cleaning tool that's perfect for clearing clogs in sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and other pipes and drains. The drain blaster uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the toughest clogs in your drains in just seconds. Just pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger, the clog is cleared instantly. The plunger has a double-action plunger head, so there's no need to pump twice to get the job done. The plunger is sturdy and well-made, and it features a humanized handle that makes it more comfortable to use. The drain blaster's plunger head is angled at 45 degrees, allowing the toilet plunger to clear clogs in toilets and other narrow places. The drain blaster is durable, lightweight, and compact, so it's easy to store, and it also comes with a convenient carrying bag. The drain blaster is efficient, effective, and safe to use, and it's ideal for unclogging your drains, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.


The LDR 512 3410A Heavy Duty Drain Handle Double Thrust Rubber Force Cup is our best overall plunger, and it's the one we recommend for practically any home. It's powerful enough to remove most clogs, and it's durable enough to use regularly. It's easy to use, too. The plunger's handle folds out from inside the cup, creating a seal that makes it easier to clear clogs. The spring is strong enough that it easily removes clogs in toilets and sinks, and it's versatile enough to handle pretty much any drain. The plunger is small enough to store in a drawer or cabinet, and it's durable enough to handle years of regular use. The plunger is sturdy enough to use on commercial drains, too. The plunger's rubber cup is much better than previous models, which tended to leak everywhere when you used them. The plunger comes with a plastic storage bag, but for an extra $4, you can get the plunger in a cloth bag. Both bags are sturdy enough to carry up to 10 pounds, and the plunger won't leak through either.

MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo for Bathroom Cleaning, Black, 1 Set

MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Combo Brush for Bathroom Cleaning

by Ningbo Shijia Cleaning Tools Co., Ltd.

HEAVY DUTY TOILET PLUNGER: Built with commercial grade rubber suction cup which provides maximum plunging power for clearing tough clogs of toilet bowl, shower drains and sinks. Ergonomic handle features a secure and comfortable grip, makes your plunging more effectively, it's great for commercial and residential use.

The MRSIGA toilet brush and plunger combo is an affordable, compact, and easy-to-use tool for keeping toilets clean and free of deposits. It's small and light enough to carry in a purse, and it's easy to use. The brush is sturdy, and it's made of dense nylon bristles, so it offers thorough, deep cleaning, while the plunger offers a strong and effective seal. The steady holder is large and roomy, and it's equipped with two compartments, which allow you to store the brush and plunger separately. The holder is also made with BPA-free plastic, so it's safe to use. The holder and the brush also come with a 1-year warranty. We've tested this product in our bathroom, and it's worked as advertised. However, the plunger isn't very powerful, so you'll need to use more force than some manual plungers to get the toilet fully drained.

Master Plunger MP100-3 Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger Clears, Kitchen Sinks, Garbage Disposal and, Toilets Fast. Equipped with Patented Automatic Air Relief Valve, Black

Master Plunger MP100-3 Heavy Toilet Duty Plunger Clears

by G.T. Water Products, Inc.

Prevent water overflow while plunging with the Master Plungers unique patented design automatic air relief valve. Automatic valve allows trapped air in the bellows to escape automatically, preventing toilet water from overflowing onto the floor Patent # 10760252

The MP100-3 has more than twice the capacity of our second-place pick, but it's significantly bulkier and slower to use. The plunger design also has a few quirks. The handle is too long, so it's difficult to push down without putting your hand in a very uncomfortable position. Also, the nozzle has an awkward shape that doesn't let the plunger seal with the bowl very well. The plunger also takes some force to plunge, but it's more than worth the extra effort. The MP100-3 is built to last, and the large diameter (as large as 3 1/4 inches) allows the plunger to clear even the toughest clogs. The plunger is faster than our runner-up, but it's slower to clear clogs because it uses a plunger rod, which requires more force to plunge. And at 4.5 pounds, the MP100-3 is on the heavy side.

OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder

OXO Good Grips Plunger Toilet with Holder

by OXO

Flat-top handle provides a secure, comfortable grip

This small plunger is compact enough to fit in a drawer, but it's powerful enough to plunge most toilets. It's simple to use, too. You just lift the plunger and pop open the canister, drop the Plunger in, replace the canister, and you're done. The Plunger also has a drip tray that catches water, so it won't puddle on the floor. The plunger is made of plastic, which feels a bit cheap, but it's durable enough that you won't worry about it breaking. The plunger is powerful enough to clear most clogs, but it's better suited to clogs with rigid debris. For clogs with clogs, we recommend our top pick, the Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger. The OXO Plunger is lightweight and easy to carry, and it's suitable for use on toilets of all brands, including low-flush models, which aren't compatible with most plungers.


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