10 Best Drons
for December 2023

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Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are multi-rotor aircraft that are controlled remotely by pilots on the ground. Drones are fun to fly, but they can also be dangerous, which is why it's important to know how to fly them safely.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test drones for ease of use, including how easy it is to set up and operate, as well as safety. We evaluate the drones' stability, flight range, battery life, and camera quality. We also test how well each drone performs, such as whether it's able to hover, fly fast or fly high, as well as how easy each drone is to fly for beginners.

Here are the best drones to buy in 2022:

DEERC Drone with Camera 2K HD FPV Live Video 2 Batteries and Carrying Case, RC Quadcopter Helicopter for Kids and Adults, Gravity Control, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Waypoints Functions

DEERC Drone with Camera 2K HD FPV Video Live 2 Batteries and Carrying Case

Easy to clean8.9
Easy to remove8.6
Easy to use8.8
For deep cleaning9.5
Stain resistance8.6

Considerate Design: D10 drone can be folded up into a compact and portable shape, fit easily into a backpack, perfect to take it travel. Comes with 2 modular batteries that support up 24 to 30 minutes play. 4 Propeller Guards that fully protects the propellers and improves flight safety.

The DEERC Drone with Camera 2K HD FPV Live Video 2 Batteries and Carrying Case, RC Quadcopter Helicopter for Kids and Adults, Gravity Control, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Waypoints Functions is an affordable and user-friendly drone with a number of useful features. Like our pick, it also supports live FPV flying, and its live video feed is very clear and stable. However, while the Parrot Ar Drone or Syma X5C have longer flying ranges, the DEERC Drone's video feed is choppy and distorted at longer distances. Moreover, the DEERC Drone's altitude hold function may not work properly in some environments, and the drone's headless mode may sometimes confuse you. Overall, for the price, the DEERC Drone with Camera 2K HD FPV Live Video 2 Batteries and Carrying Case, RC Quadcopter Helicopter for Kids and Adults, Gravity Control, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Waypoints Functions is a great drone with nice video quality and decent flying range.

DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera Remote Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Key Start Speed Adjustment, 3D Flips 2 Batteries, Silver

DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids with 720P HD FPV Remote Camera Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Altitude Hold

Easy to use8.9
Material quality9.6
Popularity & Sales8.5

Powerful and Safe: Features with low power alarm, Emergency stop, and 4 propeller guards to ensure a safe flight, 2 rechargeable and powerful batteries support up to 20mins, charge safe and fly longer

The D20 drone is a great beginner's drone for kids and adults alike. It's small enough to be easy to fly, but big enough to let kids get plenty of practice. It's easy for kids to get along with, and it's small enough that parents can keep an eye on their kids while they're flying it. It's light enough that even kids as young as 5-6 years old can lift it off the ground with one hand. The drone is also very easy to control. The drone can be flown with just the One Key Start/Landing button, so parents don't have to worry about having to teach their kids how to fly it. The drone is also very easy to take photos and videos with, with real-time video transmission to your smartphone. The drone also has an altitude hold mode, so parents don't have to worry about the drone drifting away from their kids. The drone is also very versatile. It can perform 3D flips and can fly up to 5 meters in the air. The drone also comes with a 720P HD Wi-Fi camera, so parents can record photos and videos while they're flying it. The drone has a 6-axis gyroscope, so it maintains stability even in windy weather. The drone also comes with 2 extra batteries, so kids can fly the drone non-stop.

Holy Stone HS710 Drones with Camera for Adults 4K, GPS FPV Foldable 5G Quadcopter for Beginners with Optical Flow Positioning, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Brushless Motor, 50 Mins Long Flight Time

Holy Stone HS710 Drones Camera with for Adults 4K

by Holy Stone
Easy to remove8.7
Easy to use9.1
Material quality9.2
Odor elimination8.2
Stain resistance9.2

[Super Lightweight] No need to make FAA registration and effectively reduce your travel burden thanks to the weight control of HS710 drone (Less than 0.55LB).

Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone with 1080P WiFi Camera for Adults and Kids; Voice and Gesture Control RC Quadcopter with 2 Batteries for 40 Min flight, Auto Hover, Gravity Sensor, Carrying Case

Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone with 1080P WiFi Camera for Adults and Voice Kids; and Gesture Control RC Quadcopter with 2 Batteries for 40 Min flight

by Holy Stone
Easy to use8.2
For deep cleaning9.6
Material quality8.6
Odor elimination8.6
Stain resistance9.8

Small But Mighty: Thanks to intuitive and advanced features packed in a foldable frame, HS440 provides complete freedom wherever and however you want to create. In addition, its equipped with a carrying case which is very helpful for you to move the drone from one place to another. Explore your world without limitations.

Holy Stone HS440 is our favorite drone for beginner pilots. Its low price (about half of what we paid for our best pick) and easy-to-use functions make it a great pick for anyone looking to get their feet wet with drone flying, and it's simple enough that kids should be able to fly it without any help. The drone's 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth, steady footage, and the 1080P camera can take clear photos and videos in bright sunlight. The drone's flight is very stable, and it's especially easy to takeoff and land. You can control the HS440 with gestures or voice commands, and the drone is responsive to voice commands and gestures. One drawback: The drone's camera doesn't have optical image stabilization, and it's susceptible to vibration, so it's best used indoors. But as long as you keep that in mind, the HS440 is a great starter drone.

Holyton HT25 Mini Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter, Voice/Gesture Control, 720P HD FPV Camera, One Key Take Off/Landing, Altitude Hold, 3D Flip, 2 Batteries, Easy to Fly, Toy Drone Gifts for Kids & Adults

Holyton HT25 Mini Foldable Drone RC Quadcopter

by Holyton
Easy to use9.3
Material quality9.2
Odor elimination8.6
Popularity & Sales8.5
Stain resistance9.1

[Ideal Gift]: Flying HT25 is fun and easy for everyone. HT25 is a beginner drone suitable for adults and kids. Even beginners can quickly and easily get started without any experience. HT25 quadcopter can be a great gift for your friends and kids.

The Holyton HT25 Mini Drone is affordable, easy to use, and fun to fly. The drone is small enough that it's suitable not only for kids, but for novice pilots as well. The drone is beginner-friendly, with features designed for beginners, such as altitude hold and a headless mode. The drone is also fairly intuitive, and even though it is geared toward kids, it's easy to fly. Its headless mode and altitude hold functions make it easy to navigate, and the drone's app offers several fun, beginner-friendly features, including voice commands, 3D flips, and Waypoints Fly (which lets you draw a flight course on your smartphone and the drone will automatically fly in the direction you draw). The drone is also equipped with a decent 720P camera, which is good enough for recording videos and taking selfies. The drone is easy to fly, and its 2-battery design helps make it last longer. The drone's camera is decent but not great; it takes good photos and videos but takes too long to charge (about 45 minutes) and its front camera is a bit weak.

aovo Drones with Camera for Adults 4K UHD, 60 Minutes Flight Time Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, GPS Return Home, Follow Me Drones for Pro Includes 1 Extra Battery

aovo Drones with Camera Adults for 4K UHD

by aovo

Easy and fun to flyEquipped with functions like Auto Return, FPV, Follow Me, Tap Fly and One Key Take Off/Landing, our drone is easy even for beginners. Explore different ways to successfully shoot exciting drone video!

The Aovo Drone with Camera for Adults is an affordable, reliable, and entertaining drone that features a surprisingly long flight time, which means you don't have to rush to capture the perfect shot. The drone has a GPS-equipped flight system, which allows it to hover in place and follow you around in a circle, even if you're several feet away. The drone is also responsive to hand gestures, so you can control it with your smartphone or tablet. The drone also has two cameras and two direction-sensitive controls, so you can easily capture selfies or group shots. The drone's camera shoots 1080p video and 12-megapixel photos, and its photos have decent detail, but the color reproduction is a bit too bright. The drone's built-in 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi signal is slightly inconsistent, and the drone can automatically return home when it loses the Wi-Fi signal or when it hits its degree limit. The drone's battery is also on the small side, so you'll wish you had an extra battery or two for extended shooting sessions.

Holy Stone HS140 RC Drone with 1080P FPV Camera for Adults and Kids, 34 Mins Flight Time with 2 batteries, Altitude Hold, Voice Control, Gesture Control, 3D Flip, Headless Mode

Holy Stone HS140 RC Drone with FPV 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids

by Holy Stone
Easy to use9.4
Material quality7.3
Odor elimination7.2
Popularity & Sales7.3
Stain resistance8.1

Easy of operation: Upon just one tap on the button, newbies and even kids can handle it with facility thanks to some functions such as One-key Take-off, Altitude Hold, Emergency Stop, etc. Our drone is quite maneuverable, especially for entry-level pilots.

The HS140 is one of the best starter drones we've tested, and it's a great choice for adults or kids looking for their first drone. It's small enough to fly easily indoors, and its small size and light weight make it easy to carry around. It has enough features to keep beginners interested, and it's simple enough for more experienced users. The HS140's 1080P camera produces sharp, colorful images, and the drone is responsive enough to fly without worry. The HD camera also produces smooth, steady video, and the drone's GPS stabilization system helps keep the image steady even in windy conditions. The drone's altitude hold mode allows you to hover the drone above you, and its headless mode makes it easy to fly, even for beginners. The drone's wifi system also makes it convenient to use, and the free app pairs your drone with your iOS or Android device, and allows you to control the drone via the phone's screen. The HS140 is also easy to fly, and it comes with several flight modes for beginners. Beginners are also helped along by the drone's altitude hold mode, which lets them hover the drone above them without worrying that the drone will drift away. The drone also comes with a bonus controller, and the drone's battery lasts 34 minutes, so beginners have plenty of time to experiment with the drone before they need to use battery power.

Potensic T25 GPS Drone with Camera for Adults 2K FPV, RC Quadcopter with WiFi Live Video, Auto Return Home, Altitude Hold for Beginners, Follow Me, Way-points Flying Toy, 2 Batteries Long Flight, Carrying Case, White

Potensic T25 GPS Drone with for Camera Adults 2K FPV

by Potensic
Easy to clean9.6
Easy to use9.9
For deep cleaning9.8
Material quality7.2

ALUMINUM SLIVER CASE: Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land function make easier access to kids or beginners. Convenient and Easy, you could bring it outdoor conveniently.

The Potensic T25 drone is a top-of-the-line quadcopter in our price range, and it excels in all areas: flight performance, video quality, and ease of use. It has the best flight performance of any drone in this price range, thanks to its powerful 2500mAh battery and 2K camera. It has excellent battery life, and in our tests it flew for 20 minutes with GPS on, and 50 minutes without GPS. Its camera also takes excellent photos, and it also has dual GPS, so you don't need to hover the drone to make sure it's staying on-track. The drone has a 2K camera, so it's able to capture images at a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536. The drone uses WiFi, so it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it uses the app Potensic Vision to stream live video and control the quadcopter. The drone also has a Follow Me Mode, so the camera will follow you automatically, and it can also hover in place. The drone has a 4-way controller, so it's easy to control the drone in 4 directions.

SIMREX X20 GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera 2-Axis Self stabilizing Gimbal 5G WiFi FPV Video RC Quadcopter Auto Return Home with Follow Me Altitude Hold Headless Brushless Motor Remote Control White

SIMREX X20 GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera 2-Axis Self stabilizing Gimbal 5G WiFi FPV Video Quadcopter RC Auto Return Home with Follow Me Altitude Hold Headless Brushless Motor Remote Control White

Easy to use8.9
Material quality9.8
Odor elimination7.3
Popularity & Sales8.9

Equipped with the latest 6-axis gyro flight control systems, provide better and safer using experience.

The SIMREX X20 is a remarkably capable drone with a 360-degree flip feature, 4K video capture, and precision navigation. It doesn't have as impressive a flight time as its predecessor, the SIMREX X16, but its 4K camera is far superior, and the drone is much easier to pilot. The SIMREX X20's 4K camera captures 4K-quality video at 30 frames per second, and the drone's camera downlink is 2.4G, so it can transmit video to compatible phones using Wi-Fi. The drone can also capture 2.7K video at 30 frames per second, and there's a 2.7K front camera for selfies. The drones are equipped with brushless motors, which make them both faster and more energy-efficient than helicopters. The SIMREX X20 has a range of about 45 meters, and the battery lasts about 8 minutes. The drone's range is capped at about 30 meters, though, which limits its practical use. The drone's camera is stabilized using two-axis gimbals, and the drone has a follow me feature, which shoots a video while it follows you. The SIMREX X20's 4K camera can record for up to 12 minutes, and the drone's battery lasts about 4 minutes. The drone has a 20-minute hover time. The SIMREX X20 is FAA approved for drone use (though it's not yet certified for commercial use), and it comes with 4 batteries and 2 battery chargers. It's extremely fast, simple, and easy to use, and the 4K camera it shoots is remarkable.

SYMA X500 4K Drone with UHD Camera for Adults, Easy GPS Quadcopter for Beginner with 56mins Flight Time, Brush Motor, 5GHz FPV Transmission, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Light Positioning, 2 Batteries

SYMA X500 4K Drone UHD with Camera for Adults

Easy to use9.7
Material quality8.3
Odor elimination7.3
Popularity & Sales8.8
Stain resistance6.5

2pcs Batteries&56mins Flying Time--EX500 quadcopter offer 2 batteries to give you up to 40 minutes immersive flying experience.Compared with other drones, we offer more flying time to enjoy it.what is more, 250g lightweight yet powerful save you from FAA registry. Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land functions make it so easy to operate.

The Syma X500 is a good beginner's quadcopter, and its flight performance is much improved over that of its predecessor, the X100. It's easy for beginners to get going, and it uses brushless motors rather than brushed ones, which make it much more durable. The drone is also quieter than its brushed-rotor competitors, and it has a well-designed controller and a flight controller that work well together. The drone's camera is decent for a drone at this price, with a 120-degree field of view and 2K resolution, though it could benefit from having wider-angle lenses. The drone also lacks GPS, so it won't automatically return to you if it loses connection, and it isn't equipped with a compass, so you can't fly it indoors. We would have liked to have seen better GPS performance, but the drone is otherwise very capable. The drone's range is also a little short, so you'll likely need to stay at least 50 to 100 feet away from it. The drone's battery also doesn't last very long, but we've come to realize drones aren't always meant to be flown for long durations. The drone's app is well designed and easy to use, and it comes with lots of user-friendly features, like altitude hold, return-home, and follow me. The drone also comes with a controller charger, two batteries, and an extra set of propellers. All in all, the Syma X500 is a decent drone for the price, and it's a good choice for anyone new to drones.


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