10 Best Drum Thrones with Backrests
for October 2023

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A drum throne is a metal or wooden seat with padded cushioning, typically with a backrest, that you sit on to play a musical instrument, such as a drum or guitar. Drum thrones allow you to play comfortably, while allowing your body to move freely.

Drum thrones play an important part in your playing, which is why it's important to find a comfortable seat. Drum thrones come in a variety of styles and sizes, from simple wood thrones to more elaborate thrones with padding, armrests, and backrests.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test drum thrones for performance, such as comfort, durability, and height adjustability. We also evaluate ease of use, including how easy it is to set up, adjust the height and angle, and fold and stow the throne. We also look at other specs, such as weight, size, and material, as well as overall cost. Here are the best drum thrones with backrests:


The Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat is our favorite bike seat, and it's easy to see why. It's comfortable, it's durable, it's easy to install, and it's versatile enough to fit most bikes. The seat adjusts from 20" to 28" high and locks in one of three positions, and it has a 10-degree tilt, which you can use to tilt the seat back or forward. It has a large, comfortable seat, and it includes a soft, removable backrest. The seat is made from durable Cordura fabric, and the base is made from a rubber material, which feels durable and flexible. The seat has an iron weight holder that clamps to the seat, and it has a cord that locks the weight holder to the seat. The weight holder holds 25 pounds, and the cord is long enough to fit most bikes. The seat is easy to install, and it comes with instructions and a wrench. The seat is versatile, and it's comfortable enough to sit for hours. It's the best bike seat we tested, and it's the best seat we tested for casual riders.

Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest Support by GRIFFIN | Padded Leather Drummer Motorcycle Biker Style Seat | Swivel Adjustable Height Music Drum Chair | Musicians Guitar Stool | Percussion Tractor Top

Saddle Drum Throne with Support Backrest by GRIFFIN

by Griffin

ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: This backrest is comfortable with an adjustable height feature of the padded back support. The removable back rest can be adjusted to provide critical lower back support. This will allow the tailbone (coccyx) to rest naturally versus being compressed against the seat without a back rest. This will also provide a more natural movement of the spine and shoulders while seated, keeping you relaxed and comfortable when performing with lessened stress on your posture.

The GRIFFIN Saddle Drum Throne with Backrest Support (Aluminum) is a sturdy, compact drum throne stand with an adjustable height mechanism. The saddle seat features a thick, 3-inch thick padding, which is comfortable enough to seat two drummers. The adjustable height is convenient, as it allows you to raise or lower the seat to a height that suits your needs. The saddle seat can also be converted into a standard guitar stool, using the backrest. The adjustable height backrest provides critical lower back support for long practice sessions. The double braced legs provide maximum stability, and the special rubber tips prevent slippage. This drum throne stand is easy to assemble, and is backed by GRIFFIN's 2-year warranty.

Starfavor Drum Throne with Backrest, Rotatable Heavy Duty Motorcycle Style Saddle Swivel Adjustable Height Drummer Seat Stool

Starfavor Drum Throne with Backrest

by Starfavor

HEAVY DUTY DRUM THRONE: High quality metal material, sturdy base, double support legs, round support design, and double head clamps designed by Starfavor, provide unparalleled stability. This drum chair can easily support up to 400 pounds, please feel free to use it.

The starfavor drum stool is an excellent value. It's solid, well built, and comfortable. The seat is thick, and when you're not using the stool, it folds up for easy storage. The backrest is adjustable, and it's comfortable enough that you can sit for an extended period of time without discomfort. The height adjustment is quick and easy, and the sliders are molded into the ends of the legs, so they stay secure. The swivel drum stool is very stable, and the wide, sturdy base is no problem for even the largest floor. The swivel drum stool has an adjustable height of 18 inches to 24 inches, and it's about 16 inches wide, so it's comfortable even for people larger than average. The swivel function makes the drum stool very versatile, and it's particularly easy to adjust when you stand at the podium. The swivel drum stool is sturdy enough that it doesn't wobble when you spin it, and it's comfortable enough that you can sit in it for hours at a time. The starfavor drum stool is well made and reasonably priced, and it's the best drum throne we've ever tested.

Bolt Drum Throne Made in Taiwan Adjustable Motorcycle Style with large Backrest Seat Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Stool

Bolt Drum Throne Made in Taiwan Adjustable Motorcycle Style large with Backrest Seat Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Stool

by Blot

ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Made of high quality PU leather, metal and grade foam materials.Contoured Motorcycle Style Vinyl Seat cushion helps prevent leg fatigue during long jam sessions and provide comfort for hours of drumming, from the garage to the gig, while sturdy base welds and hardware with double braced provide unmatched stability.

The BOLT Drum Throne is, hands down, the best drum throne we tested. It's comfortable, it's sturdy, it's adjustable, and it locks in place. The BOLT's Cast seat fastening system offers more stability than other drum thrones, and the foot solid foundation rubber feet are surprisingly durable. The Bolt's seat is wide, and while it's not as cushy as some of the other chairs we tested, it's comfortable enough. The seat is removable, and there's a convenient pocket in the back for storing your drumsticks while you play. However, the seat is removable only from the foot pedestal, so when you're playing with your hands, you can't remove the seat. Also, while the size of the seat is adjustable, it's not as adjustable as some of the other chairs we tested. The BOLT has a 19- to 29-inch adjustment range, which is longer than any other chair we tested.

CHACHAZO Drum Throne Drum Chai with Backrest, Hydraulic Drum Throne Heavy Duty Drum Throne Seat Motorcycle Style Drum Stool for Adults with Memory Foam & Drum Sticks

CHACHAZO Drum Throne Chai Drum with Backrest


Height Adjustable & Easy to InstallYou can adjust the height from 19in to 26.5in by the lever easily, ensure a comfortable height for playing your drums. The drum stool with backrest is easy to install and storage. You can use the drum seat to practice indoors and take it to the gig stage.

The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest is a sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable seat for drummers. It's well worth the price, which is more than what most drum thrones cost, but it's also not as high as some other, more expensive drum thrones. The CHACHAZO has smooth adjustment, and it's very stable. The seat's back is adjustable, and it has a thick but comfortable foam cushion. The seat also folds up so that it's easy to store, and it's easy to carry. The CHACHAZO's only drawback is that it can scratch your drum if you don't play gently. It's not a good cymbal chair, though, and it's a little short on padding if you want to use it as a chair for quiet activity, such as reading or studying.

CHACHAZO Drum Throne Drum Chair with Backrest, Drum Stool with Back Rest Motorcycle Style Drum Throne Heavy Duty with Cloth Top Memory Foam Drummer Stool &5A Sticks

CHACHAZO Drum Throne Chair Drum with Backrest


Heavy Duty Drum Throne High-quality metal material, sturdy base, double support legs and triangular support design provide unparalleled stability. It can easily support a weight of 400 pounds, please rest assured to use

The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest is a sturdy, adjustable drum throne that emphasizes comfort over control. It's best suited for drummers who place emphasis on comfort over style, and it's a great choice for anyone looking for a drum throne on a budget. The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest's adjustable height makes it easy to find a comfortable height for both drummers and drummers-in-training, and the backrest adds much-needed support. The seat is wide enough to comfortably accommodate most drummers, but it's not so wide that it restricts movement. The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest feels sturdy and well-made, and its vinyl seat and backrest are easy to clean. The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest doesn't come with any accessories, but your drum sticks and pedals should fit in well. The CHACHAZO Drum Throne with Backrest is a good budget option that's easy on your knees and feet.

EASTROCK Drum Throne Height Adjustable Motorcycle Style Heavy Duty Drum Chair with Backrest, Drum Stool with Back Rest for Drummer Adults

EASTROCK Drum Throne Height Adjustable Motorcycle Heavy Style Duty Drum Chair with Backrest


Ergonomics Design & Memory Foam: 17 *15.6 wider drum seat is filled with soft sponge. Also equipped with backrest accord with ergonomic.You will feel more comfortable than original stool when practicing the drum.

The EASTROCK Drum Throne Height Adjustable Motorcycle Style Heavy Duty Drum Chair with Backrest, Drum Stool with Back Rest for Drummer Adults is a rock-solid professional throne, and it's especially well-suited to heavier drummers. This throne has an extra-thick base, which is spread with 3 non-slip pads, and the legs use a double brace design for greater stability. The height is adjustable by adjusting a cylinder on the underside, and the locks on the legs are strong and durable. The throne has a padded seat, and the seat is also adjustable. The seat is big enough to accommodate most drum sets, and it's comfortable for sitting or kneeling, and it has enough space to comfortably fit a drum stick. The drum stool has a backrest, and it's comfortable for sitting or kneeling, and it's sturdy enough to support most drum sets. The throne and stool are well-made, and they're durable enough to support most drummers.

DW Drum Workshop CP9100BR Backrest For 9100AL, 9120AL, 8100 & 9120 Thrones

Drum Workshop, Inc. DW Drum CP9100BR Workshop Backrest For 9100AL

by Drum Workshop, Inc.

Country Of Origin: United States

If you're a serious drummer, odds are good that you've already spent thousands of dollars picking out your perfect drum kit. So if you're also serious about getting the very best out of your drum setup, consider investing in a new throne. The DW 9100AL is one of DW's top-of-the-line thrones, and it's quite a bit more expensive than the DW 9100AL, but it's also got a lot more features. The throne features a 16-inch diameter cushion, an adjustable-height riser, a sliding seat, and an adjustable-height seat slide. The 9100AL also comes with two additional cushions, so you can customize the cushion position to your liking. The DW 9100AL is tall enough to accommodate 6'5" players, and it comes in a black finish. The 9100AL also has an adjustable-height seat slide, so the height can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of players. The 9100AL is 19 inches wide, so it's slightly wider than the DW 9100AL, and the seat is also 1 inch wider. The seat on the 9100AL is also 21 inches long, while the seat on the 9100AL is 19 inches long. The 9100AL's seat is also 1 inch higher than the seat on the 9100AL.


The Pearl Drum Throne Roadster is a high-quality, lightweight throne that is great for drummers of all skill levels. The throne is lightweight and fits easily in a drum bag, making it great for drummers on the go. The backrest is removable, so drummers can choose between having their favorite backrest with them, or not. The backrest is comfortable, but it's a bit soft, so drummers who want more support may find it a bit on thesupple. The throne also features a convenient carrying handle, and a fold-up foot pedal for playing bass drum. The backrest is slightly curved, so drummers won't have any problems playing or performing. The throne is stationary, so drummers can play with it while sitting down. The Pearl Drum Throne Roadster is a durable, high-quality, and well-priced throne that is perfect for drummers of all levels.

Donner Adjustable Drum Throne, Padded Stool Motorcycle Style Drum Chair for Music Show

Donner Adjustable Drum Throne

by Donner

High-Quality Pad: The seat cover is made of soft and high quality artificial manufacturing leather, and the pad is filled with premium steel and foam, which make it comfortable and durable

The Donner Adjustable Drum Throne is comfortable to sit on, even if you might end up sitting on it for hours at a time. It's capable of holding up to 250 pounds, and it's durable enough that you'll probably be able to take it with you even if you move. The rubber feet are a nice touch, and the seat is wide enough that two people can sit on it and still not feel cramped. The versatility of the Donner drum throne makes it well-suited for drummers, but it's equally useful as an extra seat at a house party, or for musicians who need a comfortable place to rehearse. The Donner throne is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit anyone of almost any size. It comes with a carry bag, so you can bring it with you to a gig and store it away when you're done. Our only complaint is that the vibrations from the drums can get a little loud.


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