10 Best Effects Pedals for Acoustic Guitars
for December 2023

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Guitar effects pedals are treasured by guitarists and songwriters alike. Effects pedals allow you to alter the sound of your guitar, whether it’s a distortion pedal for electric guitars or a reverb pedal for acoustic guitars. Effects pedals allow you to experiment with different sounds and create unique guitar parts.

Effects pedals come in all shapes and sizes, including stomp boxes, rack-mounted pedals, and multi-effects pedals. Stomp boxes, which look like stomp boxes, are just that - stomp boxes that you can stomp on. Rack-mounted pedals are pedals that are mounted to a rack, which is like a vertical shelf. A multi-effects pedal, also known as a pedal board, is a collection of various pedals, which are connected by cables.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test guitar pedals for performance, ease of use, and tech specs, including battery life, pedal spacing, and output. We also evaluate ease of use, such as whether it's easy dial in effects, whether the pedals are sturdy, and how easy it is to connect pedals. Finally, we check out tech specs, including how many effects pedals there are, how many control knobs there are, and what kind of battery life you can expect. Here are the best effects pedals for acoustic guitars of 2022, according to testing and popular reviews.

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pedal, Alpha Acoustic Multi Effects Pedal, Chorus Reverb Acoustic Preamp with 2-Bnad EQ Buffer Bypass XLR Output

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pedal

by Donner

[Acoustic Preamp] Analog Preamp with 2-Band EQ provides a warm, natural sound.

The Donner Alpha Acoustic is a multi-effects pedal for acoustic instruments. It offers three effects: Chorus, Hall Reverb, and Boost. The Chorus effect sounds really natural, and you can easily adjust the effect to your taste. The Hall Reverb effect sounds rich, spacious, and natural, and you can easily adjust the effect to your taste. The Boost effect sounds natural, and you can easily adjust the effect to your taste. The Donner Alpha Acoustic is compact and easy to store, and it offers three effects in one pedal. The Donner Alpha Acoustic provides three effects in one pedal, and it offers good sound. The Donner Alpha Acoustic provides three effects in one pedal, and it offers good sound.

Zoom A1 FOUR Acoustic Instrument Multi-Effects Processor Pedal, Acoustic Modeling, Looper, Rhythm Section, For Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Harmonica, and Upright Bass

Zoom A1 FOUR Acoustic Multi-Effects Instrument Processor Pedal

by Zoom

A1 FOUR and A1X FOUR runs on 4 AA batteries, with alkaline battery life of 18 hours; MAA-1 Requires 2 AA batteries

The Zoom A1 is a premium four-model multi-effects processor with a compact yet versatile design. The A1's effects are geared toward acoustic instruments, with reverb, compression, chorus, and delay effects included, as well as onboard Guitar and Bass effects processors. The A1 also has built-in looping capability, allowing you to record and play back music in rhythm with up to 30 seconds of CD-quality audio per track. Other features include a metronome, tuner, and 45-second looper, as well as MIDI ports for connecting to other pedals or external instruments. The A1's effects sections are easily accessible, with reverb and chorus effects located directly above the footswitches, and an additional row of buttons near the center allowing access to each effect. The A1's onboard effects processors are basic, so if you're interested in a more advanced multi-effects processor, you might want to look elsewhere. However, the A1's compact size and sound quality make it a great choice for musicians who want a small effects processor with basic effects, as well as a looper, metronome, and tuner.

SONICAKE Acoustic Pedal Guitar Effect Acoustic Pedal Multi Effects Preamp Chorus Delay Reverb Acoustic Guitar Pedal Sonic Wood with XLR Output

SONICAKE Acoustic Pedal Guitar Effect Acoustic Pedal Multi Effects Preamp Delay Chorus Reverb Acoustic Guitar Pedal Sonic Wood with XLR Output


Analog Preamp with 2-Band EQ recreates a Classic Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, provide a warm, natural sound

The Sonicake Acoustic Guitar Pedal is our new top pick among acoustic pedal multi effects. Sonicake is able to provide acoustic musicians with everything they need in one pedal. With a effects loop, tap tempo, and built-in chromatic tuner, this pedal has a whole set of features for acoustic musicians. With the built-in tuner, you can tune your guitar without turning on your amp, and with the tap tempo, you can play your guitar and tap your foot to the rhythm at the same time. The effects loop allows you to hook up other effects pedals, such as a overdrive pedal, a boost pedal, or a chorus pedal. The Sonicake pedal is a good choice for acoustic musicians who aren't always on the stage, because it provides effects that can be used on stage or in the practice room.

Other Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal, Regular (Mosaic)

Other Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

by KMC Music Inc

LEVEL - Adjusts the intensity of the 12-string effect TONE - Adjusts the amount of high frequency enhancement being applied to your signal

The Line 6 Mosaic polyphonic pitch shifting and doubling pedal takes your regular guitar and adds an additional six strings, giving you total control over your sound and tones. It connects via USB to your computer or to any Line 6 guitar amp. You can also use the pedal with pedals that send MIDI information to your computer, such as MIDI foot pedals. The pedal automatically recognizes the notes you play and adjusts the pitch and volume of your guitar accordingly. The pedal works like a harmonizer, but it uses the existing strings on your guitar, so it doesn't change the sound of your guitar. The pedal is suited for all skill levels, from beginning guitar players to advanced players. The pedal features six buttons. The buttons are labeled Pitch, Modulation, Resonator, Octave, Double, and Up. The Pitch button lets you change the pitch of your guitar in seconds. The Modulation button lets you change the tone of your guitar. The Resonator button lets you change the sound of your guitar. The Octave button lets you change your guitar into an eight-string guitar. The Double button lets you double your guitar. The Up button views your guitar as an 8-string guitar. The pedal also features an intelligent doubling system. The pedal doubles your guitar automatically when you play a particular note. So, you can double your guitar with just one click. The pedal gives you total control over your sound and tones.


The L.R. Baggs Align Session Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal is an effects pedal for acoustic guitar that is perfect for live musicians. The pedal features 3 different effect capabilities: distortion, compression, and EQ. The pedal features true bypass and footswitchable effects, which allows a musician to perform without worry of ruining a tone. The EQ feature provides 2 bands and 3 settings on each band, providing a wide range of sound options. The pedal also features 2 different types of gain, providing a variety of tones. The compressor helps smooth out any troublesome frequencies, and the distortion feature provides a warm, harmonic boost. The pedal also features a 2-band EQ, providing a wide range of tone options. The pedal can also be used in passive mode, for a more traditional tone. The pedal is lightweight and compact, providing musicians with a pedal that is easy to operate. The L.R. Baggs Align Session Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal is an affordable pedal that is great for beginners, musicians, and anyone looking for a quality effect pedal for acoustic guitar.


The MOOER Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal is an adorable, well-made, and surprisingly powerful piece of gear. It is small enough to fit in a backpack and weighs less than 2 pounds. It has a sturdy outer shell and is easy to use. The pedal's 3 working modes are Piezo, Standard, and Jumbo. The Piezo mode is for acoustic guitars and uses a Piezo pickup to provide the electrical signal. The Standard mode is for other electric and acoustic guitars and uses a switching mechanism instead of Piezo for the electrical signal. The Jumbo mode is for electric and acoustic guitars and uses a combination of a switching mechanism and Piezo for the electrical signal. The pedal is very easy to use and has 3 controls: Volume, Tone, and Distortion. The Volume control is for adjusting the volume. The Tone control is for adjusting the tone. The Distortion control is for adjusting the distortion. The MOOER Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal has an onboard 3.45V rechargeable battery. It has a USB port for charging. The MOOER Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal sells for $89.95.

L.R. Baggs Align Equalizer Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal

LR Baggs L.R. Baggs Align Acoustic Equalizer Guitar Effects Pedal

by L.R. Baggs

3 position gain switch for easy level control

The L.R. Baggs Align Equalizer Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal is the best pedal for guitar feedback control we've tested. This pedal comes with everything you need for optimal performance, including a single 9-volt battery, a protective cover, and an owner's manual. The pedal packs a lot of features into a compact design, and it includes a notch filter, which removes high frequencies that are more susceptible to feedback, and phase inversion for both passive and active pickups. The 6-band EQ enables you to dial in precise tone for subtle or dramatic effects, and the high-pass and low-pass filters can be switched on and off as needed. A convenient toggle switch lets you instantly adjust the EQ response, and there's also a separate button for toggling the EQ on and off. The Align Equalizer does an excellent job at taming feedback and reducing resonant frequencies. The pedal is very versatile, and it's easy to use. This pedal is ideal for musicians who play live or in noisy environments, and for players who perform regularly in clubs, churches, and other small venues.


The L.R. Baggs Align Chorus is a high-quality chorus pedal with a wide range of adjustability. Its tone sweeps from warm to harsh. The pedal's controls are intuitive and easy to navigate. We found the pedal's size to be perfect for our guitar, and the chorus effect was both lush and room-filling. The pedal's controls are very user friendly, and the pedal's automatic bypass feature ensures that your guitar's original signal is never altered. The pedal's size is larger than other chorus pedals, but it's perfect if space is at a premium. The L.R. Baggs Align Chorus is a must-have pedal for any guitarist who wants a powerful chorus effect.

Other Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal (CARCOSA)

Other Acoustic Guitar Pedal Effect (CARCOSA)

by KMC Music Inc

Power supply not included

The Carossa is a pedal that offers tons of gain and tonal options but a bit less than some of the other pedals we tested. The mid-boost function provides a boost in the mid-treble and, combined with the high-boost, gives this pedal a fatter tone than the Boss GT-7. The boost functions can also be used separately, which is useful for players who favor a more overdriven, fuzzier sound. The pedal also has two distinct overdrive modes, and while both are fairly muddy-sounding, the high-gain mode has more punch and bite, while the low-gain mode is more transparent. The Carossa is a true bypass pedal, so it sounds as clean or dirty as you want it. The Carossa's midrange boost and high-boost both produce plenty of distortion, and it's able to sustain for a really long time. The control layout is easy to understand, with three knobs and a toggle switch. The LED readout shows the status of the overall gain structure, and the red LED indicates that the pedal is in use. While the Carossa has a clean, simple look, it packs a lot of power, and it's a lot of fun to use.

NUX Stageman Floor Acoustic Preamp/DI Pedal with Chorus, Reverb,Freeze and 60 seconds Loop for Acoustic Guitar,Violin,Mandolin,Banjo

NUX Stageman Floor Acoustic Pedal Preamp/DI with Chorus

by Cherub Technology Co,.Ltd

Versatile Preamp,you can optimize the preamp input according to your guitar pickup type, you can set Piezo or Magnetic for better signal processing.

The NUX Stageman is an analog preamp with an effects section. It has a simple, straightforward interface that makes it easy to dial in just the right sound. The preamp has 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble), plus five effects: Reverb, Chorus, Freeze, Phase Shift, and Dimetross Shift. The EQ and effects controls are said to be very precise, and you can use the Loop function to dial in a shorter version of the effect (up to 60 seconds). The Stageman has an XLR output, which makes it easy to connect it to an amp. The preamp also has an analog input, which is for connecting an acoustic guitar or bass. The preamp also has a built-in tuner. The NUX Stageman is basic, but it's versatile, easy to use, and sounds very good.


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