Top 10 Best Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seats
for September 2023

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Experience the ultimate convenience and luxury in your bathroom with an electric bidet heated smart toilet seat. As a dedicated advocate of smart home technology, you may just neglect your bathroom, but this little upgrade can radically change your daily routine. It provides not only spa-like luxury with adjustable heated seating and warm water washing but also advanced hygiene with its self-cleaning features. It's not just about added comfort; it's a solution to better personal hygiene and more eco-friendly lifestyles due to reduced tissue paper usage.

Understanding how an electric bidet heated smart toilet seat works can be instrumental in getting the most out of it. The toilet seats are powered by electricity and come with a control panel or remote that lets you adjust the water pressure and temperature to suit your preference. Some models also feature air drying, deodorizing, and even night lights for a more comfortable experience. One thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing is ensuring the toilet seat fits your toilet model, namely, whether it's elongated or round.

LEIVI Electric Bidet Smart Toilet Seat, ZMJH A201 Elongated Smart Toilet Seat, and BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat are some standout models that captured MOOZ's attention for their state-of-the-art features: adjustable warm water, air dryer, and an LED night light among others. Their sleek design blends well with modern aesthetics, and user-friendly controls make them worth consideration. Plus, the self-cleaning feature adds a layer of fuss-free maintenance, making these choices more appealing for the hygiene-conscious.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom experience? Check out the full collection of the 'Top 10 Best Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seats' and discover a new level of comfort and hygiene.

LEIVI Electric Bidet Smart Toilet Seat with Dual Control Mode, Adjustable Warm Water and Air Dryer, Ultra Slim Heated Toilet Seat, Oscillating and Pulsating Spray Wash, LED Nightlight, Elongated

LEIVI Smart Toilet Seat: Electric Bidet with Dual Control Mode; Adjustable Warm Water, Heated Seat, and LED Nightlight. Perfect for Ultimate Comfort and Hygiene


LEIVI B01 is a user-friendly electric bidet toilet seat that is designed to give you high-quality features. This elongated bidet provides a hygienic bathroom experiences with its instant and continuous Warm Water, Adjustable Nozzle Spraying / Warm Air Dryer / Heated Seat. Arc Nozzle Bar, Concave Widened Seat, Capacitive Sensor Seat, LED Nightlight.

The LEIVI Electric Bidet Smart Toilet Seat soared to the top of MOOZ’s list for numerous reasons. We were especially taken by the Dual Control Mode, making the bidet easily accessible for everyone, including pregnant or older individuals. The LED Nightlight adds a touch of luxury and convenience, ensuring effortless use during night time.

In addition, what makes this bidet exceptional is the superior cleanliness it guarantees. You will adore the feeling of a home spa that it provides, along with a fresh-smelling bathroom thanks to the built-in deodorizer. The self-cleaning bidet nozzle ensures a sanitary experience, giving your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. This high-tech yet easy-to-install toilet seat makes your comfort its primary concern.

ZMJH A201 Elongated Smart Toilet Seat, Unlimited Warm Water, Vortex Wash, Electronic Heated,Warm Air Dryer,Bidet Seat,Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Need Electrical, White (Elongated)

ZMJH A201 Heated Bidet Toilet Seat for Unlimited Warm Water, Smart and Comfortable


[Illuminating LED Nightlight] The cool blue LED nightlight is great for late-night toilet runs and dropping your guests' jaws. It appeals to the masses.

Our second top pick is the ZMJH A201 Elongated Smart Toilet Seat due to its advanced hygienic features and eco-friendly design. This toilet seat incorporates a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, heated seat, warm water, and air dryer functionalities that can be customized to match your comfort preferences.

The Hybrid Heating Technology assures you always have warm water, while the energy-saving mode mindfully reduces your environmental footprint. With this elongated smart toilet seat, say goodbye to the mundane and inject innovation to your bathroom experience.

BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat with Unlimited Heated Water, Side Control Panel, Deodorizer, and Warm Air Dryer - Adjustable and Self-Cleaning - Fits Elongated Toilets

BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat: Unlimited Heated Water - Fits Elongated Toilets

by BidetMate

MODERN DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY | BidetMate provides a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family. Choose from customizable aerated, pulse, feminine, power wash, massage, and child wash functions. Adjustable, easy-to-use settings for heated seat, water, and dryer. Charcoal honeycomb air deodorizer eliminates S02 gasses, and neutralizes unpleasant smells.

The BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat is our third pick, mainly due to its exceptional health benefits and hygiene features. As you settle on it, its soothing cleanse makes its mark, particularly for those suffering from chronic UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, or IBS. The thought of no more chafing from the harsh effects of toilet paper makes this an attractive choice for your bathroom necessities.

In addition to providing superior cleanliness, it adds an everyday luxury to your bathroom experience. With the self-cleaning stainless steel bidet nozzle and the soft-closing seat, your toiletries are dealt with utmost care. Plus, there is a charm in knowing that your purchase contributes to a cleaner earth, as BidetMate donates a portion of sales to environmental causes.


What stands out most about the SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat is its fully customizable settings that cater to your unique comfort preferences. With adjustable water pressure (5 levels), water temperature (3 levels) & nozzle positions (5 levels), it takes personal hygiene to a whole new level. The remote control feature is a cherry on top, making the usage surprisingly uncomplicated.

When comparing to the previous product, the BidetMate 2000 Series, there are a few distinct advantages. The standout being the multiple rubbing wash options - for her front, her back, his back - which were, we reckon, not so diversified in former product. However, the SmartBidet SB-1000 lacks an integrated deodorizer, a feature that gave BidetMate the edge.

This Electronic Bidet Seat is particularly useful for those invested in their personal hygiene and comfort. It offers a level of cleanliness, convenience, and luxury hard to match. So, for modern homes and individuals seeking an upscale bathroom experience, this could be a perfect pick!

BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat with Heated Water, Wireless Remote, and Warm Air Dryer - Adjustable and Self-Cleaning - Multiple Wash Settings - Elongated

BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat with Multiple Wash Settings

by BidetMate

MODERN DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY | BidetMate provides a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family. Choose from customizable aerated, pulse, feminine, power wash, massage, and child wash functions. Adjustable, easy-to-use settings for heated seat, water, and dryer.

The BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Toilet Seat is an everyday luxury that your backside will thank you for. This bidet stands out thanks to its self-cleaning, stainless steel nozzle and its soft-closing seat, which renders loud toilet seat slamming a thing of the past. The heated water and warm air dryer features provide a level of comfort you didn't know you needed until you experience it.

Compared to the SmartBidet SB-1000, the BidetMate offers enhanced hygiene benefits that can aid individuals suffering from ailments such as chronic UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS. This product is also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for toilet paper, hence saving trees and money. The built-in energy savings mode ensures that electricity is never wasted. This product is particularly recommended for those seeking a luxurious, yet eco-friendly toilet experience.

Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet for Toilet Seat,For Elongated toilet,Warm water,Heated bidet toilet seat,Remote Control,Heated Dryer,Child Function,Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Nozzle,LED Night Light

Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilet Seat: Heated, Remote Control, LED Night Light

by Ivyel

ENERGY EFFICIENT | Advanced hybrid heating technology allows the bidet to provide an extended amount of warm water, while saving energy. It also provides warm air dryer and the temperature of the seat and water is adjustable for your preference. LED night light provides enough brightness for nighttime use.

Introducing the Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet, an advanced bidet made explicitly for elongated toilet seats. One feature that MOOZ finds notable is its Smart Body Sensor. This technology only functions when a user is detected on the toilet, providing a bespoke and efficient user experience.

Turning our attention else to the BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet, you might recall the multiple wash settings it offered. The Ivyel J-2R, however, takes it to another level with its additional intensive wash mode for a more powerful clean. Furthermore, its entire nozzle body and tip are encased in stainless steel, unlike the BidetMate 1000, promising superior hygiene and durability.

The Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet will be most useful for those seeking a technologically advanced, highly functional bidet. It especially caters to homes with kids and sensitive users, thanks to its child function. The self-cleaning mode along with its easy detachment for cleaning adds to the convenience and hygiene. An illuminating LED night light provides a touch of polish to this innovative product.

LifeSky Smart Toilet Seat Heated - Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control - Electric Luxury Toilet Seat with Warm Water and Dryer

Luxury heated bidet toilet seat with remote control and warm water for enhanced comfort


Invigorating Warm Water Cleansing: This electric modern luxury toilet seat has an adjustable self-cleaning nozzle that provides 5 levels of instant unlimited warm water from 35~42, allowing for a gentle and refreshing cleanse to promote optimal cleanliness and a soothing sensation, enhancing your warmer bathroom experience. And you can also adjust both its position and water pressure with 5 levels, providing precise and customizable cleansing.

What sets the LifeSky Smart Toilet Seat Heated apart and makes us highly recommend it, is its premium build-in advanced heating circuit. Like stepping into a warm bath, the seat heats up quickly to your preferred temperature range, offering an incredibly cozy and soothing experience. This feature is a standout, especially for those chilly mornings or cold winter months. An additional unique feature of this high-tech heated toilet seat is its efficient air dryer. With the LifeSky toilet seat, you can bid a final goodbye to wasteful toilet paper. The built-in adjustable powerful air blower, along with the ease of customization through the remote control, puts you in charge of your comfort.

Compared to the Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet, the LifeSky Smart Toilet Seat Heated possesses several advantages. Firstly, the temperature range of the LifeSky seat is much broader, allowing for more personal customization. Not only that, but the LifeSky toilet seat also features an intuitive panel and wireless remote with clearly labelled buttons for seamless user experience.

However, the most significant advantage over the Ivyel J-2R, is LifeSky's user-friendly design, which includes a built-in LED nightlight that turns on automatically in the dark, guiding you for a safe nighttime trip.

The LifeSky Smart Toilet Seat Heated is a must-have addition for your bathroom if you are looking for comfort, convenience and a touch of luxury in your daily routine.

SmartBidet SB-100R Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control, Stainless Steel Nozzle with Removable Nozzle Cap, Slim and Strong Design in White

SmartBidet SB-100R Electric Bidet Seat - Heated, Remote Control, Slim Design for Elongated Toilets

by Smart Bidet

Activate the SmartBidet by activating the skin sensor. How do you do that? Just sit on the seat. Use any of our features with the remote control and place it onto the holder mounted next to the wall. Did you accidentally leave the remote on the other side of the bathroom? No worries! Use the most used functions (Stop, Posterior Wash, and Feminine Wash) on the Simple Operation Panel on your right side.

Our algorithm highly rates the SmartBidet SB-100R for its customizable features that make it a perfect fit for anyone seeking personalized comfort. It's 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle self-cleanses, ensuring hygiene. For those needing adjustable settings and high levels of cleanliness, this is a top choice.

The SmartBidet offers several wash modes ✅. Your experience gets enhanced as you find the most appropriate wash mode for your needs. It's not just a product; it's a personal hygiene journey you'll come to trust and appreciate. Be aware though, the SB-100R doesn’t come with an air dryer.

VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat with Self-Cleaning Nozzle for Rear and Front Cleansing, Warm Air Dryer with Adjustable Temperature Settings, Soft Close Lid, Nightlight

VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat: Self-Cleaning Nozzle, Warm Air Dryer, Adjustable Temp, Soft Close Lid, Nightlight


SIMPLE OPERATION - The multi-functional rotary knob on the right side of the toilet seat allows you to change the rinsing modes, start the warm air dryer, and control the lights easily; When rinsing, you can press the button to switch the mode from regular, powerful to massage cleaning; After rinsing, you can press the button to start the warm air function, which is simple to operate even by children and elders

Our top pick from all the smart bidet toilet seats is surely the VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat. It's not only the self-cleaning nozzle for thorough hygiene that makes this item stand out, but also the adjustable temperature of the water and the warm air dryer. Deluxe, isn't it? You will particularly adore the nightlight feature for those late-night visits to the loo without disturbing your peaceful sleep.

What puts it a notch above the SmartBidet SB 100R is the power failure feature. Meaning, even during a blackout, you can still use the posterior rinsing and feminine rinsing options, ensuring uninterrupted cleanliness. The product is also cheaper and lighter/ more compact than the SmartBidet SB. If you're anyone who loves comfort while ensuring top hygiene, this product has got your back. It is extremely ideal for elderly people and women, as it's designed for easy operation without the need for a plumber.

GenieBidet Electric Heated Smart Bidet -Unlimited Warm Water-Self Cleaning-Heated Seat-Elongated-Wireless Remote Control-Convenient Nightlight-Oscillating Wash. USA Customer Support/Service.

GenieBidet Electric Heated Smart Bidet - Your Ultimate Comfort Upgrade

by GenieBidet

Gentle Cleansing - Your bum needs delicate care - thats why each warm water bidet spray allows water pressure and temperature, drying temperature, and seat temperature customization. Night pottying? Our heated bidet attachment for toilets has got you covered with its nightlight.

We've been blown away by the GenieBidet Electric Heated Smart Bidet. It stands out for its customizable features and smart technology, most notably the wireless remote control, which adds a sense of modern convenience and luxury that most other models don't offer. The built-in nightlight is a practical addition that ensures you will have a well-lit bathroom environment during nighttime visits. We highly recommend this product for its smart and user-friendly design.

Contrary to the VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat, the GenieBidet offers unlimited warm water, a big plus for those who prefer a continuous warm wash. However, unlike the VIVOHOME bidet, the GenieBidet has an oscillating wash function that might take some getting used to.

If you are looking for a high-tech bidet that combines functionality and luxury, look no further. This product will be most useful for people who value comfort, hygiene, and smart technology in their daily lives. You'll appreciate the self-cleaning feature of the GenieBidet, as it ensures a clean nozzle after every use. Not to mention, its heated seat will make your bathroom experience cozy and comfortable.


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