10 Best Electric Coolers
for October 2023

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Are you a savvy shopper seeking out the crème de la crème of electric coolers? Buckle up, for we have meticulously analyzed numerous products in this space to present you with the epitome of the '10 Best Electric Coolers.’ Our smart algorithm—affectionately named MOOZ—helps to rank these gadgets based on their quality, functionality, cost, and customer feedback. A little bird told us that you fancy an easier shopping expedition; we're here to grant your wish!

In the midst of these magnificent contraptions, Rigstne Electric Cooler Bag, boasts a 12V Thermoelectric Cooler and an 18L capacity – enough for 20 cans! Honourable mentions also go to Coleman Electric Cooler with an impressive 40-Quart capacity, and the sleek-looking Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler. These products have ascended our ranks not only because they outshine most in their glacial chill, but their versatility and portability make them irresistible for any avid traveller or picnic aficionado.

Before we let you dive into our carefully curated assortment, we think you'd be intrigued by the K-box Electric Cooler & Warmer with Wheels & Handle. This gem is conveniently located at the bottom of our list, its unique selling point lies in its perfect balance of capacity, versatility and convenience. The 45 L thermoelectric fridge is designed for vehicles and trucks but can also be plugged into a standard home power source. It seems to be constructed keeping camping and travel enthusiasts in mind. Your knowledge quest has been beautifully set up here, we invite you to proceed to the full list and pick the perfect electric cooler for your next adventure!

Rigstne Electric Cooler Bag, 12V Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer Plug in for Vehicles, Portable Cooler Refrigerator for Car, RV, and Camping Use, 18L/20 Cans Capacity

Rigstne Electric Cooler Bag: Portable 12V Cooler Warmer for Vehicles, Car, RV, Camping Use

Built in light8.7
Heat output8.9
Light weight9.7
Low light8.5
Storage Capacity8.8

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Travel light with this electric cooler weighing only 3.5 lb. Packed into the salad and cans of soda, take our electric cooler up and you will feel more effortless than other unwieldy coolers. Increases your trip more conveniency.

Rigstne Electric Cooler Bag effortlessly claimed our first spot and rightfully so. Its superior cooling/warming technology due to the high-performance EPE foam insulation and built-in thermoelectric device is second to none. Can you imagine, in just 20 minutes, your drinks or food can transition from average temperature to precisely the right cool or warm. Offering a chill up to 46F below ambient temperature and a maximum warmth of 140F, it's truly a portable wonder.

Moreover, the compact dimensions yet spacious 18L capacity, accommodating up to 20 cans of soda, makes it a perfect mate for your road trips or camping adventures. And guess what, no ice needed! How about plugging it into your 12V DC adapter and forgetting about the rest? Yes, Rigstne Electric Cooler Bag simply does it for you. Your food and drinks will thank you every time you reach for them in this dynamic, temperature-controlled haven.

Coleman Electric Cooler | 40-Quart Portable PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

Coleman Electric Cooler - Portable PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler for Convenient Cooling Needs

by Newell Brands
Picture quality9.8
Popularity & Sales9.3
Storage Capacity9.3
Temperature Control9.4

8-foot power cord allows you to the power the cooler with a car or boat outlet

Discover the second favorite on our list, the Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler. Our algorithms rumbled with delight at this power-packed offering; its key features shimmering high above others. With its ability to keep your items up to 40 degrees colder than the surrounding environment, Coleman brings a chill factor that's as frosty as your drinks ought to be. Additionally, with its generous 40-quart capacity, you'll rarely be short on space - it comfortably accommodates up to 44 cans.

In the labyrinthine world of portable coolers, the PowerChill's hallmark is its distinct versatility. This electric gem goes beyond temperature control; the clever design allows door access from both left and right, giving you greater placement flexibility. Coupled with the nifty thermoelectric technology that ensures your food stays at an optimal temperature, it becomes evident why this cooler is our second favorite. Its masterstroke - blending high functionality with unprecedented ease - guarantees that your outdoor adventures remain as crisp as the beverages it houses.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer, 18 qt (17 L), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Cooler/Warmer for Travel and Camping - 18 qt (17 L), Plug in 12V Car Fridge

by Koolatron
Built in light9.8
Easy to use9.4
Light weight8.9
Low light8.6
Storage Capacity8.8
Temperature Control8.7

Practical and Durable Design: Features a latch-free lid that can be opened with one hand for grab and go convenience, fold-away handle, cord storage, protective exterior, and stain-resistant lining

Coming in at number three in our renowned ranking list, Koolatron's Electric Portable Cooler/Warmer is a breath of fresh Canadian air that has graced the crowded market space with its unique offerings. Unmatched in its adaptable efficiency, this cooler/warmer duo stands out for its versatility, conveniently switching between cooling and warming modes depending on your needs. Imagine, whether hitting the road or chilling by the beach, your drinks remain refreshingly cold or your food stays comfortingly warm. Isn't that the ultimate convenience you seek?

Furthermore, this piece doesn't compromise on capacity at all, impressively housing up to 23 standard soft drink cans in its spacious 17 L (18 qt) interior. The cherry on top is its eco-friendly nature, operating remarkably below your vehicle's taillight power. The 12V DC adapter feature adds another feather to its cap, solidifying the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler/Warmer, as a worthy contender on your shopping list.

Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler/Warmer 29 qt (27 L), Electric Portable Car Fridge w/ 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White, Travel Road Trips Camping Fishing Trucking, Made in North America

Koolatron 29 qt Electric Cooler/Warmer – Perfect for Travel, Camping, and Trucking. Made in North America

by Koolatron
Easy to use8.3
Lock Feature8.8
Storage Capacity8.3
Temperature Control9.8

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique cooler's secure sliding door lock lets you use it either as a classic ice chest-style cooler or placed on its side as a portable front-opening mini refrigerator

We're in awe of the Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler/Warmer . It's an exceptional piece that sets itself apart in all ways. Why? Well, picture yourself on a hot day. You just need that one cool drink to keep you refreshed, but no fridge in sight. Ah, but you have your car, and there lies the Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler/Warmer. Isn't it your saviour?

Now, this isn't just an ordinary cooler. Embedded with thermoelectric technology, it efficiently cools down to 40F (22C) below the surrounding temperature. What about those cold nights? Oh, it got you covered as well. It smartly adapts to become a warmer, heating up to 135F (57C). How cool is that? Trips would become even more thrilling for travelers, campers, and truckers with this robust, handy gadget. This made-in-North-America gem should surely be in your car.

RoadPro RP5370 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler Bag - Portable Camping 12V Electric Cooler for Camping Tailgating Traveling Plug in Cooler - Black & Gray

RoadPro RP5370 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler Bag - Portable Electric Cooler for Camping & Travel

by RoadPro
Easy to clean8.3
Easy to use9.8
Temperature Control9.2

Dual carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy travel

Here at MOOZ, we were intrigued by the RoadPro RP5370 12-Volt Cooler Bag. This isn't just any cooler bag; this is a powerful, portable, food and drink haven for any outdoorsy types. Its ability to plug directly into a 12-volt power port, maintaining a cool 35 degrees below ambient temperature is just impressive. Imagine that, your drinks and perishables chilling, without an icebox in sight!

For the motorhome maverick, the seasoned fisherman or the tailgating superstar, we’re looking at you. This electric cooler bag is most useful for you and your unpredictable, off-grid adventures. The collapsible design makes packing hassle-free while the powered insulation ensures your refreshments stay cold even unplugged. So go ahead and be spontaneous, the RoadPro cooler bag has got your back!

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 45 qt (42 L),No Ice Thermo Electric portable Fridge for camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Cooler: Portable 45 qt Car Cooler/Warmer for Camping and Travel

by Koolatron
Easy to use7.6
Storage Capacity8.7
Temperature Control9.6

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique cooler's secure magnetic door seal and removable shelves let you position it either as a classic chest-style cooler or on its side as a front-opening mini-fridge

The very first thing that MOOZ found interesting about the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler was its dual-function, warming and cooling, an excellent innovation. The cooler is capable of efficiently cooling to 40F below the surrounding temperature, or warming to 135F which may seem uncanny. You don’t have to worry about your drinks warming up on a hot day, or your lunch getting cold on a frosty winter day – you get to maintain just the right temperature!

The Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler fits perfectly into your car or truck, thanks to its 12V DC adapter. If you're always on the go for long trips, this portable miracle with a capacity to hold around 57 standard soft drink cans is just what you need. Thanks to its unique domed lid, you can store even taller items. This very feature makes it a great fit for frequent travelers, truck drivers, and camping enthusiasts. You essentially convey refreshments without the difficulty of depleting ice or the hassle of stopping for food and drink on the way.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 36 qt (34 L), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Cooler: Portable 12V Car Cooler/Warmer for Camping and Road Trips

by Koolatron
Easy to use7.3
Storage Capacity8.2
Temperature Control8.9

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique coolers secure magnetic door seal and removable shelves let you position it either as a classic chest-style cooler or on its side as a front-opening mini-fridge

First off, our algorithm found the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in truly fascinating. It's a Canadian-made, dual-function, thermoelectric cooler/warmer that has made it on our list due to its versatile functionality. It's an intelligently designed product meant to offer an excellent chilling effect and yet, where required, warm up to a reasonable 135F. Its vast capacity - up to 57 standard soft drink cans is another appealing feature to consider.

One key benefit of this appliance is the fact that it plugs into any 12V outlet. It's specially designed for all travel enthusiasts, campers and truckers who crave chilled beverages or warm food on the go. Coupled with its potent adaptability, it also comes in a sleek gray/white design adding visual appeal to its functional brilliance. Our algorithms are confident that you’ll appreciate this nifty piece of technology.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 29 qt (27 L), No Ice Thermo Electric portable Fridge for camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Portable Electric Cooler/Warmer - 29 qt (27 L) - Ideal for Camping, Travel, and Road Trips

by Koolatron
Easy to use8.9
Lock Feature6.7
Storage Capacity7.6
Temperature Control8.8

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique cooler's secure sliding door lock lets you use it either as a classic ice chest-style cooler or placed on its side as a portable front-opening mini refrigerator

Our smart algorithms and tenacious product testers were truly impressed with the Koolatron Electric 12V Car Cooler/Warmer. It’s that particular feature of both cooling and warming capability through its dual-function thermoelectric technology that piqued our interest. You can store up to 48 soft drink cans in it, perfect for those long trips where cold drinks are a must, and at the same time, keep take-out food warm during the journey back home. Whether it's cold or warm storage you desire, this gadget excels.

This handy portable device is perfect for road trips, camping, or using in your truck. It also plugs directly into any 12V outlet in your vehicle, making it super convenient. For drivers or those who are regularly on the road, this is an essential tool to have. Imagine the liberty you would have when you hold the power to preserve the freshness and temperature of your food and drinks, right there with you, inside your car. Now, that’s what we call driving in comfort!

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler Bag, 26 qt (25 L) Black/Gray Soft-Sided Portable Car Fridge w/DC Power Cord, Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Cord Storage, Travel Fishing Trucking Road Trip.

Portable 12V Electric Cooler Bag - Keep Food and Drinks Cool on the Go!

by Koolatron
Built in light9.5
Easy to use8.2
Storage Capacity6.9

Practical Travel Solution: Durable fabric exterior, easy to clean interior, dual carry handles, and adjustable shoulder strap, make this cooler lightweight and easy to carry

MOOZ discerned this Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler as a perfect companion for anyone frequently on the road, especially drivers, road trip enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers. Inherently impressive with its Iceless Thermoelectric technology, it seamlessly keeps your drinks chilled and food fresh, even in the hot sun, making your journey more enjoyable.

Among its many features, it boasts a Plug in 12V Car Cooler Bag that runs efficiently in any vehicle, ultimately using less power than your vehicle's tail light. But what elevates this electric cooler from ordinary is its remarkable 25.3 L (26.7 qt) capacity which can effortlessly accommodate up to 23 standard soft drink cans. Coupled with an adjustable shoulder strap, it empowers you to take your cooler wherever you need with ease. All these fascinating features are neatly bundled in this trend-setting hi-tech cooler.

K-box Electric Cooler & Warmer with Wheels & Handle |48 Quart (45 L) Portable Thermoelectric Fridge For vehicles & Trucks| 110V AC Home Power Cord & 12V Car Adapter for Camping, Travel & Picnics

Portable Electric Cooler & Warmer for Vehicles, Trucks, Camping & Travel - 48 Quart

by Koozam
Easy to use8.6
Heat output8.2
Material quality8.7
Storage Capacity7.3

DOUBLE HANDLES AND WHEELED: Two handles and wheels make it easy to carry or pull. A dual functioning handle allows you to carry your cooler in hand or pull it on the ground using the wheels.

Oh, have we got an exciting find for our camping and road trip enthusiasts! The K-box Electric Cooler and Warmer is a dream-come-true for every travel lover out there. Even our smart algorithms find its ability to maintain a cool 40F without any ice impressive, it being, in essence, a portable mini fridge and heater. The freedom from incessant ice pack refilling and the avoidance of watery messes is undoubtedly the cherry on top!

Imagine being on the road or camping out and having more than ample space to store all your drinks. The K-box won our hearts with its vast storage space that can easily hold 60 cans of soda or a combination of two-liter bottles and cans. Now, isn't that something you'd love for your next weekends getaway?


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