10 Best Electric Snow Blowers
for December 2023

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As the winter chills approach, gears buzz, and snowfall indicators light up, your need for a reliable snow blower becomes imminent. These saviors of your driveways and walkways herald a revolution in snow management, especially the electric ones. With noiseless operation, zero emission, and simple maintenance, they have indeed redefined our combat against snow. Across the states, over 15% households entrust their show shoveling chores to these handy appliances, leading to a remarkable spike in their sales annually.

Everyone loves an easy-to-use, compact snow blower that's light on the pocket, doesn't it sound like a dream? The best part is, such products do exist and we've made a list, as curated by MOOZ.

Wait! Before you scroll further, you definitely need to check the high-performer tucked away at the end of our list. Introducing the AlphaWorks Snow Thrower/Handheld Electric Shovel: it's not only cordless and lightweight for ease of use, but it also flaunts a clearing power of 10" x 5", a throwing distance of a whopping 25 feet, and an impressive capacity of 300 lbs/min. Talk about efficiency wrapped in a compact design! Now, go ahead, explore our list and find your perfect snow-fight companion.

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Walk-Behind Snow Blower w/ Dual LED Lights, 22-inch, 15-Amp

Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower: 22-inch, 15-Amp Walk-Behind with Dual LED Lights

by Snow Joe

[VERSATILE]: Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways

Why is the Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Blower leading our list? This power-packed device clears a 22-in x 13-in path in a single swoop, making it an unmatched ally in confronting snowy winters.

Imagine not straining anymore through the dead of winter, trudging behind this metallic beast. Its 15-amp electric motor can move a staggering 25 tons/hr of snow, helping you to swiftly make sense of your snow-laden driveway. With dual LED lights, it embraces the night, letting you reclaim your outdoor spaces anytime. Its all-steel auger fearlessly cuts through the muffling thick snow. Remember, it's the type meant for Light, Fluffy snow. But, isn't that what most snowfall is like at your place?

Snow Joe SJ618E-P2 Electric Walk-Behind Single-Stage Snow Blower, 18-inch, 13-Amp

Snow Joe Electric 18-inch Single-Stage Snow Blower: Powerful 13-Amp Machine for Clearing Snow

by Snow Joe

[VERSATILE]: Ideal for quick snow pickups on small to mid-sized driveways and walkways

Wondering why the Snow Joe Electric Walk-Behind Snow Blower snagged the second spot on our list? The mighty power of its 13-amp motor is truly impressive, capable of moving up to 550 lbs of snow per minute. This feature is one to truly marvel at, effortlessly making your drive way slip-free in the chilliest of blizzards.

The Snow Joe blower also boasts a 2-blade auger that can withstand the harshest cold while effectively clearing an 18-inch wide and 8-inch deep path in a single pass. Plus, the no-maintenance promise of no gas, oil, or tune-ups necessary for running this machine makes this your trusty, fuss-free buddy in every winter storm. Let's not overlook the brand's stellar two-year warranty, ensuring that you enjoy a worry-free winter landscape cleanup. The Snow Joe Electric Blower truly is an essential addition for your winter tool shed.


Why is the EGO Power+ Snow Blower holding the third spot on MOOZ’s list? It's all about its unique combination of Power and Performance. Picture this, you're amidst a harsh snowfall. Suddenly, you remember the strong EGO Power+ SNT2112 Snow Blower in your garage. Equipped with Peak Power technology, it employs twin 56V ARC Lithium batteries that can hurl the snow as far as 40 ft.

Imagine your driveway engulfed in ice and snow. Rather than grabbing a shovel, you turn to your snow blower. Its high-efficiency brushless motor and steel auger carve through the winter mess 50% faster than other snow blowers out there. Each pass it makes clears a path 21 in. wide. Furthermore, the variable speed auger control lets you adjust the snow throwing speed to your liking. Without a doubt, the EGO Power+ Snow Blower has you covered, even in the trickiest weather conditions.

SuperHandy Electric Snow Thrower Walk-Behind Blower Corded AC 120V 15A 18 x 10 Inch Clearing Path 25 Feet Throwing Distance 720 lbs/Min LED Headlights for Driveway Walking Path Yards

SuperHandy Electric Snow Blower for Easy Driveway and Pathway Clearing

by SuperHandy

DESIGN FEATURES - This electric snow blower utilizies a Adjustable 180 degree capable Rotating Discharge Chute that removes the snow upto 25 feet away; The Curved 2-Blade Cold and Abrasion Resistant Polypropylene Auger Blades, makes quick work of snow clearing while saving you the time and labor and the ergonomic handle allows for comfort of use without breaking your back

Ever tirelessly shoveled a mid-sized driveway, hands numb and back aching? Well, the SuperHandy Electric Snow Thrower is a revelation for you. Its all-electric brushless motor can clear a whopping 720lbs of snow per minute, a feature that we absolutely adore. The machine's throwing distance of 25 feet and an 18x10 inch clearing path makes your snow removal a breeze.

What impresses us the most is how this snowblower merges power with environmental consciousness. Imagine this snowy evening, you route your way through the hard snow, the soft glow from LED headlights guiding your path, and the only sound is the reassuring hum of your SuperHandy snow blower. This device is perfect for those living in areas with mid-to-large sized snow clearing jobs. With this snow thrower, wintry snow removal shifts from chore to satisfaction.

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch, 48-Volt IONMAX Cordless Snow Blower Kit (w/ 2 x 4.0-Ah Batteries + Charger)

Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower Kit: Efficient 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower with 48-Volt Power

by Snow Joe

[POWERFUL]: 1200 W brushless motor clears up to 14 tons of snow per charge

Revolutionizing the way you tackle winter worries, behold the Snow Joe IONMAX Cordless Snow Blower as per MOOZ's analysis. Upon examining, MOOZ found one element that stood out from other snow blower brands, the battery-powered feature. This opens up a new experience for you. Without the trudge of cord pulling or gas refilling, your wintry mornings become less of a struggle.

In terms of its power, Snow Joe's 48V power fueled with 2x 4.0-Ah batteries makes it a mighty beast. Imagine having 40 minutes of charge at your disposal. The stand-out contender makes clearing out an 18 wide and 10 deep path in a single pass, lighting up your night-time clearing with a 2W LED headlight. These robust features make it concocted especially for those who live in heavy snowfall areas and value ease and speed when it comes to snow removal. Enjoy winters hassle-free with Snow Joe!

PowerSmart Self-Propelled Cordless Snow Blower Included Battery and Charger, 24-Inch, 80-Volt, 2-Stage Snow Thrower with Steel Auger

80V Cordless Electric Snow Blower - PowerSmart's Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Thrower for easy snow removal

by Amerisun Inc.

2 Stage Snow Blower: Maximum snow pushing distance of up to 50 ft, powerful 13-inch rear wheels, LED light.

Our top-tied snow remover has got to be the PowerSmart Self-Propelled Snow Blower. What initially fascinated us and made our algorithm giddy was the heavy-duty steel auger ready to tackle the meanest of snowstorms. PowerSmart equipped this bad boy with an 80-volt, 6.0Ah lithium battery, freeing you from the bonds of gas-guzzling engines and pesky maintenance- your ride just got greener and cleaner, you eco-warrior, you! And get this - it can dig a car-free path through an 8 to 12-inch bed of snow; enough to clear an 18-car driveway! This might be perfect for snow-drowning regions, especially for those with large driveways or parking spaces.

Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower, 2600502

Greenworks 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower: Powerful corded machine for easily clearing snow

by Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC

Adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable ; Easy electric start for hassle free operation

What intrigued us most about the Greenworks 13 Amp Snow Blower is its powerful 13 amp motor, a real standout in the world of eco-friendly gas alternatives. Imagine, you're effortlessly clearing a 20-inch path through a winter wonderland with a 10-inch depth, discharging snow up to 20-feet, all with the ease of 7-inch wheels. This is certainly a win for the environmentally conscious, snowy climate dweller. Note, though, folks, it's strictly a 120 volt device.

Earthwise Power Tools by ALM 20-Volt 12-Inch Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

Earthwise Power Tools by ALM 12-Inch Cordless Electric Snow Thrower - Efficient Snow Removal Solution

by American Lawn Mower Company

Earthwise cordless snow thrower that is lightweight and easy to use on decks, sidewalks, and driveways

Patching through to you from our top-notch algorithmic rotations is the Earthwise 20-Volt 12-Inch Snow Thrower. A sheer beacon of unrelenting power, this beauty of a machine packs enough punch to move an astonishing 300lbs of snow per minute! Talk about hustle in the ice, right? An exceptional feature that immediately caught our attention was the dual-blade auger, enhancing the efficiency game by a mile and a half. Coupled with a robust brushless motor, this snow thrower is a must-have for those living in snow-prone regions or those who wish to tackle heavy snowfalls without breaking a sweat. Its handy 12" clearing width and an impressive 25' snow throwing distance will have you tackling the harshest blizzards like they're nothing but a soft winter's flurry. Looking for the best in battery-operated snow-throwing prowess? Your search ends here, with the Earthwise 20-Volt Snow Thrower.

EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower with Peak Power Battery and Charger Not Included, Black

EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled Electric Snow Blower - Powerful and Efficient

by EGO Power+

200-degree rear chute control; rear chute deflector

At MOOZ, the EGO SNT2400 24 in. truly caught our eyes with its powerful independent brushless motors. With its self-propel design and a meticulously crafted variable auger speed control, it throws a night's worth of snow up to 50 feet away! Anyone having to clear a snowy driveway at night will appreciate the promise of such prowess.

In the right hands, this gem of technology brings ease to those living in heavy snowfall areas. The bright LED headlights promise increased visibility for your nightly snow-fighting escapades. Do remember to stock up on those 7.5Ah ARC Lithium batteries, as the EGO SNT2400 sips them eficiently. Your snow struggle can be a thing of the past with this innovative weather-resistant product.

AlphaWorks Snow Thrower/Handheld Electric Shovel, Cordless DC 20V, Removable Battery, Lightweight | 10

AlphaWorks Electric Snow Blower - Cordless DC 20V, Lightweight for Efficient Snow Clearing

by GCM

SUPERIOR UNIQUE FEATURES - At the push of a button this lightweight and compact electric shovel allows for easy operation and the Adjustable Ergonomic Handle allow for comfort of use and the Curved Dual Auger Blades make quick work of snow clearing, while saving you the time and labor, without breaking your back

Stepping into the snowy season, our algorithm loved the ticking of all right boxes by the AlphaWorks Snow Thrower. It's an electric powered 'showel' that turns clearing the snow from your space into a piping hot piece of pie! With a 20V all electric motor, it gets rid of 300lbs of snow per minute, making it perfect for those with large residential or light commercial spaces. It’s the machine for you when your morning starts with a snow-covered driveway. And the best part? It's cordless and runs on a removable battery. Enjoy!


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