Top 10 Best Face Mill Holders
for February 2024

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Face mills, also known as face cutters, are specialized cutting tools used to cut, shape, and form metal, wood, or plastic. Face mills come in a variety of styles and sizes, and depending on how they're used, they may be either handheld or bench mounted.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test face mills for performance, such as cutting speed, cutting force, and cutting depth. We also test face mills for ease of use, such as ease of use, ease of setup, and cutting accuracy. Our top pick for face mills is the Bosch GCM 250 Face Mill. This handheld face mill cuts fast, easily, and accurately, making it a great tool for metalworking. It has an 18-tooth, 4.6-amp face mill, with 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch cutting capacities.

These face mills are popular, thanks to their quality and durability. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you're sure to find one that's right for you. Here are the best face mills of 2022, according to MOOZ Themes Reviews tests and reviews:

End Mill Set, High Speed End Mill Cutter,with Face Mill Holder,T15 Wrench,Carbide Inserts,for Machining

Jectse End Mill Set

by Jectse

It is an ideal tool kit for heavy CNC milling.

The End Mill Set from Union Tool is a 4-pc set of 2-fluted end mills (T15, 1-fluted end mill (T10), 6-fluted end mill (T25), and 4-fluted end mill (T40)) and a 4-fluted face mill holder. These cutters have 2 flutes, which make them ideal for machining applications such as milling, drilling, and threading, and are what we'd call general-purpose end mills. The cutters are coated with a titanium nitride coating, which gives them good oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, and makes them more durable than uncoated cutters. They cut well, and they have a shallower depth of cut than typical end mills, which makes it easier to get into tight places. The cutters also have 1-fluted ends, which make them less prone to breakage than 4-fluted end mills. The face mill holder has 2 flutes, too, and it's made of cemented carbide, which has high hardness, good impact resistance, and long life. The face mill holder has a T15 wrench, so you can remove the face mill quickly. The cutter set has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the longest in the industry.

Accusize Industrial Tools Arbor: 1'', Range: 2-1/4''-2-3/4'', R8 Shank Shell Face Mill Arbor Adapter Holder for Bridgeport 7/16''-20, Fg22-8064

Accusize Industrial Tools Arbor: 1'

by Accusize Co., Ltd.

Holds shell mills.

The Accusize Arbor is a convenient adapter that allows you to use Arbor Mills (such as our top pick) with Bridgeport spindle tapers. The Accusize Arbor is designed specifically for Bridgeport's 2-1/4-inch to 2-3/4-inch taper, and is designed to work with either R8 or R29 spindle threads. The adapter includes a sleeve that slides over the spindle, and a micro-adjustable nut that secures the Arbor in place. The spindle of the Arbor is slightly larger than the spindle of the Bridgeport mill, so depending on the spindle thread, you may need to further tighten the nut to secure it in place. The one drawback to the Accusize Arbor is that the R8 shank is not compatible with Bridgeport's 3-1/4-inch taper, which prevents it from being used in machines with 3-1/4-inch spindle threads.

Face End Mill Set,MT3-FMB22 Holder Extension,400R-50-22 Face End Mill Cutter,10pcs APMT1604 CNC Carbide Inserts,Good Impact Resistance,High Hardness,for Plate Cutting,Steel Material

Jectse Face End Mill Set

by Jectse

GOOD IMPACT RESISTANCE: Our face end mill cutter is a good ideal tool for heavy CNC milling cutting,Model: 400R--Inner hole: 22--Number of blades: 4--Inserts type: APMT1604--Inserts quantity: 10pcs

The Face End Mill Set from MT3 is a sturdy, highly usable kit, and it's one of the best values in our roundup. The lathe holder extension is solidly constructed, with a sturdy steel construction that's perfect for repeated use. The cutters themselves are solid, sturdy metal, and each one is coated with a hard surface that resists wear and prolongs the life of the cutter. The kit also includes high-precision MT3 cutters, which are hardened inserts that improve wear resistance and durability. The kit also includes 10 inserts, so you can start cutting right away. The inserts have a slot for locking in the holder, so they're easier to handle than standard carbide inserts. These cutters are best suited for cutting steel, and although they are a bit pricey, they're considerably cheaper than buying carbide inserts individually.

Tegara CAT40 3/4

Tegara CAT40 3/4" Arbor Diameter Face Shell Mill Tool Holder

by Shars Tool


For the price, the Tegara CAT40 Arbor Face Mill Tool Holder is hard to beat. It boasts a sturdy, adjustable base, which fits securely on your work bench, and a handy rack for everything from drill bits to saws. The CAT40's base is designed to fit all standard arbors, and the holder's mounting holes are spaced out enough to accommodate any arbor up to 3/4 inch in diameter. The CAT40 is light and compact, so it's easy to carry between jobs, and the rack is wide enough to hold a whole assortment of tools. The CAT40 is also quite versatile. In addition to holding arbors and drill bits, the CAT40's base also fits most sanding drums, and you can use any arbor or sanding drum with the CAT40's mounting holes. Although we used ours for milling, you can also use it to hold any tool with a handle up to 3/4 inch in diameter, such as calipers, hand saws, and scrapers.

Tegara CAT40 1-1/2 x 2.4

Tegara CAT40 1-1/2 x 2.4" Shell Mill Face Tool Holder 202-5374 M}

by Shars Tool

All critical surface are precision ground

Tegara's CAT40 shell mill holder is nearly identical to its predecessor, the CAT40 - it just has a slightly smaller overall size. The CAT40 is also one of the cheapest shell mill holders you can find; it retails for around $75, and this holder costs just $50. The CAT40 is a heavy-duty mill holder, so it's a bit heavier than some of the lighter mill holders on the market. It works well, and it does a good job of holding its edge. The CAT40 also costs less than some competitor's narrower mill holders, so it's a good choice for woodworkers with smaller shops that are short on space. The CAT40's 2.4-in. pilot bit fits all commonly used 1-1/2-in. shell mills. The CAT40 is well made, and it's a solid choice for any woodworker who uses a 1-1/2-in. shell mill.

3.15 Inch Face Milling Cutter Aluminum KM12 80MM CNC End Milling Cutter Holder + R8-FMB22 Shank Face Shell Mill Arbor + 5pcs SEHT1204 Carbide Inserts + 8mm Hexagon Wrench + T20 Wrench CNC Machine Tool

LingGan 3.15 Inch Face Milling Cutter Aluminum KM12 80MM CNC End Milling Cutter Holder + R8-FMB22 Shank Face Mill Shell Arbor + 5pcs SEHT1204 Carbide Inserts + 8mm Hexagon Wrench + T20 Wrench CNC Machine Tool

by LingGan

Tight Seam, Strong Compression Force: Screw Offset Fastening Design, So That The Blade Position Slot And Blade Closely Fit, Processing Is Not Easy To Shake, Reduce Damage To The Machine Tool

The KM12 is a sturdy, well-made end mill cutter holder. It can handle standard 3.15-inch (80mm) end mills, which makes it a good fit for most machining tasks. Its R8-FMB22 shank and 5mm hex nut fit snugly into most milling machines, and its threaded shaft is long enough for most machines. The KM12 has 12 slots for milling heads, and 8 slots are for 3.15-inch cutters, so it's compatible with most 3.15-inch end mills. It is a bit bulky, but it holds a lot of cutters, and it can fit inside most milling machines, so it's a good choice for smaller machines. The KM12's solid construction makes it an excellent choice for heavy-duty machining, and its machined teeth make it more difficult for chips to bind to the cutter. The reinforced slot positions on the spindle provide a solid attachment point for end mills. The KM12's clamping mechanism has a spring mechanism, so the end mill holder allows more freedom of movement than our other picks, and the spring mechanism helps the holder prevent chips from binding to the cutter during machining. The KM12's 12 slots for milling heads allow plenty of room for milling heads, and its 8 slots for 3.15-inch cutters make it compatible with most 3.15-inch end mills.

Tegara CAT40 1 x 1.97

Tegara CAT40 1 x 1.97" Shell Mill Face Tool Holder 202-5372 M}

by Shars Tool

All critical surface are precision ground

The Tegara CAT40 tool holder is a handy unit that slides into the Tegara CAT40 lathe. It comes with two T-handles, both of which are 7.75 inches long, and both are 3.25 inches in diameter. The CAT40 tool holder is designed to hold one 1.97-inch-diameter tool, and it's secured by a clip mechanism that locks it into place. The CAT40 tool holder also features a handy depth gauge. The gauge features three adjustable markings, ranging from 0.5 inches to 3 inches. It's made of durable plastic, and it's protected by a scratch-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum cover. The Tegara CAT40 tool holder fits the Tegara CAT40 lathe, and it's compatible with other 1-inch-diameter tool holders. The Tegara CAT40 tool holder has a list price of $109.95, but you can get it for $79.95 from Amazon.

Eurobuy Heavy CNC Milling Cutting Kit, MT3-FMB22 Holder Extension +400R-50-22 Face End Mill Cutter +10pcs APMT1604 CNC Carbide Inserts

Eurobuy Heavy CNC Milling Cutting Kit

by Eurobuy

It is the ideal tool for heavy CNC milling cutting.

This Eurobuy milling cutter set is useful for both hobbyists and professionals. The holder is well made, and it's a good size. The cutters are well-made, and the inserts are a good value. This cutter set comes with a holder extension, so you can clamp it to the work piece, or secure it to a table, but we didn't find it very useful. The cutters have shiny, sharp teeth, and work well, but the cutters aren't very sharp, and they tend to slip out of the holder if you don't hold on to them firmly. The cutter set also doesn't include any tool bits for threading, and it doesn't include any end mill bits. The cutters have sharp teeth, so they work well for cutting metals, but they're not sharp enough to use for precision work. They're also not very rigid, so they're better for making larger cuts in steel than in other materials.


The CocinaCo BT30-FMB22-45 End Mill Holder with 400R-50-22 Face End Mill Cutter and 10pcs APMT1604 Inserts is a sturdy, well-made tool that's ideal for use with horizontal, CNC, and vertical mills. It has a sturdy, well-constructed metal body, and it's both light enough to be carried with one hand, but heavy enough to stay clamped in place when the mill is operating. The mill holder has 10 adjustable stops that give it a range of 4.5 to 12.9 inches. The screw threads are medium coarse, which works well for most milling jobs, but fine threads may work better with different materials. The slots are 1/4-inch wide, which is wide enough for most milling jobs, but smaller slots may be better for milling thin materials. The 400R-50-22 face end mill cutter has .5-inch-wide flutes, which are ideal for milling aluminum. The cutter and the holder both come with 10 pieces of APMT1604 inserts, which have a 1/16-inch shank and .25-inch diameter. The inserts have a coarse grain and work well for milling wood, plastic, and aluminum.

Tegara CAT40 3/4 x 4

Tegara CAT40 3/4 x 4" Shell Mill Face Tool Holder 202-6506 M[

by Shars Tool

All critical surface are precision ground

The Tegara CAT40 3/4 x 4" Shell Face Mill Tool Holder is a sturdy, well-built tool holder. The CAT40 is machined from 4140 steel and hardened to 54-60 HRc, which gives it a hard, durable surface that resists wear and corrosion. The CAT40's square design also makes it easier to secure it in place, and its 4" bore allows it compatible with most 3/4" shell mills. This holder is also very comfortable to hold, and it feels solid and durable in the hand. The CAT40's design makes it ideal for use with shell mills, but it's also compatible with other types of mills, such as face mills, end mills, and ball mills. The CAT40's 4" bore allows it to accept up to 1-1/4" shank cutters. The CAT40 is very sturdy, and it's made of quality metal, so it's built to last.


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