5 Famous Web Colors That Generate Clicks

5 Famous Web Colors That Generate Clicks

Human beings are quite eccentric creatures. We are affected by almost everything in our surroundings. Our organic composition and mind react to whatever it interacts with. The behavior varies from case to case. Our moods are dependent upon our interaction with the environment. The colors our eyes are exposed to contribute a great deal in shaping our decision making and other actions. The same principle can be applied in the field of web design as well where colors play a significant role in determining the reaction and decision making of your intended audience.

Just like a bull can be instigated into action by showing a red color, human beings can also be induced into performing specific desirable activities through the proper use of color and hue. Every color has an indirect and unique effect on how we react to a particular exposure. That is why designers need to learn and understand the psychology of color and its effects on human behavior.

This post will narrate you about the five most commonly used and famous colors in the field of web design and how they aid in generating traffic by persuading visitors to click wherever you want them to.

1. Red

The example I mentioned regarding red color, and the bull signifies the intensity of this color. Using it in web design can portray a sense of dynamism and strength. From a business point of view, red color induces a feeling of urgency in people and can lead to quick sales. Wherever you wish to excite your customers, apply the red color in combination with other complementary colors like white, blue and light gray. Pinterest generates a lot of clicks by using red color on most of its web design elements. Following coordinates are to be used for the red color: Hex Triplet: #FF0000, RGB: (255, 0, 0).

2. Orange:

Orange is another web color that induces people to click on an individual object, button or CTA. One of the most successful uses of orange color is by Amazon that earns millions through its online business. You can apply orange color on the Subscribe button on your website to make customers stimulated, cheerful and motivated. Following coordinates are to be used for the orange color: Hex Triplet: #FF7F00, RGB: (255, 127, 0).

3. Blue:

You may have noticed that sales-oriented websites and other product websites don’t have that amount of blue in them. However, if we move towards social media and networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blue dominates the turf. Blue has an exactly opposite effect as compared to that of red. It is a soothing color and generates calmness and sociability among the users. It can be applied in places where you want the visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed. Following coordinates are to be used for the blue color: Hex Triplet: #0000FF, RGB: (0, 0, 255).

4. Green:

If your website is somewhere close to being environmentally friendly or you wish to show concern for the environment, then the green color is the best. The green color, when used on a design element like a Subscribe button, can cause clicks as people tend to be more relaxed and harmonious. Following coordinates are to be used for the green color: Hex Triplet: #00FF00, RGB: (0, 255, 0).

5. Purple:

If your website is a corporate one and you want people to believe in you, then purple is a very effective color. The color stands for things like dignity, royalty, and nobility. Yahoo rebranded itself from the intense red color to a purple theme to make people believe in their services. Purple can overpower people and persuade them into clicking a certain Call To Action button. Following coordinates are to be used for the purple color: Hex Triplet: #800080, RGB: (128, 0, 128).

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