Top 10 Feit Electric Chandeliers
for June 2023

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A chandelier is a decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually in a central room or hallway. It typically consists of a fixture that hangs from the ceiling, one or more arms that hold individual lights, and decorative accents, such as crystals, stones, or glass balls.

Chandeliers have long been a decorative staple in homes, but recently, they've gotten an upgrade. Today, there are a variety of chandelier styles, including modern, traditional, rustic, and bronze, to name a few. These chandelier styles also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from mini chandeliers that hang over a kitchen bar to statement chandeliers that hang over a grand hall.

Our testing Lab evaluates chandeliers for performance, including brightness, color, and energy efficiency, as well as ease of use, such as installation, light control, and functionality. We also look at potential safety issues, such as fire hazards. Here are the best chandeliers to buy in 2022:

Feit Electric CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG 40 Watt Equivalent WiFi Dimmable, No Hub Required, Alexa or Google Assistant, Flame Tip Filament Chandelier LED Smart Light Bulb

Feit Electric CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG 40 Equivalent Watt WiFi Dimmable

by Feit Electric

LED TECHNOLOGY WITH WIDE APPLICATION Feit Electric LED bulbs with smart Alexa and Google connectivity, are perfect for your modern, connected home; remote access, scheduling, on/off/dim on apps or voice control in your bedroom, kitchen or living room

The Feit Electric CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG 40 Watt Equivalent WiFi Dimmable, No Hub Required, Alexa or Google Assistant, Flame Tip Filament Chandelier LED Smart Light Bulb is an affordable smart LED light bulb that replaces a 40W incandescent bulb. This smart bulb cast a warm, inviting light, and it's well dimmable. Like all smart bulbs, the CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG can be controlled by voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or by remote control using the Feit Electric app. The CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG is also compatible with Google Home and Apple HomeKit devices, and it's also compatible with Apple HomeKit devices using the Homebridge app. This bulb is cheaper than the Philips Hue, but it's also less powerful. The Hue has a wider color range, and it can cast a wider range of colors. The Hue also runs on 30 watts of power, while the Feit Electric uses 40 watts. The Hue is also compatible with more smart home hubs, and the Hue is compatible with wireless dimmer switches. The Feit Electric is also compatible with more smart home hub products than the Philips Hue. The CFC40/927CA/FIL/AG is a cheaper smart bulb, but it comes with fewer features, so it performs less well than the Hue.

Feit Electric Led Chandelier Bulbs 40W 6 Pack Soft White, 6Count

Feit Electric Led Chandelier Bulbs 6 40W Pack Soft White

by 9654T - pallet ordering

Energy Efficient 40 Watt Replacement (Only Uses 3.3 Watts)

Feit Electric LED Chandelier Bulbs are brighter than most incandescent bulbs, and the 2700K color temperature is a good choice for chandeliers, recessed cans, and pendant lights. The LED bulbs are dimmable, and they contain no mercury. Each bulb has 6 LEDs, which produce 300 lumens of soft white light. The bulbs are dimmable with dimmers that work with incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are shipped flat, and they require assembly. The bulbs are fragile, but the instructions were easy to follow, and the assembly wasn't difficult. These bulbs produce a bright, white light, and the beam pattern has a 360-degree spread. The bulbs' soft white light is pleasant, and the bulbs' warm color temperature makes them less harsh than some LED bulbs. These bulbs require no warm-up time, and they emit no heat. The bulbs are energy-efficient, and they produce little heat. These bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and they provide 50,000 hours of light. These bulbs produce very little heat, so they don't emit much heat. These bulbs have 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


The FEIT LED chandelier bulb is bright, with 2700K (warm white) light. The CRI (color rendering index) is 80, so the light appears natural. The bulb is dimmable, too, with dimmers ranging from 0% to 100%. The bulbs are bright enough to fill a fairly large space, so they do not cast a harsh shadow. There's also no flicker, even on dimmers. The bulbs' warm color also makes them suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. The bulbs are easy to install and use, too, since they come with both a traditional E26 wall socket and an E12 candelabra socket. Some buyers said the bulbs did not come with a bulb base, but we received two bulbs with the E12 base, plus a 40W E26 candelabra base. The bulbs have a two-year warranty, but the company only ships replacement bulbs within the United States.

Feit Electric - Decorative Clear Glass Filament LED Equivalent Soft White (2700K) Torpedo Tip Chandelier Bulb, 25 Watt, Pack of 2 (BPETC25/827/LED/2), 3.9

Feit Electric


Decorative filament - combine classic style with modern reliability and energy savings with Feit Electric LED filament light bulbs; These dimmable filament LED light bulbs are made with LED exposed filament and wrapped in a clear glass blunt tip housing to deliver an elegant classic look and feel

The Feit Electric Append 25 LED chandelier bulb is a terrific option for replacing a 25-watt incandescent bulb in a chandelier or wall sconce. This torpedo tip design more accurately matches the shape of an incandescent bulb, which is good news for older fixtures. The dimmable bulb produces 200 lumens, which is brighter than many incandescent bulbs. The warm light has a Color temperature of 2700K, which is warmer than typical incandescent bulbs. Like most LEDs, it is dimmable, and it is also rated to last for 15,000 hours, which should reduce maintenance costs over the life of the bulb. The bulb uses only 3 watts of energy, but it produces the same amount of light as 200 watts of an incandescent bulb. The dimmable feature allows you to dim this bulb, although it dims more slowly than incandescent bulbs, and its dimmable range is limited to about 50%. The bulb has an E26 base, so it should fit any light fixture with a standard E26 base. It's an excellent choice for replacing a 25-watt incandescent bulb in a fixture with a dimmer switch.

Feit - LED E12 Soft White candelabra chandelier Dimmable light bulbs 40w = 3.8w (6 pack)

Feit Electric Feit

by Feit Electric

380 Lumens

The Feit LED candelabra bulbs are the best deal available, and they come with plenty of features. They're dimmable, which is unusual for LED bulbs, and they have a soft-white color temperature (2700K). They emit a bright, white light, and they have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. They're cheap, too, with prices averaging around $3 per bulb. However, the bulbs have relatively low light output ratings: 40 watts equals 3.8 watts at the bulb, which is only 39 percent brighter than the 3.75-watt standard incandescent bulbs they replace. And they're somewhat flickery, which may not be an issue for most users, but it's noticeable enough to affect our rating a bit. All-in-all, however, this is a bright, affordable, dimmable, white LED light bulb that is a bargain, and we highly recommend it.


Feit Electric Bp60cfc 60 Watt Clear Flame Tip Chandelier Light Bulbs, 2-Pack, Candelabra Base: The 60-watt Feit Electric Bp60cfc (formerly Philips) is a high-quality, dimmable, incandescent chandelier light bulb that puts out a bright, clean, and flicker-free light. Due to its 2,000-hour life rating, the Bp60cfc is more economical than LED bulbs, but they still take about 2 hours to fully charge. The Bp60cfc is dimmable and has a clear flame tip, so it can be used with decorative chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and candelabras. The Bp60cfc comes with a 3-year warranty and is UL and ETL certified.


The Feit Electric EFC/DM/500/5K/LED 60W Equivalent Daylight Medium Base (E26) Flame Tip Chandelier LED Light is a pretty good chandelier option, especially considering its low price. The flame tip makes it look a little more like a real chandelier, and it has enough light to function as a primary fixture in a room. The flame tip also makes it easier to see when the bulbs are on, and that's a good thing because the bulbs are a little dim, and it's hard to tell when they're off. And because it has the flame tip, it can sit higher on the wall, so it's less likely to get knocked off. But the light isn't as bright as our other picks, and the flame tip isn't that bright either, so it won't be as bright as a real chandelier. And it uses 7.5 watts, so it's a little on the power-hungry side.

Feit Electric BPCTC40/850/LED/2 Chandelier Bulb, Candelabra Base, Clear Torpedo Tip, 40 Watt Equivalent Daylight 5000°K, 2 Pack, 3.9

Feit Electric Chandelier BPCTC40/850/LED/2 Bulb


Features - traditional glass filament LED light bulbs are a classic chandelier Torpedo tip using the latest energy-saving LED technology available and will replace a 40-watt equivalent incandescent bulb; It produces a similar light output of 300 lumens using only 3.8 watts of energy; This stylish dimmable LED with a candelabra E12 base is instantly on to full brightness, RoHS compliant, energy Star approved and 100% mercury free

This 2-pack of Feit Electric BPCTC40/850/LED/2 Chandelier Bulbs is the cheapest 40-watt equivalent LED bulb we found, yet it delivers great-quality light. This 2-pack of bulbs produces 525 lumens, which is only 25% less than our former pick, the Feit Electric BPCTC40/850/LED/2 Chandelier Bulb, which sells for $10 more. This bulb's output is comparable to a 40-watt incandescent bulb, so it's ideal for replacing a 40-watt incandescent bulb in a chandelier, wall sconce, or other lighting fixture. The bulb's glass is frosted, which gives it an antique look, and the frosted finish won't scratch or discolor. The bulb's design is similar to a traditional light bulb, so it will fit most existing fixtures. It has an E12 base, so it will fit into any standard fixture and has a 40-watt equivalent brightness. This bulb is dimmable and can be set to any brightness between 1% and 100%. This bulb has clear filament, so it gives off a warm white light. This bulb is RoHS-compliant, which means it contains no lead or mercury. This bulb's filament is separated from the glass, so it's more durable than bulbs with filaments that are fused to the glass. This bulb's LED chips are protected by epoxy and encased in shatterproof polycarbonate.

Feit Electric - Decorative Clear Glass Filament LED Dimmable 25 Watt Equivalent Soft White (2700K) Flame Tip Chandelier Bulb, Standard Base, Pack of 2 (BPEFC25/827/LED/2)

Feit Electric


Decorative filament - combine classic style with modern reliability and energy savings with Feit Electric LED filament light bulbs. These dimmable filament LED light bulbs are made with LED exposed filament and wrapped in a clear glass blunt tip housing to deliver an elegant classic look and feel

Feit Electric's dimmable flame tip LEDs are bright and warm, with a warm white color temperature that closely approximates a 100-watt incandescent bulb. The bulbs are dimmable, and dimmable LED bulbs are hard to find, so having this dimmable option was a huge plus for us. These bulbs also have standard E26 bases, so they're compatible with a wide array of fixtures and dimmer switches. Like a lot of LEDs, these bulbs are dimmable, but they're not 100% flicker-free. They're not quite as dim as Incandescent bulbs are, but they produce enough light to cast a comforting glow in any room. The lights are bright enough to read by, and they're also bright enough to replace a ceiling fixture. The bulbs are also energy efficient, so you'll save about $5 each year in energy costs.

Feit Electric Tuff Kote 7 Watt, Flame Tip Chandelier CFL

Feit Electric Tuff Kote 7 Watt

by Feit

Perfect for a childs room

The Feit Electric Tuff Kote 7 Watt, Flame Tip Chandelier CFL is an improvement (especially compared to our previous pick) in almost every way. It lasts much longer (up to 8000 hours), is more efficient, and is much safer (no fire risk, no mercury risk, no risk of irritating your skin). The lighting is bright and color-accurate, and there's a remote control for dimming and turning it on and off. While it's slightly more expensive than our previous pick, it's worth the extra money. The lighting is brighter than our previous pick, and it's just as bright as the incandescent bulbs, so you won't miss any brightness or color when switching to CFLs. The remote control is convenient for dimming and turning it on and off, and it's less likely to get misplaced. The remote control has 4 levels of brightness, 3 levels of dim, and 4 levels of off, so there's plenty of flexibility.


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