10 Best Flashlights with Zoomables
for March 2023

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Interested in a high-powered, versatile flashlight? Our experts have purchased and rigorously tested 10 of the best tactical flashlights on the market to find the 10 best. When picking out the best tactical flashlight for your needs, it's important to consider your budget, the power levels you need, and who the unit is intended for. Our experts recommend purchasing the best tactical flashlight for your specific needs based on our criteria, including our recommendations of the best beam distance, brightness, and price.

If you'd prefer a focused beam of light, a best headlamp is worth considering. The right headlamp can make navigating the outdoors at night easier, whether you're hunting, camping, or hiking.

LED Tactical Flashlight, BINWO Super Bright High Lumen XML T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch Light Zoomable Flashlight with 5 Light Modes, 2 Pack

BINWO LED Tactical Flashlight


PORTABLE MINI SIZEBINWO LED flashlight is portable mini size, Length: 5.39in, Diameter: 1.37; Weight 185g, fits well in your hand or pocket. Compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go. Skid-proof design & water-resistant for multiple outdoor uses in adverse weather conditions. Push-button tail switch for easy one-handed operation, feel more comfortable and safe.

The Binowo S2000 is one of the most powerful flashlights we've ever tested. The beam is bright, and it's made of durable, lightweight aluminum. The switch feels responsive, and the five lights modes can be quickly cycled through using half-presses. The flashlight has an IPX-5 rating, so it's waterproof, and it's built to last. The flashlight has a single LED, so it's brighter and more powerful than most other flashlights. The one big downside is that it only has two light modes: high and medium. It doesn't have a low mode, and it doesn't have a spot or flood mode. The flashlight feels a little heavy and bulky, but it's helpful for better control. The flashlight is rechargeable, and the battery is USB-rechargeable, so it's easy to replace the battery. The flashlight is bright enough for any situation, whether it's an emergency, a camping trip, or just general use around the house.

GearLight LED Flashlight Pack - 2 Bright, Zoomable Tactical Flashlights with High Lumens and 5 Modes for Emergency and Outdoor Use - Camping Accessories - S1000

GearLight LED Flashlight Pack

by GearLight

COMPACT - Easily fit this small flashlight in your pocket, backpack or purse for easy storage and quick access. Ideal for use around the house, dog walking, or camping.

The GearLight S1000 LED Flashlight Pack comes with everything you need: 2 bright, zoomable flashlights, 18650 battery tubes, 18650 batteries, lanyards, holsters, and user manual. Each flashlight is bright, and its narrow beam makes it easy to find things. Its size, too, makes it easy to carry, whether you're hiking in the woods or walking to your car during a power outage. The flashlights also have five modes, including a strobe mode that pulses every 5 seconds, which comes in handy when you need to find your keys in a dark room. One issue we had with our previous top pick, the Inova 5-in-1 LED Flashlight, is that it had a low battery life. The GearLight S1000 comes with a rechargeable battery, which charges more quickly than most batteries, and it has a runtime of up to 50,000 hours, which is more than 20 times that of our previous pick. The GearLight S1000 LED Flashlight Pack is lightweight, durable, and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, yet bright enough to light up a room. It makes a great emergency light or everyday carry flashlight.

High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000, RECHOO Upgraded Powerful 2000 High Lumens Flashlights with 3 Modes, Zoomable, Water Resistant Flash Light for Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Hiking

RECHOO High-Powered Flashlight LED S2000


UPGRADED DESIGNWith over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface. The flashlight is made of hard anodizing aircraft grade aluminum alloy, strong and durable for lifetime use. IP67 waterproof design for reliable water resistant. Perfect flashlights for use in the rain, snow or emergency situations.

The 2000 lumens S2000 is the brightest flashlight in our test group. It's bright even on high, though it does get somewhat hot. However, it's one of the smallest lights in our test group, and it's rechargeable, so you won't be buying new batteries very often. The flashlight is also IPX8 water resistant, so it's sure to last through a few rainstorms. And its large button makes it easy to use, even in the dark. It also weighs just 4 ounces, making it one of the lighter flashlights in our test group. The flashlight's zoom feature has a range of 7 to 14 inches, which is fairly wide, though it does create a narrow beam that is good for close-range lighting only. The zoom feature also has a few problems: On low, the zoom feature is too bright, and on high it's too dim. It also takes too long to zoom in and out. The buttons on the flashlight face are a tad too small, and some have complained that the flashlight's removable head detaches too easily, so we recommend not removing the head unless you absolutely have to. However, the S2000's bright, powerful, and compact enough to use every day, making it one of the best tactical flashlights we've tested.

Lylting Rechargeable LED Flashlights High Lumens, 90000 Lumens Super Bright Zoomable Waterproof Flashlight with Batteries Included & 3 Modes, Powerful Handheld Flashlight for Camping Emergencies

Lylting Rechargeable LED High Flashlights Lumens

by Lylting

Rechargeable Flashlight & Power Display Conveniently powered for hours with two "26650" 6000 mAh rechargeable batteries. Built-in Mrico input port, allows you to charge the flashlight conveniently. In addition, rechargeable flashlights have a power display function, so that you can see the power at a glance.

The Lylting Rechargeable LED Flashlights High Lumens, 90000 Lumens Super Bright Zoomable Waterproof Flashlight with Batteries Included & 3 Modes, Powerful Handheld Flashlight for Camping Emergencies is designed to last. The flashlight is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and protected with an IPX5 waterproof coating, so it can withstand rain, snow, and other conditions. The flashlight is also shockproof, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it can handle drops and falls. The flashlight has 3 brightness levels, a zoomable function, and an adjustable focus, so you can use it in any situation. The 90000 lumens of brightness is bright enough for any situation, and can reach nearly 550 yards. The flashlight has 4 modes: low brightness, high brightness, strode brightness, and strobe mode. The flashlight can also be used in strobe mode, so it can be used by the police and military to identify and track suspects. The rechargeable battery lasts for 20 hours on low brightness, 13 hours on high brightness, and 42 hours on strobe mode. The flashlight is rechargeable via USB cable, and comes with a USB charging cable, 4 batteries, and a carry pouch.

LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights 90000 High Lumens, XHP90 Brightest LED Flashlight with 10000mAh Battery, Zoomable, Waterproof, 7Modes, Powerful Handheld Flashlight for Camping, Emergencies use

Hoxida LED Rechargeable Tactical 90000 Flashlights High Lumens

by Hoxida

Durable, Waterproof, Practical ---- This Heavy Duty flashlight made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, Non-slip and Durable, IPX5 waterproof for convenient usage in various extreme weather. ONE KEY TURN OFF Function means Long press the switch 2 seconds to directly turn off the flashlight at any modes.and this rechargeable flashlight have power display light help you see the rest power at a glance. remind you charge the flashlight in time, practical as camping flashlight or EDC Flashlight.

The XHP90 is one of the most impressive flashlights we've ever tested, and it's easy to see why. The beam is as bright as nearly any light we've ever tested, and it's incredibly consistent across its entire range. It collapses down into a small, lightweight package, so it weighs far less than many comparable flashlights, and it charges quickly and consistently. It also contains no moving parts, so it's durable enough to last for years. The only drawback is that it's not as bright or as compact as our previous top pick, the SureFire X300, but it's about half the price. The SureFire X300 costs around $50, and while the XHP90 is a little more expensive, it's well worth it. The XHP90 also has a longer battery life, and delivers a 90,000-lumen beam (as bright as or brighter than the SureFire X300's 50,000-lumen beam) at a 1,200-lumen output. The XHP90 is also waterproof and rechargeable, and it features a handy focus wheel and 7 color-changing modes, including red, green, blue, green glow, white, blue glow, and red glow.

Rechargeable Led Flashlight 120000 High Lumens, Brightest Powerful Handheld Flashlight,Xhp160.2 Type-C Charge Port Zoomable IPX5 Waterproof Super Bright Flashlight with 5 Modes (One 26650 Battery)

Alifa Rechargeable Led 120000 Flashlight High Lumens

by Alifa

Waterproof Flashlights & High-quality materialsIPX5 waterproof & Shockproof, impact resistance. Perfect for using in the rainning, snowing or other emergency situation. This super bright flashlight is made of high-quality aviation aluminum for excellent heat dissipation.

The Zoomable 120000 lumen Rechargeable Flashlight by XHP160.2 is the brightest flashlight we have ever tested. It has five lighting modes, including a powerful floodlight mode with 120,000 lumens, and a strobing SOS mode that flashes 30 times per minute for 15 minutes. The flashlight's zoomable head has 3 different zoom levels, so it's easy to focus the light where you need it. The flashlight has a quick-charging 26650 battery, which charges in about an hour. The flashlight also has a built-in Type-C charge port, which lets you charge the flashlight via the USB connector on a computer or wall charger, which is more convenient than using a battery charger. The flashlight is IPX5 waterproof, so it's safe to use in the rain or at the beach. The flashlight measures 4.44 by 2.86 by 1.45 inches, and it's made of durable aluminum and plastic. The flashlight is bright enough to read by, and it's bright enough to illuminate a room for 20 feet or more. The flashlight is so expensive that it's only suitable for professional photographers and videographers, but it's worth the money if that's what you're looking for.

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting Light Zoomable Flashlight Hog Predator Lights with Pressure Switch Picatinny Rail Mount 1 Inch to 30mm Scope Mount Gift Carrying Case

VASTFIRE 350 Yard Green Hunting Light Zoomable Flashlight Hog Predator Lights with Pressure Picatinny Switch Rail Mount 1 Inch to 30mm Scope Mount Gift Carrying Case

by vastfire

Ideal use for TX hog hunt, buy more as a very good hunter gift for your grandfather, father, son, brother,friends who like hunting

The VastFire 350 Yard Green Hunting Light is bright enough to light a 150-yard field of view, but the beam isn't as focused or as far-reaching as some others. It's very bright, and it does a decent job of lighting up an entire field. The flashlight is easy to operate, and the switch is easy to use. However, it has a long press to turn the flashlight on, and a long press to turn the flashlight off. The flashlight also has a pressure switch, and it requires a lot of pressure to turn the flashlight on, which can be a problem. The flashlight has a long battery life, and it's rechargeable via two 2600mAh 18650 batteries, so it can be recharged many times. The flashlight has an adjustable focus, and you can choose between a flood light and a spotlight. The flashlight has a long 7-foot cord, and it comes with a 1-inch to 30mm scope mount and a tactical rail mount. The flashlight is lightweight, and it's easy to carry. The flashlight is waterproof, and it's durable. The flashlight has a long 5-year warranty.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight,10000 Lumen Super Bright Tactical Flashlights,Zoomable,3 Modes,Emergencies Waterproof Flashlight with Lanyard,Suitable for Daily Household and Outdoor

Bud K Rechargeable LED Flashlight

by Bud K

Super Bright Flashlight :P70 Super bright wick,give out max 10000 lumens, The powerful beam can easily illuminate the surroundings,Can provide you with a farther and clearer vision.

The Energizer Focus 10000 Lumens Zoomable Flashlight offers the brightest, most versatile light we've seen for the money. It has three different brightness modes, and you can select any of them by turning the torch head. The zoom feature allows the torch to shine as bright as 10,000 lumens, which is bright enough to light our entire office. The zoom feature is very smoothly operated, and the zoom lever is barely audible when you turn the torch head. The flashlight also has three modes for lighting, including flood, spot, and emergency. The flood mode projects a beam that's bright enough to light an entire room, but if your aim is off, it can spill light onto nearby objects, so we recommend using the spot or emergency modes. The spot light mode projects a beam that's a bit narrower but much brighter, so it's great for spotting objects in dark places. The emergency light mode is very bright, and it's useful for finding your way around a dark building or tent at night. The flashlight has a USB charging port, and the batteries are included. The flashlight is waterproof, so you can use it in the rain. The flashlight is also small and light weight, so it's easy to carry in a pocket or backpack. The flashlight is bright enough to be useful when it's dark outside, but it's small enough to be taken with you anywhere.

90000 Lumens High Power Flashlight – Waterproof LED Tactical Military Flashlights High Lumens Rechargeable - Zoomable Flash Light Made from Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy with 3 Light Modes – Black

KiloTwoZero 90000 Lumens High Power Flashlight – LED Waterproof Tactical Military Flashlights High Lumens Rechargeable

by Kilo

Hardcore Products You Can Always Rely On: At KiloTwoZero, we create reliable, high-quality products for professionals and weekend warriors; You'll have peace of mind knowing that our gear will be ready to perform when the time comes

The 90000 Lumens High Power Flashlight – Waterproof LED Tactical Military Flashlights High Lumens Rechargeable - Zoomable Flash Light is made from heavy duty aluminum alloy with a matte black finish. It's waterproof and impact resistant, so it's an ideal pick for camping, hunting, hiking, and emergency situations. It also features 3 light modes: low, high, and strobe, and a convenient zoom function for getting a clear view over long distances. It has a 90,000-lumen output and a beam distance of 550 yards. The tactical military flashlight comes with (2) 3000mAh rechargeable batteries, and a 2-bay charger that will charge both batteries and the light at the same time. The tactical military flashlight also has 3 brightness levels: low, high, and strobe, and it comes with a neck lanyard and a wrist lanyard.

COSITA LED Tactical Flashlight, Super Bright Flashlights with 5 Modes, Zoomable, IP65 Water Resistant Handheld Light Powerful Camping Outdoor Emergency Everyday Flashlights (2 Pack)

COSITA LED Tactical Flashlight


5 Modes & Portable - The led flashlight has high, medium, low, strobe and SOS emergency modes, and the button design allows you to freely switch to the desired mode. These Useful Setting and wide-to-narrow beam zoom makes it ideal for use around the house, dog walking, or camping. The camping flashlight is compact enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse allowing for easy storage and quick access.

COSITA flashlights are a dependable choice for outdoor use, be it camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, or walking the dog. They're large enough to carry with you wherever you go, yet small enough to fit into a pocket or purse. The COSITA 2-Pack LED Tactical Flashlights are the brightest we've seen in this price range, though both still pale in comparison to high-end flashlights. The zoomable design lets you focus the light beam to either a spot or flood beam, depending on your needs. The zoom button on the side of the flashlight is also conveniently placed so you can turn it on and switch between spot and flood beams with one hand while you're holding a flashlight. The COSITA 2-Pack LED Tactical Flashlights come with a 2-year warranty.


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