10 Best Floor Lamps with Remote Controls
for September 2023

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Floor lamps, a necessity for any cozy corner that craves that touch of elegance and practicality. This sublime piece of furniture, not just illuminates your space but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your room setting. With advancements in technology, floor lamps now come with a remote control, offering you ease, comfort, and versatility in a blink! Did you know, according to a market research report, the global floor lamps market size was valued at USD 4.79 billion in 2020, and with the advent of remote-control technology, it's expected to observe considerable growth?

Imagine curling up on your loveseat with a riveting novel in your hand, and as the dusk falls, you don't have to make the monumental effort of getting up to switch on the light, just a simple click and voila! Your room is bathed in a warm glow.

Now, are you curious to know which lamp to pick? Fret not, as we've curated a list of the '10 Best Floor Lamps with Remote Controls', just for you. And wait till you see what lies at the end of this list. The 'OUTON Floor Lamp with Shelves', a beautiful marriage of functionality and chic design is ready to floor you with its features. This unique floor lamp not only offers adjustable lighting options, but also comes with shelves and power ports. The shelves are perfect to showcase your favorite memoirs or souvenirs, and the ports? Well, they ensure that your gadgets never run out of juice. Intrigued much? Of course, you are! So why not dive into our list, and transform your living space into an uber-cool, ultra-functional haven.

addlon Floor Lamp with Matte White Glass Lampshade,Remote Control, Stepless Color temperatures and Brightness,Modern Standing Industrial Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom and Office - Black

Black Floor Lamp with Remote Control - Adjustable Color and Brightness for Living Room

by addlon
Easy to assemble9.9
Easy to use9.9
Energy efficiency8.8
Remote Control9.5

Looks Great with Any Decoration: The lamp is so modern that matches perfectly with your furniture. The glass shade provides more elegance and an added touch of modernity. The lamp emits warm, comfortable light, creating a comfortable space next to the book chair.

In our quest to make your shopping experience simpler and more efficient, MOOZ has placed the addlon Floor Lamp at the top of our list. Why, you ask? The powerful features of this floor lamp are what set it apart. Particularly, the remote control capability and its foot switch control, make controlling light from any point in your room a breeze. Imagine lying comfortably on your bed, and controlling the lamp’s brightness and color temperature without moving an inch.

But what sets the addlon Floor Lampapart is its energy saving attribute. What if you could enjoy a bright light equivalent to a 60w incandescent bulb, but only use a fraction of the power? Well, that's what this product offers. And besides, its stylish design complemented by a matte white glass lampshade makes it a fashionable accessory that could enhance your living room or office aesthetics. The lamp is also easy to assemble, making it user friendly. This lamp truly integrates convenience and efficiency into your lighting needs.

ROTTOGOON Floor Lamp for Living Room, 4 Color Temperature LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control & Foot Switch, LED Bulb Included, Modern Standing Lamp for Bedroom, Study Room, Office - Black

4-in-1 Remote Control Floor Lamp: Modern LED standing lamp, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices

Energy efficiency9.1
Light weight8.8
Remote Control8.9
Sleep mode8.8

Retro and Elegant: Simple design and sleek lines enhance a retro and elegant look, a perfect fit for living room, bedroom, study, guestroom, and child room etc.

We're sure you'll appreciate that our second recommendation for you is nothing short of brilliant, the ROTTAGOON Floor Lamp. Our sophisticated algorithms gave this lamp pride of place for a number of compelling reasons. For one, its stepless dimmable feature enables you to tailor the brightness to anything between 5% and 100%, a thoughtful feature when you want to create just the right mood in your room.

Now picture this: you're relaxing in your favorite chair and fancy a change in color temperature? No problem. This lamp goes the whole nine yards, offering you four color temperature modes. And the best part? It also comes with remote control and foot switch dual switch ways, allowing you to make the adjustment without having to leave your comfy spot. Trust us, this ROTTAGOON Floor Lamp is an investment that your eyes will thank you for.

SUNMORY Dimmable Floor Lamp with Remote Control,Stepless Dimming and Stepless Color Temperature,Floor Lamps for Living Room with 3 Shelves,Tall Lamp for Bedroom, Gray Brown

SUNMORY Remote Control Floor Lamp - Dimmable & Adjustable Color Temp - Perfect for Living Room or Bedroom

Easy to use9.6
Energy efficiency9.2
For small spaces8.2
Remote Control8.5

LED bulb with fabric lampshade, energy saving and durableOur lamp with shelves comes with a dimmable 9W, LED bulb with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. With off-white fabric lampshade, the light becomes soft, which can effectively protect the eyes and create a more warm atmosphere.

Entering the third spot in our list is SUNMORY's Dimmable Floor Lamp with Remote Control. It’s not everyday you come across an item that blends technological convenience with rustic aesthetics. There's something scrumptiously functional about having a lamp that boasts stepless dimming and stepless color temperature. It harks straight back to the magical realm of 3000K-6000K color temperature, giving your space a versatile and cozier feel. You see, having various brightness levels allows you to create a riveting ambiance matching your mood.

What really knocks your socks off is the clever inclusion of three storage shelves. Picture you, after a long day, plopping down on your favorite couch, your favorite read at a snag from the lamp's shelf, illuminated in just the right amount of light. Plus, the remote control adds a sprinkle of modern luxury to your snugly evenings. It’s as if SUNMORY peeked into your heart's desires, and refashioned them into this splendid, gray brown tall lamp.

Qaubauyt Floor Lamp for Living Room Bedroom,Modern LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control and Stepless Dimmable Colors Temperature & Brightness,Standing Lamps Tall Lamp, 9W Bulb Included(White)

Modern LED floor lamp with remote control and stepless dimmable colors for living room or bedroom

by Qaubauyt
Easy to use8.2
For small spaces7.9
Remote Control7.8
Sleep mode7.2

[White small floor lamp] This is a white elegant small floor lamp (pay attention to the size). The lamp is 67 inches high, and it is suitable to be placed next to the sofa, bed, lounge chair, desk and TV. The heavy and solid chassis makes it not easy to swing and overturn. It can be matched with modern, retro, medieval, industrial and other decorative styles.

Qaubauyt's LED Floor Lamp unexpectedly caught our attention and worked its way onto our recommended list. Particularly striking was its intriguing music breathing lamp feature, a thrilling addition that personals find unique. This innovative wonder synchronizes lighting effects with your favorite beats, taking your party or chill-out sessions to an entirely new level. Imagine you, nestled in your living room or bedroom, enveloped in an ambiance of colors dancing to the rhythm of your music. This modern, remote-controlled floor lamp is a joy for anyone that values aesthetics and enjoys setting the mood for their spaces.

Ambimall Floor Lamps for Living Room, Modern Floor Lamp with Remote Control and Stepless Dimmable Colors Temperature & Brightness, Standing Lamps for Living Room Bedroom Office, 9W Bulb Included

Remote Control Floor Lamp with Adjustable Colors and Brightness for Living Room, Bedroom, or Office

by Ambimall
Easy to use7.6
Remote Control8.8
Sleep mode7.3
Sleep quality7.3

[IDEAL AND PERFECT GIFT FOR NEW HOUSE] Skinny and elegant design of this standing floor lamp can make it easy to place in any room of the house and fit in any room from industrial to modern or traditional dcor. Especially when you are moving to a new house that doesn't have ceiling lights in many of the rooms, this dimming floor lamp is a great addition to any room in the house.

The Ambimall Floor Lamp instantly captivates with its nifty combo of remote control and foot switch utility, certainly appreciated by our tech-savvy shoppers. Story afoot; imagine yourself settling into your favorite living room chair with the convenience of adjusting the lamp's brightness or color temperature using a magnetic, easily-accessible remote. What caught our interest was the rare feature of a 1-hour timer setting, making it an ideal companion during your bedtime routine.

The busy professionals will find the pre-included light bulb and easy installation process a time-saver. The adaptable design makes it a fitting addition for different room ambiance. And if you're a sucker for safety, the foot switch functionality is truly commendable, ensuring a trip-free reach to your light source. Magic precedes, as the inbuilt 9W bulb dances between warm, natural, and cool white light, transforming your space into an enigmatic delight.

GERGO Floor Lamp, Remote Control with 4 Color Temperatures, LED Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Lamp for Bedroom, Standing Lamps for Living Room, Bulb Included (Matte Black)

GERGO Floor Lamp with Remote Control - Adjustable and Versatile Lighting for Any Room

Easy to assemble8.9
Easy to use9.3
Remote Control8.4

[SPACE-SAVING]: Standing lamp great for reading room and living room, the sky torchiere floor lamp only takes up a little space thanks to its slim, space-saving design. You can assemble this lamp without using any tools.This modern slender lamp can slide into narrow corners unobtrusively, and the base fits under your sofa. This is great because the mother and daughter lights on the flexible arms can be extended to the sofa to direct the light towards your reading or handicrafts.

For avid readers and late-night scholars, the GERGO Floor Lamp is a game-changer. Its distinctive highlight is its sleek goose-neck design, enabling personalized lighting at unique angles. Imagine you are engrossed in your best-loved book, and with a twist of the neck, the light moves with you, following your change of posture or the shift of your cozy armchair.

What enhances its appeal is the refreshing convenience of remote-control operation. No more stumbling in the dark to find the switch. With the GERGO lamp, you can effortlessly set the mood of any space from your cozy bed or comfortable couch. This lamp is not only smart but safe and sturdy, its weighted base ensures your curious pets or playful children are safe around it. Ultimately, a touch of this matte black lamp to your room decor would make you the talk among your friends.

OUTON Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, Mid Century Floor Lamp with Remote Control, 4 Color Temperature, LED Modern Dimmable Tall Standing Lamp with Beige Linen Texture Shade for Living Room, Bedroom, Office

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp with Remote Control for Living Room, Bedroom, Office

Customers Rating6.9
Easy to use7.2
Remote Control6.1
Sleep mode9.8

Hidden Cord Design: This contemporary floor lamp with a wire that matches the color of the lamp body and complimentary wire clips makes our lamp looks very neat, upgraded wire design brings a safer lighting experience. The retro design seamlessly blends with modern home decor and adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Our product experts at MOOZ find the OUTON Wood Tripod Floor Lamp to be a stunning piece of tech-savvy home decor. Its clever combination of remote control and foot switch stands out, adding significant convenience to your everyday life. Imagine, without leaving your comfortable couch, you can manage the brightness and color temperature of your room. Plus, the addition of a 1-hour timer rules out the worry of energy wastage. This standout feature is why this lamp makes our curated list. Particularly recommended for those keen on incorporating smart technology into their home whilst maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

OUTON Floor Lamp with Shelves, Dimmable Shelf Floor Lamp with Remote Control, 1USB & 1 Type C Ports, 1 Power Outlet, Modern Standing Lamp with 4 Color Temperature for Living Room, Bedroom, Dark Grey

Modern Dark Grey Floor Lamp with Remote Control for Living Room or Bedroom

Easy to assemble9.4
Easy to use7.6
Remote Control8.6

Fast Charging Station & 3-tier Storage Shelves: The modern floor lamp built-in two 5V/2A USB Ports and a power outlet, allows you to charge devices such as phones, laptops, iPad, and kindle at the same time. This will reduce the clutter of charging wires in your living room or bedroom and improve the convenience of your life. The 63.7-inch tall floor lamp features 3 wood open shelves, that provide perfect platforms for showing off framed photos, figurines, or rows of your favorite books.

First, one intriguing aspect of the OUTON Floor Lamp with Shelves that made MOOZ's list is a memory function. Imagine adjusting your light settings just once and it remembers your preference every other time. Plus, the added 1-hour timer, is a gem if you're a book lover planning to read before bedtime and don't want to be distracted by checking your watch.

Continuing on, this modern designed lamp, with built-in USB type C ports and a power outlet, is perfect for bedroom loungers, night owls or anyone in need of versatile mood lighting. The handy remote control makes it even more functional. And don't worry, if you aren't handy with tools, your opening moves with this lamp are pretty straightforward. Stay prepared to warmly illuminate your space your way!


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