Top 10 Best Floor Mats for Tesla Models
for December 2023

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For the discerning Tesla Model owner, the right floor mat can do more than merely protect the vehicle's interior. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal, provide comfort, and improve the overall driving experience. Given the unique configurations of Tesla models, specialized floor mats can offer perfect fits and superior protection against spills, dirt, and wear and tear. Designed with precision, these products leave no gaps, ensuring your Tesla remains as tidy as when you first drove it.

However, choosing the right floor mat requires careful thought. You should consider factors such as materials - rubber or carpet, fit - custom or universal, and special features like anti-slip backing or raised edges. It's also essential to understand how to install and maintain these mats to ensure they keep your vehicle in top shape for longer.

MOOZ has identified three intriguing options: the SUPER LINER Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y, offering ultimate protection in all weather; the customizable Cirtek Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y with their unique rubber carpet design; and the odorless Foronetry Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y which promise ultimate luxury and 3D TPE protection. Hand-picked by MOOZ's AI algorithm, we've considered each one's design, functionality, and premium quality. All are excellent investments for your prized Tesla to maintain its showroom newness longer.

Why not explore the full collection? Each chosen item offers something unique for multiple Tesla Model variants. Click here to see all the top 10 products specially picked for you.

SUPER LINER Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 5-Seat 2021-2023 Custom Fit All Weather TPE Cargo Liner Cargo Trunk Accessories (Does NOT fit 7-Seat) (Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set)

Custom Fit All Weather TPE Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2023 5-Seat - Full Set

Easy to use9.8
Material quality9.7
Popularity & Sales9.6
Sun protection9.7

DIRT RESISTANT & EASY TO CLEAN Textured skid-resistant surface of the liners is easily cleaned by hosing off or simple soap and water depending on the mess.

At the top of our list, we have the SUPER LINER Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 5-Seat 2021-2023. Engineered perfectly for those who value long-lasting durability coupled with practicality, this accessory is crafted from tough, odorless TPE material. This mat boasts superior resistance against wear and heat, even in extreme weather conditions. Its high sides assure you of extra protection against spills and wet items.

For those passionate about cleanliness, these floor mats will steal your heart! Featuring all-weather waterproof and dustproof functionality, it guarantees protection against dirt, snow, rain, mud, and sand. Perfect for daily commuting or holiday travels, these mats maintain the pristine condition of your vehicle's interior, which is a necessity when you own a car as articulate as a Tesla Model Y. Ideal for eco-conscious and pet-owners alike, these 2021-2023 Tesla Model Y floor mats are both environmentally friendly and pet-friendly.

Cirtek Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y, All Weather Car Mat Rubber Carpet Accessories, Custom Fit Cargo Liner, Front Rear Seat, Frunk, Rear Trunk Floormats, Auto Interior Protector (6-Piece Set Liners)

Cirtek All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y – Custom Fit Rubber Carpets for Car Interior Protection

by Cirtek
Easy to use8.7
Material quality9.5
Sun protection8.9

EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN: The Tesla Model Y floor mats are lightweight, simple to install, and no tools are needed; just put them in the car and set them as required. The tesla liner is very resistant to dust and wetness. Wipe the area with a moist towel or rinse with water, then let it air dry. Caution: Ensure the tesla floormats are correctly installed and do not interfere with the accelerator or brake pedal before starting the car and each use!

We've placed the Cirtek Floor Mats as our second favorite because of its outstanding quality and exquisite design. Specifically tailored for your Tesla Model Y, these custom fit car mats not only promise matchless precision but also have raised edges to prevent pesky spills and wet items from damaging your car's interior. Their waterproof, stain-resistant capabilities make them an excellent choice if you are often met with dirt, mud, or accidental liquid spills.

The choice of material is a reflection of Cirtek's commitment to safety and durability. These car mats are crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic TPE material that is resistant to wear and heat. The underlying anti-slip feature ensures the mats stay secure in their place, further enhancing your driving experience. Beautifully textured and finished in stylish black, these mats truly offer unparalleled protection while adding to the overall aesthetic of your Tesla.

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats for 2023 2022 2021, Foronetry 6PCS All Weather Full Set Cargo Liners Accessories, 3D TPE Odorless Floor Mat Trunk Frunk Rear Well Mats Custom for 5-Seater

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats - All Weather TPE Mats for 5-Seater, 6PCS Full Set Accessories

by Foronetry
Easy to use8.9
Material quality8.1
Popularity & Sales8.6
Value for money9.9

EASY WASH AND DUARABLE: Our model Y floor mats can be easily wahsed by hose flushing or rag wiping, which is quite easy for you to use and clean. They are also tough enough to anti- scratch, anti-crack, and anti-deformation. Last long, won't wear off after years.

Landing the third spot on our list, the Foronetry 6PCS Floor Mats Set for Tesla Model Y 2023 to 2021 offers a multitude of features that make it deserving of its position. The design, specifically tailored for a seamless fit in your 5-seater Tesla Model Y, sets it apart. Instantly enhancing its appeal are the aptly constructed TPE mats that promise to be odorless, safe, and non-toxic.

It’s the all-weather capability of these mats to defend your car from different weather extremes that caught our notice. Its detailed construction includes raised edges and unique grooves that ensure all spills are effectively handled. Moreover, it's the three-year warranty and round-the-clock customer service that truly underscores Foronetry’s commitment to you and your satisfaction.

EVULTRA Tesla Model Y Floor Mats, Tesla Model Y Accessories 2023 2022 2021, All Weather Floor Mat Front Rear Cargo Liner, Waterproof Anti-Slip Floor Mats for Model Y 5 Seater Accessories (3 PCS)

EVULTRA Tesla Model Y Floor Mats: Waterproof Anti-Slip Mats for All-Weather Protection

Easy to use9.6
Material quality8.9
Popularity & Sales9.6
Sun protection8.8

All Weather Protection Floor MatsThe all-weather cargo liners provide complete protection from dirt, mud, rain, snow, sand, etc. Ideal for daily commuting, and holiday travel, a great choice for people who are constantly outdoors.

Our intelligent MOOZ algorithm spotted an interesting feature of the EVULTRA Tesla Model Y Floor Mats, adding to our impressive list. This product stands out with its use of a three-layer structure (TPE+XPE+PET), ensuring elasticity, anti-slip properties, and comfort for users. This upgrade in material is a unique selling point as it adds to the product's durability, resistance to both high and low temperatures, anti-aging quality and eco-friendliness.

From our analysis, this product would be particularly useful for those attentive to details and quality, especially owners of Tesla Model Y cars (2021-2023 models), who are in need of high-quality, bespoke floor mats.

Comparatively, while both this product and the Foronetry 6PCS Floor Mat are designed for the same type of vehicles and manufactured with TPE, the EVULTRA offers a more advanced three-layer material which enhances its overall performance. It, however, only comes in 3 pieces as opposed to the 6-piece set by Foronetry. On the flip side, you'll find the EVULTRA's product intriguing as it's devoid of plastic smell, a feature that ensures a comfortable ride for you and your pet, an advantage over the previous product.

KIKIMO Tesla Model Y Floor Mats 9PCS, All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 Accessories, Waterproof Non-Slip Floor Mat Front Rear Cargo Liner Mat Backrest Mats Custom Fit for 5 Seater

KIKIMO Tesla Model Y Floor Mats - All-Weather Mats for 2020-2023 Models

Easy to clean9.8
Easy to use9.1
Material quality7.9
Sun protection9.2

Easy to Clean & Install: Cleaning mud, snow, dust and other types of debris is easy with a quick wipe-down or a rinse with water. Keepingfloor liners & cargo liner matslooking new for a long time. Anti-slip backing design is easy to removal and installation, just putTesla model y floor mats 2023in the Tesla 5 Seater inside.

The standout feature of the KIKIMO 9PCS Tesla Model Y Floor Mats is their excellent waterproof, anti-slip, and scratch-resistant capabilities. You'll love that these mats offer full coverage, with a total of 9 mats for 1st & 2nd rows, front rear cargo liner, trunk mats and backrest mats. A distinguishing advantage of this product over the EVULTRA Tesla Model Y 3PCS Floor Mats is clearly the number of mats offered - the KIKIMO set provides more comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

Where this product truly shines is in its perfect customization for 2020-2023 Tesla Model Y 5 Seater models. If you're seeking maximum protection, these all-weather mats are a game-changer. They're designed with raised edges to keep mud and dirt away from your side carpet areas, meaning your car stays cleaner for longer. Relax knowing the KIKIMO 9PCS Floor Mats are doing an excellent job protecting your Tesla Model Y's interior. With this investment, you're significantly enhancing the lifespan and quality of your vehicle's interior.

Custom Fit for Tesla Model Y Car Floor Mats Original Factory Design All-Black Carpet Tesla Logo Embroidery

Custom Fit Tesla Model Y Floor Mats - Original Design, Black Carpet with Tesla Logo Embroidery - Protects Your Car's Floors

Easy to clean9.6
Easy to use8.5
Material quality7.1
Popularity & Sales9.1
Sun protection8.6

5.Easy to Install and Maintain: Installing these floor mats is a breeze, thanks to their custom fit and non-slip backing. They are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to keep your Tesla Model Y's interior looking pristine with minimal effort

One feature that truly sets the Custom Fit for Tesla Model Y Car Floor Mats apart is the original factory design with the authentic Tesla logo embroidery. It's not just a floor mat, it's a testament to the love you have for your car. These mats excel in their precision fit specifically made for your Tesla Model Y. It triumphs over the KIKIMO Tesla Model Y Floor Mats by offering a refined and sophisticated all-black design, rather than plain functionality.

The high-quality construction marks a superior edge by promising enduring protection for your car's interior. While the KIKIMO mats focus predominantly on waterproof features, the all-black Custom Fit Floor Mats score higher with their effective concealment of dirt and stains. This product will be most useful for those who seek not just functionality but also aesthetics and a perfect custom fit for their Tesla Model Y.

3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mat (BLACK) Compatible with TESLA MODEL Y 2021-2023 - Full Set

Tesla Model Floor Mats - 3D MAXpider KAGU (2021-2023) - Protect Your Car's Floors

by 3D MAXpider
Easy to use8.8
Material quality9.6
Popularity & Sales8.4
Value for money8.5

Waterproof; Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior

The MOOZ algorithm has discovered the 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mat for Tesla Model Y, and found it intriguing due to its 3D digitized design that perfectly matches each vehicle application. It appears to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car interior while also offering functionality.

Compared to the Custom Fit for Tesla Model Y Car Floor Mats, the 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mat includes an important difference — its patented bottom layer that keeps the mat in place without damaging the original carpet. This addition ensures a stable fit for maximum coverage.

This product will be most useful to those who prioritize both the look and protection of their vehicle's interior. The exceptional combination of sound and shock absorbency ensures a smoother drive.

Pedigree 3D Floor Mats Compatible with 2021 2022 2023 Tesla Model Y Custom Fit Black TPE Floor Liners 1st & 2nd Row All-Weather Protection(Floor mats)

Custom Fit Black TPE Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y - All-Weather Protection

by Pedigree
Easy to clean8.7
Easy to use8.4
Material quality9.6
Popularity & Sales9.2
Sun protection9.5

Easy Installation & Care - Our Tesla Model Y TPE floor mats are designed for a hassle-free installation without additional tools or modifications. Simply place the mats in the designated areas, and they will stay securely in place. Cleaning is easy with a quick wipe-down or a rinse with water, ensuring your vehicle remains looking pristine.

This Pedigree 3D Floor Mat is a perfect fit for 2021 2022 2023 Tesla Model Y owners. What got our interest is its custom-fit feature which is perfectly designed to match your Tesla's floor contours. The mat material is 100% recyclable TPE, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional options.

For those dealing with various weather conditions, these mats withstand rain, snow, mud, and heat exceptionally well. Plus, they offer a non-slip surface, meaning less worrying about messy accidents in your car. This mix of functionality and eco-consciousness makes it our top pick.

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats 2023 2022 2021 2020 Tesla Model Y Accessories Anti-Slip Waterproof Floor Liners Cargo Rear Trunk Mat Interior Accessories Black

Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats - High Quality Waterproof and Anti-Slip Interior Accessories for 2023 2022 2021 2020 Models

by CarQiWireless
Easy to use7.7
Material quality8.8
Popularity & Sales7.8

High Quality, Durable and Environment-Friendly Materials: Tesla model y floor mats are made of top quality odorless rubber (XPE), which can be used for a long time and are very comfortable for daily use. Three layers of design and the first layer (no logo printing) is made of thermoplastic rubber with carbon fiber texture, making your car unique.

MOOZ product finder appreciates the Tesla Model Y All Weather Mats for its superior water-proofing capabilities that come from its use of top-notch waterproof materials. This feature helps to protect your car from rainy day mishaps, muddy shoes, and more, which is why we've included it on our list.

These mats are most useful for owners of the Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 model years. The anti-slip design enhances safety while the high elasticity and durability promise longevity. If you're hunting for the ideal gift for a Tesla owner, or merely wish to upgrade your ride, these all-weather mats are just the ticket.

Cotogni Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats All Weather Floor Mat Full Set Car Interior Liners Waterproof Heavy Duty Model 3 Floor Liners Front Real Seat Car Floor Mats Frunk Trunk Mats (Model 3 6Pcs)

Tesla Model 3 All Weather Floor Mats - Waterproof and Heavy Duty Interior Liners

by Cotogni
Easy to use7.2
Material quality7.5
Popularity & Sales9.1
Value for money9.7

Easy to Clean Waterproof and textured design makes the Tesla model 3 floor mats easy to clean. We can wipe them with a piece of rag in daily. In general cleaningplease take the mats out and shake off the dust firstly, then wash them under the running water.

We at MOOZ discovered the Cotogni Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats and were fascinated by its eco-friendly and non-toxic features. Just like the Tesla Model Y Floor Mats, these mats are all-weather, anti-slip, waterproof, and designed to protect the car's interior. However, unlike the Tesla Model Y Floor Mats, the Cotogni mats are made of TPE material, which is both recyclable and odorless.

The Cotogni Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats offers a 6-piece set that fits perfectly for Tesla Model 3 2020-2023 models. These mats, with their raised side edges, are impressively designed to prevent dust or water seeping underneath, ensuring an unblemished car carpet.

The ideal users for this product would be Tesla Model 3 owners who care deeply for their vehicle's interior and are environmentally conscious. So, if you need a set of durable and eco-friendly car floor mats, the Cotogni mats may just be ideal for you.


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