Top 10 Best Forney Angle Grinders
for March 2024

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For any DIY enthusiast or professional handyperson, a reliable, dynamic tool is key to successful projects, and Forney angle grinders are just that. These robust machines can deal effectively with cutting, grinding, and polishing applications, making them a must-have for any workshop or garage. Through their optimal performance and handy features, they tackle challenging tasks with ease, thereby making your work both effective and efficient.

Navigating the Forney angle grinders is not a complex task. These devices come with a user-friendly design that makes operation quite seamless even for new users. Their adjustable guards assist in controlling the level of exposure to flying sparks, while the auxiliary handles offer extra control, allowing you to achieve clean and accurate cuts and finishes.

Among the plethora of Forney angle grinders options, three products particularly caught our attention. The Forney Industries 1905 Angle Grinder 4-1/2 in for its compact size yet immense power, the Forney 72759 4-Inch Wire Wheel due to its remarkable ease of installation and the Forney 72757 Knotted Wire Cup Brush for its excellent durability. Each of these tools has unique features that have made them stand out from the rest, offering immense value for the price and delivering quality results on various tasks.

So why wait? Venture into our collection today and discover much more about these powerful machines. Embrace the Forney angle grinders for your tasks and experience a new level of efficiency and convenience.


We've placed the Forney Industries 1905 Angle Grinder at the top of our list for several compelling reasons. This robust tool catches your attention with its dynamic 9 Amp motor, capable of handling strenuous grinding tasks effortlessly. Its signature feature, the 4-1/2 in wheel size, is thoughtfully designed for a quick and efficient grinding experience.

As you delve deeper into the attributes of the Forney Angle Grinder, you'll find its multi-position handle is a standout feature, facilitating adaptable grip and providing maximum control while in use. Moreover, the Grinder takes safety a notch higher with its standout oversized 4-1/2 in guard. Notably, it allows quick, easy adjustments, saving your precious time and mitigating the hassle of fumbling with complicated safety guards. Incorporating this tool in your toolbox would certainly upgrade your DIY or professional project game.


The Forney 72759 4-Inch x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Wheel is our second pick for its outstanding features. Uniquely designed for an easy and smooth removal of weld scale, spatter, and heavy corrosion, it boosts your productivity dramatically. With its quick revolution speed of 20,000 RPM, it gives you the efficiency you need in your work.

Moreover, it serves as a powerful tool for surface preparation before welding, enhancing the quality of your welds. For your heavy-duty cleaning applications, its 5/8-11 threaded arbor speaks of strength and durability. The Forney Knot Wire Wheel is a reliable partner in your heavy-duty tasks.


The Forney 72757 Wire Cup Brush grasped the third spot on our carefully curated list as it is a formidable choice for the heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surfaces. Consider this tool your best ally when it comes to swift and effective removal of burrs, spatter, weld scale, and rust. Its knack for effortless and smooth removal is headlined by its 5/8-11 threaded arbor, specifically designed to handle stubborn debris that clings onto your precious surfaces.

Upon embracing this tool, you'll get to marvel at its impressive revolution speed, clocking a whopping 12,500 revolutions per minute. Connected to your right angle grinder, its .020 wire helps with optimal cleaning and edge blending tasks. Keep in mind that it's designed for use on right angle grinders only. This combination of speed and versatility is why it's your third-best option.


Our favorite feature about the Forney 72753 Knotted Cup Brush is the easy-to-use design, which is perfect for all your abrasive needs. The product stands out because it is sourced from durable .020 Carbon Steel, providing exceptional performance compared to previous tools. We recommended it due to its versatility and high-grade manufacturing.

Compared to its previous model, the Forney 72757 Wire Cup Brush, this enhanced iteration boasts a greater size of 4 inches. This increased dimension not only offers a broader brushing area but also speeds up your work, making it an advantageous tool. The product will be most useful to professional welders and DIY enthusiasts for whom efficiency and quality are paramount.


Our smart algorithms are impressed with the Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush. It's a standout for its ability to effortlessly remove light burrs, paint, and corrosion -- a feature that makes it unique. This coarse, crimped wire wheel brush, sized at 4 inches and with a 5/8-11 arbor, is an efficient cleaning and blending tool we knew you'd appreciate.

This tool is aggressively effective for those finding a solution for their light to medium duty brushing tasks. It notably adds value to your toolbox while being economically friendly. Manufactured in China, its sturdy construction promises durability. The wire wheel brush's strength and reliability fascinate us, and we believe they will captivate you too.

Forney 72756 6-Inch by 5/8-11 Knotted Cup Brush .020 Carbon Steel

Forney Knotted Cup Brush - 6-Inch by 5/8-11, .020 Carbon Steel - Ideal for Angle Grinders

by Forney

EASY AND SMOOTH removal of burrs, spatter, weld scale and rust

As MOOZ, we are always on the lookout for tools that prove their mettle in notched up performance and durability. The Forney 72756 6-Inch Knotted Cup Brush caught our attention with its distinct .020 carbon steel construction playing a significant role in its heavy-duty functionality. It's an apt fit for cleaning large metal surfaces and edge blending, doing the job effortlessly at an impressive 6,500 RPM.

The Forney 72756 6-Inch Knotted Cup Brush would be highly beneficial for professionals who need a reliable tool for heavy-duty tasks. Compared to the Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush, its superior dimension gives it an edge as it enables better surface coverage, thus making your work quicker and efficient. However, the larger size may pose a disadvantage for users seeking to work on smaller, intricate surfaces. The prominent threaded arbor (5/8-11), remarkably, provides the right stability for the brush in high-powered scenarios. So, if you are seeking a tool to reduce your work-time without compromising quality, this could be your go-to choice.


One feature that our MOOZ algorithm found to be intriguing about the Forney 71933 Flap Disc is its ability to outlast sanding discs by 10 to 1. The blue zirconia on this disc makes it exceptionally durable and allows for faster cutting – a feature that's hard to resist in the world of power tools.

Comparing this to the previous product on our list, the Forney 72756 6-Inch Cup Brush, the Forney 71933 Flap Disc stands out for its great flexibility. This allows for more versatility in handling difficult work. However, unlike our previous product, it's specifically made for right-angle grinders, potentially limiting its compatibility. The 120-grit, 4-1/2-inch size is another detail to consider while evaluating your needs.

This product will be most useful to professionals who frequently work with right-angle grinders and those who prioritize product lifespan and flexibility. Make sure to take full advantage of these features with your next big project!

Forney 71876 Grinding Wheel with 5/8-Inch Arbor, Metal Type 27, A24R-BF, 4-Inch-by-1/4-Inch

Forney Angle Grinders: Metal Grinding Wheel, 4-Inch-by-1/4-Inch, A24R-BF for 5/8-Inch Arbor

by Forney

Designed for metal grinding, metal abrasion, body work, metal fabrication and general repair work

The customized Forney Grinding Wheel stands out among its competitors with its distinct type 27, A24R-BF characteristic. Its unique measurements of 4 inches by 1/4 inch showcases the intricate precision involved, making this product a must-have for all your ferrous materials needs. Appreciated by our smart algorithms, the Forney Grinding Wheel utilizes aluminum oxide, presenting a durable and reliable quality that you'd love.

The superlative feature of this wheel is its user-friendliness. This product is designed for metal grinding, metal abrasion, body work, metal fabrication, and general repair work, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit. Furthermore, the fact that this product is manufactured in China highlights the global trust in its performance and efficiency.

Forney 72754 5-Inch by 5/8-11 Crimped Cup Brush .014 Carbon Steel

Forney Angle Grinders: 5-Inch Crimped Cup Brush for Efficient Carbon Steel Cleaning

by Forney

EASY AND SMOOTH removal of burrs, spatter, weld scale and rust

The MOOZ team discovered an interesting feature in the Forney 72754 Crimped Cup Brush — its ability to perform light to medium-duty cleaning on large metal surfaces, and the team found it worthy of adding to our top products lists. This product really shines because of its threaded Arbor of 5/8-11, which provides exceptional versatility and functionality.

Comparing it with our previous product, the Forney 71876 Grinding Wheel, the Forney 72754 Crimped Cup Brush is designed with .014 wire which makes it a bit more suited for detailed work, giving it a bit of an edge. That said, the Forney 72754 Crimped Cup Brush will most likely benefit those who frequently work with large metal surfaces, or those who need edge blending. It is a must-have for you if these tasks are part of your daily work routine.


Our top pick feature of the Forney 72742 Wire Wheel Brush is its ability to efficiently clean and blend surfaces. It stands out for its versatility, specifically in removing light burrs, paint, and corrosion. This product is a game-changer, and we highly recommend it to you. Thanks to its coarse crimped design and 1/2-Inch Arbor, you can meticulously clean without worrying about harming your surfaces.

Now, compared to the Forney 72754 5-Inch Crimped Cup Brush, the Forney 72742 4-Inch Brush has a slight edge. By virtue of its smaller size, it can fit into tighter spaces with greater ease, giving your work that extra precision. However, its .012-Inch wire size is marginally smaller than that of its predecessor, which may be a disadvantage in tougher conditions.

This tool will be most beneficial to people who engage in frequent DIY projects, woodworkers, and metalworkers, who require trustworthy and effective cleaning tools. Its features ensure you achieve your desired results effortlessly and efficiently.


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