Top 10 Full Size Jukebox Cd Players
for December 2023

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Circling around the realm of musical nostalgia? The full-sized jukebox CD players are the perfect epicenter, marrying the charm of yesteryears with the technology of today. You must know the music industry was valued at a staggering $67 billion in 2021 and these jukeboxes form an intriguing slice of that eclectic pie. These unique devices have evolved multifold, pioneering from just being CD players to including the charm of vinyl records, FM radio, and the convenience of Bluetooth, USB, and AUX connectivity.

Sprucing up the corners of your home or taking center stage at your private parties, these jukeboxes pack a punch quite like old times. Intrigued yet? Just wait till you reach the end of this list to witness the grandeur of the Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox. This one indeed turns back time with its 50's retro vibe coupled with technology you can't ignore - bright color changing LED tubes and a stunning wireless music streaming mechanism. So settle down with a cup of your favorite brew and scroll through this list, because trust us, your wonderment isn't about to wane any time soon.

ARKROCKET Saturn V Jukebox Vinyl Record Player • USB • SD • AUX • AM/FM Radio • MP3 • CD-Player • Rainbow LED Light Up • 50s Classic Style • Full Size Floor Standing Retro Style - Dark Oak

ARKROCKET Saturn V Full Size Jukebox CD Player - Classic 50s Style for Retro Music Enthusiasts

Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use8.9
Remote Control8.8
User interface9.6

2023 Version, upgrade the new Rocket Moving Magnets Cartridges

The ARKROCKET Saturn V Jukebox is our top pick, which swept us away with its enriching features. Crafted in an impressive '50s style, this full-sized, floor-standing juggernaut is wrapped in a luxurious dark oak finish that beautifully complements any decor. You'll fall in love with the classic features like its vinyl record player and audio CD player. It even boasts of a USB port and SD/MMC memory card slot, making it ultra-convenient for today's music habits.

The Saturn V Jukebox isn't just a pretty face; it offers a variety of modern features mingled with vintage charm. It also includes an FM radio with PLL and an AUX input for other audio devices. Don't forget the rainbow LED light-up feature which adds a bash of color, enhancing your musical nights. The powerful blend of style and functionality makes it an absolute standout. With the added bonus of a remote control, your music experience is going to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Roxby Retro Full Size Jukebox Cd Player with Bluetooth Stereo Record Player Radio USB Aux Port Sd Card Slot and Remote Control Juke Box Multicolored Lighting and External Adapter with A Wooden Frame

Retro Jukebox CD Player with Bluetooth, Record Player, Radio, USB/Aux Port - Full Size

by Crown Display
Bluetooth connectivity8.7
Customers Rating8.5
Easy to use9.8
Remote Control8.8

DESIGN: Designed With You In Mind The 1950s Style Retro Jukebox Is Made With An Appeal To All Types. With 7 Different Colors On The Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker Jukebox And A Beautiful Wooden Frame , There Is Something That Will Appeal To Everyone.

We ranked the Roxby Retro Full Size Jukebox Cd Player in the second place, not without good reason. This feature-packed device is not simply a record player; it's a portal to a nostalgic past with all the conveniences of modern technology. Its retro 1950's design and wooden frame won't fail to enhance the charm of your space. It has 3 playing speeds (33, 45, 78), allowing for versatility in playing your vinyl records. That's only, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg!

This marvel doesn't stop at playing records. Included is a CD player, an FM radio feature, and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, USB and SD card slots make it ideal for digital music too. It also offers the unique feature of recording, adding a touch of your creativity to your music collection. And guess what? All this can be accessed with a remote control giving you comfort and convenience. Don't forget to play around with the 7 multicolored lighting - because your Roxby Retro Jukebox should look as good as it sounds!

Arkrocket Saturn V Full Size Jukebox Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth USB SD CD Player Radio Retro Turntable Classic Jukebox 51 inch (Saturn V - Dark Oak)

Arkrocket Saturn V Full Size Jukebox CD Player - Retro Turntable for Music Lovers

by Arkrocket Audio
Bluetooth connectivity8.6
Customers Rating9.2
Easy to use9.2
Storage Capacity8.4
User interface8.3

Versatile: This jukebox has a belt driven record player with auto-stop function, a USB port, MP3-compatible CD player, and a SD slot for music playback and recording function. A Bluetooth interface also allows for music playback from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Approaching the podium in third place, we introduce you to the Arkrocket Saturn V Jukebox. This astounding piece of equipment captures the essence of the nostalgic 1950s jukebox era while delivering modern technological convenience. Notably, it brings the charm of a classic American diner right into your very own living room. The main selling point? This jukebox is not just a visual treat, its functional prowess is quite captivating too - it affords you an impressive number of playback options!

Preserving your favorite radio stations becomes child's play thanks to the FM radio memory storage capable of holding onto 20 stations. Worried about connectivity? Fear not! The Bluetooth support, an auxiliary input, the USB and SD card slots ensure you're covered on all fronts. To top it all off, the inclusion of a stylish retro vinyl record player toys with the possibility of revisiting your cherished music memories. This jukebox, truly tests the limits of your musical journey!

Arkrocket Saturn V Full Size Jukebox Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth USB SD CD Player Radio Retro Classic Jukebox (Saturn V + Stand - Oak)

Arkrocket Saturn V Full Size Jukebox CD Player - Retro Classic Jukebox for Vinyl Lovers

by Arkrocket Audio
Bass quality9.6
Bluetooth connectivity9.5
Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use8.1
Mounting system8.1
Sound quality8.3

Retro design: The Saturn V Jukebox has a classic look with silver chrome accents that give it a vintage feel. Bring the retro charm of a 1950's American diner right into your home with this beautifully designed jukebox.

Our team at MOOZ couldn't help but be impressed with Arkrocket Saturn V Full Size Jukebox. One standout feature that captured our fancy is the exclusive rainbow LED lighting system. The room transforms into a vibrant and festive space at your whim, adding character to the otherwise commonplace music sessions. This good ol' classic offers a lot more under its hood. The 3-speed turntable with its dynamic magnetic needle breathes life into your favorite vinyl records - a feature that will tickle the fancy of ardent vinyl lovers. But wait, there's more. The Bluetooth, CD, FM radio, and SD/USB compatibility lets you enjoy your music your way. Given the impressive sound quality thanks to the 80W sound output and dedicated subwoofer, the Arkrocket Jukebox is a treasure trove of audio experience. We reckon the retro music enthusiasts and party lovers will find this jukebox irresistible. Enjoy your tunes with Arkrocket!

Crosley CR1208A-OA Slimline Full Size CD Jukebox with Bluetooth and Percolating Bubble Tubes - Holds 80 CDs

Crosley Full Size CD Jukebox with Bluetooth - Holds 80 CDs for retro music lovers

by Deer Park Distributors
Bluetooth connectivity9.4
Customers Rating8.2
Easy to use7.2
Remote Control7.2
Screen quality7.5
User interface7.2

Stylish design with authentic back-lit bubble tubes, wood formed cabinet with chromed accents, aluminum decorative fittings and speaker grill

While roaming the corridors of vintage glory, MOOZ stumbled upon the Crosley CR1208A-OA Slimline Jukebox. What caught our sophisticated algorithm's attention was not mere nostalgia, but its fusion of classic design with modern technology. Imagine housing your CDs in a machine that harks back to the golden 50s but, wait for it, also rocks the tunes over Bluetooth? Once your curious fingers hit the infrared remote control, you're the DJ - controlling not only songs but lights, bass, treble, and even mid-range tones.

So, if you're fascinated by the blend of the old and new, this jukebox is for you. Packed with je ne sais quoi - graduation from ordinary speakers to an 80-disc jukebox, complete with 'percolating' bubble tubes and external speaker jacks. It's more than just an audio device; it's an experience. We envision it as an intriguing addition to anyone who yearns for a touch of the past in their listening experience. Therefore, this product would be most useful to the audiophile with a taste for vintage aesthetics, who appreciates the value of a good story tied to the vibes bouncing around their room.

Retro Full-Size Jukebox with Rainbow Color Lights and Record Player CD Player, Turntable Jukebox with USB Port and SD Card Slot, Radio

Full-Size Jukebox CD Player - Rainbow Lights, Record Player, USB & SD Card Slots

Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use7.9
Material quality7.5

DESIGN: Bring the retro charm of a 1950's American diner into your home with this beautifully designed jukebox. A full size jukebox is ample, and in addition to the above, this jukebox CD player features output connectors and stunning lighting with a beautiful wooden exterior cabinet.

If you've ever dreamt of travelling back in time to the rock 'n' roll 50s, this Retro Full-Size Jukebox is your ticket. With its neon rainbow lights and iconic design, it's like having your very own sock hop right in your living room. Not only does this functional piece of nostalgia play your favorite records on its belt-driven turntable, but it also dazzles with a spectacular light show that matches your tunes and mood.

In addition to spinning vinyl, this jukebox also has a CD player that's compatible with MP3s. But it doesn't stop there - it features a USB port and an SD card slot, allowing you to play all your stored digital music. Whether you're throwing a vintage party or spicing up your daily routine, this is perfect for invigorating your life with a touch of the past. Especially for those appreciating vintage decors, this decorative jukebox is a must-have for your home or next event.

Arkrocket Athena Mini Jukebox/Tabletop CD Player/Bluetooth Speaker/Radio/USB and SD Card Player with Retro LED Lighting System

Arkrocket Athena Mini Full Size Jukebox CD Player with Retro LED Lighting and Bluetooth Speaker

by Hifun Design
Bluetooth connectivity8.5
Customers Rating8.2
Easy to use6.4
Mounting system9.9
Touch Screen7.7

Warm LED Lighting System: The Arkrocket Athena Mini Jukebox features a warm LED lighting system that adds to the retro ambiance of the device. The soft, warm lighting creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for setting the mood for your music listening experience.

Our savvy algorithms were truly captivated by the Arkrocket Athena Mini Jukebox. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, its compact yet retro design is a charming blend of the old and the new, difficult to resist! Also, the multiplicity of playback options - CD, FM Radio, Bluetooth, USB, and SD Card - is quite a catch. Heavenly for someone bitten by the nostalgia bug and craving some high quality audio. Ideal for vintage and music enthusiasts craving diverse music sources. This tabletop CD player is just too cool to miss!

Arkrocket Boston Tabletop Jukebox Record Player Entertainment System with Stand Bluetooth CD Player FM Radio SD USB

Arkrocket Boston Full Size Jukebox CD Player with Stand - Ultimate Entertainment System

by Hifun Design
Bluetooth connectivity7.4
Customers Rating7.7
Easy to use7.7
Mounting system9.9
User interface7.1

Wooden look: design case with decorative elements

The Arkrocket Boston Tabletop Jukebox is simply a marvel to behold! It nails down the retro '50s vibe with its nostalgic look while smoothly incorporating modern tech features. It's not just a record player; it's equally a Bluetooth equipped MP3-capable CD player with USB and SD slots! Undeniably, our algorithm loved the mix of old and new, bringing back the romance of vinyl with fascinating high-tech capabilities. Imagine streaming your favorite playlist wirelessly from your smartphone, then switching effortlessly to old vinyl records! Even better, it has an auto-stop function and a pre-installed Rocket Moving Magnet Cartridge system to enhance your vinyl playing experience. The pièce de résistance has to be the LED lighting system that illuminates in 7 different colours. Specifically, this product will delight the music enthusiast who cherishes vintage aesthetics yet appreciates modern convenience.

Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, 50's Retro Vibe, 5 Bright Color-Changing LED Tubes, FM Radio, Wireless Music Streaming, AM/FM Radio, Aux Input

Victrola Retro Jukebox CD Player: Nostalgic Wood Countertop Speaker with Bluetooth, LED Tubes

by Victrola
Bass quality7.7
Customers Rating8.8
Material quality6.5
Picture quality8.1
Screen quality6.7
Sound quality9.7

50'S VINTAGE VIBE WITH MODERN FEATURES - Rekindle old memories with Victrola's Nostalgic Bluetooth Countertop Jukebox with built-in speaker. This radio with superb sound quality & 5 jazzy colour-changing LED tubes is a great addition to your collection.Waterproof : No

What our smart algorithms fell in love with is the wide-range Bluetooth connectivity of the Victrola Nostalgic Jukebox. It enticed us with the ability to pair up swiftly with virtually any device within a 33 ft radius. Plus, it offers unlimited streaming options. Isn't that music to your ears?

This little marvel is not just a music player, it's a blast from the past with its retro design, becoming a talking point at any gathering. The controls are easy and accessible, giving you the full jukebox experience. We think this would perfectly fit for music enthusiasts and lovers of vintage aesthetics.


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