10 Best Gas Tillers
for June 2023

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A gas tiller is a type of gardening tool used to cultivate soil. It's perfect for cultivating small areas of grass, garden beds, and seeds, and it's ideal for small, narrow spaces, such as between rows of plants.

A gas tiller is lightweight, easy to use, and doesn't require much maintenance. It's perfect for small, narrow spaces, such as between rows of plants.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews lab, we test gardening tools, including gas tillers, for performance, ease of use, and maintenance. We evaluate performance factors such as ease of use, speed, and output. We evaluate ease of use factors such as weight, control, and ease of use. We evaluate maintenance factors such as ease of cleaning, maintenance requirements, and ease of use. These are the best gas tillers of 2022:

Hattomen Electric Garden Tiller, 8.5 Amp Electric Cultivator, 14 Inch Tilling Width, 8 Inch Working Depth, for Garden, Lawn, Digging, Weed Removal, Soil Cultivation

Hattomen Electric Garden Tiller

by Hattomen

Powerful: 8.5 amp pure copper motor, stable performance, providing 380rpm high speed, high torque grinding, strong power, efficient operation.

The Hattomen Tiller is a terrific value, especially for gardeners who already own a shovel. This tiller is lightweight, quiet, and simple to use. The built-in wheels make it easy to move, and the 14-inch tilling width is plenty wide for a garden of any size. The tilling depth is adjustable between 6 and 10 inches, and the machine's 8-inch working width is plenty wide for gardening. The tiller's two safety switches provide double protection, and there's a safety button for starting the machine; the tiller's two blades are sharp enough to dig through soil, but not so sharp that you'll damage your gardening tools or hurt yourself. The tiller includes one 14-amp electric cord, and it's rated for 1,500 hours on a full charge, which should be plenty for a lifetime of heavy use. The tiller has 8-inch rubber wheels, so it's comfortable to push, and its nylon wheels (which have eight wheels each) provide much better traction than wheels with only three wheels. The tiller is lightweight enough that even an average adult can push it, and it's quiet enough that you won't wake sleeping children or neighbors. The tiller has a simple, easy-to-use control panel with 4 buttons: 1. ON / OFF: Turns the tiller on. 2. SPEED: Adjusts the tiller's speed from 0 to 4 mph. 3. TILT: Adjusts the tiller's tilt from vertical to 45 degrees. 4. WORM: Controls the tiller's up and down motion, and is activated when the SPEED button is pushed.


The Honda FG110 is such a pleasure to use, it's hard to believe it's made by the same company that churns out so many boring, underpowered tillers. This tiller is light, yet very strong. The powerful 9-inch tines quickly till your soil, and the dual-sided tines and rear rotor mean you can till in either direction. The tiller is quiet, too. The only caution we would give is that at 9 inches, this tiller isn't as versatile as our previous top pick, the Troy-Bilt TB1016, which can till 10 inches. The Honda's tines are pretty sharp, so be careful if you're trying to till up rocks or roots. But that's a small trade-off for the Honda's outstanding build quality. The tiller is solidly built, with a robust crankshaft and a nice, ergonomic handle. The Honda's tines spin at 294 rpm, which is fast for a tiller, and the dual-sided tines and rear rotor let you till in both directions. The tiller is lightweight, but it's surprisingly strong, and can till down to 16 inches. The tiller's 9-inch tilling width is larger than most other tillers, and it's perfectly sized for most home gardens. The tiller's 4-1/4-inch boom has a wide, adjustable handle, and the tiller's adjustable tilling depth control lets you till to your preferred depth. The tiller's tilling depth control is also very useful, because the tiller's tilling width isn't adjustable. The tiller's tiller handle is adjustable, too, so you can adjust it to suit your height. The tiller's 4-stroke engine is light, powerful, and fuel-efficient. The tiller's variable speed trigger is convenient, and lets you choose from 3 speed settings. The tiller's 25cc engine is light enough to move around your yard, yet powerful enough to till to 16 inches. The tiller's battery is rechargeable, but the tiller's battery doesn't hold a charge for very long, so you'll want to charge it regularly. The tiller's battery also needs to be recharged every day, because the tiller has a limited battery life. The tiller's battery takes 3 hours to charge, and the battery's charge meter lets you know when the battery's charge is depleted.

MELLCOM Mini Tiller Cultivator, 52cc 2-Cycle Rototiller Gas Powered with 4 Steel Adjustable Tilling Width Blade, Lightweight Orange Tiller for Garden & Lawn, Digging, Weed Removal & Soil Cultivation

MELLCOM Mini Tiller Cultivator


VERSATILEThe gas powered tiller offers 4 premium adjustable manganese steel tiller tines which allows the tilling width from 9.8" to 11.8". Meanwhile, the tilling depth reaches up to 6". The adjustable tilling width and depth can deal with different tilling requirements you need.

The MELLCOM mini tiller features an easy-to-start, 52cc 2-cycle engine that delivers plenty of power for light-duty gardening. The tiller reaches a maximum depth of 12 inches and is equipped a 10-inch tine, which means you can till up a fairly deep layer of soil, although it's not quite as deep as the 12-inch models in our top pick. The tiller also features a 4-position adjustable tilling width, which enables you to till narrow rows or wide rows depending on your needs. The tiller also boasts an anti-vibration system, which minimizes the vibration of the tiller, which can prevent fatigue and backaches. The tiller's handle is very comfortable, and it's lightweight, so you can work for hours without feeling fatigue. The tiller's handle is adjustable, so it's comfortable for both tall and short people. The tiller's engine is very powerful, and you can easily till up a 12-inch layer of soil. The tiller's cord is 36 inches long, so it's long enough to reach most backyards. The tiller's tines fold up when you're not using them to stow the tiller away, and the tiller's handles fold up, too, so it's easy to store the tiller. The only drawback to the MELLCOM mini tiller is that it's a little bit louder than our top pick.

GardenTrax Mini Cultivator Tiller w/4-Cycle Powerful 38cc Red

Garden Trax GardenTrax Mini Cultivator w/4-Cycle Tiller Powerful 38cc Red

by ThunderBay Outdoor Products

Powerful! 38cc 4 cycle engine means no oil to mix with gas!

The GardenTrax Mini Cultivator Tiller is a sturdy, powerful, and easy-to-use tiller that is ideal for small gardens. The tiller's 4-cycle engine produces 4.8 HP, so it's more than powerful enough for small to medium-sized gardens. The tiller's tines are forged from steel, and GardenTrax claims the tines will last up to 500 hours before they need replacing. The tiller's tines are sharp enough to till soil up to 3 inches deep. The tiller's tines are spaced 10 inches apart, and GardenTrax claims the spacing allows for 75% more tilling time per pass. The tiller's tines turn at 250 RPM, which is fast enough to get the job done quickly, but not so fast that tines hit the dirt too quickly. The tiller's tines turn at an even speed, so tines hit the soil at a consistent depth. The tiller's controls are simple and easy to use. The tiller's "top handle" control provides superior in-row control and is easy to reach, even with gloved hands. The tiller's controls are conveniently located on the left side of the tiller, so you're able to see the controls from whichever angle you're working from. The tiller's controls are operated by a single lever, so it's easy to operate, even if you're wearing gloves. The tiller's "foot pedal" control also allows you to control the speed at which the tiller turns. The tiller's controls are durable, so they won't break easily. The tiller's 4-cycle engine is easy to start, and the engine produces enough torque to power the tiller through tough soil. The tiller's 8-inch by 2.5-inch wheels provide excellent traction, and the tiller's 8-inch by 6-inch wheels also provide good traction. The tiller's 8-inch by 6-inch wheels provide good maneuverability, and you can easily move the tiller around in tight spots. The tiller's 8-inch by 6-inch wheels provide good stability, so you're able to control the tiller with little effort. The tiller's 8-inch by 6-inch wheels make it easy to turn the tiller, and the tiller's 8-inch by 6-inch wheels help to make turning easier. The tiller's wheels provide good stability, so you're able to control the tiller with little effort.

GardenTrax Tiller Gas Powered Mini Cultivator w/2-Cycle 43cc Engine

Garden Trax GardenTrax Tiller Gas Mini Powered Cultivator w/2-Cycle 43cc Engine

by ThunderBay

Light Weight: Two cycle engine is lightweight stores easy in your shed. Compact desiged cultivator tiller for easier maneuvering, non-slip handlebar avoids danger.

The GardenTrax Tiller Gas Powered Mini Cultivator ($550) is lightweight, and small enough to store under a bed or in the back of a truck. The 43cc engine is powerful enough to turn a 6'' depth in the soil, and it's quiet enough to operate on a camping trip or in the back yard. The Mini Cultivator has 5 adjustable gears, so you can customize the depth of the soil you're tilling. It disassembles easily for storage or transportation, and it's powered by a 6.6-amp gas engine. The GardenTrax Tiller Gas Powered Mini Cultivator has an adjustable width of 6'' to 12'', so you can easily adjust the width of the tilled area. The 6'' wheels enable you to till the soil over a variety of terrain, from grass to rocky soil. The GardenTrax Tiller Gas Powered Mini Cultivator comes with a 1-year warranty.

PROYAMA 12-inch 42.7cc 2-Stroke Portable Gas Garden Tiller Cultivator with Adjustable Depth

PROYAMA 12-inch 42.7cc 2-Stroke Portable Gas Tiller Garden Cultivator with Adjustable Depth


[Powerful Engine] 2HP 2-cycle 42.7cc engine provides more power with easy starter

The Proyama 12-inch gas tiller is our best overall pick because it's our pick for all-around versatility, and its durable, powerful engine and excellent grating tines make it a well-rounded performer. Its 42.7cc 2-Stroke engine has plenty of power to dig, till, and till and till, and its 10-inch transport wheels make it easy to maneuver. The tiller's adjustable cultivating depth adjustment allows you to tailor the depth to your garden's needs, and its 2-inch width makes it ideal for working in tight spaces. The tines'

Air-Cooled 2HP 2-Stroke Engine Cultivator 52CC Soil Petrol Gas Powered Mini Tiller Cultivator Farm Plant Garden Yard Lawn Tilling for DIY or Professional Landscapers

Gdrasuya10 Air-Cooled 2HP 2-Stroke Engine Cultivator 52CC Soil Petrol Gas Powered Mini Cultivator Tiller Farm Plant Garden Yard Lawn Tilling for DIY or Professional Landscapers

by Ligavender

Ideal for DIY or professional landscapers this tiller features 4 blades with 16 teeth and a high powered engine.

This powerful 52cc 2HP 2-Stroke gasoline engine cultivator can work on all kinds of soil. The 52cc gasoline engine makes a powerful 4.5 HP, while the 2-Stroke engine ensures easy starting and a low fuel consumption. It has a powerful 18-inch cutting width and can till through 1.5-2 layers of dirt easily. The 4-point hitch allows easy attachment to a mower or tractor. With 4 adjustable blades, you can till through uneven or rocky soil with ease. The 40-inch cutting height is adjustable from 1.5 to 2 inches, and the 20-inch tilling depth is adjustable from 1 to 3 inches. This cultivator has 4 different angles to meet your unique needs. The auger head rotates 360 degrees, and the cutter bar rotates 270 degrees, so you can till in any orientation. This cultivator has a tilling depth of 20 inches, and is ideal for tilling soil for planting, landscaping, and maintenance. This cultivator is equipped with a 4-point hitch, so you can attach it to any mower or tractor. The 4-point hitch also makes it easier to transport.

Tiller and Cultivator Gas Powered, Power Yard Tillers Garden Tiller Rototiler 52cc 2 Stroke

NG NOPTEG Tiller Cultivator and Gas Powered


Easy to ControlComfortable ergonomic handle,Lightweight, easy to operate, and convenient to store

This tiller and tiller cultivator is incredibly powerful for its size, and it's lightweight and comfortable to use, making it our top pick for small gardens. It's also versatile, so you can use it to clear and till the soil, or you can use it to till and cultivate the soil, and you can also use it as a hoe, a weeder, a pruner, and a saw. The tiller and cultivator also comes with 4 blades of different sizes, so you can tackle anything from light soil to heavy clay. The 4 blades are built from strong steel, and the blades are coated in strong plastic to resist corrosion. The wide working width of 12 inches makes it easy to till and cultivate large areas, and it's easy to use. The tiller and cultivator comes with 2 batteries, and the batteries last for a long time, and the tiller and cultivator also has a 2-year warranty.

SuperHandy Mini Tiller Cultivator Super Duty 3HP 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Motor 4 Premium Steel Adjustable Forward Rotating Tines for Garden & Lawn, Digging, Weed Removal & Soil Cultivation EPA/CARB

SuperHandy Mini Tiller Cultivator Super Duty 3HP 50cc 2 Stroke Gas 4 Motor Premium Steel Adjustable Forward Rotating Tines for Garden & Lawn

by SuperHandy

ADVANCED DESIGN - This compact design includes (4) Steel Replaceable & Adjustable Forward Rotating Tines, with a Tilling Scope Width of 300mm (11.8) & a Tilling Depth of 100-150mm (3.9 to 5.9) for rotating plough, that allows for fast & efficient work to be accomplished whether in the field of work or on your own personal land.

If you're looking for a powerful, portable tiller/cultivator, the Mini Tiller Cultivator from SuperHandy is extremely user friendly. This tiller has a 3 hp, 50 cc engine, which propels the tiller at 230 rpm, with 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. This tiller has 4 steel tines, and it can easily till, cultivate, aerate, create loose seedbeds, and remove dirt. The tiller has 2 reverse gears, which helps you to maintain control, and you can make quick turns, which are useful when working around flower beds or overgrown areas. The tiller also has a 2-gallon fuel tank, which lasts for a long time. This tiller also has 4 wheels, which makes it easy to transport the tiller, and it also has a handle, which makes it easy to transport the tiller. The tiller also has a 5-decibel alarm, which sounds whenever the engine is running, and when the engine is running, it makes a beeping sound. The tiller also has a 1-year warranty.

52cc Tiller Cultivator Gas Powered ,Single-Cylinder Gasoline Engine Rototiller Gas Powered, Air-Cooled 2 Stroke Garden Mini Tiller Cultivator,1.9KW Cultivated Land Reclamation Micro Tillage Ripper

DYRABREST 52cc Tiller Gas Cultivator Powered


IDEAL CULTIVATION AREA : Equipped with 4 pieces / 22.5cm (diameter) high-hardness blades, the maximum planting width of this tiller can reach to 35cm while the depth can reach up to 3- 10cm, meeting your needs for trenching and deep planting. Perfect for gardening work in orchards, greenhouses, vegetable gardens and other areas.

The Cultivator 52cc Tiller Cultivator Gas Powered 1.9KW is a powerful machine, which is powered by a 52cc 2-stroke gasoline engine. The ripper rotates at 6500-7000r/min, and is powerful enough to turn over soil in your garden or flower bed. This machine is ideal for small areas, such as patios, small gardens, and flower beds. The Tiller Cultivator is very easy to use and is perfect for small areas. The hand controls are easy to control, and there is one-button start. The tiller can be used to make small holes, areas for planting, and to till the soil. The machine has a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, and it has a 0.95L fuel tank, which gives the machine a long work time.


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