10 Best Generic Acoustic Guitar Pickups
for September 2023

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If you're in the market for a guitar pickup, chances are you've heard of Fender, Gibson, and other brands. But did you know that guitar pickups made by other companies, like Seymour Duncan, EMG, and Lindy Fralin, are also great?

Our tests evaluate pickup quality, including pickup design, construction, and tone. Our pros also evaluate pickup performance, including frequency response, output level, and distortion. Our picks for the best acoustic guitar pickups of 2022 are based on our testing, consumer reviews, and expert opinions. Here are our picks for the best acoustic guitar pickups of 2022:

K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup

K&K Sound K&K Pure Acoustic Mini Guitar Pickup

by K&K Sound

High Output - No Battery Required!

The K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup is an affordable, easy plug-and-play solution for adding a pickup to your acoustic-electric guitar. It attaches to your guitar's headstock using the included 1/4" endpin jack, and it comes with pre-wired cables that you can plug into your guitar's preamp or effects loop. The pickup has 3 transducers, which cover different frequency ranges, giving you the option to tune your guitar to the sound of the pickups or to the sound in your recording room. The pickup has 3 output jacks, so you can daisy chain multiple pickups or stereo preamps using K&K's 3-way cable (sold separately). The pickup has a convenient volume knob and tone control, but it doesn't have any controls for pickup selection or balance, so you can't control which of the 3 pickups are engaged. The pickup's outputs are clean and fairly quiet, but if you're recording or practicing in a loud environment, you can boost the volume of the pickups using the preamp or another mixer. The pickup's compact size makes it easy to plug it into any of your guitar's jack inputs, and its small footprint also makes it easy to hide under your guitar's bridge or in your guitar's soundhole. The pickup's design is simple, but the pickup's tone is bright, warm, and full-bodied, and it's loud enough to play along with almost any band. The pickup's sound isn't as dynamic as more expensive pickups, and it's less robust than pickups with more robust construction. But the Pure Mini's portability, affordability, and sound quality make it a great choice for guitarists who want a pickup without a steep learning curve.


This pickup is a really good choice for DIY builders and players who want something unusual. The lipstick tube design gives your guitar a unique look, and the wire is shielded to protect against RF noise. It performs well, and the sound is bright and clear. The pickup is easy to install and works well. The pickups are surprisingly loud and have a very good balance of high and low frequencies. The pickups are a little too close to the body of the guitar, so they don't work well on instruments with thin body cavities. Overall, this is a great pickup and a great choice for DIY builders and players looking for something unusual.

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup, DSS-6 Guitar Pickups Passive Mahogany Soundhole Pickup with Humbucker Volume Tone Control

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup

by Donner

Volume & Tone Control - Provide volume control and tone control. It's easy to adjust the sound to get the best string balance.

This is a fantastic guitar pickup. It's easy to install in the soundhole, and you don't even need to drill it. The pickup's pickup is very quiet, and it's compatible with any guitar. It's also versatile. This pickup works with any amp, and it produces sweet, clear sound. The pickup also comes packaged in a nice wooden case, which makes it a great starter kit. This is a great pickup for beginners.

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup, DSS-12 Sound Seeker Guitar Pickups Humbucker Magnetic Passive Soundhole Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup

by Donner

Provide volume control, tone control, Easy installation with no alteration.

The Donner DSS-12 soundfinder is a humbucking pickup system designed specifically for 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars. It's an excellent value, and it's one of the best-sounding pickups we've heard for acoustic-electric guitar. The DSS-12 has a balanced, natural sound that showcases the beauty of your guitar's soundboard, and it's powerful enough to handle live sounds. The pickup is easy to install, and it's compatible with a variety of acoustic-electric guitars and basses. The pickup produces a clear, warm sound, and it's easily adjusted to fit most acoustic guitars, including those with thin, flat soundboards. The pickup's adjustable design makes it easy to adjust for different string gauges, and it can accommodate a variety of soundboard sizes. Unfortunately, the Donner DSS-12's 12-pole, 6-conductor output jack may not fit all guitar amplifiers, so you may need to purchase an adapter. This is a small downside, however, and the pickup's affordable price makes this pickup an even better value.

AMUMU SP30 Woody Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Steel String Acoustic Guitars Single Coil

AMUMU SP30 Woody Magnetic Soundhole Pickup Steel for String Acoustic Guitars Single Coil

by Amumu

FITS in soundholes from 3.88 (98.5 mm) to 3.94 (100mm) diameter. HIGH impedance passive design, no battery required.

The AMUMU SP30 Woody Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Steel String Acoustic Guitars Single Coil adds a ton of versatility to your favorite acoustic guitar. It clips on top of any acoustic guitar's soundhole, no drilling required, and it's compatible with both electric and acoustic guitars. The SP30 is equipped with a neodymium magnet, which mimics the strings' natural vibration and transmits it to the pickup, making it sound as natural as possible. The SP30's pickup also pairs with a customized audio cable, with a special cable design that reduces noise and protects sound quality. The SP30's pickup also works with nylon guitar strings, so it's a great tool for practicing with. The SP30 has a range of 250 Hz to 9 kHz, which is more than enough for strumming, fingerpicking, and flatpicking. The SP30's pickup is sensitive enough to detect subtle nuances in your playing, and it's loud enough for live performances. If you're tired of those bulky acoustic-electric guitars that take up too much space, the SP30 is a welcome addition to your guitar collection.

Seymour Duncan Woody Series SC SA-3SC - Single Coil Acoustic Guitar Pickup Tuner Bundle 11500-30

Seymour Duncan Woody Series SC SA-3SC

Single Coil design, easy soundhole mount for most guitars.

The SA-4SC is a great option for anyone looking for an acoustic guitar pickup, especially one that's easy to mount. It's similar in design and output to the old Alstrom, but it feels better and sounds better. The magnetic pickup is loud, clear and sounds great for recording (especially PA systems), and it's very sensitive. The pickup comes with everything needed for installation, including a high-quality 14' cable, and the pickup itself snaps into the soundhole easily and requires no tools. The pickup also comes with a True Tune TT-05 tuner, which is one of the best tuners on the market, though it's somewhat large (it's about the size of a small guitar strap). The pickup's output level is controlled by the volume pot, which clicks on and off with a soft-touch switch. The pickup's output stays on only when the guitar's volume is turned up, so it's easy to accidentally turn the pickup on. The pickup's sound is clean, clear and sounds great when paired with an acoustic guitar amp. It's perfect for acoustic guitar players who want a pickup that's easy to mount, has solid construction, and sounds good.

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup, DSS-3 Guitar Pickups Sound Seeker Pure Sound Transducer for Cello Banjo Ukulele Mandolin Guitar Microphone Pickup

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup

by Donner

Easy External & Internal Installation Simply take seconds to use the provided green glue or 3M stickers to affix 3 piezos to the instrument's surface, external installation is finished. Or follow our easy internal instructions to install the pickup inside. You can DIY your favorite sound with a free combination of the installation position.

The Donner DSS-3 pickup system makes installing and using guitar pickups easy. Unlike traditional piezo pickups, the DSS-3 does not require soldering or a battery, and it's pre-wired with connector plugs, so you can just pop it into your instrument and start playing. The pickup has a metal mesh grille, which helps block unwanted noise. The pickup's sound is crisp and clear and reasonably balanced. The downside to the DSS-3 is its price. (A comparable passive piezo pickup costs about half the price.) The DSS-3 also doesn't provide as much volume as a traditional pickup, so it's best suited for acoustic instruments rather than electric guitars.

Adeline Mandolin acoustic guitar pickup soundhole very convenient for Acoustic Classical Guitar Ukulele Violin Cello Mandolin Banjo etc,Suitable for performance use,The sound clear,warm and crisp.

Adeline Mandolin acoustic guitar pickup soundhole very convenient for Classical Acoustic Guitar Ukulele Violin Cello Mandolin Banjo etc

by Shenzhen Aidelina Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

5.The pickup is simple to install, easy to operate, and does not require a battery.

The Mandolin pickup from Adeline is a very nice sounding pickup. It's clear, crisp, and warm. It's smooth enough that it can be used for live playing, but it's loud enough that it can be used in the studio as well. The pickup is small enough to fit on a mandolin, ukulele, and violin, and it's small enough to fit on the sound hole of a guitar. The construction is sturdy, and the pickup is waterproof. The pickup comes with everything you need to mount it (except a screwdriver), and it comes with a mini-XLR cable that makes it easy to connect the pickup to tuners and amps. The pickup also includes a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter, so you can connect it to any instrument with a 1/4 inch output. The pickup's sound is warm, but not too loud. It's not as bright as some of the pickups that come with acoustic guitars, so it's a good choice for instruments that already have a bright sound.

Adeline Ukulele pickup transducer, It's suitable for Classical Acoustic Guitar Violin Viola Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Uke Cello, can

Adeline Ukulele pickup transducer

by shenzhenaidelinnayueqiyouxiangongsi

5.This Ukulele pickup is made of solid wood, and the sound frequency of the soundboard of the pickup and the Ukulele is the same, so the sound reproduction is good.

This pickup fits any acoustic guitar or ukulele with a 4-hole mounting pattern. The connection is via a 3.5mm mono jack, and this pickup outputs a relatively weak signal suitable for low-volume instruments. The pickup itself has a vintage look and fits well on the instrument. The acoustic pickup is quite heavy, and placement depends somewhat on the size of your instrument, but we found it worked best mounted to the lower bout, behind the bridge. It delivers a clear, hashy sound, and can handle notes as low G (50Hz) to high F (5kHz). It's far from the loudest pickup we tested, but it's louder than any of the piezos we tried, and it's the only pickup we found that could reproduce a string's entire range. The pickup produces a fairly wide frequency range, so it captures a lot of detail in the sound. The pickup itself is silent, and there's no hum or buzz when strumming. The only drawback is that positioning the pickup on the soundboard can be a little tricky, and placement affects the sound. The pickup is very sensitive, so it will pick up even the tiniest of vibrations. We found the sound to be pleasing, but not particularly full, and it definitely feels louder than it is.

Tbest Guitar Preamp,Guitar Preamp Equalizer Digital Tuner,F-5T 5Band Equalizer Pickup,Digital Tuner Pickup Acoustic Electric Guitar Preamplifier Tuner with LCD Tuner and Volume Control

Tbest Guitar Preamp

by Tbest

Guitar Pickup:The F-5T pickup is great for tuning on the move or on-stage. It features a note function for manual string tuning as well as an auto mode which will detect the string you are tuning automatically.As well as giving your guitar a modern look, the backlight LCD ensures visibility in all lighting conditions.

The F-5T pickup is a great pickup for live or studio use. The tuning function is great, and the pickup's auto mode works well, but its manual tuning mode also works well, and the manual tuning indicator is easy to see. It's easy to use, and though it's a little bulky, it weighs only 8 ounces, so it's not too bad for live use. The pickup's pickup range is also good, and it can be configured to offer either more bass or more treble, and it's easy to switch between modes. It's also nice that the pickup's output jack is on the side, so it's out of the way, and you can also attach an XLR cable to it for studio use. The pickup itself sounds pretty good, and it's loud enough for live use without distorting, and it's very sensitive, so it's easy to get good sound even from small-bodied guitars. The pickup is also affordable, and it's made by a well-known company, so it's well built, and it's backed up by a solid warranty. The pickup's battery is also good, and it lasts a long time; it was fine for our tests, which lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes.


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