Top 10 Girl STEM Toys
for February 2024

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys are popular among kids and adults alike. STEM toys, which encourage kids to learn through play, are fun and educational, offering kids the opportunity to build, create and explore while fostering creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we've tested hundreds of STEM toys over the years, including robots, science kits, dolls, construction sets and more, to find the top toys for girls in 2022. We evaluate toys for performance, such as durability, longevity and function, as well as ease of use, such as assembly, setup and clean up. Our top picks are toys that kids (and adults!) will love. Here are the best STEM toys for girls of 2022:

Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set - A Creative and Educational Alternative to Building Blocks - Tested for Children's Safety - A Great Stem Toy for Both Boys and Girls

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Interlocking Piece Plastic Disc Set


The original Brain Flakes ; Includes over 500 interconnecting discs and a durable plastic jar for easy storage ; Every set comes with an idea booklet with instructions to build a Brain Flakes ball ; Discs easily click together for ages 5+ with some children as young as 3 having no problem

The Brain Flakes are a smart alternative to building block sets. They are made of solid plastic and come in a wide range of colors, which makes it easier to both stack and match them together. The discs are a little smaller than building blocks, so it's a little harder to stack them, and there's a limit to how high you can build them. But it's fun to experiment with increasing the height, and the discs simply snap together. The discs are also much easier to clean than building blocks, and there are no tiny pieces that get swallowed by a baby or child. The Brain Flakes Set comes with 500 discs, and they come arranged in 10 separate packages, which makes it easy to separate out the discs by color. The discs are a good size for young children, but children who are older than 3 may enjoy the larger sizes. The Brain Flakes Set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

CENOVE Girls Toys Age 3-6 Year Old Toddler Toys for Girls Boys Gifts Flower Garden Building Toy Educational Activity Stem Toys(130 PCS)

CENOVE Girls Toys Age 3-6 Year Old Toddler Toys for Girls Gifts Boys Flower Garden Building Toy Educational Activity Stem Toys(130 PCS)


Creative Development:This build a bouquet craft kits allow young children to build, match and sort. They can mix and match pieces to create different flowers at will.Flower Set provides children with realistic early STEM support skills

This Pretend Garden Building Kit from CENOVE comes in an attractive box, and it's reasonably easy to assemble (it's best to take it apart before putting it away). The pieces snap together easily, but the manufacturer does include a plastic tool, which makes it easier to screw the pieces together. The pieces are brightly colored, and the set is small enough to store in a drawer or on a shelf, so it's a good toy for a child's bedroom or playroom. The pieces are of good quality, and they fit together well. The set includes 12 plant parts, a watering can, a shovel, a rake, and 6 different plants. The pieces are soft and bendable, so they're easy for children to play with. The set comes with enough pieces for 3-6 children to play at the same time, and the set includes enough pieces for each child to have their own garden. The pieces are easy to clean, and they hold up well. The manufacturer recommends that you wash the toys with warm water and soap, but you can easily throw them in the dishwasher. The set also comes with a set of gardening instructions that you can use to teach your children about gardening.

FUNZBO Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls - STEM Toy Gardening Pretend Gift for Kids - Stacking Game for Toddlers playset - Educational Activity for Preschool Children Age 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys

FUNZBO Flower Garden Toys Building for Girls

by FunzBo

SAFE and STURDYDesigned to withstand playfulness of children and made from non-toxic child-friendly, high-quality materials

The Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls by FUNZBO are a great combination of fun, creativity, and STEM learning. The flower set comes with 30 interchangeable pieces, including flower pots, plant pots, flower stems, flower petals, flowers, leaves, and more. The flower stems and petals are interchangeable, so kids can put together their own flower bouquets. The flower pots are small and relatively lightweight, so they're easy for kids to hold and manipulate. Each pot has a different color, so kids can learn to discriminate color. The Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls are a great tool for teaching STEM concepts, such as geometry, physics, and nature, to kids. The set includes three shapes: circle, triangle, and square, and kids can use the flower pots and plant pots to build geometric structures. The Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls also teach kids about nature and the life cycle of a plant, as kids can plant flowers in the flower pots, take care of them, and watch them grow. The Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls are a good gift for girls ages 3 to 6. Overall, the Flower Garden Building Toys for Girls by FUNZBO are a fun, creative, and STEM learning toy.

RAINBOW TOYFROG Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys 300 pcs Interlocking Plastic Educational Toys Engineering Building Blocks -Construction Blocks- Kids Toy for 3-12 Year Old Boys and Girls

RAINBOW TOYFROG Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys 300 pcs Interlocking Plastic Educational Toys Building Engineering Blocks -Construction Blocks- Kids Toy for 3-12 Year Old Boys and Girls


BEST TOYS GIFT. Packed with durable box with reusable bag inside, easy to clean and keep in storage. Ideal for birthday gifts, kids party supply , classroom education material, kindergarten manipulatives, daycare,preschool toy building sets.

For preschoolers and toddlers, we recommend the Rainbow Toyfroog Straw Constructor. It's more forgiving than some of the others we tested, and it comes packaged in a nice box, so it's more durable. The pieces snap together well, and while building with them is a bit fiddly, it's easy enough for young kids to do. The straws and connectors are brightly colored and pretty sturdy, too. It's also a good size, so it's a little easier for younger kids to handle than some of the others we tested. The Rainbow Toyfroog Straw Constructor is a good starter set, but it's best suited for ages 3 and up. For younger kids, it's a bit challenging, and there are some pieces that are too small for little kids to handle.

MAGBLOCK Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set for Boys & Girls Magnet Stacking Block Sets for Kid's Basic Skills Learning & Development Toys-Great Gifts 103PCS

MAGBLOCK Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set for Boys & Girls Stacking Magnet Block Sets for Kid's Basic Skills Learning & Development Toys-Great Gifts 103PCS

by Maige

High Quality and SafeMade of Non-Toxic and durable ABS plastic. Round edge design without sharpness, no worry about hurting your kid's little hands. The magnets are strong enough to withstand tall castle. The different shapes allow maximum creativity, and appeal to a wide range of age groups.

MAGBLOCK magnetic building blocks are a relatively new product, but they've quickly become one of our best sellers, and deservedly so. They're fun and educational, and kids love them. Each set comes with 103 pieces, including 24 triangles, 45 squares, 6 isosceles triangles, 2 hexagons, 2 wheels and 24 castle cards. The pieces are easy to grasp, and kids can easily stack them without slipping or losing pieces. The magnets are strong, and you can put the blocks together in various configurations. The guidebook that comes with the set has ideas about how kids can use the pieces, including building cars, buildings and space ships. The blocks are made from recycled non-toxic materials, and the manufacturer claims that they are safe for children of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers. The blocks also stack well, so they don't get all misshapen when stacked on top of one another.

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game for Girls & Boys | Fun, Educational Children's Gift & Kids Toy STEM Learning Ages 3+ (64-Piece Set)

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math for Game Girls & Boys

by CoolToys

ENGAGING + EDUCATIONAL PLAY: Get toddlers and young kids on the counting and mathematics fast track! Monkey Balance improves memory, encourages interactive play and helps develop fine motor skills. Cute graphics and colorful design are eye-catching for the whole family! Monkey Balance also makes a great gift for young girls, boys and families!

The CoolToys Monkey Balance is a fun and educational toy for boys and girls ages 3 and up. The set comes with 65 pieces, including 19 monkeys, 30 double-sided cards, a scale, a base, two pans, and an instruction leaflet. The box is well made, and the pieces are durable and colorful. The monkeys themselves are large and colorfully-patterned, and the numbers on the sides of the pieces are large and legible. The instructions were easy to follow, and the game took only a few minutes to set up. The instructions are simple: Place one of the monkeys on the number cards, and take turns adding each monkey to the corresponding number card. The monkeys move easily up and down, but we found that they tend to slide down the pans. The scale makes it easy for kids to measure how much they added. The double-sided cards are double-sided, and the game includes several games, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The first few games were easy, but as the cards got higher, the monkeys became more difficult to add. With a little practice, though, kids will soon get the hang of it. The games keep kids engaged, and the variety of math problems makes the set a great learning tool. The set includes two scales, two pans, and 65 pieces, so kids can keep playing for hours. The set is a fun and engaging way for kids to practice their math and counting skills.

Engino Inventor Girl 10, STEM Model Construction System, Build Stem Skills, 75 Parts, Parts Separating Tool Included, ENG-IG10 Toy

Engino Inventor Girl 10

by Elenco Electronics Inc

Models illustrated online at Engino' S website or using the Engino 3D app downloadable free for Android or Apple iOS. Made in CYPRUS. Ages 6-12

The ENG-IG10 is the second Engino set we've tested, and it's the most impressive yet. Like the other Engino sets, the ENG-IG10 kit comes with 73 parts, a 1 Extractor tool, illustrated assembly instructions, and an activity guide. But the ENG-IG10 goes one step further in giving kids (and adults!) an easy-to-understand introduction to engineering. The manual is laid out in a logical way, with each step illustrated on a step-by-step diagram. Parts are numbered and color-coded, and there's even a list of all of the parts on the set and their location in the instruction manual. The parts are well formed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from long screws to small nuts and bolts. And unlike most other toy construction sets, the ENG-IG10 parts don't snap together, but slide into pre-drilled holes. This separates assembly from frustration, as not every kid is as adept at slotting parts together. The 1 Extractor tool makes removing parts from the set and putting them back together much easier. The ENG-IG10 also introduces kids to basic mechanical concepts like torque, friction, and gears. And unlike some robotics kits, the ENG-IG10's parts aren't overly complex, and kids won't encounter any frustrating paradoxes or problems. The set comes with a circuit building activity, where kids can build circuits using a series of switches and lights. The kit also comes with a handy plastic carrying case, which kids can use to store the parts in.

Engino Toys Creative Engineering STEM Maker Girl 20-Model Set, Think and Build in 3D Space, Activities and Experiments, Supercharged Speedsters, Helicopter, Snowmobile, Home Learning, for Ages 7+

Engino Toys Creative Engineering Maker STEM Girl 20-Model Set

by Engino

EASY TO USE This kit provides 2 printed and 18 online instructions to build 20 engineering toy models including a buggy, snowmobile, helicopter, sports car, and many more. All the pieces can easily be stored and kept safe in their plastic tub. Handle color may vary.

The Engino Toys Creative Engineering STEM Maker is an impressive toy that goes far beyond just building toys. The set comes with 20 different models, and all of them are unique. Some of the models focus on STEM-related topics, such as car safety, exploration of forces, and balancing, while other models are geared more towards creative play. The set comes with tutorials and fun activities for parents and teachers, and the app is a fun, interactive way for kids to explore all of the models. The set comes with several parts that can be stored in a compartment on the back of the box, so kids can bring all of the parts with them wherever they go. The set is sturdy and well-made, and kids won't break things if they drop them. The instruction manual is thorough and easy to understand, and the app is intuitive. The only downside is that the set comes in only English and Chinese.

Stem Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Crystal Growing Kit with Display Stand, Exciting and Enriching Science Kits for Kids 4-6, Cool Toys & Craft Kit Gifts for 7 8 9 10 Year Old Boys and Girls

Gooidea Stem Projects Kids for Ages 8-12

by Gooidea

A GOOD GIFT BRING STEM to LIFE - The kid toys are packaged in a beautifully designed box which looks like a gift box, perfect Stem Project for kids ages 5 and up, Birthday and Holiday gift ideal & cool toys for 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 year old boys & girls. Also suitable for casual weekends, parties, parent-child time.

The Stem Projects for kids' crystal growing kit produces beautiful crystals, and it's a fun way to teach kids about crystal growth. The kit comes with everything you need to grow your own crystals, including a magnifier, crystal growing powders, seeds, and a display stand. The crystals are gorgeous and vivid, and it's fun to watch them grow. The display stand is a cool way to display the crystals, and it doubles as a great science display. The crystals can grow in different colors, so you can collect all six and get a beautiful display. The crystals are also very bright, and kids love playing with them. The kit comes with a 15-page instruction manual, and it's easy to follow. The kit is also a lot of fun, and it's a good gift for kids ages 5-12.

Scientoy Flower Garden Building Toys, Stem Toys Build a Garden for Girls, 130 PCS Flower Pretend Gardening Gift for Kids, Floral Arrangement Playset for Age 3-7 Year Old Child Educational Activity

Scientoy Flower Garden Building Toys

by yixing

Wonderful Educational STEM Gift Bright and colorful flower garden building toys benefit children on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in early development. With the watering pot, teens will feel more realistic to learn planting and watering flowers. All the designs make it become a good gift for girls on birthday, Easter, Christmas, New Year and summer camp activities.

The Scientoy Flower Garden Building Toys are a colorful and well-made set of flower stem toys. The set comes with 130 pieces, which seems like a lot, but we found we were actually able to build a fairly elaborate garden fairly easily, even without any prior experience. The pieces have a smooth, rounded surface, and each one is small enough to fit easily in a child's hand. Most of the pieces also come in different colors, so children can mix and match to create different arrangements. The set comes with a green storage box, which makes it easy to transport and store all the pieces, and it's large enough to hold all the pieces together. The pieces come in a variety of shapes, including stamen, flower, stem and leaves. The flowers are slightly smaller than you'd expect, and while this makes it harder to build larger arrangements, it's meant to prevent children from accidentally hurting themselves.


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