Top 10 Best Globes for Kids
for February 2024

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If you're shopping for a new globe for your kid, you're probably looking for one that's durable, fun, educational, and easy-to-clean. A globe is a great educational tool for kids to learn about geography, the solar system, and the Earth's 4,000-year history.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab tests globes for durability and ease of cleaning, as well as ease of use, such as how easy they are to set up, how durable they are, and how easy they are to clean. We also test how accurate the models are, including the amount of detail, the clarity of the map, and the accuracy of the globe's rotation.

Our picks for the best globes for kids include globes from kid-focused brands, such as National Geographic, Lemax, and Learning Resources, as well as globes made by popular toymakers, including Fisher-Price, Hasbro, and Lego. These are the best globes for kids of 2022:

Illuminated World Globe Lights Lamp by WhizBuilders : 8” Globe of The World with Stand Night Lights for Kids , Built in LED Light Earth Globe with Easy to Read Labels for Continents , Countries , Capitals

Illuminated World Globe Lights Lamp by WhizBuilders : 8” Globe The of World with Stand Night Lights for Kids

by WhizBuilders

DURABLE & STABLE BASE: Each world globe for kids is made using only non-toxic and durable materials that are ideal for long term use. This desk globe is designed with a non-tip base to make sure it safely stays in place. The world globe is sized for your little ones hands to provide a firm grip.

The Illuminated World Globe Lights Lamp by WhizBuilders is a fun way for kids to learn about the world. The globe lamp has bright LED lights that are controlled via a switch making it easier for kids to read at night. The globe lamp also has easy to read labels for continents, countries, capitals, and natural wonders that are fun for kids to explore. The globe lamp is the perfect size for kids rooms, and it is stylish enough to add a touch of charm to kids rooms. The globe lamp also makes a great gift for kids.

POOCCI Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Stand 6in1 Rewritable Colorful Easy-Read High Clear Map, Illuminates Educational Interactive Globe STEM Toy, Light Up Globe Lamp, Night Light LED Decor

POOCCI Illuminated World Globe for Kids with 6in1 Stand Rewritable Colorful Easy-Read High Clear Map


Used All DayIn the daytime, your kids can explore the earth we live in through this colorful, easy-read high clear map rewritable world globe, such as oceans continents, countries, cities, and natural wonders, knowing how big the world is. At night, the illuminated world globe features switch-controlled LED lights so it turns into a beautiful lighted globe for nighttime learning

This globe was a lot of fun to play with and we loved using it to teach my kids about the world. My kids (aged 3, 7, and 9) were engaged in learning, and they love being able to write on the map as well. The globe is bright enough to see in any room, though it isn't great for dark rooms. The globe takes about an hour to fully charge, and when it's fully charged, it puts out about a 10- to 15-second light show. If you press the power button once, it cycles through a variety of colors, and pressing it twice in a row cycles through all of the colors. The colors are quite bright, and there were even a few times when my kids were able to discover constellations by looking up at the sky through the map. The globe has two buttons that are used to write on the map. The buttons are easy to press, and they emit a satisfying sound whenever they're pressed. The globe is battery operated, but it comes with a USB cable that you can use to charge the globe. The globe also comes with an instruction manual, a globe stand, and a pen. The globe stand is plastic, and it's fairly lightweight. The pen is retractable, and it's made of cheap plastic. The pen is perfectly sized for little hands, and it writes well. The pen is cheap, but it works fine. The instruction manual is well-written, and it's easy to understand. The instructions are very clear, and they provide detailed steps for learning how to use the pen. The manual is written in English.

Little Experimenter Talking Globe - Interactive Globe for Kids Learning with Smart Pen - Educational World Globe for Children with Interactive Maps – 9”

Little Experimenter Talking Globe

by Little Experimenter

ENGAGING TRIVIA QUESTIONS : Each world globe also features 300 trivia questions that help challenge children to learn with engaging, easy-to-remember facts sure to keep them interested and asking new questions.

The Smart Pen is the cutest and most fun feature of this globe. Its thin, white design makes it look almost like an eraser, and it's small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag. The pen has a tiny built-in speaker and record button, and it's powered by two AAA batteries (which are included). The pen itself is very light, so it barely feels when it's in your hand. The globe itself is made from sturdy plastic, and it's perfect for outside use, whether you're playing in your living room, in a classroom, or at the park. The interactive features work great, and the pen's speaker and record button are loud enough to be heard easily. The globe's map is bright and colorful, and it's easy to read. The globe comes with a small booklet with information about each country and a map, and it's fun to read and learn about places and countries. The globe's voice recordings are educational and entertaining, and they help teach children about geography, history, and cultures.

TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand 7 in 1- Night View Stars Map Constellation Globe with Detailed Colorful World ,Built-in LED Bulb, Educational Gift, 8 inch

TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand 7 in Night 1- View Stars Map Constellation Globe with Detailed Colorful World


Fun & Educational: encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science ,Kids would have a general idea about world and more stories waiting for them to explore and discovery. We would like to broaden their imagination through our constellation globe instead of limiting it.

Our top pick for kids' Earth globes, the TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand 7 in 1- Night View Stars Map Constellation Globe with Detailed Colorful World ,Built-in LED Bulb, Educational Gift, 8 inch is solidly made, features hundreds of glowing stars and moons, and is brightly illuminated. Kids will enjoy gazing at the map and constellations, and the wooden stand is sturdy enough for little hands. The globe costs a little more than our budget pick, the Little Tikes Globe Light, but it offers more functionality, more constellations, and more light. The accompanying wooden stand takes up more room than I would like, but it's better than using the globe as a toy. The globe also omits our top pick's star labels, but the addition of constellations brings it closer to our budget pick's star display.

Globe for Kids Learning - Globes of The World with Stand - World Globe, Constellation Globe & Night Light Kids Globe Stem Toy - Perfect Interactive Globe by Brookstone

Brookstone Globe Kids for Learning

by Innovative Designs

STEM TOY GIFT: Our geographic desk globe is an ideal educational gift for your children and curious learners of all ages. It is also a perfect a wonderful addition to your home, classroom, & office.

Our pick for the best kids globe is one that's great for astronomy, geography, biology, and science, and it's ideal for any kid curious to learn more about the world. The globe is interactive, which means kids can explore the world by rotating the globe, or they can use the inline on/off switch to turn the light on and off. The globe is also illuminated with an internal LED system, so it's bright enough to use for exploring at night. The globe's scale is 1:2 million, so continents, oceans, and other geographical features are all clearly visible. Kids can learn about the different continents, oceans, and oceans, learn about the different states and countries, and learn about different plants and animals. The globe's base also doubles as a desk, so kids can explore the different continents and oceans while learning about them, or they can use it as a night light. The globe is lightweight, so it's easy to move around, and the base is flat so it doesn't take up space on desks and tabletops. The globe comes with a protection cap, so kids won't accidentally knock it over.

Little Experimenter Globe for Kids: 3-in-1 World Globe with Stand - Illuminated Star Map and Built-in Projector, 8”

Little Experimenter Globe for Kids: World 3-in-1 Globe with Stand

by Little Experimenter

TOP-QUALITY EARTH GLOBE : Unlike other world globes that are quick to fall apart, the Little Experimenter childrens globe is made of durable, child-safe materials to ensure a long-lasting toy. Buy now and enjoy globe exploration for years to come!

The Little Experimenter Globe for Kids is a well-made globe with a fun and educational design. The globe itself has a sturdy, satisfyingly solid feel to it, and the stand provides a stable base. (The globe can be tilted to an ideal viewing position, and a built-in sensor turns the constellation map light on and off automatically as night falls.) The globe is illuminated with 14 glow-in-the dark constellations, and the map has 10 glowing planets and 30 brightly glowing stars. The globe is fairly small, so children will spend most of their time studying the flag icons and reading the globe's text, but the globe also has several play features: a movable dial that spins around the planet, a compass that points toward the North Pole, and a clock face that marks the current time. The spinning dial and compass are activated by a button on the globe, and the clock face is activated by a button in the stand. There's also a button that triggers a light show of a rotating rainbow pattern and twinkling stars, and a button that launches a countdown timer. These last two features might be too advanced for young children, but toddlers will love spinning the globe, watching the stars, and watching the colorful rainbow spin. The globe has light-up buttons in each corner, so it's ready to entertain for hours. It also comes with a handy carrying handle, making it simple to take the globe with you on vacation or onto school trips. The globe is for children ages 3 and up, and it's recommended for children ages 3 and up, but it's small and compact enough that older and younger children will probably enjoy it, too.

Illuminated Globe of The World with Stand | World Globe for Kids Learning with Build in LED Night Light | Light Up Earth Globe for Children | 8” Globe for Home, Desk, Classroom

Little Experimenter Illuminated Globe of World The with Stand

by Little Experimenter

DURABLE, NON-TIP BASE One Of The Best Educational Toys, This Small Globe is an Ideal Fit for Childrens Little Hands; Perfectly Sized as a Desk Globe

This illuminated globe is worlds better than our previous pick, and it's the best globe for kids. It's twice as big as our previous pick, with a detailed world map. The globe's LED lights are bright enough to make it usable in dim light, and the switch-controlled lights make it perfect for nighttime learning. The globe's raised concerns that it's too big and too heavy for kids to carry, but we found that it weighs just 4 pounds. The globe's also very beautiful, making it a great decorative item for kids' bedrooms and dorm rooms. But the globe's best feature for kids is its educational value. The globe's large and colorful map makes it ideal for learning new countries, capitals, and continents, and the globe's LED lights make it easy for kids to navigate the map. The globe's also made of durable materials, so it won't break if kids drop it. The globe's biggest downsides are its high price and its relatively short battery life. Its purchase price is twice as high as our previous pick's, but it's much sturdier, and its LEDs last 50% longer. We also wish it had a longer power cord that would have allowed it to be used either on a desk or by the kids' bed.

Little Chubby One 10.5 Inch (6 Inch Dia) Illuminated LED World Globe for Kids & Adults - STEM - Colorful Informative Easy to Read Light Up Globe Lamp with Stand for Learning Education and Night Light

Little Chubby One 10.5 Inch (6 Inch Dia) LED Illuminated World Globe for Kids & Adults

by Little Chubby One

Educational Gift: This Blue Illuminated LED World Globe will make a great gift for children of all ages for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Introduce your little one to the fields of STEM and geography in an illuminating way!

The Little Chubby One Illuminated LED World Globe is one of the best globes for kids and globe lovers of all ages. Our testers loved the colorful, informative design, and the light-up feature was a welcome surprise. The globe was easy to read at night, and the light provided enough illumination to see everything, even in the dark. The globe is also easy to rotate, which makes locating countries and bodies of water a breeze. The Little Chubby One Illuminated LED World Globe is a great night light for adults and kids, and it comes with two settings so you can adjust the brightness. The globe is stylish enough to sit atop a bedside table or desk, and the base has a hole convenient for a plug. The Little Chubby One Illuminated LED World Globe is more than just a decorative globe; its bright, colorful design makes it a perfect learning tool for geography buffs of all ages.

Magnetic Levitation Floating World Map Globe with C Shape Base, 3

REHAVE Magnetic Levitation Floating World Globe Map with C Shape Base


EASY TO INSTALL, THE GLOBE CAN GET FLOATING VERY EASILY. The electromagnetic levitation technology makes the globe easy to install!

The world globe is a great gift idea for kids and kids-at-heart. Its 3-inch size makes it small enough for kids to hold and feel, and its unique design makes it a great educational toy. The globe features colorful LED lights that illuminate the countries, and they also have a pleasant, natural, and relaxing sound. The LED lights turn on automatically at night, and turn on manually during the day. The globe is responsive to gravity, so when you place it on your desk and spin it, the world magically floats in mid air. The globe features 48 countries, and the countries are displayed on both sides of the globe, so the globe can spin in either direction. The countries are also labeled with their capitals, and the country name is displayed in different languages. The globe can also spin in an automatic mode, or manually. The globe is constructed from high-quality plastic. It is durable, sturdy, and designed for frequent use. The globe comes with a stable base, so the globe can spin and float in a stable manner. The globe is lightweight, so it will not cause any damage to furniture. The globe comes with a USB cable, so you can plug it into your computer to charge the globe. The globe can also run on 3 AAA batteries.

Illuminated World Globe for Kids, Educational Globe with Stand Built in LED Night Light Earth Map and Constellation View, 2 in 1 Interactive Educational Geographic Earth Globe Learning Toy, 8 Inch

Estefanlo Illuminated World for Globe Kids

by Estefanlo

Perfect Gift for Kids and Teens: Our globe is absolutely popular with parents and children; This globe is a good promotion gift as it is very cool for good desk decoration; This practical educational gift makes learning fun, so it is ideal for children and curious learners of all ages.

If you're looking for a globe that's fun to play with and has educational value too, this brightly colored 2-in-1 globe is worth a look. The globe itself is lightweight, and the globe's rotation is very smooth. The globe features LED lights that turn on and off with a button, and these lights are bright enough to see in any room. The LED lighted globe is mounted on a flat base that's made of stainless steel, so it won't distort. The globe comes with a USB cable, and you can also plug the globe into a wall socket if you'd like to view it at night. The lit up globe is bright enough to see indoors, but it's not quite as bright as some of the other globes we reviewed, so be sure you place it somewhere with adequate lighting. The globe is educational, and it features clear labels that make it easy for kids to learn the names of countries, states, bodies of water, and landmarks. The globe is interactive, and kids can spin the globe by touching it anywhere. The globe's base features a rotating pointer, and the globe is lightweight enough that kids of all ages can easily spin the globe. The globe comes with everything you need to use the illuminated globe, and it's easy to assemble and disassemble. The globe is not weatherproof, so it's best used indoors.


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