10 Best Glow in The Dark Tapes
for February 2024

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Imagine, you are engulfed in darkness and you only have a single source of light leading your way. Sounds like a scene from a suspense movie, right? Instead, it could be the reality of your hallway, stairwell, or exit sign, making these places safe to navigate, albeit in a thrilling manner. This is achievable through luminescent wonders, known as glow in the dark tapes. These tapes not only adhere to various surfaces but also light up whatever they touch, giving you a charming guiding glow. We have scoured through numerous options and curated a list of '10 Best Glow in The Dark Tapes' for your convenience.

Glow in the dark tapes come in different varieties and sizes, catering to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. Among the top picks are Glow in The Dark Tape - 33 FT X 0.5 Inch which offers an impressive length to cater to larger areas. The Whaline 6 Colors Neon Gaffer Cloth Tape stands out with its vibrant color offerings for party lovers. Want to ensure safety both indoors and outdoors? LetsCampsie Glow in The Dark Tape – 30ft x 1inch is your ideal pick with its industrial-grade quality. These dynamic tapes are not just for functional uses but also for creating fascinating aesthetics, making them more appealing.

Don't just rush to settle for any glow tape. The most intriguing lies at the end of the list - the 'Glow in The Dark Tape 30ft x 1inch, Fluorescent Tape'. As the crowning jewel of our list, this versatile tape will light up your life, literally, with its non-toxic, waterproof stickers making it safe for use on stairs, walls, steps, and exit signs. Propel yourself into a world where function meets creativity and let the glow guide your way. Explore the entire list and find the perfect tape that will light up your world as you desire!

Glow in The Dark Tape - 33 FT X 0.5 Inch Luminous Photoluminescent/Luminescent Emergency Roll Safety Egress Markers Stairs, Walls, Steps, Exit Sign. Glowing Pro Theatre Stage Floor (33 ft X 0.5 inch)

Glow in the Dark Tape - 33 ft Luminous Emergency Safety Markers for Stairs, Walls, and Floors

Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use8.6
Popularity & Sales8.6
Value for money8.7

VERSATILE INDOOR/OUTDOOR SAFE Crafted from premium-grade PET, our non-toxic luminous glow in the dark tape is kid-safe, waterproof, durable and eco-friendly.

First and foremost, we led our search with the Glow in The Dark Tape because of its extraordinary features that enhance your safety at home or office. Imagine a tape that not only sticks effectively but also illuminates your surroundings even in the darkest conditions. This product is designed to glow brightly after exposure to any form of light. What's fascinating is just a 30-minute exposure can ensure an impressive glow that lasts for up to 6-8 hours.

In the second position, what caught our eye is the product's effortless application. With its advanced non-residue adhesive backing, you can apply the fluorescent masking tape on a wide range of surfaces. And, when it's time to remove it, a simple hot air blow from your hairdryer does the trick. The tape is also waterproof, adding to its practicability. Finally, with its size, 33 Ft X 0.5 inch, it's suitable for multiple uses including marking emergency areas and illuminating doors, stairs, walls, and more.

Whaline 6 Colors Neon Gaffer Cloth Tape, Fluorescent UV Blacklight Glow in The Dark Tape for UV Party (0.6 inch x 16.5 feet)

Whaline 6 Colors Neon Gaffer Cloth Tape - Glow in The Dark Tapes for UV Party

by Whaline
Customers Rating8.2
Easy to use8.6
Popularity & Sales9.3
Value for money9.5

Easy to remove Being gaffers tape, it won't leave any sticky residue on the floor

Just missing out on the top spot, we've ranked the Whaline 6 Colors Neon Gaffer Cloth Tape as our second favorite, and here's why. The spotlight falls on its fluorescent UV blacklight glow features that truly set it apart. You'll find yourself immersed in breathtaking hues of blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple under UV light or blacklights. However, note that the neon tape doesn’t glow on its own.

The creators of this neon tape thoughtfully crafted it for more than just aesthetics. The outstanding versatility of this UV Cotton cloth tape extends to diverse applications. Whaline tape can not only add a vibrant touch to your party decor but also function as markers to help you keep things organized. Moreover, be it indoors or outdoors, the durability of this tape remains uncompromised. Treat your senses to a stunning array of colors with the Whaline Neon Tape!

LetsCampsie Glow in The Dark Tape – 30ft x 1inch – Premium Industrial Grade Interior and Exterior Luminous Glow Tape to Help See Objects at Night and Outdoors

Glow in the dark tape: 30ft x 1inch, industrial grade for night-time visibility

by LetsCampsie
Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use8.6
Popularity & Sales8.2

EASY TO USE. REMOVABLE Measure, Cut and adhere to a dry, clean surface. The tape has backing paper with gridlines to assist your cutting. Heat tape BEFORE attempting to remove.

MOOZ ranked the LetsCampsie Glow in the Dark Tape third. It wasn't an easy decision, given the teeming marketplace of illuminative tapes. But its unique properties triumphed - the hours of sustainable luminous glow and incredibly quick charging time caught our attention. A minute or two to initiate and thirty minutes for full charge is all it takes. Now, imagine - you are lost in your storage room, fumbling in the dark. Suddenly, your foot brushes against a silky, glowing strip. Thanks to LetsCampsie's product, you are back on track again!

In the second place, this nifty tape's versatility and performance played a huge role in its ranking. Its potential for indoor and outdoor use could mean the difference between a safe step and a nasty fall on your porch at night. Considering important spots in your home, the tape's power to stick to most clean surfaces enhances its value. Furthermore, the top-class phosphorescent tape with formulated acrylic adhesive is more than just functional; it's a lifesaver. You can inconspicuously mark emergency supplies, documents or exit paths without ruining the aesthetics of your environment. Now, doesn't that sounds like a brilliant investment?

GreyParrot Tape UV Tape Blacklight Reactive, (6 Pack), (6 Colors), 33ft Per Roll, Fluorescent Cloth Tape, Glow in The Dark Tape Under UV Black Light

GreyParrot Glow in the Dark Tapes - Blacklight Reactive, 6 Pack, 33ft Per Roll

by GreyParrot Tape
Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use8.1
Popularity & Sales9.8
Value for money8.2

KNIFE & SCISSOR FREE: Easy to Tear with Your Hands. No Knife or Scissor required. Best feature: Glow in the dark tape under uv black light.

Our most loved feature of GreyParrot UV Tape has to be its vivid brightness under UV blacklight. Unlike other tapes that merely promise vibrancy, this one actually delivers on it. So much so, you'd feel like you're in your very own private neon glow party every time you use it. With a nifty selection of 0.5in(12mm) & 1inch(12mm) width, it has become our go-to recommendation for adding a pop of fluoresce color anywhere.

Party organizers, DIY craft enthusiasts, and artistic souls will find this product most useful. Imagine creating out-of-the-world craft projects and unforgettable events with it. With the GreyParrot Tape, there is no limit to how much colorful fun you can add to your world. The variety of 6 colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White) packaged together in this offer is a huge bonus! The price is pretty cost-effective too, giving you the best value for money. Believe us, this tape will be a hit in your DIY projects or your parties!

Best Glow in The Dark Tape 1 in x30 ft+10 Arrows+10 Stars -Bright, Long-Lasting Fluorescent Tape for Halloween,Outdoor, Night Decorations, Safety, Stairs, Theater

Glow in the Dark Tape: Bright, Long-Lasting Fluorescent Tape for Safety, Halloween, and Night Decorations

by Purple Octopus World
Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use9.7
Popularity & Sales8.8
Value for money7.4

VERSATILE. safety, stairs, stage, floors, light switches, ceiling stars, dots, theater, gaffers

As a considerably intelligent MOOZ algorithm, one standout feature that piqued curiosity was the extended glow duration of 12 hours marketed for the Glow in the Dark Tape. This feature is intriguing as it provides a significantly long-lasting illumination, perfect for functionality and decor for nocturnal festivities.

The Glow in the Dark Tape shines in its eco-friendliness and non-toxic properties, proving that big effect can come in harmless packages. From decorating a Halloween party, to lighting up theater scenes, and even ensuring safety on your outdoor stairs, your usability limits are bounded only by your imagination. Furthermore, its adhesive properties paired with waterproof quality adds onto the user-friendliness. But, the cherry on top? This tape can be removed without damaging your surfaces. If you ask MOOZ, this product is most beneficial for stage designers, party hosts and safety-conscious homeowners.

1 Inch x 60 FT Glow in The Dark Tape – Pack of 2 Rolls – Bright Rechargeable Fluorescent Glow Tape – Luminous Tape for Outdoors & Indoors –Glow Tape– Tape for Home Decoration & Markings

Glow in the Dark Tape - Rechargeable Fluorescent Glow Tape for Home Decoration & Markings

Customers Rating7.9
Easy to use9.1
Popularity & Sales8.3
Value for money9.7

VERSATILE FLOURESCENT GLOW TAPE This glow in the dark tape can be used on all types of surfaces including cement, tiles, wood, metal, glass, cardboard, fabric, and more, and will stick well without any hassles and not peel off at the first instance. You can enjoy a bright glow with this tape as it gets charged easily in 30 mins, harnessing the energy of any standard light source.

The event organisers and homeowners out there will find the glow tape a game changer. The luminous lure of the 1 Inch Glow in The Dark Tape is irresistible, almost as if it compels you to admire its radiant gleam. With glow time of up to 10 hours, you won't be left in the dark for long. You get 2 rolls, each 60ft, ample tape for each creative or practical need.

This glow tape adds atmospheric lighting and also serves as a safety guide, preventing any potential mishaps. The strong adhesive leaves no residue behind and will stick around for years, just like a faithful luminary companion guiding you through the darkness at home.

Gwikylo Glow Tape 0.4 Inch x 33 Feet Waterproof Glow in The Dark Tape Luminous Tape for Emergency, Stage,Halloween,Night Decorations, Outdoor Sports and Home Marking Fluorescent Tape……

Gwikylo Glow Tape: Waterproof 0.4 Inch x 33 Feet Luminous Tape for Night Decorations, Emergency & More

by Gwikylo
Customers Rating6.8
Easy to use8.4
Popularity & Sales7.1
Water resistance7.6

High QualityThe UV glow material is made of quality PET, the back has a strong adhesive. The tape is flexible, durable, could be waterproof and removable without residue.

Our first impression of Gwikylo Glow Tape was a noticeable one, as we found its rechargeable glow feature particularly impressive. It's easy to apply, simply charge it under a light and lo! It illuminates for up to 6 hours- hitting peak brightness in the initial 2 hours. That's something really unique, and we think night event organizers and home decorators will find this handy for their nocturnal activities.

What we also appreciate about this product is its multifunctionality. You can champion your creativity with this glow tape, be it in artwork or lettering. Additionally, it proves resourceful for safety markings on objects like backpacks, bikes or walls. However, do ensure to stick it on smooth surfaces as it tends to fall off rough ones. For the creative and practical you, Gwikylo Glow Tape should definitely be part of your toolkit.

NoCry Heavy Duty 9.85 ft Glow in The Dark Tape - Perfect Neon Tape Glow in The Dark Tape for Stairs Glow Tape Glow in The Dark, Fluorescent Tape, Glow in Dark Duct Tape, Glow Tape for Stage Stair

NoCry 9.85 ft Glow in The Dark Tape - Perfect for Stairs, Stage and More

by NoCry
Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use7.2
Popularity & Sales6.5
Water resistance9.8

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR USE. The neon green tape is temporarily waterproof: this means its ok in rainstorms. However, dont use it under water. You can stick this glow in the dark tape outdoor waterproof on plastic, metal, wood, ceramic or concrete.

Our team at MOOZ finds the NoCry Heavy Duty Glow in The Dark Tape absolutely fascinating. What captured our interest is the powerful luminosity of this product. Crafted with PET resin intermixed with non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, the tape emits a green light that is hard to miss. Our smart algorithms and product testers agree that this feature is truly exceptional in the world of glow tapes.

Now imagine, you're winding up a late-night session of disc golf. With the dim lights and fading twilight, you struggle to find your belongings. But with this glow tape, your equipment would be unmistakably visible. Charged with just 1 to 2 hours of UV light exposure, it guarantees 6 to 8 hours of a reliable glow. This product is most useful to people with a knack for night-time activities and late-night workers. We believe, the night-time adventurers & late-night workers would absolutely love this product. The tape also scores on durability by sticking strongly to almost everything, going normal in daylight, and ensuring it stays in the same place for 1.5 to 2 years. Quite impressive, isn't it?

Lockport Glow in The Dark Tape — 2 Pack — 60 Ft x 1 Inch of Bright, Rechargeable, & Long-Lasting Fluorescent Tape — Luminous Tape for Outdoor Sports, Night Decorations, and Home Marking

Glow in The Dark Tape - 2 Pack - 60 Ft x 1 Inch of Rechargeable Fluorescent Tape - Ideal for Night Decorations and Outdoor Sports

Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use8.1
Popularity & Sales9.2
Water resistance6.1

Waterproof and Permanent Make sure your safety solution sticks. Your glowing tape features strong adhesive under a durable waterproof backing. Enjoy years of low-light assistance, indoors or out.

Our savvy algorithm has drawn our attention to the Lockport Glow in The Dark Tape, an item most useful for those nocturnal souls seeking guidance in the dark. What captivated us is its unique brightness which you don't usually find in common luminescent tapes. Imagine having a guide that shines vibrantly, helping you find what you need without stubbing your toes in the dark corners of your abode.

Further expanding the horizons of convenience, this radium tape charges quickly and has an impressive lifespan. Its ability to absorb energy swiftly is genuinely groundbreaking. Outdoor enthusiasts, late-night decorators, or homeowners who want added visibility in darker areas will find this utility item a game-changer. Further, the assurance of great adhesive quality reaffirms the excellent utility it offers. Unique, handy and practical, the services offered by this glow tape play the perfect chorus to light up the night hours.

Glow in The Dark Tape 30 ft x 1 inch,Fluorescent Tape, Premium Quality Non-Toxic, Waterproof Stickers for Stairs,Walls,Steps and Exit Sign

Premium Quality Glow in The Dark Tape for Stairs, Walls, and Exit Signs: 30ft x 1in Waterproof Fluorescent Stickers

Customers Rating8.4
Easy to use6.6
Popularity & Sales6.7
Water resistance7.5

SUPERIOR ADHESIONLuminous tape self-adhesive not easy to fall off. Adhesive glow tape can stick to both smooth and rough surfaces such as walls, metal railings, textile, porcelain, wood and other delicate materials

We are simply mesmerized by the Glow in The Dark Tape. What makes it special is its impeccable quality and durability. It's designed to last up to 10 years, truly unheard of for a glow tape! Its glow can be recharged over and over, lending it a sustainability feature we all need in today's world.

If safety is your concern, no need to be worried, as this tape is produced with a non-toxic and non-radioactive material. It allows immense flexibility yet holding high tenacity which can endure all sorts of attaching or detaching to various objects. So this versatile product can make home safe for you and your loved ones, additionally, it can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. This product will be extremely beneficial for you if you are someone who loves interesting interior designs or if you have kids at home. Overall, we highly recommend the Glow in The Dark Tape for its uniqueness, reliability, and safety features.


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