Top 10 Best Godox Lights Video Lights
for February 2024

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Looking for the cherry on your cake in the form of exceptional video lighting? Pull up a chair and warm your hands on the glow of our Top 10 Best Godox Lights Video Lights. Made to illuminate your story, these are lights which burn brighter, bolder, and far more brilliantly than the competition. For the vloggers, the videographers, and the masters of the mise en scène, your search for superior lighting gears ends here.

Among the shining stars in our galaxy of lights are the bi-color marvels; the Godox SL100Bi, the versatile Godox SL60IIBi, and the potently portable Godox SL60IID. Glowing with a range of color temperatures, these illuminators create an atmosphere as per your needs while promising precise color reproduction. Dazzlingly adaptable and seeping with soul, they have more than an edge to be on your shopping cart.

Convinced? Well, wait till you see what's in store at the end. Be prepared to be wowed by the Godox TL30 Tube Light. This remarkable piece of technology is not just a handheld LED video light, but a handheld revolution. With its full color RGB feature, a huge temperature range, gorgeous dimming function, and a hefty built-in battery, it's a luminary that handles like a feather. Get ready to literally, hold the magic of light in your palms. Trust us, this is not a list you want to merely skim through. Dive in, dear friends of light. Let the best light lead you forward.

Godox SL100Bi 100W Bi-Color LED Video Light, 32100Lux@1M with Godox RC-A6 Remote Controller, 2800K-6500K CRI/TLCI 96+/97+ LED Studio Light, 11 FX Effects Studio LED Continuous Video Light Bowens Mount

Godox SL100Bi Video Light with RC-A6 Remote Controller - Perfect for Professional Studio Lighting

by Godox
Easy to use9.6
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales9.9
Screen quality9.7

SL100bi bicolor studio photography light using AC adapter power supply, the plug that comes with the light is over 10FT long that how easy you can maneuver it around your space without worrying about the power coming unplugged. The adjustment angle of the light is flexible, allowing for easy lighting setup from all directions.

Mooz was instantly drawn to the Godox SL100Bi 100W Bi-Color LED Video Light. After taking a closer look, Mooz found that its first-place position was well deserved. One of the main attractions was its 100% light adjustment range and 11 unique FX lighting effects, guaranteed to bring a professional touch to your productions.

What also caught Mooz’s attention was the high color rendering of over CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+, promising exceptional color accuracy. It's nal'bout more color, it's the truth in color. The versatility of its compact size combined with its powerful output, gives you the flexibility to use it in smaller studios or home environment. Truly a quality selection for your lighting needs!

Godox SL60IIBi 75W Bi-Color LED Video Light, 25100Lux@1M 2800K-6500K LED Continuous Light CRI/TLCI 96+/97+, 11 FX Effects Studio Light Bowens Mount, 2.4G Wireless Control with Godox RC-A6 Remote

Godox SL60IIBi Bi-Color LED Video Light - Powerful 75W Continuous Light for Studio with Wireless Control

by Godox
Easy to use8.8
Light weight9.3
Low light8.5
Picture quality9.7
Popularity & Sales8.4

Tips: SL60IIBi studio light also comes with a remote control which again makes it very easy when your light is high up in the air.

While the Godox SL60IIBi didn't clinch the top spot, it holds its own boasting impressive features that demand attention. The 3 control methods it offers are its crowning glory. Dual dials and four buttons lend it simplicity and ease of operation. Furthermore, this LED light can be operated from the comfort of your director's chair with the included Godox RC-A6 remote control. You can even use the ‘Godox Light’ app to adjust light parameters to your specific needs, a feature that effortlessly combines technology and creativity.

The LED Continuous Light's compact body belies its prodigious output capability. With a maximum brightness of 25,100 lumens at 1 meter-5600K, the SL60IIBi promises to illuminate your YouTube videos and short commercials with an impressive brightness. Upgraded from its predecessor, the SL60W, this model has a higher power (75W) and a wider dimming range (0-100%). Oh, and did we mention the almost silent operation? Your audio team will love it. With such next-level features, we grant it our closeness-to-the-top slot. You won't be disappointed.

Godox SL60IID 70W 5600K±200K Portable Studio LED Video Light +RC-A5 Remote Control Built-in 8 FX Lighting Effects Bowens Mount APP/2.4G Wireless/On-Board Control for Studio Photography Vlog Video

Godox SL60IID 70W Video Light - Portable & Versatile Studio Lighting, Perfect for Photography and Vlogs

Easy to use8.1
Light weight9.8
Low light8.2
Picture quality8.8
Popularity & Sales8.2

Standard Bowens MountDesigned with standard Bowens-mount for compatibility with a wide variety of light accessories, such as softbox, reflector and so on, to make your photo taking and video recording more professional.

MOOZ has ranked the Godox SL60IID 70W LED Video Light third in our top listings. The reason we were particularly captivated by this product is due to its remarkable 5600K±200K Color Temperature & 8 Built-In FX Lighting Effects. Imagine the versatility you'll have at your fingertips. This feature allows you to effortlessly simulate various scenarios with diverse lighting.

The Godox LED Video Light is also noted for its powerful output and silence environment properties. With working in small studios, you will find its compactness very helpful, not to mention the adjustable brightness that can be customized precisely according to your needs. Now, you can enhance your studio videography skills in peace without worrying about noise disturbance. Isn't that something to look forward to in your future projects?

GODOX SL-60W 60W 5600±300K Bowens Mount Led Continuous Video Light for Video Recording,Wedding,Outdoor Shooting

Godox SL-60W 60W Video Light for Video Recording, Wedding, Outdoor Shooting - Perfect for Godox lights

Easy to use8.2
Light weight8.6
Low light9.4
Picture quality8.7
Screen quality9.7

|Durable & Strong|: Powerful 60W LED bead offers high light brightness and stable illumination, Sepcially designed protect cover to proect the LED bead;Excellent heat dissipation with premium heatsink and built-in fan, With temperature control function to prevent oterheating.

Our algorithms and product testers have been completely captivated by the GODOX SL-60W 60W Video Light. They were particularly pleased with the high quality 60W LED bead that emits a powerful and stable illumination. This feature can surely elevate your video recording or photography experience.

The second favourable feature is the large-sized LCD panel which offers easy operation. So, if you're a passionate photographer or someone who often shoots outdoor, wedding videos, or child portraits, this tool will be your unique ally. Imagine yourselves controlling the brightness manually through systems with 6 groups & 16 channels, making your work easier and quality better. Overall, our algorithms found that the GODOX SL-60W 60W Video Light stands out among its competitors as a valuable tool for photographers and videographers alike.

Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Light,Led Video Light,13W 2500k-8500k Adjustable,CRI97 TLCT 97 RGB 0-360 Full Color,Music Beats Light Function and 40 FX Lighting Effects with Aluminum Alloy Shell(Green)

Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Video Light - Versatile Godox Lights with Music Beats & FX Effects

Battery life9.6
Easy to use9.5
Light weight8.9
Low light7.5
Material quality7.1

Easy to use,tiny&lightweight Godox M1 weights only 240g with a dimension of 145*70*15mm, which is very handy light, an cold shoe to reach more compatibility. All the modes and functions of M1 are Conducted via the dial and key button on the side,Long press the FN dial and rotate the dial to adjust the parameters

When you take a close look at the 'Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Light', you quickly realize it is more than your average led video light. Its defining feature of offering an adjustable color temperature is what caught our attention. Imaging adjusting from 2500k to a whopping 8500k in CCT mode and jazzing it up with 15 FX special effects! Godox certainly offers the versatility to tailor your photoshoot according to your creative style.

The light has an amazing high-strength aviation aluminium body. Compact, yet robust, it never compromises on durability. It can brave any weather, whether shooting in the freezing winter or hot blistering summer, this little giant is built to last. The built-in lithium rechargeable battery guarantees up to 2.5 hours of full power. Ideal for those who love to experiment with lighting, the professional photographers and the video content creators out there, this light is sure to ignite your imaginations.

Godox M1 RGB Camera Light, Portable LED Video Light, Pocket Full Color LED Video Light Panel CRI 97+ 2500k-8500k, Music Beats Function and 15 FX Lighting Effects with Aluminum Alloy Body - Gray

Portable Godox M1 RGB Camera Light for Video, with Music Beats Function and 15 Lighting Effects

by Godox
Easy to use7.1
Light weight8.7
Low light8.2
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales8.4
Screen quality7.1

[Articulating Bracket]: Built-in articulating bracket to ease your lighting setup Its articulating bracket design allows you to mount in 1/4 thread in different angles, mount in camera rigs or camera shoes mount. The compact aluminum fixture only weighs 240g, tiny & lightweight, easy to use.

One can't help but notice the Godox M1 RGB Camera Light, a true game-changer for professional photographers and video producers. Aptly called a 'pocket video light', this gizmo is a tiny titanic tool in your arsenal. Imagine having a device that enables hue, saturation, and brightness adjustment to create any color your creative mind can conjure. The built-in LCD display, a testimony to its high-end design, offers accurate readings - a feature that subtly but significantly elevates the quality of your work.

The light, however, doesn't just stop there. Its 15 unique light effects and 'Music Sync' function take creative expression to a whole new level. A slightly off-kilter attribute, the Music mode, where the light rhythm shifts with changes in sound volume, adds a fun, dynamic twist. Now you're not just recording, but effectively orchestrating a symphony of light and sound. The Godox M1 RGB Camera Light is most useful for creative artists, vloggers and video enthusiasts who need that extra flare to elevate their visual game and enrapture their audience.

Godox LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED Video Light, Rechargeable LED Camera Light, HSI Adjustable 36000 Colors, CCT Bicolor 3200K-6500K, CRI 95, 13 FX Light Effects with 3 Cold Shoe, Support Magnetic Attraction

Godox LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED Video Light - Rechargeable Camera Light for Godox lights video

Easy to use7.7
Light weight8.3
Low light9.8
Picture quality9.4
Popularity & Sales9.7

Standard 1/4 Screw & Magnetic Attraction Design LED6R great little light can be fixed on the equipment with cold shoe or hot shoe through its cold shoe mounting base / with 1/4sockets, can be fixed on tripod, light stand / With built-in magnet in its back, this light can be absorbed on the subjects with iron surface, easy to use

We are thoroughly impressed with the Godox LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED Video Light and its diverse spectrum of lighting effects. In our smart algorithms' perspective, the 36000 color option in combination with the 13 FX Light Effects creates an enticing opportunity for personalization and detail enhancement. This is unique and we believe it brings a new dimension to your video content creation.

This light is specifically designed for those deeply involved in professions or hobbies necessitating high definition video or photography. The video content creators, photographers, vloggers and live-streamers, will find this product incomparably handy. It's amazing features like its CRI 95 that gives a true-to-life color and its built-in 1800mAh Li-ion battery that ensures enduring functionality enhances every detail of your dedication. With the Godox LITEMONS LED6R, your lighting game will be inarguably unparalleled.

GODOX LED6Bi LED Video Light,Rechargeable Bi-Color Temperature LED Camera Light,Mini Fill-in Light 3200K-6500K Dimmable Support Magnetic Adsorption with 3 Cold Shoe Mounts for Vlog Live Streaming

GODOX LED6Bi LED Video Light: Rechargeable Bi-Color Camera Light for Vlog Live Streaming

by Godox
Easy to install7.3
Easy to use7.3
Light weight7.5
Low light7.3
Material quality9.9
Picture quality9.2

Various Mounting WayThe bottom clod shoe adapter with 1/4 inch screw hole allows you to install the LED light to the DSLR camera or to tripod/light stand easily; Built in magnet in its back, the LED light can be absorbed on the subjects with iron surface.

Our smart algorithms, along with our seasoned product testers, were captivated by the GODOX LED6Bi LED Video Light for its powerful, rechargeable, and built-in 1800mAh lithium battery. This standout feature ensures an impressive 1.5-10 hours of working time after being fully charged. It's a fascinating product for us, and we've added it on our list for its optimal blend of efficiency and convenience.

This mini bi-color LED Video Light has a spectrum of color temperature ranging from 3200K-6500K. The brightness can be adjusted with nine different levels and two key color temperature options, making it an excellent match for anyone working in media. Whether you're vlogging, streaming live, recording videos, or honing your photography skills, this light provides the flexibility and control you need to get your desired effect. Its design permits multiple lights to be interlocked, amplifying brightness for those moments when you need a little extra light.

Godox TL30 RGB Tube Light LED Light 8W 2700K-6500K Built-in Lithium Battery Smartphone APP Control (Single Lamp) (Godox TL30)

Godox TL30 RGB Tube Light: Portable LED Video Light with Smartphone Control (Godox Lights)

Easy to use7.9
Light weight8.2
Low light8.6
Popularity & Sales7.6

Light with no footprint: It's easy to hide TL30 behind the subject for a clean background that will greatly increase your efficiency. For close-ups, you can place the footage undisturbed, spend less time editing, more time editing.

The Godox TL30 RGB Tube Light truly stands out with its unique portability. Its lightweight design, which equates to the weight of merely two smartphones, is absolutely impressive. Imagine carrying a high-performing LED light that doesn't burden your pocket! It's like having a portable studio you can bring anywhere.

Even more intriguing about the Godox TL30 is its tubular shape that maximizes space, and features like an embedded magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces. Perfect for on-the-go photographers and video content creators, it offers you unmatched flexibility. It's even smartphone app-controlled for your convenience!

In terms of lighting quality, this LED light shines excellently. Its accurate color rendering, boasting a CRI rating of 97 and a TLCI rating of 99, ensures you get vivid results. This feature, paired with 36000+ color possibilities, makes it a game-changing tool for achieving stunning visual masterpieces.

The Godox TL30 certainly fits the bill for anyone involved in on-location shoots or anyone looking for versatile, portable, high-performance lighting gear.

Godox TL30 Tube Light, Handheld Full Color RGB LED Video Light, 2700K-6500K Rechargeable Handheld Dimmable LED Light Stick, CRI 97+, TLCI 99+ with Built-in 2900mAh Battery and APP Control

Godox TL30 Tube Light: Handheld RGB LED Video Light for versatile lighting options

by Godox
Easy to use8.3
Light weight6.5
Low light6.8
Popularity & Sales6.9

[Magnetic Design&Anywhere]: Godox TL30 stick light with embedded magnet, just a metal surface is where TL30 can be attached. Screw hole at both ends for you to mount it on a stand. More convenience comes with it being freely placed in corner or any narrow space for illumination, this will maximize your lighting ideas.

The MOOZ algorithm detected an interesting feature in this videographer's dream tool: the Godox TL30 Tube Light. What attracted us is its distinct color library, making it a source of vivid and accurate lighting. With a hefty CRI97+ and TLCI99+, it delivers a superior color quality, ranging from 2700K-6500K, giving you an access to 36000+ colors!

What adds to the application value of this handy light stick is its APP Control feature and in-built 2900mAh battery. Imagine adjusting your light hues from your smartphone, and running a photoshoot for 60 minutes without recharging the device! This would be an ideal companion for freelance videographers, aspiring YouTubers, and professionals who travel frequently for their shoots.


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