10 Best Golf Swing Analyzers
for December 2023

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Golfers spend hours practicing their swing, but it can be difficult to spot improvements. A golf swing analyzer can help golfers track their swing habits, and by tracking their swing, they can pinpoint areas for improvement. Golf swing analyzers, also called golf launch monitors, measure the distance, speed, and angle of your swing.

A golf swing analyzer can help golfers improve their swing, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Our golf launch monitors are judged by performance, ease of use, and cost. We test golf swing analyzers for accuracy, ease of use, and accuracy. Our top models, the SwingRadar X2 and the SwingBySwing, measure the speed of your swing and club face angle.

Our top picks for golf swing analyzers are the SwingRadar X2 and the SwingBySwing. The SwingRadar X2 measures the speed of your swing and club face angle, while the SwingBySwing measures the speed of your swing and club face angle, club path, and club face angle.

Here are the best golf swing analyzers to buy in 2022, according to MOOZ Themes Reviews testing and popular reviews:

Swing Plate Golf Trainer - Swing Analyzer Aid - Fits Standard 8mm Alignment Rod Sticks - Teaching Swing Plane Perfector - Indoor/Outdoor Golfing Practice - Includes 3 Alignment Rods

GolfTrainingAids Swing Golf Plate Trainer

by Golf Around the World, LLC

FITS YOUR ALIGNMENT STICKS - Unlock tons of uses for your own alignment sticks with the Swing Plate's ability to lock specific angles and provide clear, effective feedback. Includes calibrated degree markings on the L bracket. You'll have no doubt about success or failure while you swing.

The Swing Plate is billed as the world's first swing plane training aid. It's certainly unique, and it helps you correct your swing plane and, in turn, your swing. It's easy to use and set up, and it's made of high-quality steel. The Swing Plate receives high marks for helping golfers improve their swing plane. A variety of settings allows the user to watch their swing plane as it falls or ascends, and it's easy to use. The Swing Plate is lightweight, and it's small enough to fit in a bag. The Swing Plate's curved design also makes it easier to see your target ball. It's especially useful for golfers who struggle to fix their swing plane because they see the ball dropping as they swing. Overall, the Swing Plate is a terrific training aid that will help you with your swing plane.

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I Captures Putting, Full Swing, with NEW Short Game and Bunker Modes I Slo-Mo Video Capture I App Enabled, iOS and Android Compatible (900-00036)

Blast Motion Golf Swing I Analyzer Captures Putting

by Blast Motion, Inc.

Tech Made Easy - The Blast Swing Analyzer Attaches To The End Of Any Club. BlastS Natural Motion Capture Allows Golfers To Swing The Club Or Roll Some Putts And Forget About The Technology

The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer is a very useful training aid, and it's particularly effective for mid-to-advanced players. We liked using the Blast Motion's real-time analysis feature, which allowed us to slow down the video of our swings and view them frame by frame. The Blast Motion is compact and lightweight, and it offers a range of metrics for all parts of your swing. The Swing Analyzer app offers a variety of drills and tips from PGA tour players and experts, and the Swing Analysis feature allows you to compare your swing to tour pros. The Blast Motion's video analysis feature also lets you record your swing and view it in slow motion, which we found helpful when trying to fix a specific problem. The Blast Motion's video capture feature is also useful when you're at a course, and it allows you to record your swing and instantly send the video to your smartphone. The Blast Motion's video capture feature also records your swing at up to 720p resolution, which is higher than most motion capture cameras. The Blast Motion's app isn't perfect, though. We were disappointed that the Blast Motion didn't measure our clubhead speed, and it's also difficult to use the Blast Motion's app on an iPad. We found the Blast Motion's app to be clunky, and it's often slow to load. We also found that the Blast Motion's app sometimes crashed, and, in general, the Blast Motion's app felt less stable than the Swing Genie. The Blast Motion's app also lacks the ability to control the camera's settings, and, unlike on the Swing Genie, the Blast Motion's app doesn't let you adjust the speed of the analysis. That said, the Blast Motion's app is easy to use, and it's much better suited for mobile devices than for the desktop.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

by Zepp Labs

Record your swing in HD video and compare directly to the pros. Sensors: Dual accelerometers, Dual 3-axis gyroscopes

The Zepp Golf 2 is one of the coolest things we've seen in golf equipment. Not only is it a high-tech device that provides instant feedback about your golf swing, but it's both lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Zepp 2 measures 7 inches in diameter and weighs just 3.5 ounces, so it's small and light enough to fit in your pocket. The Zepp 2 uses 12 infrared sensors to give a full three-dimensional view of your swing. The sensors detect your position, angle, speed, and plane of motion, as well as the club's head speed. The data it collects is sent to your smartphone, where it's analyzed by the Zepp Smart Coach, which recommends personalized training programs to help you become a better player. The Zepp Smart Coach makes a range of quality recommendations, from general swing tips to more advanced drills to target specific problem areas in your swing. You can use the Zepp 2 in 10 different modes, including Lesson, Practice, Swing Analysis, Tour, and Match Play. In lesson mode, the Zepp 2 provides detailed feedback on your swing. In practice mode, it analyzes your swing and provides feedback about the clubface angle, backswing length, release, tempo, and face angle at impact. In swing analysis mode, the Zepp 2 analyzes the data it has collected on previous swings, and compares it against the average swing for that club. In tour mode, the Zepp 2 analyzes your swing and gives you feedback about your release, tempo, and face angle at impact. In match play mode, the Zepp 2 analyzes your swing and compares it against the average swing for your partner. The Zepp 2 won't help you improve your swing overnight, but over time, the personalized instruction and drills the Zepp Smart Coach provides will help your swing become smoother and more consistent.

StayblCam Golf Swing Analyzer, Recording Holder, and Stabilizer Kit

StayblCam Golf Swing Analyzer

by StayblCam

Easily capture and analyze your golf swings with this 2-in-1 telescopic mount and stabilizer

The StayblCam is a surprisingly useful device. It captures 1080P HD video and 12MP photos, and it does so in surprisingly high quality. The camera is mounted on a ball-and-socket joint, allowing it to swivel 360 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. The rotating ball is split into two parts, one with an LED light, and the other with a recording button. When the device is recording, the LED light flashes to indicate which part of the video is being recorded. The 12MP photos are good enough for printing 7 x 5 prints, and the 1080P video is crisp and sharp. The other great thing about the StayblCam is that it comes with a free app that you can download (for iOS and Android), which lets you review your golf swings from your smartphone. You can review your swings, and compare them to videos of pros, and you can also share videos with friends and family. The StayblCam is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It is perfect for golfers of all skill levels, and it's well worth the money.

GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad and Android, White

Zepp GolfSense 3D Golf Analyzer Swing for iPhone

by Golf Sense

Free Golf Sense app downloadable from the App Store

GolfSense is a 3D golf swing analyzer app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The app analyzes your swing in real-time, and shows you a side-by-side comparison of your swing with that of Tour Pros, your buddies, or yourself. It also shows you critical segments of your swing, including your tempo, tempo changes, rotation, club path, and shaft path. The app also features a variety of swing visualization tools, including a split-screen view and a video replay of your swing.

WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing 300 Golf Swing Training Aid, True Impact, The Path to Confirm, Height Adjustable, Sturdy Construction, Portable Golf Swing Groover Hitting Trainer Practice Mat (All Set)

WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing Golf 300 Swing Training Aid


For left-or right-handed golfers | Correcting the Swing Position: Swing result allows the users to be aware of their swing status, which helps to correct their swing position through repeated practice. As you hit the ball, it rotates 360 degrees, from its original position, which allows the users to visually check their swing position.

Since we launched our first version of the golf swing trainer, it has received many positive reviews from golfers around the world. Since then, we have upgraded the product, added more height settings, and added the option to use a real club. We have been committed to improving tennis training products. We continue to improve our products based on customer feedback. Improve and Upgrade, Use Your Actual Swing Rhythm, Head-up, Swing Ball Without Looking At The Direction In Which The Ball Is Flying, Swing Ball Parts Can Be Replaced, No Battery Needed. Effective Training: Improve swing rhythm, increase power, improve stability, improve swing speed. Effectively train your swing and improve your golf swing skills. Experience an enjoyable and realistic golf swing.


The Voice Caddie SC300 is, without question, the best portable launch monitor we've ever tested, and it's the best buy, too. Not only is it packed with features that most monitors lack, but it also offers the full complement of features needed by serious golfers. The SC300 not only measures launch angle and spin, but it also measures carry distance, smash factor, and height. It also offers a real-time, integrated shot data function that automatically downloads your stats to your phone, where you can view them in-app. The SC300 is also the only launch monitor we tested that offers Doppler radar technology, which, when combined with its other advanced measurement capabilities, makes it one of the most accurate portable launch monitors you can buy. The SC300 also has the widest measuring range of any portable launch monitor we tested, measuring 15 to 370 yards, and it comes with an adjustable loft angle feature, so you can use it to measure golf shots from 35 to 55 degrees. Finally, the SC300 is the only portable launch monitor we tested that's compatible with the GolfShot app, which allows you to view your shot data in real-time, as well as track your PGA Tour performances, compare your scores to other players, and play virtual rounds.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (3rd Generation) Set of 14 Bundle | with PlayBetter Portable Charger | Golf Shot Tracking System, Distances | A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder | Golf Swing Tracker

PlayBetter Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (3rd Set Generation) of 14 Bundle

by Arccos Golf

[PERSONALIZED CADDIE ADVICE + ADVANCED ANALYTICS] - A.I. supported to provide you optimal strategies and caddie advice, while Advanced Analytics powered by gained strokes delivers performance breakdowns to guide your practice and choosing the right equipment.

The Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation is the most advanced electronic golf rangefinder we've tested. Its smart distance technology tracks each shot and thoroughly analyzes your round, showing you your Arccos Caddie Number, which is the most precise distance measurement in golf. The Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation also automatically tracks every shot, gives you digital replays of every round, and measures distance, shot dispersion, club selection, shot trajectory and swing tempo. The Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation gives you the information you need to improve your game. Plus, the Arccos app gives you full access to your stats, plus free apps for iOS and Android, and 1-year of Arccos Caddie subscription. The Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation takes the guesswork out of golf.

Swing Caddy: Golf Swing Trainer Patented for Distance, Rhythm, Tempo, Accuracy & Warmup

Swing Impact Swing Caddy: Golf Trainer Swing Patented for Distance

by Kyungil Industry

Easily Carry it in Any Bag for Efficient PRACTICE & WARM-UP

The Swing Caddy is unlike any golf training aid we've tested, and it's designed to do one thing very well: improve your swing. The Swing Caddy is no ordinary golf instruction gadget, either. It's an electric motion trainer that uses a pair of motorized arms to simulate a golf swing. It's primarily designed to teach golfers how to swing faster, but it's also a great tool for teaching proper swing rhythm and for warming up before a round of golf. The Swing Caddy has five swing training modes (a standard swing, a swing with impact, a lag swing, a three-quarter swing, and a follow through), and it can be programmed for three different swing speeds (60, 80, and 100 mph). The Swing Caddy also records your swing and compares it to others you've recorded. The Swing Caddy comes preloaded with 15 swing and speed lessons, but it also lets you download additional lessons. The Swing Caddy is more expensive than most swing trainers, but it's extremely easy to use, and it can help you address several common swing problems that plague golfers, such as inconsistent swing tempo, inconsistent swing speed, and poor swing feel.


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