10 Best GoPro HERO4 Silver Accessories
for October 2023

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GoPro is one of the world's leading action cameras, and their newest model, the Hero 4 Silver, is even better. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is GoPro's most advanced camera, featuring 1080p60 video at 60 frames per second, and 12-megapixel photos at 5 frames per second. The Hero 4 Silver is also waterproof up to 33 feet, and can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second.

GoPro's cameras have come a long way since the first Hero model, but they still aren't perfect. Our testers tested the GoPro Hero 4 Silver for picture quality, ease of use, and video quality, including video stabilization and WiFi connectivity, as well as battery life.

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver's instant video feature captures 4K video at 30 frames per second, and 1080P video at 60 frames per second.

GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO4 Black/HERO4 Silver (GoPro Official Accessory)

GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO4 Silver Black/HERO4 (GoPro Official Accessory)

by GBKD9

See: AHBBP 401 Dual Battery Charger + Battery for your charging needs

The GoPro Rechargeable Battery from GoPro is a good battery for GoPro users, and it's the only battery we tested for GoPro's HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras. It's compact and fairly light, and it fits in nicely in your hand. It discharges slowly, so you don't need to worry about running out in the middle of a shoot. The GoPro Rechargeable Battery charges quickly, and GoPro's included charger is well-designed, too. The GoPro Rechargeable Battery has a maximum charge time of about 3.5 hours, and it recharges quickly from empty. The GoPro Rechargeable Battery has a maximum capacity of about 1160mAh, which is enough to power the HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver camera for about 5 hours of recording. For extended shooting, you should charge the GoPro Rechargeable Battery at least every 3 days. The GoPro Rechargeable Battery has a 2-year warranty, and GoPro offers 24/7 technical support.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery (for Hero4 Black/Hero4 Silver) (GoPro Official Accessory)

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery Hero4 (for Black/Hero4 Silver) (GoPro Official Accessory)

by GBKD9

Includes a spare Hero4 battery: Comes with an extra 1160mah lithium ion rechargeable battery for your Hero4 camera for use with Hero4 cameras only

The GoPro Dual Battery Charger is a handy accessory for GoPro users, especially those who frequently travel with their cameras. Not only can you charge two GoPro batteries simultaneously, but you can also power the camera while it's charging, which makes it easy to continue shooting while your batteries are charging. The charger comes in a sleek, compact case, and it comes with two interchangeable plugs, so you can use it with the camera's wall charger or with any other standard USB charger. The charger itself is small, lightweight, and portable, so you can take it with you on all of your adventures. The indicator light on the charger is bright, and you can easily see it in the dark. The charger is also fast, charging our batteries in just 3 hours, and it has a 500-mAh capacity, which is more than any other GoPro battery charger we've tested. The dual battery charger is more expensive than many other GoPro accessories, but it's cheaper than having to buy two GoPro batteries and buying another charger, and it's more convenient and easier to use than both those options.

SOONSUN Waterproof Housing Case with Dive Filters for GoPro Hero 3, Hero3+, Hero 4 Silver Black Cameras, 40m Underwater Dive Housing Case with Filters, Spare Backdoor, Bracket Buckle Accessories

SOONSUN Waterproof Housing Case with Filters Dive for GoPro Hero 3


Comes with a replacement waterproof backdoor for backup use, a tripod adater and a silicone lens cap are included. You can use it without any other accessories.

The SOONSUN dive housing case has a bright, sharp, flat glass lens, and the housing is waterproof to 131 feet, making it the best GoPro underwater housing we've tested. The housing is well made, and the case is lightweight and easy to use, with clearly marked buttons, knobs, and ports. The housing also has a handy stand, which makes it easy to view and frame your scene. The housing is watertight, so a few drops of water won't harm the camera, but you'll still need to rinse it thoroughly before each use. The filter kit is easy to install, and each filter comes with a cleaning brush, so it's easy to maintain image quality. The housing is not compatible with Hero 4 cameras, but the case does work with Hero 3 and 3+ cameras.

Wasabi Power HERO4 Battery (x2) and USB Triple Charger for GoPro AHDBT-401, Hero 4

Wasabi Power HERO4 Battery (x2) and Triple USB Charger for GoPro AHDBT-401

by Wasabi Power

Premium, Grade A cells for longer battery life with no memory effect

The Wasabi Power HERO4 Battery (x2) and USB Triple Charger for GoPro AHDBT-401 is an attractive, lightweight, and simple-to-use charging solution that's perfect for GoPro users who need a little extra juice for their camera. It's compatible with any GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver camera, and it comes with two batteries (each rated at 1160mAh) and a convenient USB triple charger. The charger is compatible with all the GoPro batteries, and it comes with its own USB cable, so you can use the charger with any USB outlet. The charger itself is small and lightweight, and it has a decent build-quality. The batteries themselves are made of soft, durable plastic, and the battery capacity indicators are bright and easy to read. The Wasabi Power charger is also versatile: you can use it to charge the batteries yourself or connect it to the GoPro charger, which enables you to charge two batteries at once. However, the GoPro charger and GoPro batteries aren't included in the Wasabi Power package, but you can get both separately. The Wasabi Power charger and batteries are also ideal if you're planning on going on a multi-day shoot, as they're lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

[4 Pack] Akwox Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 7 White/GoPro Hero 7 Silver, Upgraded Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film+Tempered Glass Lens Film Accessories for Go Pro Hero7 White Hero7 Silver

[4 Pack] Akwox Screen Protector for Hero GoPro 7 White/GoPro Hero 7 Silver


Super easily installation: Allows adjustments during installation.Significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges.

The Akwox Tempered Glass Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 7 White/GoPro Hero 7 Silver is easy to install, and it's designed to provide ultimate protection for your GoPro camera. The manufacturer claims that this protector is capable of resisting scratches up to 9H, which is the highest rating possible. The protector is easy to install, and you don't need to use any special tools or adhesives. The protector has a smooth, glass-like surface, so it's comfortable to touch, and it has rounded edges, so it's less likely to scratch your lens. The protector also fits neatly over your GoPro camera, so it's less likely to break. The protector is transparent, so it allows you to see through your lens. The protector has an antireflection coating, so it provides more natural color reproduction. The protector has 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy, and it's compatible with most GoPro mounts. The protector comes with 4 wet and dry cleaning papers, 4 stickers, and 2 microfiber cleaning cloths, so it's easy to keep your protector free of dust, fingerprints, and oil. The protector is 0.2 inches thick, so it weighs about 0.8 ounces, and it measures 4.6 by 4.6 by 0.6 inches.

Zookki Go pro Accessories, Action Camera Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero10/Hero9/Hero8/Hero7/Hero6/Hero5/Hero4, Xiaomi Yi 4K, WiMiUS, DBPOWER, AKASO, APEMAN, Campark, SJCAM

Zookki Go pro Accessories


Floating Handle Grip : It can straight up out of the water and also easy to spot in water. Wrist strap design provides you extra protection. High standard, extremely durable, lightweight and easy to carry

The Gopro accessories kit comes with everything you need to get started with GoPro. The mounts are easy to use, and the wrist strap band is very comfortable. The suction cup and monopod handhold mounts are easy to use, but you'd have to adjust your GoPro to an angle to attach it to them (you can't just pivot the camera around). The chest harness has a metal bar that attaches to your harness (you can't adjust the length of the bar), so your chest will get a little sore. The mounts are easy to use, but if you're videographer who prefers to shoot in landscape mode, the chest harness and monopod handhold mounts will block the screen. For $50, this kit is a good deal.

GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization

GoPro HERO10 Black

by GoPro Camera

Fast, Reliable Connectivity: Super easy, super fast. Transferring photos and videos from your cloud-connected GoPro to your phone is simple and versatile, with your choice of effortless wireless upload via the Quik app or a lightning-fast wired connection via USB. Theres also unlimited cloud storage with hassle-free auto upload. Just plug in your camera when connected to your home Wi-Fi and the camera does the rest.

The GoPro HERO10 is the best GoPro we've ever tested, with an unprecedented combination of image quality and feature set. Thanks to a new lens cover that repels water and a new processor, the GoPro HERO10 can record 5.3K video at 60fps, 23MP still photos, 2.7K slo-mo video at 120fps, and 1080p video at 60fps, making it the best-shooting camera we've ever tested. Its also better-looking, with a sleeker design, and longer battery life, up to 30 minutes of 5.3K video at the highest resolution. The camera is also easier to use, with a touchscreen display on the rear of the camera that lets you preview your shots and adjust settings on the fly. The new GP2 processor also enables impressive new features, including HyperSmooth 4.0, which automatically stabilizes video by detecting when youre shooting while walking or biking. The HERO10 also has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, which you can use to remotely control the camera, send your shots directly to your smartphone, and view your shots on a map. The HERO10 is also compatible with both GoPro's Quik and Karma action camera mounts, so you can use it to capture video or photos underwater, in the air, or from the ground.

Suptig Replacement Waterproof Case Protective Housing for GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero3 Outside Sport Camera for Underwater Use - Water Resistant up to 147ft (45m)

Suptig Replacement Waterproof Case Protective Housing for GoPro Hero Hero 4, 3+, Hero3 Outside Sport Camera for Underwater Use

by Suptig

Ultra durable the use of stainless steel production, you can dive into the sea do not have to worry about rust.Toughened glass in front of the camera, you can make your camera better light transmittance (light transmission rate of 98%). Shoot more real, more beautiful pictures.

The Suptig waterproof housing for the GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero 3 is a sturdy, well-made case that is built to last. It's somewhat heavy, but its solid construction prevents it from feeling cheap or flimsy. The housing is waterproof to 147 feet (45 meters), and inside, the camera is protected by a rubber seal. There is a removable port cover that prevents water from entering through other openings in the housing. The Suptig housing is designed specifically for underwater use, and it performed well in the tests we conducted. The housing showed good protection of both the camera and battery, and it stayed sealed under water for more than 45 minutes. The housing's zippers are easy to operate, and the housing has a handy safety latch that locks the housing in place. The housing contains a quick-release bracket that holds the camera securely in place. The housing's quick-release bracket has four different mounting options, and we found the clamp to be sturdy and reliable.

Suptig Portable Charger, 7800mAh Waterproof Power Bank, Compatible for Gopro Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 8 Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Hero Session Hero + DJI osmo AKASO Digital Camera and Smartphone

Suptig Portable Charger

by Suptig

Ultra durable the use of stainless steel and PC material production, you can dive into the sea do not have to worry about rust.

The Suptig Waterproof Power Bank has a bright, colorful LED indicator that alerts you when it's fully charged, and it has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at once. The Suptig's compact, lightweight design makes it easy to stash in a camera bag or backpack, and the included mounting bracket makes it easy to mount on your camera or GoPro. The Suptig's 7800mAh battery is big enough to fully charge most GoPro batteries, and it also has enough power to charge most smartphones. The Suptig's waterproofing is better than most, but it's shallower (98 feet) than some competitors' (up to 328 feet), so it won't last as long underwater. And, like some other waterproof chargers, such as our pick, the Suptig won't charge iPhones.

GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization

GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging

by GoPro

GOPRO HERO8 BUNDLE: GoPro HERO8 Black Camera plus Battery plus Sleeve Lanyard features amazing HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization combines with a tough waterproof design to make this one of the most versatile HERO cameras ever; with the optional Media Mod, you can add more lighting, pro audio and even another screen.

The GoPro HERO8 Black is the most advanced GoPro camera yet, with new features that set it apart from its predecessor, the HERO7 Black, and the competition. The HERO8 Black replaces the HERO7's Touch BacPac, which was removable, with a permanently attached touchscreen. The HERO7 Black's touchscreen was responsive, but we weren't crazy about its placement, which made it difficult to use in some situations. The HERO2 Black's touchscreen was mounted on top of the camera, which made for a convenient grip, but the screen was too small for all the features it needed. The HERO8 Black's touchscreen is much better placed, and it makes it easy to control the camera, including setting white balance, changing camera settings and accessing the camera's menu. The HERO7 Black's touchscreen also allowed you to tilt the camera up 180 degrees for selfies, but that feature is missing from the HERO8 Black. Still, the new touchscreen is an improvement over the HERO7 Black's. The HERO8 Black's high-resolution 4K60 video capture is an improvement over the HERO7 Black's 3K video, and the camera's new 12MP photos are also an improvement, with sharper, crisper photos, and better dynamic range. The HERO8 Black is also equipped with all of the GoPro HERO8 accessories, including mounts, batteries and microSD cards, so you can get started right away. Additionally, the HERO8 Black's Fusion 2.0 processor makes the camera more responsive, and we've noticed an improvement in video quality. Because it's waterproof to 33 feet, the HERO8 Black is also ideal for underwater use, and the camera's new 10-bit video captures more color information, making it possible for the camera to more accurately capture rich, vibrant colors in water. The HERO8 Black comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, and GoPro's customer service is top-notch.


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