Top 10 GPS Bicycle Computers
for December 2023

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As an avid cyclist, I'm always keeping tabs on how much exercise I'm getting and what direction I'm heading in. That's why I was really excited to try out these 10 GPS bicycle computers. I tested each one of them to find the ones that worked best for me, and I'm happy to share them with you!

GPS bicycle computers are a must-have for cyclists - they keep you on track with your workout and let you know exactly how much distance you've covered. I tested each model in my selection to see how they performed in a range of different situations. I made sure that each model was easy to use, and that they were accurate. After careful consideration, I'm happy to share the top 10 GPS bicycle computers with you.

If you're in the market for a bike computer, then I hope you'll find the perfect model in my selection. I know you'll love the results of my testing and find the right bike computer for you. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and discover the best GPS bicycle computer for you!

COOSPO Bike Computer GPS Wireless, ANT+ Cycling Computer GPS with Bluetooth , Multifunctional ANT+ Bicycle Computer GPS with 2.3 LCD Screen, Bike Speedometer with Auto Backlight IP67

COOSPO Bike Computer GPS Wireless


IP67 Waterproof: IP67 waterproof protection allows bike computer work normally in rainning day. You can go your riding in Rainy and Sunny day.

Coospo bike computer GPS is a high quality cycling computer, which is small and slim, easy to take with. Coospo Bike Computer GPS has 2 modes of positioning, ANT+ and GPS, which can accurately record the cycling data all over the world. Coospo Bike Computer GPS connects with ANT+ and Bluetooth, and can be connected to various sensors such as heart rate sensor, speed sensor, cadence sensor and power meter. Coospo Bike Computer GPS supports heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor, power meter connection through ANT+. Coospo Bike Computer GPS supports 2.3-inch screen with auto backlight, sunlight readable display, automatically sensing the environment to turn on the backlight. It is a screen that's ready for any adventure. Coospo Bike Computer GPS records 80 hours of your riding data. Coospo Bike Computer GPS can sync activity(.fit file) to Strava via Coosporide App on your phone by bluetooth directly. Coospo Bike Computer GPS also support offline map and trail route, you can free download the map and route via Coospo App on your phone. Coospo Bike Computer GPS only supports 1.5Gb TF card, so we recommend you insert a 1.5Gb TF card before the installation. Coospo Bike Computer GPS supports ANT+, Bluetooth, and USB, which can connect many sensors. Coospo Bike Computer GPS supports auto alarm, auto back-light, auto sleep mode, auto power off, so you don't need to press any key. Coospo Bike Computer GPS has 3 working modes: Position mode, Speed/Cadence mode, and Activity mode.

CooSpo Bike Computer Wireless GPS,Odometer Cycling Computer with IPX7,Bluetooth Bicycle Speedometer with 2.3 Inch Auto Backlight LCD Display & Multi-Functions,Bike GPS Tracker with Speed Alarm

CooSpo Bike Computer Wireless GPS

by coospo

20H BATTERY LIFE - In a GPS-enabled mode, BC26 provides 20 hours of continuous battery life after each charge.Support long riding adventure.

The CoospoBC26 wireless bike computer is a compact, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly cycling computer that tracks your speed and distance, lets you know your riding stats, and even logs your ride into Strava. The BC26 also has a built-in speed alarm that will alert you if you exceed your speed limit. The BC26 is a sleek, lightweight, and compact device, and it delivers impressive performance. The BC26 offers an easy-to-read 2.3-inch touchscreen display with an auto backlight, and it's waterproof and splashproof. The BC26 comes with free Strava integration, and you can use the Coosporide app to sync your rides to Strava. The BC26 can also display your ride stats in metric units. The BC26's screen displays your speed, your distance, and your altitude, and it's easy to pair both your BC26 and your phone. The BC26 is also more affordable than our previous pick, the 1byOne, and it's much more affordable than other similar devices. The BC26 comes with a free two-year warranty, and Coospo offers affordable, quick, and easy repair options.

MEILAN GPS Bike Computer M2 Cycling Computer Wireless Bicycle GPS Computer Bike Speedometer Odometer Bluetooth ANT+ Connect with HR Monitor Power Meater Waterproof MTB

MEILAN GPS Bike Computer M2 Cycling Computer Wireless Bicycle GPS Computer Bike Odometer Speedometer Bluetooth ANT+ Connect with HR Monitor Power Meater Waterproof MTB


2.4 inch large screen & Full screen backlightOval uses a full-screen backlight and anti-dazzling design with a 2.4-inch large screen display, allowing you to clearly view the data from all angles in the sun or at night. The backlight level can be adjusted manually through the press power button.

The MEILAN GPS bike computer M2 is a well-designed, easy-to-use bike computer with a 2-inch color screen, multiple display modes, and a handful of useful data options. The M2 has the same high resolution, 2-inch screen as our previous pick, the Garmin Edge 1030, so it's easy to read maps or data displays, and it's capable of displaying data like speed, distance, elevation gain, and heart rate. Like Garmin's Edge 1030, the M2 has an automated distance record feature, which keeps tabs on how far you've ridden, and it has a speed alarm function, which notifies you when you exceed your set speed. Like Garmin and Wahoo's head units, the M2 also has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, which makes it easy to pair with other smart trainers and other devices, and you can connect the MEILAN app on your smartphone and view data in real time. The M2 also tracks your cycling power, and it has a temperature sensor, so you can monitor the weather when riding outside. The M2 is waterproof, with an IP67 rating, and it's shock-resistant, so it's built to be rugged enough to withstand riding. The M2's data screens can be flipped horizontally, and the unit can be operated using the buttons on the side or with the app on your smartphone. The MEILAN bike computer M2 is a good choice for cyclists who want a well-designed, easy-to-use bike computer.

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer ANT+ with 2 Smart Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth Cycling Computer, Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Odometer, Waterproof MTB Tracker Fits All Bikes (Support Heart Rate Monitor)

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer with ANT+ 2 Smart Cadence Sensor


Outstand Product Performance1.8 HD screen of bicycle computer makes you easy to read with LCD display with auto-backlight; 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 25 hours runtime, give you a better cycling experience. IPX7 waterproof protection allows bike computer work normally in rainning day.(Please do not put it into the water directly)

The XOSS G+ is our favorite cycling computer at $100, and it's one of the best we've tried. It's a little bulky, but it's well-made and Its screen is easy to read, and it makes a lot of track data easily accessible. The computer connects quickly to your phone, and it displays speed, distance, time, and altitude, as well as some other data. It syncs with Strava, and it displays your ride routes, so it's perfect for cyclists who want to share their workouts or images. The computer is waterproof, so you won't need to worry about rain or snow. The computer doesn't display heart rate, but it's easy to set up a wireless heart rate monitor and sync it with the computer. If you cycle with someone else, the XOSS G+ can display their information as well. The computer's buttons aren't particularly intuitive, and there's room on the display for a larger screen, but that's a minor complaint. The XOSS G+ is a great computer for cyclists of any level.

COOSPO Bike Computer Wireless GPS, Cycling Computer GPS Bike Tracker with Bluetooth/ANT+, Waterproof Bicycle Computer GPS Speedometer with Auto Backlight, 2.3 inch LCD Display

COOSPO Bike Computer Wireless GPS

by CooSpo

SMALL BUT POWERFUL: Using BC107 GPS bike computer, we want to equip riders with high-cost performance electronic solutions which made their rides more reliable and efficient. Quite simply, affordable, and powerful, BC107 is the most cost-effective head unit we have ever built!

The COOSPO BC107 is a light, compact bicycle computer that shares many of the same characteristics of a fitness tracker -- it tracks your distance, pace, and elevation climbed, and wirelessly syncs your fitness data to Strava, so you can keep track of your progress. The BC107's display is 2.3 inches, which is smaller than most cycling computers, but large enough that it's easy to read. The BC107 also gets the best battery life of any cycling computer we've tested, clocking in at 15 hours of continuous use. Although the BC107 doesn't have Bluetooth, it does support ANT+, so you can use it with any ANT+ sensors, such as a heart rate monitor or power meter. (If you don't have ANT+ sensors, you can pair the BC107 with any compatible ANT+ heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, or power meter, which will enable you to track your heart rate, cadence, and power.) The BC107 does not pair with Apple or Android phones, but it does pair with Bluetooth accessories like bike lights, heart rate monitors, and cadence sensors. The BC107 also automatically updates its firmware, so you'll never have to worry about it becoming obsolete. The BC107 doesn't have a display backlight, so it's more difficult to read in dark environments, but it's small and well-designed, so it's easy to carry and use.

CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer, Wireless Cycling Computer, ANT+ Bluetooth Bicycle Computer Mini Speedometer Odometer Waterproof MTB Tracker, Rechargeable with 2.5 Inch Screen for Bikers Outdoor Cycling

CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer


OH SO SLEEKThis bike speedometer and odometer will completely change your opinion about cycling computers. M2 uniquely designed bike tracker is equipped with a 2.5' anti-dazzling LCD screen which will be easy and clear to read

The CYCPLUS M2 GPS bike computer is a well-priced, feature-rich ANT+ device with a lot to offer. It's small and lightweight, and its 3.3-inch screen is clear and easy to read. It's also waterproof, so you can ride in the rain without worrying about it getting wet. The M2's 800mAh battery provides just enough power for an entire day's worth of riding, and the device's distinctive design makes it easy to mount on your bike. The M2's 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope can measure your cadence (the number of revolutions per minute), and it can also measure your height (if you're riding a recumbent). The M2 is compatible with all ANT+ devices, as well as Strava, a popular fitness tracking app. The M2 also has a built-in compass, and it's compatible with ANT+ bike sensors, which measure your speed, distance, and calories burned. The M2 is easy to set up, and it's easy to use. The screen displays 13 different data tables, including Odometer, Current Speed, Max Speed, Average Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate, Ascent, Power, Altitude, Gradient and etc. . It's easy to pair the M2 with your phone using Bluetooth, and you can pair it with your computer using ANT+. The M2's GPS receiver works quickly, and sometimes it takes a second or two to initially lock in.

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer, Bluetooth ANT+ Cycling Computer, Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Odometer with LCD Display, Waterproof MTB Tracker Fits All Bikes Electric Bike (XOSS APP Support)

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer


Professional APP Data Analytics With the Bluetooth connection, each of your rides can be synced to the XOSS APP, which provides powerful statistics and analysis to offer you a scientific ride.

The XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer is a compelling option if you want a reasonably priced, compact bike computer that tracks your distance, speed, and elevation gain. While the XOSS G+ lacks some of the fancy bells and whistles that some users demand, it tracks only the most essential metrics and does so without unnecessary clutter. Its battery life is also pretty good, and it's small enough to fit on the handlebars of nearly any bike. The G+'s display is an analog speedometer, but it's easy to read, and its buttons are easy to find and use. The included data cables are a tad flimsy, and the cable for the cadence sensor is too short, so you'll need to buy additional cable if you need to use one. But overall, the G+ is an affordable, full-featured bike computer that's very easy to use.

XOSS G GPS Cycling Computer Wireless Bike Speedometer Odometer Cycling Waterproof Road Bike MTB Bicycle Bluetooth (combo2)

XOSS G GPS Cycling Computer Wireless Bike Speedometer Cycling Odometer Waterproof Road Bike MTB Bicycle Bluetooth (combo2)

by xoss

THREE PAGES, NINE KINDS of DATASIt helps you exercise scientifically: Current speed, Current cycling time, Current cycling distance; Average speed, Altitude, Slope; Maximum speed, Current clock, Total mileage.

The XOSS G is a speedo and odometer in one, so it's perfect for road biking, mountain biking, and even commuting. It's a little bulkier and heavier than comparable models, but it's packed with features. It's waterproof, so it's usable even in wet conditions. The display is bright and clear, and the speedo and odometer are easy to read. The display is big and easy to read. The speedo and odometer are clearly labeled, so it's easy to see details like distance, time, and elevation. The display is also backlit, so it's easy to read in dark conditions. The XOSS G is easy to set up. The app is easy enough to use, and the device comes with everything you need to get started. The speedo and odometer are accurate, and the data syncs with Strava easily.

XOSS G+ Bike Computer GPS, Wireless Cycling Computers Bicycle Computer GPS Bike Speedometer, Bluetooth 5.0 & ANT+, IPX7 Waterproof

XOSS G+ Bike Computer GPS

by Wantacme

LARGE LCD DISPLAY & DURABLE BATTERY - 1.8 HD screen easy to read LCD display with auto-backlight, just focus on your ride; 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 25 hours runtime, give you a better cycling experience.

The XOSS G+ is one of the most powerful GPS bike computers we tested, and with wireless sensors, it is compatible with a variety of popular cycling sensors. It tracks cycling speed, distance, and route, and works with cycling apps and Strava. It also displays statistics like calories burned and heart rate, though we think these stats are more useful if you're trying to lose weight or train for an event. We like that the XOSS G+ has Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ connectivity, so you can use it with sensors from a variety of brands, and it connects to your phone over Bluetooth, so you don't need the extra cables. The battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 9 hours on a single charge. The cycling computer is waterproof, but we did experience some interference in testing, so we don't recommend it for swimming. The included mount is solid, but we recommend buying a separate mount for your handlebar.

CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer ANT+ Wireless Cycling Computer Compatible with App 2.9 Inch LCD Display with Backlight M1

CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer ANT+ Wireless Computer Cycling Compatible with App 2.9 Inch LCD Display with Backlight M1

by Chengdu Chendian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

IPX6 Waterproof and Large Battery Capacity- Wireless and waterproof design. Cable clutter on the handlebar is past now. It can work anytime in the rain. 1100mAH super large capacity, the sustained working time is more than 30 hours.

The CYCPLUS M1 is a well-rounded cycling computer, with a good-enough screen, accurate GPS, and easy-to-use software. The software is basic but fine for cycling, but for triathlons, the CYCPLUS M1 is no match for a dedicated triathlon watch. The CYCPLUS M1 also lacks an altimeter, and it wouldn't work as a sports watch (unless you're a serious cyclist). The GPS is accurate, but it's a little bit slower and more accurate on shorter rides than on longer rides. The CYCPLUS M1 is waterproof, which makes it a good choice for cyclists who ride in the rain. The CYCPLUS M1 ($125) is a decent cycling computer, but it's no substitute for a dedicated triathlon watch.


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