Top 10 Grinders for Weeds
for February 2024

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Weed grinders come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for your needs depends on whether you smoke weed flower or marijuana bud, how coarse or fine you want the grind to be, and how you'll be smoking your weed.

Grinders typically come in metal and plastic, with plastic grinders typically being more affordable. Metal grinders generally offer better durability, but plastic grinders may get the job done faster. Plastic grinders are also easier to take apart and clean.

When shopping for a grinder, you should first consider how you'll be using it. Will you be using tobacco, herbs, or marijuana? Will you be smoking it through a bong, pipe or vaporizer? If you're smoking through a bong, pipe or vaporizer, you'll want your weed ground very finely, so a grinder with a medium to fine grind capacity will work best. If you're smoking through a bong or pipe, you'll want your weed ground very coarse, so a grinder with a coarse grind capacity will work best.

We also test grinders for durability, which means we test the grinder's ability to grind up weed without breaking down, as well as how well the grinder holds up over time.

Spacenight Electric Herb Grinder COMPACT for Flower Buds, USB-Rechargeable, 2pcs 1.7oz Glass Herb Chamber - Ideal for Everyday Carry

Spacenight Electric Herb Grinder COMPACT for Flower USB-Rechargeable, Buds, 2pcs 1.7oz Glass Herb Chamber

Provides a superior experience: This new blade design features ultra-sharp 6 piece teeth which shred your herbs it into the evenly fine fiber to the perfect fluffy consistency every time.

The Spacenight Electric Herb Grinder is an easy-to-use and portable herb grinder that is ideal for everyday carry. The grinder comes with a handy charging stand, a rechargeable battery, and two storage containers. The grinder's sturdy design means it's both durable and compact enough to easily fit in a pocket. The grinder's sharp teeth grind herbs to a fine consistency quickly and easily. The grinder's grinding chamber is small enough to hold only a couple grams of herbs, so it's best for grinding small amounts of dried flowers. Spacenight's grinder has a slight learning curve. Unlike our other picks, the grinder isn't automatically turned on when it's placed into a bowl or container. You need to turn it on manually. The grinder's battery takes about an hour to charge and is enough for about three grinding sessions. The grinder's two storage jars are large enough to hold a couple of grams of dried flowers. The grinder's charger is powerful enough to charge the grinder in a couple hours. The grinder's charging stand can hold the grinder upright, and it's deep enough to hold the grinder without blocking any of the grinder's grinding chamber. The grinder's small, flat charging stand is convenient for charging the grinder in the drawer of a desk. The grinder's grinding chamber is easy to clean, and its two storage jars are easy to clean as well. The grinder's charging stand can be difficult to clean. The grinder's grinding chamber is made of glass, which is fragile. The grinder's grinding teeth can be difficult to clean, and grinders that hold more herbs are difficult to clean.

Mamba V2-50 1 Gram 50mm Electric Herb Grinder. 1500mAh Li-ion USB Rechargeable Fast One-Handed Mill. Easy Press Two-Direction Rocker Switch for Potent Product Grinding

Mamba V2-50 1 Gram 50mm Electric Herb Grinder. 1500mAh Li-ion USB Rechargeable One-Handed Fast Mill. Easy Press Two-Direction Rocker Switch for Potent Product Grinding

by Mamba Grinders

THE RIGHT GRIND AT THE RIGHT TIME! The Mamba Teams designs and testing has led to a Battery Grinder that unlocks your herbs flavour, distinctive aroma, and potency - all at the push of a button. See the Mamba Team on-line by searching for our original electric herb grinder Kickstarter video

The Mamba V2-50 is smaller and lighter than our previous top pick, the V2-70, and is easier to use one-handed. The V2-50 also sports a sharp new grinding chamber that dispenses ground material more cleanly. The V2-50 is also rechargeable, so you won't need to replace the battery as often. The V2-50 is quiet, and it lacks the vibration motor of the V2-70, so it's more pleasant to use. Best of all, it dispenses ground material at a much faster rate than hand grinding, so most users won't need to fill it several times. The V2-50 also grinds coarser than our top pick, so it's more suitable to most users. The V2-50 is a little bit expensive, but it's worth every penny.

MYSTE Grinder Premium Large 2.5 Inch, Laser Engraved Stars Pattern, Multipurpose Gift Packaging, For Kitchen Use Only

MYSTE Grinder Premium Large 2.5 Inch


ENJOY UNIQUE DESIGN - designed in the USA, high-end 2.5'' grinder, no cheap stickers as usual, premium multipurpose packaging, inimitably designed accessories, perfect gift

A pretty handy grinder, the MYSTE Grinder offers a large capacity and a storage box that is 2.5 inches larger than our previous favorite, which means you'll spend less time filling it and more time grinding. The handle is very comfortable to hold, and the magnetic lid keeps the grinder closed when not in use. The grinder features 2.5-inch blades, and it does a good job of grinding coffee beans. However, the grinder isn't as good at grinding spices as the Magic Bullet, and it isn't as good at grinding nuts or herbs as the Herbivore. It's also a bit noisy, and the lid doesn't screw on tightly enough. That being said, the MYSTE Grinder is a good, inexpensive grinder that does a good job at grinding coffee beans, nuts, and herbs and spices.

Electric Herb Grinder 3.5

CHIIMODA Electric Herb 3.5"- Grinder USB Rechargeable

Superior Quality: Made of superior ABS material, silicone, and upgraded 304 stainless steel, our CHIIMODA herb grinder is rust-resistance, totally waterproof, powerful, and durable. The Morandi green is unique and elegant, can be a nice choice for gifts! As a manufacturer and user of CHIIMODA grinders for more than 6 years, if you have any problems when shopping, we're ready to handle them for you at any time!!

The Electric Herb Grinder 3.5"- USB Rechargeable, Efficiency 3.4oz Large Grinder for Grinding Dry Fresh Herbs and Spices, Equipped with Clear Chamber, Cleaning Brush (Pollen catcher), and Tweezers As Gift has an appealing design, is lightweight, and is sufficiently powerful to mill dry herbs quickly. Its one-button operation easily grinds dry herbs and spices, and its transparent chamber allows you to watch the process. The unit is also extremely easy to clean, as it comes with a cleaning brush and pollen catcher. The tweezers are a nice addition, and they help to hold the herbs in place while grinding and make it easier to remove them. The unit's power button and on/off lever are placed right next to the grinder's handle, so you can easily operate it. However, the grinder's blade is a bit short, so it's harder to hold herbs in place while grinding. It also lacks a cover, so after grinding, the unit can get messy if you let it accumulate herbs while it's in use. We also wish it had a cover for the grinding chamber, as it's the only part that's enclosed. The grinder's cap makes it difficult to grind larger herbs, such as whole spices, and its 3.4-ounce capacity is average. Overall, this grinder is a promising product, and it's a good choice for anyone who wants to grind dry herbs and spices quickly.


The Puflax Good Grip Contoured Mess-Free Kitchen Grinder is an easy-to-use tool with large grinding capacity. It's made of durable plastic, so it's easy to clean. The Smart Grinder cap allows you to refill the grinder without having to remove the whole grinder. The grinder is large, so it has a high capacity, and it's flexible, so you can fit any spice or herb into the grinder. The 4 different grinding settings (fine, medium, coarse, and extra-large) let you adjust the grind size as needed. The grinder is black, white, purple, and green, so it's easy to find and match with the Puflax Good Grip Kitchen Trays. The Puflax Good Grip Contoured Mess-Free Kitchen Grinder costs more than our previous pick, the Secura Spice and Herb Grinder, but it offers a larger capacity and more flexibility.

Free Boy Manual Spice Herb Grinder with Light-Up LED Storage Jars,8 times Magnifying Viewing jar,Stash Jar and Grinding-Purple

Free Boy Manual Spice Herb with Grinder Light-Up LED Storage Jars

With Grinder & Easy to CarryWith Grinder design, you can easily and conveniently grind various types of herbs.You can easily put it in your bag without worrying about the leakage of scent.This portable and discreet storage box and Grinding All In One System is a good thing you need to enjoy your favorite herbs.

The Free Boy herb grinder is a high-quality grinder for flower and herb. This grinder features a powerful motor, which can effectively crush your herb. The grinder's 8 times magnification and LED lamp are really useful, as it helps you clearly see what's inside. The storage space is big enough, and the grinder can be dismantled for easy storage. The color of the grinder is purple, which makes it stand out among the other grinders. The grinder is lightweight and easy to carry. The grinder features a top cover, which is equipped with 8x magnifying lens, and 3 LED lights. The LED lights illuminate the stash jar to ensure that the products in the jar are fresh. This grinder works efficiently and is very easy to use.

Herb Saver Grinder 2.4

Herb Saver Grinder 2.4" X Spice 3.5" Herb Grinder (Pink)

by HS Containers LLC.

Magnetic Lid...No-Open/Spill Design

Herb Saver Grinder is an upgraded version of Herb Grinder. It has a 2.4 inch by 3.5 inch grinding chamber and sharp teeth. The grinder fits easily in your pocket or handbag. The grinder is made of Medical Grade PP (Top Rack Dishwasher Safe). The grinder also comes with Pollen Scraper, which helps in grinding. The grinder has sharp teeth so it grinds the herbs finely. The grinder has a pollen screen, which helps in grinding the pollen. The grinder has 5 teeth, which helps in grinding the herbs finely. The grinder is very easy to use, just place the herbs in the grinder and grind the herbs. The grinder comes with a Pollen Scraper. The grinder is water resistant and odor resistant. The grinder has sharp teeth, which helps in grinding the herbs finely. The grinder is rust and corrosion resistant. The grinder is easy to use, just place the herb in the grinder and grind the herb. The grinder is lightweight, easy to carry, and portable. The grinder is affordable.

Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker

Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Herb Grinder Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker

by Honbay

Fast metal sharp spin teethproper mount of stuff will work better

The Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker is a sturdy, well-made grinder that crushes and shreds your herb into fine powder, making it quick and easy to vape. It does a good job of extracting flavor and aroma, and its compact size and ease of use make it ideal for home use. The grinding mechanism is an easy-to-use knob that you turn by hand. It has a safety lock that stops the grinder from spinning when it's not in use. The grinder comes with a small brush for cleaning, and a storage tube to keep everything together. The grinder is powered by a triple-A battery, which is not included. The grinder's small size makes it great for travel, and the storage tube makes it convenient to store. The grinder has a solid feel and is well-made, but it's a little on the heavy side. The battery life is good, however, and it's rechargeable, so swapping out the battery is a simple process.

HOMEASY Spice Grinder 3

HOMEASY Spice Grinder 3" Large

Durable Grinder: The grinder is made of durable zinc alloy and powerful shaped sharp teeth, you can grind smoother and easier.

The HomeAsy Spice Grinder is an affordable, easy-to-use spice grinder that works well. It's large (3 inches) and durable enough to use every day, but it's not as efficient at grinding as other models we tested. The HomeAsy 3'' grinder grinds spices well, but it's slow, and it even took a few tries to get the spices ground up. The HomeAsy's grinder is made of plastic, and its lid isn't strong enough to hold tight when grinding. (The lid does fit tightly after grinding, however.) The HomeAsy also doesn't grind as finely as some of our other picks. The HomeAsy Grinder isn't the best grinder we tested, but it's an affordable option.


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