10 Best Guitar Effects with Drum Machines
for December 2023

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Guitar effects pedals are pedals that plug into your guitar's guitar input jack. They transform the guitar's sound by adding effects such as distortion, delay, reverb, and more. Sometimes known as guitar pedals, effects pedals are also known as stomp boxes.

Effects pedals are one of the most versatile guitar accessories, allowing you to create a wide variety of guitar tones. They are great for playing live, recording, or practicing at home. Effects pedals are sometimes referred to as stomp boxes.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test guitar pedals for performance, including ease of use, sound quality, and value. We also evaluate their durability, including how well they hold up over time, as well as how easy it is to change the pedal.

Guitar pedals come in a variety of styles, including stomp boxes, flangers, wah pedals, phasers, and more. They are one of the most popular guitar accessories, with guitarists all over the world using them to create a wide variety of guitar sounds.

These are the best guitar pedals with drum machines of 2022.

MOOER PE100 Portable Desk Top Guitar Multi Effects with 198 presets, 36 effects, Drum Machine, Metronome, Tap Tempo, Aux In

MOOER PE100 Portable Desk Top Multi Guitar Effects with 198 presets

by Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd

Touch Panel Operation help you easily control and create your tone. 6 effect blocks containing 39 types of effects in PE100's effect Chain.Each effect block provides a different kind of effect.

The MOOER PE100 is an intriguing, versatile handheld multi-effect pedal. It packs in 198 preset sounds, 36 effects, a drum machine, a metronome, a tuner, and even a tap tempo function. The pedal is also highly programmable, letting you adjust parameters on the fly, save and recall presets, and create custom patches. The MOOER PE100 is compact enough to be carried in a pocket or bag, and is powered by a small DC power adapter or by AA batteries. A built-in speaker lets you preview presets and effects. The pedal's buttons are big and responsive, and meticulously programmed. It's easy to set up, and the sounds are wide-ranging and extremely realistic. The effects themselves are top-notch, and the pedal's small size and portability make it a great option for the occasional guitarist who doesn't want to lug around a big, heavy amp or effects rig.

FLAMMA FX100 Guitar Pedal Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal 151 Built-in Effects 200 Presets Looper Amp Modeling Drum Machine Support 3rd Party IR OTG for Live Streaming

FLAMMA FX100 Guitar Pedal Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal 151 Built-in Effects 200 Looper Presets Amp Modeling Drum Machine Support 3rd Party IR OTG for Live Streaming

55 classic & modern high-quality guitar AMP Models that utilize non-linear digital amp modelling technology (giving a real tube amp tone, feel & response)

The FX100 is our top overall pick for guitar players in search of a pedalboard-friendly multi-effects processor that packs a lot of punch into a compact and affordable package. The FX100 has 151 effects, more than 200 presets that are easy to access, and support for 3rd party IRs (which lets you import any pedalboard-compatible effect). It has 9 effect blocks, each with several effects to choose from, covering a range of effects from basic to complex, and 200 presets give players plenty of options to get started. The FX100 is small, weighing just 6.3 pounds, so it can easily be carried from gig to gig. The FX100 also sports an expression pedal, so you can control the effects with a foot pedal, and you can connect a 3rd party IR to the FX100 via OTG. The FX100 also comes with an integrated USB DAC, which is useful for recording and streaming audio. The FX100's tuner function also comes in handy for live performance.

Donner Multi Effects Pedal Multi-Pad100, 5 Effects 7 Amp Modes 40 Drum Rhythms with Tuner Function, Reverb Delay Chorus Flanger Tremolo, Drum Machine for Electric Guitar and Bass

Donner Multi Effects Pedal Multi-Pad100

by Donner

Versatility Guitar Effects Except for 10 factory presets, Multi-Pad100 also allows to edit the effects chain and save extra 10 different presets as user patch.

The Donner Multi Effects Pedal Multi-Pad100 is one of the best multi-effects pedals we've ever tested and it easily beats the budget competition. The settings are laid out clearly, and the pedal has intuitive controls. The amp models sound great, and the delay, reverb, chorus, flanger and tremolo effects are all solid. The tuner function works as expected, and the built-in metronome is a nice bonus. The Multi Effects Pedal outputs through either an AUX cable or headphones, and it's powered by either battery or a DC power supply (which is not included). We also like the pedal's compact size, which makes it easy to travel with. The only negative is the price, which is higher than other pedals of comparable quality. But, as with many of the pedals in this roundup, it's a must-have for serious guitarists.

MOOER GE150 Electric Guitar Amp Modelling Multi Effects Pedal with Looper drum machine

MOOER GE150 Electric Guitar Amp Modelling Effects Multi Pedal with Looper drum machine


Easy to share: USB-OTG improves the sound quality of your live stream and supports smart phone recording and instant sharing with your phone and tablet devices.

The MOOER GE150 is an affordable guitar amp modelling pedal with a 12-band EQ, 22 effects, a 6-band graphic EQ, a 2-band compressor, and a 3-band parametric EQ. It has 151 effect models, including 55 amps, 72 cabinets, and 40 stomp boxes, which can be loaded into 26 user slots. The GE150 is small and compact, weighing less than 1.5 pounds (0.7 kg), and features a 3.5-inch TFT color LCD screen. The user interface is easy to navigate, and sound effects and effects settings can be controlled using the expression pedal, Cymbal 1, and Cymbal 2 footswitches. The MOOER GE150 is equipped with an 80-second looper, a 40 different types of drum rhythms, and a 10 metronome settings, allowing you to record and jam with ideas and riffs. The GE150 is equipped with an audio interface and headphone output, allowing you to record and jam with ideas in real time. The GE150 is equipped with a headphone jack which means you can practice silently without disturbing those around you.

Alesis SR-16 | Studio-Grade Standalone Drum Machine With On-Board Sound Li-brary, Performance Driven I/O and In-Built Effects 100 patterns

Alesis SR-16

by Alesis

Professional drum machine with 12 velocity sensitive pads (with Dynamic Articulation(TM))

The Alesis SR-16 is a truly impressive drum machine that's not only loaded with features, but performs the way a real drum set would. It comes with 233 professional sounds, and the factory presets sound great right out of the box. The SR-16 also has some production-ready features like sound stacking, step editing, stereo samples with reverb and ambience, and a built-in digital effects processor. The sound quality and response of the SR-16 are exceptionally good. The snare and tom sounds emit a warm, natural sound. The bass sounds are also good, although they are a bit muddy. The kick and clap sounds have very good response and definition. The SR-16 produces ample volume, and you can hear every kick, snare, and toms hit clearly. The SR-16 is lightweight, compact, and portable, and with its built-in carry handle, you can carry it easily. The SR-16 has a solid feel, and it's built well. The included pedal is sturdy, and the foot control board feels solid. The SR-16 has 53 velocity-sensitive pads and 2 pedal inputs, and it's easy to set up and start playing. The 53 pads are backlit, and it's easy to see which pad you've selected. The SR-16 has a 100-phrase sequencer, and you can control the playback speed, tempo, and rhythm with the foot control board. The SR-16 has 3 performance modes: 1) User, 2) Preset, and 3) Program. In User mode, you can assign any sound to any pad. In Preset mode, you can store up to 50 user drum kits, and in Program mode, you can store up to 50 programs. The 50 programs include 100 patterns, and you can save 3 programs to the SR-16's on-board memory. The SR-16 has 50 preset drum kits, and you can create and save an unlimited number of programs. The SR-16 has 36 onboard effects, and you can add effects to any sound. The SR-16 also has a performance recorder, which lets you record your performances and export them to your computer.

JOYO O.M.B R-06 R Series Looper & Drum Machine Pedal (LOOPER Cycle Recording/Drum Machine/LOOPER+drum) for Electric Guitar Effect (R-06)

JOYO O.M.B R-06 R Series Looper & Drum Machine (LOOPER Pedal Cycle Recording/Drum Machine/LOOPER+drum) for Electric Guitar Effect (R-06)

by ShenZhen JOYO Technology

Whole new appearance and the iconic R series ambience LED light bring out futuristic and retro styles, displaying a perfect fusion. R series will make your soul happy whether you are jamming in the bedroom, studio or on the stage. R series effect pedals deliver way more comprehensive tones and functions compared with other pedals. Pedal with bypass provide transparent tone,minimize the tone loss to keep tone quality.

The R-06 from JOYO is a looper/drum machine pedal for electric guitar. It's a relatively simple pedal, with only three knobs, two selectors, and a switch. The pedal features LOOPER cycle recording mode, independent drum machine mode, and LOOPER +drum mode. The LOOPER mode has auto-align function and Count-In function, 40 minutes cycle recording time, overdub unlimitedly. In drum machine mode, you can choose 7 genres of drum pattern and 7 drumbeats, the speed of drum patterns can be set up by TAP TEMPO button. What's more, O.M.B enables you to add fills, outro fill can be added at the end of each drum pattern, so just try it to your heart's content. Before you test the pedal or before playing, make sure the guitar is fully connected with the pedal. In order to make JOYO pedals work properly, avoiding unexpected noise caused by power supply, we recommend that you purchase a JOYO original power adapter, or choose other reliable brands. More importantly, you need to make sure it meets the working current requirement of the pedal. In addition to the existing JF/Ironman/R series of effect pedals, we will improve and upgrade our products, based on the extensive and constructive feedback with supportive. Sold by manufacturer of JOYO Technology it's over decade of brand reputation, We will provide best ever excellent customer service with worry-free after-sale service, much better than any other distributors.

Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal Looper 6 Hours Recording Time, 99 User Memories, Drum Patterns with Tap Tempo

Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Looper Pedal 6 Hours Recording Time

by Cherub Technology Co,.Ltd

Import and backup phrases with pc;runs on batteries and ac adaptor

The Nux Loop Core is an easy-to-use, battery-powered guitar effects pedal that lets you create playing loops and record overdubs, so you can practice songs over and over without missing a single note. It's a compact, affordable option for beginners and pros alike, and it's a powerful looping pedal that's ideal for musicians who like the feel of playing on a pedalboard, but want the convenience of a battery-powered pedal. The Nux Loop Core has a limited number of functions, but it's simple and easy to use and the recording functions are easy to use as well. The onboard drum patterns with tap tempo are a great addition, and you can apply effects and volume changes, so you can create hundreds of different playing loops. The Nux Loop Core has 99 user memories, so you can store and access your tracks. You can store up to 6 hours of stereo recordings and 99 user memories, and you can record up to 8 tracks. The Nux Loop Core is compact and portable, and it's powered by a USB charge. The pedal is lightweight, but it's sturdy, so it's comfortable and stable to use. The pedal automatically stops recording when you stop it, so there are no worries about overdubs. The Nux Loop Core is a handy, affordable pedal that lets you create playing loops and record overdubs, so you can practice songs over and over without missing a single note.

Nux MG-20 Electric Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Floor Guitar Effects with Drum Machine and Looper Function.

Nux MG-20 Electric Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Floor Effects Guitar with Drum Machine and Looper Function.

by Cherub Technology Co,.Ltd

Built-in MP3/WAV Player,USB port allows to update the system and edit tone on your computer

The Nux MG-20 is a compact, battery-powered, multi-effect floor guitar processor with a built-in looper. The MG-20's 60 effects include overdrive, delay, reverb, pitch shifting, chorus, distortion, modulation, and guitar amp simulations. You can also tap out rhythm patterns, play along with backing tracks, and record your performances into the internal hard drive. There are 60 built-in effects, but you're only limited to using 10 at a time, which is disappointing. The MG-20's 60 effects sounds are decent, but they're nothing special, so you're not likely to get much use out of them. The MG-20 also has a built-in mp3/wav player, but it's limited. You can only play back one song at a time, and you can't record your voice or other audio. The MG-20's looper function is also limited. You can only record one loop, and you can only store one loop at a time. The MG-20's drum machine function is also limited. It only supports one drum loop at a time, and you can only play back one drum loop at a time. The MG-20 is a decent guitar effects processor, but its user interface is confusing, and some of its effects are disappointing.


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