Top 10 Hand Held Food Vacuum Sealers
for March 2023

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Choosing the right vacuum sealer can be intimidating, especially when you first consider all the amazing options available. Fortunately, we went beyond the usual reviews, poring through reviews from renowned online publications and web resources, including test kitchens and cooks, to test the best vacuum sealer options. We looked at how many seals it kept over time and which brands were most trusted. We discovered how one kitchen vacuum sealer compares against another, which not only includes ease of use, but also how easy it is for novices to get the hang of sealing food. We also looked at functionality and features like the ability to seal multiple bags at once, a warranty, and ease of use. We searched the market for the best handheld vacuum sealer for you, and incorporated the information into in-depth evaluations, including comparative charts of pricing and performance to help you weed out the best option for you.

Choosing the right vacuum sealer can seem daunting, but we're here to help. We researched the best vacuum sealers by reviewing the top options on shopper websites like Amazon, but we also reached out to top chefs to get their thoughts on these products. Whether you're looking for something to preserve food, or dress it up, there are plenty of vacuum sealer options that are up to the task.

Vacuum Sealer Machine, Housmile Automatic Handheld Food Sealer for Food Savers, Dry & Moist Food Modes, Air Sealing System for Food Preservation LED Indicator Lights, Built-in Cutter, Compact Design Food Saver with Starter Kit

Housmile Vacuum Sealer Machine

Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking: Just put food into vacuum sealer bags, insert the opening into the sealer, choose a mode, and the machine takes care of removing all of the air and stops automatically once sealing is complete. Perfect to seal a meal prep

Housmile Vacuum Sealer Machine is a handheld food saver that is also very accurate and easy to use. Our previous pick, the FoodSaver FM4450, has one of the best reputations, but some users found it tricky to use. Housmile's design is simple, and users can easily vacuum seal food in 8 seconds. The Housmile food vacuum sealer is lightweight and compact, and it's very easy to use. It has three vacuum sealing modes to choose from: dry, moist, and control vacuum. The Housmile food sealer also has an exhaust hose, so you can vacuum liquids without spilling. The Housmile vacuum sealer has a small LCD display, so you can easily see how much food you've vacuumed. Housmile's food sealer has a pump hose for external vacuuming, and supports vacuuming jars, bottles or containers that have specific exhaust holes on the top. Housmile's food sealer has LED lights to show users which mode the food is in, and the LED light color changes as the food's temperature changes. The Housmile food sealer's exhaust hose is 34 inches long, and its special interlocking design makes it easy to store vacuum bags. Housmile includes a starter kit with 10 vacuum bags, a cutter, and a sealing ring, and a one-year warranty. The Housmile food sealer has a 3.5-star rating on Amazon, and most users feel it's a good product. However, some users complain that it has a weak vacuum, so some users recommend buying an extra vacuum bag.

Vacuum Sealer Machine, OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage, Dry, Moist and Pulse 3 Modes, Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine with A Built-in Cutter and Starter Kit, Easy to Operate the Vacuum Sealer

OMOTE Vacuum Sealer Machine

Keep Food Fresh and Easy to Operate: The vacuum sealer machine keeps food fresh up to 5x longer in the refrigerator, which is great for freezing leftovers and sousvide; fully automatic design and touch-sensitive digital panel make operation easier, just take a simple click on the screen to achieve meal sealing. Please note that when you seal, you need to put the open end of the bag into the vacuum chamber to seal successfully.

OMOTE vacuum sealer machine makes vacuum sealing food storage easy. It vacuum seals food in bags, containers and drawers, creating an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for up to 6 months. The handheld vacuum sealer could seal different containers such as plastic, glass, wooden boxes, metal cans and bottles, etc. The handheld vacuum sealer machine is equipped with a roll holder which is able to hold a 5-meter sealing roll; you can gently slide the built-in cutter to create a custom-sized bag, press the Seal button to seal the one side of the bag, finally get a customized bags and no need to buy bags of different sizes. The vacuum sealer machine could seal different kinds of food such as bread, pasta, rice, meat, fish, dried fruit, jerky, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, coffee, tea, spices, etc. The vacuum sealer machine has 3 sealing modes: Dry, Moist and Pulse modes, which are suitable for various containers, different foods sealing. The Vacuum sealer machine has a Vacuum Gauge, which displays the current vacuum level. You can also use the built-in cutter to cut off an excess part of the bag.

FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer, Handheld

FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Vacuum Food Sealer

by FoodSaver

Charging base provides a strong Charge while keeping countertops neat with the built-in cord management system

The FoodSaver 31161370 is a sturdy handheld sealer, and it vacuum seals bags quickly and easily. It has a long battery life (30 minutes per charge), and it comes with four 1-quart vacuum seal zipper bags, a docking station, and two 1-quart vacuum seal zipper bags. The handheld sealer is simple to use, and it comes with two vacuum sealing heads for different bag thicknesses, so you can seal bags from 1 to 4 inches in thickness. The vacuum sealer is powerful enough to remove air from large bags, and it's quiet enough to seal bags without disturbing people in the kitchen. The handheld sealer isn't the best choice for sealing large quantities of food quickly, but the FoodSaver 31161370 is great for sealing smaller amounts of food, such as fruit and vegetables, and for sealing items like meat and cheese for freezing.

MXBOLD 35PCS Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine,Food Vacuum Sealer with 20 Sous Vide Bags, Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Food with 6 Clips & 6 Sealing Clips for Sous Vide Cooking and Food Storage, Green

MXBOLD 35PCS Portable Sealer Vacuum Machine


This food vacuum sealer can seal up to 60 bags on a full 24-hour charge and powerful vacuum technology removes excess air from vacuum seal bags quickly.

The MXBOLD 35PCS Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine is a handy, easy-to-use portable vacuum sealer. It's small and lightweight, and it's a breeze to pack and unpack, and the controls are simple and intuitive. The handheld vacuum sealer's vacuum sealer bags, however, are a disappointment. They're made of a lower quality material than the bags we tested, and they don't retain air as well as most of the other bags we tested. We also experienced some leakage when sealing larger packages, and the seal didn't hold as well on thicker bags. The handheld vacuum sealer's battery life is also disappointing. It only works for an hour before requiring a recharge, and we found that it struggled to keep enough vacuum to consistently hold bags in place. However, the MXBOLD's small size and weight, simple controls, and durability make it a good pick for occasional use.

VMSTR Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer,Portable Handheld Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide Cooking, Sous Vide Bags food Storage Set 10 PCS

VMSTR Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer


Type-C fast chagring provides a strong Charge while 800 mAh battery can continuously work in 2h

The VMSTR rechargeable vacuum sealer is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It's a great option for anyone who needs to seal up food for storage or transport, or seal up liquids for transport or sous vide cooking. The VMSTR is powerful enough to remove air from vacuum seal bags and vacuum seal liquids. The sealer is small and lightweight enough to carry with you on the go, and the vacuum sealer itself is small enough to fit into a travel bag. The VMSTR comes with 10 vacuum seal bags and 1 Type-C charging cable, which makes it easy to store and use. The vacuum sealer has a one-year limited warranty, and the bags have a one-year limited warranty. The VMSTR is a good choice for people who want a rechargeable vacuum sealer that is easy to use, powerful, compact, and portable.

Mighty Rock Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer for Kitchen Food Storage Preservation

Mighty Rock Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer for Kitchen Food Storage Preservation

UNIQUE DESIGN: Portable vacuum sealer is specially designed for food storage.Powerful vacuum technology removes excess air from vacuum seal bags quickly to extend freshness and locking flavors.

This vacuum sealer was easy to use, and it made sealing our food bags a breeze. It sealed bags and pouches quickly and without a mess. The removable clamp kept the bag in place while sealing, and the vacuum graphic on the display showed when a bag was sealed. This vacuum sealer is small and lightweight, so it's easy to carry with you. The charge lasted a long time, and the vacuum sealer was quiet during use. The vacuum sealer was easy to use: just place the bag flat on the machine, put food into the bag, and close the vacuum sealer. The vacuum sealer quickly sealed the bag and beeped once it finished, and the vacuum sealer then automatically shut off. This vacuum sealer was easy to clean up after use. The vacuum sealer comes with a full year warranty.

FOYO Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Sealer for Food Savers, Household Vacuum Equipment, Small Kitchen Appliance for Food Preservation

FOYO Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine

WHAT WILL YOU GET - A FOYO handheld vacuum sealerBags need purchase separated)

FOYO Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Sealer for Food Savers, Household Vacuum Equipment, Small Kitchen Appliance for Food Preservation is one of our top picks for food sealers. It seals food airtight, which reduces bacteria, mold, and odors. When sealing bags, it seals the bag tightly, without leaks, and keeps the foods fresh. And it saves up to 70% storage space, which is truly ideal for kitchen. Its vacuum sealer is compact and portable, and can be taken anywhere. It's also waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, and high temperature resistant. Unlike most other handheld vacuum sealers, FOYO Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Sealer for Food Savers, Household Vacuum Equipment, Small Kitchen Appliance for Food Preservation has an easy-to-use one-button operation, and is very easy to use. It features a 6L/Minute suction power, which ensures that food can be vacuum sealed in 8-12 seconds.

Portable Vacuum Sealer, Toyarata Handheld Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer Wireless Mini Food Vacuum Sealer for Food Preservation with 5 Reusable Vacuum Bags & Sealing Clip

Toyarata Portable Vacuum Sealer

One-Click Operation:Portable Vacuum Sealer: Toyarata vacuum sealer is charged by USB and Wireless operation, compact design, easy to use and fast. It can easily sort out the messy refrigerator without taking up valuable kitchen space, is a good companion for food preservation.

The Toyarata Handheld Automatic Vacuum Sealer is a compact and portable vacuum sealer that performs well and is reasonably priced. It has a top-mounted button and LCD screen that makes it easy to program and use, and we liked that it comes with four different sizes of reusable vacuum bags (1.5, 3, 4, and 5 quarts), as well as two sealing clips. The bag material is BPA-free, and the vacuum sealer itself is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack. The Toyarata Vacuum Sealer has a few more features than some other vacuum sealers, including an adjustable thermostat, a manual pump, and the ability to vacuum-freeze food. However, the Toyarata Vacuum Sealer has a somewhat slow vacuum pump, and we found that it was less convenient to use than traditional vacuum sealers with a motor and pump. The Toyarata Vacuum Sealer is also less powerful than our other top picks, so it may not be suitable for packing heavy items or sealing glass jars. Overall, the Toyarata Vacuum Sealer is a good choice if you want a portable vacuum sealer for occasional use, and you may even be able to use it to freeze your food.

Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Food, 2021 Upgrade Rechargeable Food Saver with 12Pcs Reusable Sous Vide Bags for Cooking and Meat Storage

MRHUSH Handheld Vacuum for Sealer Food

Powerful Food Vacuum SealerThe size of MRHUSH protable vacuum sealer for food is 6.93*1.42inch, with large-diameter -65Kpa strong suction hole, only need 10 Seconds to vacuum air, easy and efficient for food vacuum. Compact and practical, and doesn't take up kitchen space. The equipped sous vide bags helps you save the storage space of the refrigerator and is easy to store

The Haier V1000 is the best value vacuum sealer we found. It's small enough to fit in a drawer or under the counter, but it's large enough to hold a lot of food. The vacuum seal it creates is very strong, and it's easy to use. The battery life is long enough that it never needs to be replaced, which saves you money, and it's rechargeable, so it's eco-friendly. The Haier V1000's sealing clip design is much better than that of the other vacuum sealers we tested. It snaps into position, so you won't lose or misplace it, and food doesn't end up stuck to the clip. We liked the vacuum sealer's 5-year warranty. It's enough to prove that Haier is a pretty solid company.

Vacuum Sealer by Vesta Precision - Handheld Vac 'n Seal | Extends Food Freshness | Fast and Powerful Vacuum | Compact Design | Long Battery Life | Works with valved Vacuum Bags, Bottles, and Canisters

V Vesta Precision Vacuum Sealer by Vesta - Precision Handheld Vac 'n Seal

by Vesta Precision

ERGONOMIC, COMPACT AND PORTABLE - This food vacuum sealer is ergonomically engineered to minimize wrist and arm discomfort even after continual use. Take this small, portable sealer with you wherever you cook!

The Vesta Precision handheld vacuum sealer is sleek and compact, and its fast vacuum speed and easy-to-use button operation make it perfect for home, camping, and fishing. Its powerful pump and dual vacuum seals make quick work of sealing bags, and its long battery life means that it can seal bags for hours at a time, even when youre not at home. The vacuum sealer works with both small and large vacuum bags, making it easy to store a whole weeks worth of groceries. The handheld vacuum sealer also works great with mason jars and bottles, and the seal is tight enough to prevent leaks. The handheld vacuum sealer is easy to set up and operate, and the vacuum seal button is easy to operate even while wearing gloves. The included storage case (which also includes an adaptor for charging) is sturdy and takes up little space, and the handheld vacuum sealer is rechargeable, so it never needs to be plugged in. The handheld vacuum sealer also has an LED screen that lets you know the status of its battery.


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