Top 10 Best Handheld Radiation Detectors
for December 2023

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The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has tested hundreds of radiation detectors over the years, from Geiger counters to handheld detectors. We've evaluated each model for accuracy, including how accurate it is at measuring radiation levels, as well as ease of use.

When testing radiation detectors, we evaluate how accurate they are at measuring radiation levels. We test each model for accuracy by testing it against radiation levels from a cesium-137 source. We also test each model's accuracy at measuring radiation levels from natural sources like radon, lead, and gamma radiation, as well as nuclear threats like plutonium and uranium.

We also evaluate ease of use, including how easy it is for a user to calibrate the device, how clear the LCD screen is, how simple the device is to operate, and how easy it is to clean.

These are the best handheld radiation detectors to buy in 2022:

EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector-Handheld Digital LCD Backlight EMF Detector for Home Office Outdoor Inspection with Sound-Light Alarm-Silver

Selavif EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector-Handheld Digital LCD Backlight Detector EMF for Home Office Outdoor Inspection with Sound-Light Alarm-Silver

by Selavif Ltd.

DUAL READINGS INLOW ORNO-LIGHT OPERATION- With large clear LCD screen display, two readings could be easily seen even if in dark or sunshine when to turn on the back light function; The EMF Reader screen has visual clarity with large digits and LCD display. Backlight can be easy to turned on and off. Great Tester for Home, School, Office, Outdoor and Ghost Hunting. Measure both magnetic field radiation and electric field radiation at same time clearly and accurately

The Selavif EMF meters are some of the easiest to use and most reliable EMF meter we tested. It's portable, compact, and has an easy-to-read display. It has a small display, so you may have to turn it to the side to read the EMF readings. The meter has an auto-sound and light alarm, so you don't need to turn any switches. Just point the meter at the source, press the power button, and wait for the alert. The EMF meter also has a lock feature, so you can save the reading and the alarm setting. This meter is accurate enough for day-to-day use. The display is large, so you can easily see the EMF values. The meter's readout takes seconds to update and, unlike other EMF meters we tested, the meter will display the EMF values in both EMF units and milligauss (mG). The meter also displays the current time, battery level, and alarm setting. The meter has a simple one-button operation. The meter has a wide frequency range, which is sufficient for most household EMF sources. The meter is accurate for low-frequency EMF sources, such as household devices, computers, cell phones, and appliances. The meter is accurate enough for day-to-day use, and it's simple to operate.

CAMWAY EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Checker(1-1999V/m, 0.01-99.99μT) Handheld Mini Digital LCD EMF Detector Builtin Electromagnetic Radiation Sensor Sound-Light Alarm EMF Tester

CAMWAY EMF Meter Field Electromagnetic Radiation Checker(1-1999V/m


Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (with USB Charging Cable), Fashionable Design,Easy on-hand Operation, Easy to Carry or Make Field Measurement.

The CAMWAY EMF Meter is a handy, pocket-sized device that measures and displays the strength of electromagnetic fields (EMF). While there are more expensive EMF meters available, the CAMWAY EMF Meter is well-featured, accurate and easy to use. It has a 0.01-99.99μT rating, which makes it suitable for measuring both electric and magnetic fields. Its LCD display is easy to read, and it has a backlight, so it's usable in dim or dark conditions. The meter is light and compact, and it's powered by two AA batteries (not included). It has a built-in sound-light alarm, which can be set to go off whenever an EMF measurement exceeds a user-defined safe threshold. The EMF Meter also has a data lock function, so you can easily reset the EMF meter's EMF reading back to zero. The CAMWAY EMF Meter is a good choice for anyone who wants to measure EMF levels.

allsun Digital EMF Tester Electromagnetic Radiation Meter Electromagnetic Field Wave Detector Magnitude Detector Handheld LCD Household Dosimeter

allsun Digital EMF Tester Electromagnetic Radiation Meter Electromagnetic Wave Field Detector Magnitude Detector Handheld LCD Household Dosimeter

by Zhangzhou Haimao Dianzi Keji Co., LTD

EMF device is fantastic, it is very easy to use and provides consistent readings

The allsun Digital EMF Meter has a decent sensitivity and is accurate enough to detect radiation from cell phones, wireless routers, and other common household items. However, the meter's relatively high price and limited functions make it less appealing than some of the other meters we tested. The allsun's display is easy to read, and the meter is easy to program. The allsun's buttons are easy to use and the meter is lightweight enough to hold in one hand. The allsun's carrying case, with its large, sturdy handle, is handy, but it's a bit bulkier than the meter itself. The allsun's proprietary USB cable is a nice touch, though it would have been nice if the meter included one of its own. The allsun's 9-volt battery is easy enough to replace, but since it's proprietary, the meter doesn't come with a spare. The allsun's manual is written in Chinese, but it's fairly straightforward, and there's a helpful online manual. The allsun's software is also in Chinese, but it's fairly easy to navigate.

EMF Meter, Digital Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 3 in 1 Electric Field & Magnetic Field & Temperature Tester LCD Display Handheld for Home EMF Inspections, Office, Outdoor and Ghost Hunting

Woodooxoo EMF Meter

by Woodooxoo

Easy to Use: Ergonomic design, one-handed operation, clear large LCD display, easy to move for on-site measurements, effectively identify the signal source and locate the signal position. Just press the button to start the tests and set the units.

The EMF Meter is an easy-to-use, accurate EMF field detector. It has an excellent range, which makes it great for checking on radiation exposure levels. The display is clear, and it's easy to read. The panel is slim and portable, so it's easy to carry with you, whether you're testing at home, the office, or outdoors. The display is backlit, so it's easy to read in low-light conditions. The EMF Meter has a simple Max function, so you can easily attain the highest readings possible. However, the Max function only locks the peak reading, so you can't store the reading. The EMF Meter also has a Max Hold function, which locks the peak reading, so you can save the data for later review and analysis. The EMF Meter is also good for measuring temperature. It has a convenient built-in thermometer and is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Radiation Detector Survey Meter,Handheld Mini Digital LCD Nuclear Radiation Detector,β γ χ Ray Gamma Nuclear Radiation Detector,3 Kinds of Alarm Mode and A Variety of Alarm Threshold.

Liccx Radiation Survey Detector Meter

by Liccx

CONFIGURATIONNuclear radiation detector with LCD display, clear reading, easy to operate.Nuclear radiation detector has English display interface, more convenient for users to check.24H real-time monitoring.

The Radiation Detector Survey Meter,Handheld Mini Digital LCD Nuclear Radiation Detector,β γ χ Ray Gamma Nuclear Radiation Detector,3 Kinds of Alarm Mode and A Variety of Alarm Threshold is an easy-to-use radiation detector that can detect 3 kinds of radiation (beta, gamma, x ray). It can be used in medical environment, factory environment, home environment, gem testing, ore testing. It can detect the radiation value on the LCD digital display. When the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm. This radiation detector also has 3 kinds of alarm mode,such as: sound alarm, flashing light alarm, and vibration alarm.

CAMWAY EMF Meter, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Handheld Mini Digital Backlight LCD EMF Detector Sound and Light Alarm with 2pcs Stickers



Range of Application Electromagnetic Radiation detector is mainly used for electrical appliances in life, which can effectively help people away from radiation sources and protect them from radiation hazards! For example: Household and appartment, office, outdoor and industrial site / Mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test / Test effects of radition-proof clothes, radiation-proof film and other prevention articles.

The Camway EMF Meter is a handy tool for checking your surroundings for EMF radiation, with 2 handy functions: a field (or room) tester and an alarm. The field tester measures electromagnetic field strength and displays it on a bright LCD, and with the push of a button, it records the data and stores it for later review. The alarm works by detecting EMF radiation and sounding an alarm every time it detects a 40-V/m or 0.4-T magnetic field. It can be set to sound once every 10 seconds, or 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes. The alarm can sound continuously, but pressing the volume button will silence the alarm. The meter is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry in a pocket or bag, and it's simple to operate. It comes with 2 stickers, which you can use to mark safe areas (such as doors, windows, and beds), or mark areas of high EMF radiation. The meter's auto-calibration function detects the voltage level of the battery and automatically adjusts the display. The alarm's sensitivity can be adjusted as well, but the default setting is reasonably sensitive. The meter's signal detection range is 5-35 feet, and the alarm's signal detection range is 3-10 feet.

Sunlight Meter for Measuring Harmful Ultraviolet Solar Light Radiations - Portable UV Intensity Meter & UV Sun Light Strength Tester - Handheld Digital UV Index Sensor - by SunKnown

SunKnown Sunlight Meter for Measuring Ultraviolet Harmful Solar Light Radiations


SOLAR LIGHT METER is easy to operate; Press the UV Check button to read the UV index from 0 to 12 in 0.5 steps by pointing the UV light sensor towards the sun; Batteries included

Digital EMF Tester Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation Detector Temperature Measure with Color-screen Display and Rechargeable Battery Handheld Tool

Gain Express Digital EMF Tester Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation Temperature Detector Measure with Color-screen Display and Rechargeable Battery Handheld Tool

by Gain Express Holdings Ltd

FEATURES:Sound and light alarm (when the test result exceeds the safe value), Data Hold feature, Temperature measurement and with Backight function

The Digital EMF Tester is a powerful and versatile device, and it's easy to use. It has a large display, so you can use it while it's plugged in. The meter has eight measurement modes, including electric field radiation, magnetic field radiation, temperature, and core temperature. It also has four sensors, so you can use it to test multiple devices at once. The meter has an automatic power-off function, so it won't keep running if you keep pressing buttons. The meter has a rechargeable battery, so you can use it for long periods without needing to recharge it. The meter is lightweight, so it's easy to carry around with you. The meter also has a backlight, so you can use it in the dark. The meter has a range of up to 1999V for electric field radiation and 0.1T for magnetic field radiation, so it's powerful enough to test almost any device. The meter is sensitive enough to detect low electric field radiation from televisions and mobile phones, and it's sensitive enough to detect low magnetic field radiation from computers, cell phones, and refrigerators. The meter also has a color-screen display, so it's easy to read.

RADEX RD1503+ Outdoor Edition dosimeter, geiger Counter, high Accuracy Nuclear Radiation Detector

RADEX by Quarta-Rad RADEX Outdoor RD1503+ Edition dosimeter

by Quarta-Rad

Pre-calibrated, Accurate (+/- 15%), Fast (40 second cycle if low, Immediate if high)

The RD1503+ Outdoor Edition is a budget-friendly radiation detector that detects both beta and gamma radiation, and it can detect high levels of both beta and gamma radiation, up to 9.99 Sv/h. Its built-in geiger counter can help you measure radiation levels inside a room or in big open spaces. The detector's smart alarm feature detects both low and high radiation levels, and you can set the detector's alarm to go off when either level is reached. The RD1503+ Outdoor Edition also has an alarm for nuclear radiation, and it has a backlight for night use. The detector's portability and battery capacity make it good for use in school or offices or at home. The detector doesn't include a carrying case, so you're probably better off buying a carrying case separately. The RD1503+ Outdoor Edition has a 15-hour battery, and it's bulky and heavy, so it's hard to transport without a case. Also, the buttons on the detector are hard to press, and it's difficult (if not impossible) to read the display in low-light conditions.

Tihebeyan Digital Electromagnetic Radiation Detector with LCD Screen, Handheld Mini EMF Meter Counter, Dosimeter Tester, Battery Operated

Tihebeyan Digital Electromagnetic Radiation with Detector LCD Screen

by Tihebeyan

High SensitivityDesigned to meet CE. Simple operation, easy to learn the usage. Highly sensitive, and 50Hz-2000MHz frequency range.

This detector took longer for us to find than any of the other models we tested, but it's worth it. This detector uses an LCD touchscreen display to clearly show the amount of radiation around you. The display is large and clear, and it's bright enough to read in bright sunlight. The detector's buttons are large and easy to find and use. The detector also has buttons on the side for setting the measurement units, and it has a volume button for adjusting the sound. The detector's measurements can be switched to either milligauss (mG) or microtesla (μT), and it has a bar graph showing the radiation levels. The detector has 5 measurement modes: Incoming, Outgoing, EMF, Distance, and Hold. The detector can also store up to 10 measurements in memory, and it also has a clock. The detector's battery lasts about 90 hours, and it comes with a 9V battery, so the detector is ready to use out of the box.


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