10 Best Harmonica Holders
for December 2023

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Whether you're a beginning or advanced harmonica player, a harmonica holder is an essential piece of harmonica equipment. A harmonica holder is a harmonica holder, right? Not quite. There are different types of harmonica holders, including harmonica stands, harmonica hangers, harmonica clips and harmonica holsters.

A harmonica stand is a freestanding metal stand that can hold multiple harmonicas. A harmonica hanger is a metal hook that hangs from a belt or pocket and can hold one harmonica. A harmonica clip is a metal clip that attaches to a belt or pocket and can hold multiple harmonicas. A harmonica holster is a metal holster that attaches to a bag, belt or pocket and can hold multiple harmonicas.

A harmonica holder has a number of purposes: it can hold your harmonicas, provide storage, protect from damage, and allow you to transport your harmonicas easily. Our consumer testers in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab have tested dozens of harmonica holders over the years, evaluating them for performance, ease of use, durability, and craftsmanship. Here are the best harmonica holders you can buy in 2022:

K&M, Harmonica Holder-Black (16416.000.55)


by Connolly Music Company

Particularly suitable for blues harmonica models with 4. 252" Max. Instrument breadth

The K&M Harmonica Holder is an affordable, durable, and portable option is the holder and case for the harmonica. The holder itself has a solid construction with a durable rubber covering on the neck, and the clamp is adjustable, so it is possible to adjust it to a wide variety of harmonicas. The clamp is also made of metal, so it holds the instrument securely. The holder itself has a soft rubber covering to protect the instrument from damage. The holder itself is 1.5 inches in diameter, which fits a wide variety of harmonicas. The harmonica holder itself fits a harmonica up to 2 inches in diameter. The case for the harmonica is 4.5 x 2.5 inches, and it has a zipper closure. The holder and the harmonica case both fold up for easy transport, so there is no need for a large case to carry both the holder and the harmonica. The holder itself is lightweight and portable, so it is easy to move around.

K&M Stands, K&M-Harmonica Holder-Black (16415.000.55)

K&M Stands

by Connolly Music Company

User-friendly adjustment screws

The K&M Stands for harmonicas offer a clever design and practical features, including a holder that stows your harmonica and a case that protects it. The holder is spring-loaded, so the harmonica is clamped securely to the stand, and the case acts as a shock absorber and prevents scratches. The stand has a large, non-slip surface, and instruments lie flat against the surface, so it's easy to play and view. The shape of the stand also allows it to be placed horizontally, which is good for solo players. The holder is adjustable, and the case has a slot that accommodates most harmonicas, though it's not very big. The case also has a small strap, so you can carry it around your neck. The stand has a smaller version (16415.000.10), which is ideal for small harmonicas or instruments with shorter necks, such as chromatics. The K&M Stands also come in a 3-in-1 model (16415.000.20) and a 5-in-1 model (16415.000.30), which hold other instruments, such as a mandolin or guitar.

On-Stage IHH1020 Harmonica Holder

OnStage On-Stage Harmonica IHH1020 Holder

by On Stage

Fits comfortably around your neck and durable springs hold harmonica in place while playing

On-Stage's Harmonica Holder is portable enough to take on the road, yet sturdy enough to hold several harmonicas without bending or breaking. It can hold 10-20 harmonicas, depending on size, and locks in place with double wing nuts. The holder is made of plastic, so it's light enough to carry but still sturdy enough to avoid being knocked around. The holder has slots for different hole arrangements, so it's easy to set up whether you're playing a few holes or 20. The holder is big enough to accommodate tubes that measure 6.5" or longer, so it's a good fit for both 10- and 12-hole harmonicas. The slots are small enough to prevent harmonicas from falling out. The holder is lightweight and portable enough to take on the road, yet sturdy enough to hold several harmonicas without bending or breaking. It's suitable for both 10- and 12-hole harmonicas.

Hohner Accordions 154 Harmonica Neck Holder

Hohner Accordions 154 Neck Harmonica Holder

by Hohner Inc, USA

Comfortable rubberized neck Brace and sturdy frame

The Hohner 154 Harmonica Neck Holder is a simple, but effective, accessory for harmonica players. It's designed to securely hold your harmonica between your legs, so your hands are free to play the guitar or another musical instrument. The neck holder fits most 10-hole harmonicas (Hohner, Suzuki, Seydel, etc) and it's made of durable plastic. The neck holder is lightweight, so you shouldn't notice its presence when playing. The neck holder is durable, so it should last you many, many years. However, the neck holder does feel a bit cheap. The neck holder has a cheap plastic strap, so it's a bit uncomfortable to hold. The neck holder is cheap, so you may want to look elsewhere for a more durable neck holder.

Eison Harmonica Holder 10 Holes Harmonica Holder ET10H Black Neck Hands Free with Anti-Scratch Felt Pads to Protector Harmonica

Eison Harmonica Holder 10 Holes Harmonica Holder ET10H Black Hands Neck Free with Anti-Scratch Felt Pads to Protector Harmonica

by Eison

Comes with extra felt pads for you to stick them on the base of the harmonica holder, to prevent scratches and help protect your harmonica.

The Harmonica Holder by Eison is a simple harmonica holder, but it's a very functional one. It's simple to attach to a harmonica, and it's designed to let you play other instruments while your harmonica hangs by the neck. The holder has a handy strap so you can hang it on your belt or backpack, and the magnetic closure is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The felt pads that come with the holder are soft and comfortable, and they will protect harmonicas against scratching. Eison's Harmonica Holder is also reasonably priced, and it's the only harmonica holder we reviewed that's compatible with 10-hole harmonicas.

Harmonicas Holder 10 Holes Harmonica with Adjustable Steadily Neck Rack Mount

Creative-Idea Harmonicas Holder 10 Holes Harmonica Adjustable with Steadily Neck Rack Mount

by Creative-Idea

Designed for use with most 10-hole harmonicas. Comfortable rubberized neck brace and sturdy frame.

The Harmonicas Holder 10 Holes Harmonica with Adjustable Steadily Neck Rack Mount is great for harmonica players, especially those who play rock and blues, since harmonicas have their tongue buttons on the top. The holder's design ensures that the tongue buttons are in the right place and that players can regulate the space between the harmonica and their mouth. The holder's metal frame makes it very sturdy and allows it to hold heavy harmonicas without shaking. The holder's design is simple and easy to use. Its wings lock the harmonicas in place, so players don't have to worry about them coming loose. The holder's sturdy design also prevents players from accidentally dropping the harmonicas, so there's no need to play protectively. The holder's design also makes it easy to hold it steady while playing. The holder's adjustable neck strap makes it easier for players to hold the harmonica steady and prevent them from sliding out. Overall, the holder's design makes it a great choice for harmonica players.

Hohner HH01 10 Hole Harmonica Holder

Hohner Accordions Hohner HH01 Hole 10 Harmonica Holder

by KMC Music Inc

Comfortable rubberized neck brace and sturdy frame

The Hohner HH01 harmonica holder is one of the least expensive harmonica holders we tested, and it's also the best-looking. It holds just about any 10-hole harmonica (including Hohner's own), and it locks the harmonica in place so it can be played without manually holding it. The HH01 is also much less expensive than other holders we reviewed, and it doesn't have the annoying tendency to slide around when you play. The holder is made from lightweight plastic, so it's light enough to carry in a backpack. The double wing nuts lock the harmonica securely, and the holder is sized to fit most 10-hole harmonicas, including Hohner's own. The HH01 is also small enough to tuck into a pocket without looking awkward, so it's a good choice if you're a musician who regularly takes your harmonica on the road.


The Neck Holder for 10-Hole Harmonicas is a great product and perfect for harmonica players. It protects both your harmonica and your neck without reducing its functionality. The neck holder is adjustable, allowing most players to fit it exactly right. The holder is padded to prevent marks and residues left by your harmonica, and it has felt pads on each side of the holder to protect your harmonica from scratches. The holder also has a hole in the bottom so you can attach it to your belt or a bag, and the whole thing is lightweight enough to be carried around comfortably. The neck holder is very comfortable and easy to wear, and it works well with both types of harmonicas we tested.


The Jiayouy Harmonicas Holder is well-made, very comfortable, and looks great. It locks your harmonica in place, so you can play with one hand, and it's easy to remove and reposition. We wanted a holder that could fit both small and large harmonicas, and the Jiayouy fits the bill, holding all 24 holes of a standard-sized harmonica. The holder has a wingnut on each end that locks the harmonica into position, so it's never out of place. It's easy to adjust, too, so even if your harmonica is out of tune, you can tune it easily. The felt pads are very comfortable, and will keep your harmonica scratch-free. The Jiayouy Harmonicas Holder comes in several colors and is priced at just under $20.

Chicago Blues KHCB-3A - 3 Harmonicas A, C & G with Harmonica Holder

Kay Chicago Blues KHCB-3A

by Kay Guitar Company

The 3 Most Popular Harmonica Keys

Chicago Blues harmonicas are high-quality, relatively inexpensive harmonicas that sound great. The reeds in these harmonicas are hand-tuned and electronically tested for accuracy and consistency. The combs are made of transparent plastic, which increases volume, and the harmonicas have 10 holes, which are the standard for harmonicas. The Chicago Blues KHCB-3A has a 3-hole A, C, and G harp, and a 3-hole D harp, which makes it suitable for most musical styles. The Chicago Blues KHCB-3A is tuned to A=344, C=340, and G=332, but you can easily tune it to A=342, C=340, and G=332, or A=342, C=334, and G=330. The Chicago Blues KHCB-3A has a stainless steel reed plate, which is easy to clean, and makes the harmonica more durable. The Chicago Blues KHCB-3A harmonicas come with a harmonica holder, so you can conveniently store your harmonicas.


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