Top 10 Best High Temp Soldering irons
for December 2023

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In the world of electronics and repairs, a high temp soldering iron stands as an essential tool. Whether you're involved in complex circuitry projects or simple DIY fixes, a reliable soldering iron can provide the precision and efficiency you need. These little marvels heated at high temperatures allow you to melt solder onto joints, creating a strong connection to ensure the desired electrical flow. The best high temp soldering irons provide adjustable temperature controls to suit the task at hand, offering a viable solution to the challenges you face.

Before investing in a high temp soldering iron, it's important to know how to utilize this essential tool. High temp soldering irons should be handled with caution due to their ability to reach extreme temperatures. Proper usage involves heating the iron to the necessary temperature, applying the solder to the joint, and ensuring both surfaces are heated enough for the solder to flow and create the connection.

Three products have particularly stood out in our search. The EXSO Heavy Duty 200W iron, the EXSO Heavy Duty 500W iron, and the 120W 9-in-1 Soldering Gun Kit have captured MOOZ's attention owing to their impressive features. Their adjustable temperatures, intended use for big connection jobs, along with the kit that includes not only the gun but 5 soldering tips, wire, sponge, and flux make them remarkable amongst their peers. The inclusion of these products in our list is a testament to their high performance. Give yourself a better DIY and professional experience by owning any of these products.

Take a look at the rest of the collection and discover more fantastic options waiting for you!

EXSO High Temp Heavy Duty Soldering iron for big ground connection, earth wire and steel plate, 200W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding tool.

EXSO Heavy Duty Soldering Iron: High Temp Tool for Ground Connection, Earth Wire, Steel Plate

by Exso corporation Ltd.

Temperature recovery performance is very good for soldering

We've listed the EXSO High Temp Heavy Duty Soldering Iron first because of its outstanding characteristics that can significantly simplify your work. It is explicitly designed for complex tasks like big ground connection, earth wire and steel plate, which demands not only high temperature but also precision. Equipped with a new cartridge heater, it warms up quickly saving your valuable time.

This 200W, 110V soldering iron is unique for its 7-step temperature control ranging from 0 to 600 degrees, ensuring perfect adaptability for various tasks. Moreover, the iron's state is conveniently visible thanks to the built-in lamp. So, you can effortlessly adjust your workflow based on that. The customizable temperature feature of the EXSO Soldering Iron guarantees highly optimized results for your projects. It is a valuable tool that simplifies your work while enhancing efficiency.

EXSO High Temp Heavy Duty Soldering iron for big ground connection, earth wire and steel plate, 500W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding tool., Large, (JY-21200N)

EXSO High Temp Soldering Iron - 500W for Big Ground Connection, Earth Wire and Steel Plate

by Exso corporation Ltd.

Temperature recovery performance is very good for soldering

The EXSO High Temp Heavy Duty Soldering Iron earned its spot as our second favorite because of its cutting-edge features. Its efficacy stems from the adoption of a new cartridge heater, which ensures a short warm-up time. So, whatever your soldering needs are, be it a large ground connection, earth wire, or steel plate, this tool is up to the task.

For your convenience, the manufacturer has integrated a lamp into the design, enabling you to easily monitor the iron's state. Plus, with its adjustable temperature (7 step control ranging from 0~800), you're guaranteed a precise and efficient soldering experience every time. Indeed, the EXSO Soldering Iron is a noteworthy product tailored for your needs.

Soldering iron, 120W Soldering Gun, 9-in-1 Soldering Kit LCD Adjustable Temperature 392-932℉ & Thermostatic Design, Soldering Iron Kit with 5PCS Soldering Tips, Wire,Sponge,Flux

High Temp Soldering Iron Kit: 120W Gun with LCD Adjustable Temperature for Various Soldering Applications


/ Conversion and Automatic SleepOur digital soldering iron provides an accurate menu for selecting various modes and applications, with easy switching between and units. Moreover, it incorporates an automatic sleep function that activates when not in use, conserving energy while ensuring safety.

We've ranked this 120W Soldering Iron Kit third on our list due to its user-friendly design and intelligent temperature setting. The tool's grip is ergonomically designed for comfort, and its large LCD display allows you to adjust and lock your preferred temperature, ensuring a seamless soldering experience.

In addition, its 10-second fast heating feature and thermostatic design make it stand out. Whether you're crafting jewelry, repairing appliances, or soldering circuits, the comprehensive set includes all the accessories you need. It's just what you need for your next DIY project.

Soldering Iron Kit, 80W 110V Fast Heat up in 10s LCD Digital Adjustable Temperature Soldering Gun Thermostatic Soldering Kit for Electronic

Fast Heat-up 80W Soldering Iron Kit for High Temp Soldering of Electronics

by Liouhoum

4[Use-Friendly & Widely Use]: Compared with soldering iron station, this lightweight soldering kit for electronics is portable, easy to use or carry, just plug and play. You can widely use this solder kit for welding circuit boards, home DIY soldering, jewelry welding, appliance and electronics repairs etc.

Our smart algorithms have brought you a fantastic tool, the LCD Digital Adjustable Soldering Iron Kit. It was a hit amongst our testers for its quick heat-up time. Thanks to its high-power 80W ceramic core, this soldering iron reaches operating temperatures in a scant 10 seconds, ensuring you can get to work on your projects faster. Additionally, its temperature range is quite versatile, accurately adjustable between 180-480/ 356F-896F.

What's interesting is the automatic sleeping and temperature memory function, which not only enhances the durability of the heating core but also offers continuous convenience. This soldering tool is also equipped with a high-definition LCD screen for clear temperature display, helping safeguard your workstation from potential mishaps. This kit is an excellent fit for anyone who appreciates efficiency and convenience in their soldering tasks. Specifically, this kit is perfect for electronic hobbyists or professionals who prize speed and accuracy.

Soldering Iron Kit 80W LCD Adjustable Temperature 180-520℃ Solder Kit Electronics 13 in 1 Welding Tools with ON/OFF Switch, Solder Wire, Flux, 5 Soldering Tips, Desoldering Pump, Stand, Tweezers

High Temp Soldering Iron Kit: 80W LCD Adjustable Temperature for Electronics Soldering


Efficient Heat Dissipation & Anti-scalding Handle: 4 ventilation holes and upgraded steel tube design to ensure faster heat dissipation from our electric soldering iron. 750C heat-resistant sheath nut and insulated silicone sleeve can insulate temperature effectively, which is more suitable for long-term welding and repair work.

We absolutely love the Soldering Iron Kit 80W LCD Adjustable Temperature. What sets this item apart is its precise temperature control. The high-definition LCD screen lets you easily adjust temperatures ranging from 180-520℃. Plus, the ON/OFF switch feature makes it energy efficient and ensures safe welding. This soldering kit heats up in just 15 seconds, a feature that trumps the previous 80W 110V Thermostatic Soldering Kit, which takes 10 seconds longer for heat up.

The portability of this kit is perfect for those who are always on the move. You'll find this kit is a comprehensive set of 13 in 1 welding tools, inclusive of soldering iron, iron tips, stand, solder wire, flux, and more. Unlike the previous model, this iron kit comes in a neat PU tool case, making it easy to organize, carry, and store. Add this to your toolbox and enjoy reliable quality and a worry-free 2 years warranty.

Soldering Iron Kit, 120W LED Digital Soldering Kit, 110V Welding Tools, Smart Temperature Control [356℉-932℉] - Extra 5pcs Tips - Auto Sleep & Temp Calibration - C/F Func

High Temp Soldering Iron Kit - LED Digital, 120W, Smart Temperature Control, 110V Welding Tools


Fast Heat & Efficient Heat DissipationInner-heated technology makes the soldering iron with strong sensitivity and can be heated up to reach the desired temperature within 15s. Four ventilation holes on the soldering iron help to cool fast, which can extend its lifespan.

The Soldering Iron Kit, 120W LED Digital is by far one of the best on the market for those who want precise temperature control. The standout feature here is that, unlike the Soldering Iron Kit 80W LCD Adjustable, this kit offers a wider temperature range from 180-500/ 356F-932F. It really makes a difference when you are dealing with sensitive electronics. This wider range improves soldering accuracy and efficiency which will enhance your work outcome.

Furthermore, you'll appreciate the LED digital readouts that can switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit - a feature that wasn't available in its predecessor. This soldering iron kit also comes with a temperature calibration function that can quickly correct any deviations, ensuring your work is always precise.

This kit would be most useful for beginners, welders, basic household equipment, and those training to be a welding engineer. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this kit is designed with features that adapt to your needs, making your soldering tasks easier and more efficient.

MIYAKO USA 200 Watt Heavy Duty Soldering Iron with Ceramic Heater, High-Performance Torch Style Welder with Wood Handle and Replaceable Tip (74B200)

MIYAKO USA 200W High Temp Soldering Iron for Heavy-Duty Jobs, with Ceramic Heater


Lightweight and heat resistance wood handle provides comfortable grip for soldering work.

The highlight of this MIYAKO USA 200 Watt Heavy Duty Soldering Iron is its superior ceramic heater, which is easily one of the standout features. It can heat up to a stunning 1020 degrees, providing plenty of power for any soldering needs that you may have. The swift heat up time of approximately 10 seconds is impressive and makes it ideal for those who value efficiency and convenience.

Comparatively, the Soldering Iron Kit only accommodates temperatures up to 932℉. The advanced performance and higher temperature capacity of the MIYAKO product are clear advantages. However, the latter's lack of included extra tips and digital capabilities may be seen as a disadvantage to some.

This product would be exceptionally useful to experienced craftsmen or industrial users who require reliable and powerful soldering tools for heavy-duty tasks. The inclusion of a wood handle and replaceable bent copper tip creates an excellent balance between performance and usability.

MIYAKO USA 150 Watts Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, High-Performance Pencil Welder with Reinforced Plastic and Rubber Handle, Replaceable Tip and Power Switch (74B8150)

MIYAKO USA High Temp Soldering Iron: Heavy Duty 150W Pencil Welder for Precise Soldering


Very well balanced and ergonomic design which result in an extremely comfortable grip allowing for a better more smooth use of the iron to finish those jobs with extreme precision.

MOOZ algorithm has flagged the MIYAKO USA 150 Watts Soldering Iron as a noteworthy consideration on our list - and for good reason. This high-performance pencil welder emanates a sense of reliability with its powerful 150 Watt output and efficient heat dissipation system, features that provide a decode edge in complex soldering operations.

The product shines as it allows quick temperature ramp-up to between 932 - 968 degrees, offering a notable upgrade on speed and efficiency over the MIYAKO USA 200 Watt Torch Style Welder previously featured. Although it packs lesser power, its clever design and attention to user comfort - such as an anti-slip handle and in-built switch, make it a superior choice.

The electricians, technicians and DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the balance that the MIYAKO 150 Watts Iron strikes between performance and comfort. Moreover, its in-built safety considerations, such as the warning related to lead exposure, showcases the company's commitment to user safety. The long cable length of 1.35m and replaceable tip adds bonus points for functionality and versatility.

Soldering Iron,120W Soldering Gun, 9-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with 4-Core Heating, Thermostatic Design & LCD Display,5pcs Soldering Tips, Solder Flux

High Temp Soldering Iron Kit: 120W Soldering Gun with Thermostatic Design, LCD Display, 5pcs Soldering Tips


Heat Resistant&ComfortableThis solder iron comes with a 4-hole heat dissipation element cover and heat resistant bakelite thread insert, cooling and isolating high temperatures effectively. An ergonomic non-slip handle prevents any fatigue by long time use.

In our journey to find the best soldering products, MOOZ discovered the 120W Soldering Gun Kit. Its feature that caught our attention was its state-of-the-art 4-Core Heating and Thermostatic Design, which sets it apart from many others on the market. This feature ensures rapid heat-up and automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations, giving it the edge to deliver precise and steady temperatures during your soldering work.

Comparatively, the MIYAKO USA 150 Watts Heavy Duty Soldering Iron we previously listed also performs well, but what renders this 120W soldering gun kit a notch higher is the added LCD display. This display enables you to monitor your working status and maintain a more controlled environment during your intricate soldering procedures. Furthermore, the 9-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit includes 5 additional soldering tips and solder flux, offering more value than the Miyako one.

Given its versatility and accuracy, we believe this product will be most beneficial to individuals who carry out intricate soldering work in home appliance repair, circuit board building, crafts, and jewelry. Do bear in mind the manufacturer's advice and remember to re-tin after use to extend the lifespan of your soldering tip.

AOZOY Electronics Soldering Iron Kit - Portable 60W LCD Digital Display Welding Tool with Adjustable Temperature 5pcs Solder Iron Tips Desoldering Pump Tweezers Stand Solder for Soldering Set

AOZOY High Temp Soldering Iron Kit - 60W LCD Display Temperature Tool with Accessories


Safe Features & Easy to Use - High temperature insulating head and heat dissipation vent and protective handle cover,triple protection to avoid the user was burned.Plug-in design provides easier and more convenient way to replace the heating core

If you're in the market for a reliable and efficient soldering tool, this AOZOY Electronics Soldering Iron Kit is an enticing pick. One of the many features our smart algorithms appreciate is the Quick Heating Core. It rapidly heats up within 30 seconds - saving you valuable work time and making it stand out among its peers. Thanks to its LCD Digital Screen and temperature control feature, you can adjust the heat precisely to your needs, making it suitable for a myriad of tasks.

The AOZOY Soldering Iron Kit isn't just about speed and precision. It's the unique mix of utility and portability that caught our attention. Its comprehensive 14-in-1 set is bound to cater to all your soldering requirements, whether it's welding circuit boards, repairing electronic appliances, or creating jewelry. This kit is highly recommended for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike who appreciate detail-oriented work.


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