10 Best Hollow Semi Hollow Body Guitars
for February 2024

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Every guitarist dreams of owning the perfect guitar. For beginners, we recommend buying a guitar that's easy to play, including 3/4 size guitars for kids and adults, as well as any guitar with a solid body. For intermediate players, we recommend a guitar that's comfortable to play, including 5/8 size guitars for kids and adults, as well as any guitar with a semi hollow body. For advanced players, we recommend a guitar that's easy to play, including 7/8 size guitars for kids and adults, as well as any guitar with a hollow body.

Hollow semi hollow body guitars (also called semi hollow body guitars) are one of the most popular types of guitars, and come in a variety of styles, including acoustic, acoustic-electric, and acoustic/electric. Hollow semi hollow body guitars have a solid or semi solid body, with sound holes that allow the sound to resonate, and a hollow chamber or chambers that are partially or fully hollow. Hollow semi hollow body guitars typically take less maintenance than solid body guitars, and are usually less expensive.

In our testing, we evaluate hollow semi hollow body guitars for quality, including craftsmanship, sound, playability, and value. We also evaluate hollow semi hollow body guitars for ease of maintenance, including set-up and tuning. These are the best hollow semi hollow body guitars of 2022, according to testing and popular reviews:

Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Black Flat (AS53TKF)

Ibanez 6 String Electric Semi-Hollow-Body Guitar

by Hoshino USA

Easy access to higher notes

The Ibanez AS53TKF is a well-made, reliable, and aesthetically beautiful semi-hollow-body 6-string electric. The Ibanez AS53TKF features Infinity R pickups, which combine excellent response with warm, balanced articulation. It produces an impressive range of tones, from bright and crisp to deep and overdriven, and is versatile enough to suit any musical genre. The Ibanez AS53TKF has a smooth, even playability, and its comfortable neck profile offers easy playability whether you're standing or sitting. Additionally, the Ibanez AS53TKF features Art-St Bridge, which improves intonation and stability, and makes it feel more like a traditional guitar. The Ibanez AS53TKF is perfect for beginner guitarists, intermediate players, and seasoned pros alike.

ZUWEI 335L F Hole Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar Coil Tap Knobs Custom Shop Series, T-O-M Bridge, Alnico5 Bar, Humbucker Pickups, Gold Hardware-Antique Yellow Sunburst

ZUWEI 335L F Hole Semi Hollow Body Guitar Electric Coil Tap Knobs Custom Shop Series


ZUWEI has 20 years of experience in guitar production and has always been adhering to the business philosophy of lifetime customer service and high-quality shopping experience. Please believe that ZUWEI guitars can bring you a dual experience of vision and hearing. If you need a cost-effective guitar, ZUWEI guitars will be your best choice.

The ZUWEI 335L F Hole Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar features a 3-piece maple AM Expressionist set neck, with carved 24-fret, 21.5" scale length, and 12" radius. It also comes equipped with a pair of Alnico5 Bar Humbucking pickups, with 3-way toggle switching, and coil tap function, and a master Volume control. The guitar's bolt-on construction provides stability and eliminates annoying string buzz, and its custom shop series, T-O-M bridge provides better intonation, and a more fluid feel between the strings and the body, and enhances the guitar's sound, providing more sustain and tone. The guitar's gorgeous antique yellow sunburst finish looks great on stage and on stage.

GROTE Jazz Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Trapeze Tailpiece Bridge Guitar Gig Bag (RED)

GROTE Jazz Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Tailpiece Trapeze Bridge Guitar Gig Bag (RED)

by Grote

High Quality Accessories:The strings are not tight to ensure less damage during transportation. The package comes with an adjustment tool, which can adjust the guitar string by itself.

GROTE Jazz Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Trapeze Tailpiece Bridge Guitar Gig Bag (RED). Overall, for the price, this guitar offers a lot of bang for the buck. It is great for beginners, or anyone looking for a good guitar at a low price. The body is semi-hollow, which means the guitar sounds really good. The guitar has high and low pickups, which allows you to create a nice clean sound, or a distorted sound. The guitar comes with a gig bag, which is a great addition. The gig bag is sturdy, and should protect your guitar from damage, whether it's dropping the guitar, or getting it wet. The gig bag is also pretty durable, and should last a long time. The guitar comes with everything you need, including a guitar strap, and picks. The guitar strap is adjustable, so you should be able to put it on any guitar. The guitar is also lightweight, and easy to carry. If you're looking for a good guitar at a low price, this guitar should be at the top of your list.

GROTE Full Scale Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Bone Nut (Red)

GROTE Full Scale Electric Guitar Body Semi-Hollow Guitar Bone Nut (Red)

by Grote

Tuner:The tuner is nice, looks like it turns on when you clip it to the headstock of the guitar, then turns off when you take it off. The strap isn't bad, and also includes an extra set of strings and picks. After tuning it up, the neck feels good, sound is nice, warm and has good presence. It held tune pretty well, and will put it through a longer period of playing it soon.

The GROTE guitar strikes a nice balance between price and build quality, and for the money it's hard to beat. The guitar is light enough to move around with, and the action is high enough for strumming but low enough for fingerpicking, making it a good first guitar. The guitar's sound is bright and crisp, and the action is smooth, so you don't need an electric tuner much. The guitar comes with a great gig bag and a pick, and it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. The guitar's Grover tuners are a little harder to set up than other guitars, which can be annoying, and the nut is also a bit wider (42mm instead of 35mm), so it can be tricky to fit to a strap. Also, the nut is plastic, so it's prone to scratching. Overall, though, this is an excellent guitar for the money, and it's a good first guitar for beginners.

Guild Guitars Starfire I DC Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage Walnut, Double-Cut, Newark St. Collection

Guild Guitars Starfire I Semi-Hollow DC Body Electric Guitar

by Guild Guitars

The 24 3/4 scale length and modern thin U neck profile provide a fast, smooth playing neck, while the 18th fret neck-to-body joint provides easy access to the upper register of the fretboard.

If you're looking for a smaller, more affordable version of the Guild Starfire I, the Guild Starfire I DC is an excellent choice. The semi-hollow construction does away with the feedback-prone configuration of a solid body, but still feels light and resonant, and the natural resonance of the mahogany center block gives the guitar a rich, warm timbre. The flat-sawn maple top, back, and sides give the guitar a solid feel, and the laminated mahogany neck is very comfortable. The semi-hollow design also provides more sustain than a solid body, and while this guitar won't produce the biting attack of the Starfire I, it is best-suited to blues, jazz, and rock players. The cherry finish is a bright, shiny red, the Pelham Blue is a shimmering blue, and the Emerald Green is a deep green. The double-cut body gives this guitar a slender, elegant look, and the small 24-1/2-inch scale length is suited to fingerstyle guitarists. The vintage tuners have 18:1 gear ratios, which helps make the tuning process smoother and more accurate. The Guild Starfire I DC is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact, affordable, quality guitar.

Best Choice Products Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Set w/Dual Humbucker Pickups, 3-Way Pickup Selector, Case, Electronic Tuner, Capo, Strap, Picks, Cutaway Design - Sunburst

Best Choice Products Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Set w/Dual Humbucker Pickups, Pickup 3-Way Selector, Case, Electronic Tuner, Capo, Strap, Picks, Cutaway Design

by Best Choice Products

DOUBLE CUTAWAY DESIGN: Cutaway shape allows you to more comfortably reach past the neck to hit higher notes on the fretboard

Best Choice Products' Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Set is the most affordable and beginner-friendly electric-guitar set we tested, and it's a solid pick for anyone looking for a cheap, simple guitar they'll enjoy playing for years. Its solid, comfortable body, warm tone, and affordable price make it ideal for beginner guitarists, but more experienced players will find that it offers plenty of versatility as well. The set comes with a 3-way pickup selector, an adjustable electronic tuner, a capo, a strap, picks, a carrying case, and a set of high-quality, easy-to-learn electric guitar strings. The pickups are solid, and the tone is warm, which is ideal for a wide variety of music, such as blues, jazz, and rock. The pickups are responsive, and the strings are easy for beginners to play. The guitar's construction is solid, and it's comfortable to hold and use, and its mahogany body gives it a rich, warm tone. The set also comes with an easy-to-read, detailed instruction manual, which is helpful for beginners. The guitar's 3-way pickup selector makes it easy to experiment with a variety of sounds, from clean to distorted. The guitar's electronic tuner makes it easy to tune the instrument. The guitar's tank-style body makes it easy to hold and play, and its cutaway design makes it easy for beginner guitarists to access the upper frets. The guitar's short scale length makes it comfortable to use, and its 3-octave fretboard makes it easy to learn chords and melodies. The guitar's two humbucking pickups provide deep, rich sound, and the instrument's 3-octave fretboard makes it easy to learn chords and melodies.

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73G Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Flat Black

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73G Electric Semi-Hollowbody Guitar Flat Black

by Ibanez

The AS73G features a select-grade Maple semi-hollow body, a set-in Mahogany neck and Rosewood fretboard contribute to the warm-sounding characteristics of the AS73G

The Ibanez Artcore AS73G is a sleek, beautiful guitar that nails the classic Fender hollow-body sound. The guitar's maple top and mahogany body give it a rich, dark tone, and the wood appointments are tasteful: The wood-grain finish is clean and simple, and the guitar's flat black finish is understated but classy. The Artcore also nails classic Fender styling, with a smooth, thin shape and a classic black pickguard. The guitar's middle pickup is bright and clean, and the neck and bridge pickups are warmer and fatter-sounding. The Artcore's combination of quality and value makes it a great guitar for intermediate players looking to explore jazz guitar or who want to step up from a Fender guitar. The Artcore is well-built and feels great to play, and the pickups are vibrant and responsive. It's also reasonably priced, so it's a great guitar for beginners.


This guitar kit is an affordable guitar kit for beginners. The guitar kit customizes the classic guitar design. The guitar kit is designed for beginners. The guitar kit is semi hollow guitars, so it's light in weight. The guitar kit comes with 22 fretted guitar neck, 12 inch radius fretboard, mahogany body, maple top, bird inlay, mahogany neck, semi hollow guitar body. The guitar kit comes with everything that you need to build the guitar. The guitar kit uses only hand tools, so it's an easy guitar kit for beginners. The guitar kit comes with a 4-in-1 screwdriver, 5 pack of guitar picks, a tuner, a polishing cloth, and a guitar strap. The guitar kit is an affordable guitar kit for beginners.

Musoo 335 style Jazz Electric Guitar, Flame Maple top Semi-Hollow Body, Chromed Hardware…

Musoo 335 style Jazz Electric Guitar


Unique DesignHollow body electric guitar with 5ply binding for headstock very High-level and refined qualityFlame Maple topback looks very beautiful.

The Musoo 335 style Electric Guitar is a solid (if somewhat heavy) instrument with a full-bodied, warm sound that belies its semi-hollow design. The guitar's neck is smooth and the frets are well finished, so it plays with a smooth, easy action. The guitar's pickups have a solid, punchy sound, and the pickups' tone controls provide ample flexibility. The guitar's construction is solid, and its overall finish is handsome. The guitar's neck is attached to a maple body, and the neck's finish is attractive, but the guitar's top and back are unfinished, giving it a raw, unfinished look. The pickups are mounted in a cavity in the body, so the guitar's sound is loud, full, and robust, but the guitar's sound is a little less focused than the sound produced by semi-hollow guitars. The guitar's sustain is also impressive, lasting about a minute and a half, which is longer than most guitars. The guitar's tuners are smooth and quiet, and the guitar's dual humbucker pickups provide plenty of tonal flexibility. The guitar's semi-hollow design gives it great sustain, and the guitar's full-bodied sound makes it versatile for a wide range of music.


The Ibanez Artcore 6-string semi-hollow-body electric guitar is packed with features, including Infinity R pickups, a 3-band active EQ, an 8-screw chrome-plated tuning machine, and Ibanez's Art-St bridge. The Art-St bridge offers tuning stability, and the Infinity R pickups are warm, balanced, and have great articulation. The Artcore has a thinner neck and fingerboard than some guitars in this class, so it's comfortable to play, and it's an ideal instrument for lead and rhythm playing. The pickups produce clear, musical tone, and the EQ is versatile, allowing players to tailor their sound for different genres. The Artcore 6-string is versatile, comfortable, and gets the job done at a great price.


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