Top 10 Best Home Stereo Graphic Equalizers
for February 2024

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Audiophiles love their stereos, but if you're a growing music fan, you'll soon outgrow your current system. Thankfully, today's audio equipment has come a long way, and there are now plenty of affordable, high-quality home stereo graphic equalizers (or EQs) available. Our home stereo graphic equalizers tests evaluate models' sound quality, features, and ease of use.

Our audio experts have evaluated dozens of stereo graphic equalizers, including models from brands like Sony, Pioneer, Onkyo, and Denon. We evaluate each model's sound quality, such as bass, treble, and loudness, and ease of use, such as ease of setup, controls, and connectivity. Our picks for the best home stereo graphic equalizers are based on our testing and consumer feedback. These are the best home stereo graphic equalizers of 2022, according to MOOZ Themes Reviews tests, consumer reviews and popular retailers.

SOUNDXTREME 7 Band Passive Stereo Graphic Equalizer with Fader Control ST-EQ-180

SOUNDXTREME 7 Band Passive Stereo Equalizer Graphic with Fader Control ST-EQ-180


Frequency Response: 20hz to 20kHz +/- dB / Crossover Rolloff: 12dB/Octave / Power Requirement: 11-16V DC

The SoundXtreme 7 Band Passive Graphic Equalizer with Fader Control is an affordable equalizer that makes it easy for anyone to set up their own home theater system. It's ideal for beginners, as it's easy to set up and use, and it's compatible with most TVs, DVD players, and video game consoles. The equalizer has buttons to adjust the output level, output gain, and subsonic filter, and also has a slide control that lets you adjust the center frequencies of the bass, treble, and subwoofer channels. The equalizer also has adjustable crossover points that you can use to increase or decrease the volume at which the subwoofer channels start to output sound. The equalizer also features five preset EQ presets, and it allows you to store up to 10 custom EQ settings, which you can access with the push of a button. The equalizer is shaped like an old-school radio, which has benefits and some drawbacks. The benefits are that it uses a knob to navigate the EQ, which makes adjusting the center frequencies of the bass, treble, and subwoofer channels easier, and that it's compact and quiet. The drawbacks are that it's big and isn't as sleek or modern-looking as other equalizers. It's also not as versatile. The equalizer has only three channels—bass, treble, and subwoofer—and it doesn't offer any mid-range or high-pass filters. The equalizer also doesn't have an EQ bypass switch, and you can't pause or skip tracks with the equalizer.

Technical Pro RX45BT Home Theater Receiver 1000w Amplifier Bluetooth USB Bundle with Remote Bundle with Rockville REQ20 19

Technical Pro RX45BT Home Theater Receiver 1000w Amplifier Bluetooth USB Bundle with Remote Bundle Rockville with REQ20 19" Rack Mount Pro Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizer EQ w/VU Meters


Package Includes: (1)Technical Pro RX45BT Home Theater Receiver 1000w Amplifier Bluetooth USB+Remote. (1) Rockville REQ20 19" Rack Mount Pro Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizer EQ w/VU Meters. Features of RX45BT: 150 watts RMS Both Channels Driven @ 1.0% THD @ 8 ohms. 1000 watts peak power. FM manual tuner. Inputs: RCA (2 audio sources), USB, SD Card, MP3 (AUX). Outputs: Banana binding post (2 speakers), push Button (surround speakers),. RCA (Line Out), 2 Mono RCA (Subwoofer Out)

The Technical Pro RX45BT home theater receiver is an exceptional value. It boasts a ton of features, including a built-in 10-band graphic EQ with 20 bands total, 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, VU meters, dual RCA line inputs, dual RCA line outputs, stereo RCA inputs for record, USB and SD card inputs, a USB port, and a headphone output. Its clean, simple design and solid build quality make it a great stereo receiver for almost any home. The RX45BT is powered via AC, so you don't need an electrical outlet nearby. The receiver also has a microSD card slot, but it's limited to 32GB. It also has two microphone inputs with echo and tone controls, and repeats and random playback functions, but lacks Bluetooth. The receiver has a list price of $179, but it's currently on sale for $129. The included remote is easy to install, but it isn't as intuitive to use as some other brands' remotes. The receiver doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it does have a USB port for connecting a headphone. The RX45BT doesn't have a built-in subwoofer, but it does have a subwoofer out, so you can easily add a subwoofer if you so desire. Overall, the RX45BT is a great choice if you want to get a great-sounding receiver for a good price, and it's one of our top picks for 2019.

Audiopipe EQ-709X 7 Band 9 Volt Universal Half DIN Graphic Car Audio Equalizer for Car Stereo Sound System Subwoofer Speakers (2 Pack)

Audiopipe EQ-709X 7 Band 9 Volt Universal Half DIN Graphic Car Equalizer Audio for Car Stereo Sound System Subwoofer Speakers (2 Pack)

by AudioPipe

SPECIALIZED CONTROLS: Individual left and right sensitivity controls for auxiliary input; Main/ auxiliary input selector; 20 dB headroom output and level controls; 3 stereo RCA outputs; Main/ auxiliary input selector

The Audiopipe EQ-709X is a budget-priced 7-band graphic equalizer that is designed to suit the needs of car audio systems. It offers 3 input channels that can be connected to various audio systems, including subwoofers. The EQ-709X is supplied with 2 EQ-709X EQ units and 2 9V batteries. It has a range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz, and it features a 10-band graphic equalizer. The bass and subwoofer frequencies are set separately, and the subwoofer frequency can be adjusted from 50 Hz to 90 Hz. The EQ-709X offers 5 selectable power levels, and the equalizer can be switched between 2-channel and 4-channel modes. The EQ-709X has a subwoofer output level control, and it offers an audio input sensitivity control. The EQ-709X has 2 EQ-709X EQ units and 2 9V batteries. It can operate with 2-channel or 4-channel surround sound systems.

Multi Channel Bluetooth Preamplifier Receiver - 2000 Watt Audio Home Speaker Sound Stereo Receiver W/ Radio, USB, Headphone, Aux, RCA, Dual Microphone W/ Echo, Led, Wireless Streaming - Pyle P2001BT

Pyle Multi Channel Preamplifier Bluetooth Receiver

by Pyle

2000 watt power: the Pyle multi-channel hybrid preamplifier receiver is perfect for your home entertainment system. Gives you 2000 watts peak power to be used for multi speaker w/ 2-8 ohms impedance allowing you to enjoy high quality amplified audio

The Pyle P2001BT is a 2000-watt, 7-channel, rack-mountable integrated home speaker amplifier designed to power 8 speakers or multiple audio components and can pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The amp's audio quality is decent for its price, and it's easy to set up and use. The buttons on the front panel are big and clearly marked, and the audio outputs are color-coded and labeled, so it's easy to find and set up the amp. The included remote control is a weak point, though, as it only supports volume adjustments, not tracks or playlists. Also, the amp's audio output is mono, so you can't connect a second speaker, subwoofer, or audio source. The amp's sound quality is good, but it needs better speakers to take full advantage of its 2000-watt power, and it needs better volume controls. The Pyle P2001BT is a decent choice for a home speaker amplifier, but it's better-suited to rooms with fewer speakers, where the amp's capabilities aren't as pronounced.


If you are looking for a powerful 7-band graphic equalizer, the Timpano TPT-EQ7 7 Band Graphic Equalizer Subwoofer Level Control EQ 7V Driver is a good option. It has a nice clean aesthetic and is easy to set up and use. The EQ 7V driver is powerful enough to handle most bass-heavy music, and the bass range is broad. The Timpano TPT-EQ7 7 Band Graphic Equalizer Subwoofer Level Control EQ 7V Driver features 7-band graphic equalizer and 2 selectable inputs. The equalizer features include high pass, low pass, band pass, notch, smooth sweep, and sweep. The inputs include 1 line input, 1 audio input, 2 RCA line-level output, and 1 AUX input. The Timpano TPT-EQ7 7 Band Graphic Equalizer Subwoofer Level Control EQ 7V Driver comes with a 1-year warranty.



by PowerBass

AUXILLARY INPUT SELECTOR: The SOURCE switch on the front of the equalizer allows the user to switch back and forth between two sources. If you are thinking about adding a video system, DVD player, or extra CD player this feature makes hook-up easy and functional.

The XEQ-9XO Equalizer/Preamp is a powerful and versatile unit. It works very well with all of our test source units, even high wattage bass-heavy speakers. The 9-band equalizer gives very precise control over the volume, while the two subwoofer controls let you independently adjust each channel's bass level. The equalizer itself can be set to three positions (flat, loud, or quiet), while the subwoofer can be set at any of 7 frequencies. The EQ's presets are broad, covering a variety of sound types, from hip hop to rock to classical. The EQ has a front panel display, but it's too small to see easily from across the room, and a touch-sensitive control for volume, bass, and treble is on the rear panel. The EQ's preamp is also very useful, boosting the volume to the level that distortion starts to appear. A line-out RCA-to-3.5mm audio cable is included, along with a detachable AC adapter and a 3.5mm to RCA audio cable.


The SKA7EQ from Skar Audio is a high-performance 7-band graphic equalizer with 1/2-din mounting. The SKA7EQ features 7-bands of graphic equalization from -12 dB to +12 dB in 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio. This EQ features six full-range bands that are adjustable from 50 Hz to 16 kHz, two subwoofer bands at 2. 2 kHz and 6 kHz, and a subwoofer level control on the front of unit. The SKA7EQ features 2 (Balanced and Selectable) RCA inputs for connecting amplifiers, receivers, and other audio devices. The SKA7EQ features a front-mounted preamplifier level control, variable subwoofer level control, and a front-panel 3-position switch for switching the subwoofer output to either the front, rear, or sub woofer inputs (the sub woofer input is variable voltage, so connect it using a 4 ohm or greater speaker). The SKA7EQ also features a high-volt RCA outputs for connecting amplifiers or receivers that have high-gain outputs. The SKA7EQ features user-selectable low-pass (60 Hz or 120 Hz) frequencies, and a variable high-pass filter (3. 2 kHz to 24 kHz). The SKA7EQ also features remote-control operation, and also comes with a 3-year limited warranty. The SKA7EQ can be powered using 12-volts or 24 volts of power, and has a maximum power output of 70 watts per channel. The SKA7EQ also features an illuminated VU meter for visual monitoring of signal levels.

4-Channel Home Theater Bluetooth Preamplifier - 3000 Watt Stereo Speaker Home Audio Receiver Preamp w/ Radio, USB, 2 Microphone w/ Echo for Karaoke, CD DVD Player, LCD, Rack Mount - Pyle PD3000BT

Pyle 4-Channel Home Bluetooth Theater Preamplifier


Bluetooth-compatible: the professional integrated AM FM stereo receiver for home is equipped w/ Bluetooth wireless music streaming. Works w/ todays latest devices including iPhone, smartphone, iPad, and computers W/ hassle-free receiver pairing

The PYLE PD3000BT 4-channel home theater Bluetooth preamplifier is perfect for a surround sound system. It delivers plenty of power and has a variety of inputs, including USB and MP3. It has an FM tuner and front-loading CD player, and it supports two microphones with an echo effect for karaoke. We also like that it has a mini USB port for charging mobile devices and streaming music directly from a smartphone. The digital LCD display makes it easy to track and adjust the volume, and the included remote control makes fine-tuning the audio easy from across the room. The PYLE Bluetooth stereo amplifier Receiver preamp has a front panel control center with digital LCD display which shows all the functions and input used. Remote control is also included in the package for distant Audio adjustments. The speaker sound receiver for home stereo has crisp buttons for the audio sources and selectors, Rotary knob for equalization and Master volume adjustments. It has controls for mic, echo, treble, bass, volume, subwoofer controls. The PYLE 4 Channel Bluetooth home stereo receiver preamplifier is perfect for your Karaoke and home entertainment sound system. Gives you 3000W peak that powers up to 4 speakers W/ 4-8 ohm impedance let you enjoy high-quality audio. 6 inputs: The speaker amplifier home audio box supports headphone, USB, MP3, AM/FM tuner, aux, front loading CD DVD player, 2 microphone inputs with an echo effect for Karaoke, 2 RCA Audio inputs, RCA output for a subwoofer, and optical Audio output.


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