How a Well-Designed Website Will Improve Your Visibility

When starting a company, it is almost mandatory to create a website that reaches the ever expansive online market. The survival of so many companies depends wholly on their SEO’s (search engine optimization) effectiveness. Search engines have become so diluted with brands and businesses jockeying for position where they can be easily searched and found by the public. It is tough to generate customers if a company’s visibility remains on Google’s page five or higher. Exposure is king, and it pays to try at all costs to gain it.

So, what can you do to increase your visibility?

Make it Mobile Friendly

If you want to earn a position on the first few pages of a search engine, then focus on creating a website that’s optimized for mobile. The majority of your audience will be visiting your site via their mobile device, so ensure they can do it with ease. The search engines recommend this and if you do it correctly, your rankings and visibility will improve.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience seems like such a simple concept to grasp, but the fact is that thousands of websites fail to reach their intended audience. That’s not to say that these websites are created without their audience in mind; however, the creator fails to account for things such as: where are your audiences coming from, how are they searching for products or information, how do they find your website, and what kind of experience does your website offer and does it suit your audience?

These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed when trying to identify your audience. You may want to work closely with a web design company to ensure your creating a website that appeals to your audience (and the search engines!)

Indexable Content

To further appease the delicacies of search engine crawlers, your website’s most important content should be in an HTML format. Crawlers often ignore content in the form of images, flash drives, Java applets, and other non-text content. While the easiest way to placate this issue is to have your content in HTML format, there are more complex ways to incorporate images and other non-text content to your website to give it a look you desire.

Title Tags

When creating a website, spending some time to come up with a unique and effective title tag should be at the top of your priority list. Not only will a good title tag gain you visibility on Google, but it will create more traffic to your website.

There are some general rules to consider when creating a title tag. It’s suggested not to exceed 67 words in your tag as Google will only display this many words before it ends the tag with “…", which effectively ends what your intended audience will see. Also, since you are awarded only so many words, be sure to include relevant keywords that will attract your audience, and it is best to put those keywords at the beginning of the tag to immediately grab the reader’s attention.

Another general rule to note is to include something about your brand in your tag. Combine keywords and your brand to draw your desired audience. Furthermore, it could be beneficial to include weekly offers and discounts. This does require more time attention since you will constantly be revising your tag, but infusing a deal that will end at the end of the week is more likely to be clicked than one that doesn’t, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a deal.


In conclusion, it is probably wise to hire a professional team to oversee the construction of your website. The field is just too competitive for amateur website developers to think they can compete with other companies who’ve hired agencies. Businesses that offer website development services sift through enormous amounts of data to better understand the market at hand.

This gives them a major advantage in building a website that gains search visibility while capturing their employer’s intended audience. Do you and your company a favor and invest in a team of professionals; it will pay dividends in the end.

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