Top 10 Ht Mini PCs
for February 2024

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If you're looking to upgrade your home theater experience, a home theater PC (HTPC) may be the answer. A HTPC is an all-in-one computer that serves as a media center, allowing you to stream movies, music, and TV shows from your media library. An HTPC is ideal for home theaters, bedrooms, or offices, and we've tested hundreds of models over the years.

Our home theater PC experts evaluate models based on performance, including video, audio, and gaming, as well as ease of use. We evaluate ease of use by scoring how easy it is install and setup, as well as how easy it is to use. We also evaluate performance, including video, audio, and gaming.

For the ht mini pc, we evaluate performance based on video, audio, and gaming. We also evaluate ease of use, including installation, setup, and ease of use.

Beelink Newest GTI Mini PC(Intel i5-1135G7 4 Core, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB NVME Kingston SSD, Support HDMI 4K, DP 8K, WiFi 6,BT5.2,Win 11,Fingerprint Login,Mini Computer Gaming Business HTPC

Beelink Newest GTI Mini i5-1135G7 PC(Intel 4 Core

by AZW

Powerful Storage & FASTER RUNNING SPEED: 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4 2400MHz Memory, 500GB M.2 NVME SSD(2 accessible M.2 slots,M.2 NVME SSD/M.2 SATA3 SSD and 1 accessible SATA3 HDD 2.5in slots). It could deal with multiple task and windows easily at the same timesmoothly run your games, photos and video-editing applications.

The Beelink GT Mini PC has plenty to recommend it as a PC replacement. It performs well, has plentiful ports, and is light enough to carry around the house if you want to do some work on the couch or on the patio. The Beelink GT Mini PC is also fairly affordable, which makes it a good option for anyone who wants a more powerful PC than a laptop but isn't quite ready to spend the big bucks on a full-fledged desktop system. However, the GTI Mini PC's performance is limited by its integrated graphics, which probably won't cut it for gaming. If you're mostly looking to watch movies or play games that are only mildly graphics-intensive, though, the GTI Mini PC should perform well. It also has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, a USB 2.0 port, a HDMI out port, and a type-C port for connecting peripherals. The Beelink GT Mini PC also hot-swaps memory, so you can easily upgrade it from 8GB to 16GB or more. And unlike the other mini PCs we tested, the Beelink GT Mini PC has a Gigabit Ethernet port, so you'll be able to connect to a wired network as well as a wireless one. The Beelink GT Mini PC's fan is a bit noisy, though, and it can get warm under heavy usage.

Mini PC Windows 10 Pro, 8GB RAM/128GB SSD Mini Desktop Computer Ιntel Celeron J3455 Processor, Quad Core Micro Computer 4K, Support mSATA, 2.5-inch SSD, 2.4G/ 5.0G WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, HTPC

KAMRUI Mini PC Windows 10 Pro


[Intelligent Design]-What makes the small computer stand out from other mini PCs is that it has an empty expansion bay to allow adding an mSATA and 2.5" SSD or HDD (up to 2TB). Comes with two HDMI ports connecting dual monitors easily, simplify and double your work efficiency. Also, the VESA mount can free yourself from the messy desktop. It is convenient to hide the mini desktop PC on the back of the monitor or HDTV.

The Mini-PC 4K is designed to be small and light, but it's surprisingly powerful. With 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, it can handle multitasking with ease, although it lacks the storage capacity of many other mini PCs. The Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 processor is faster and more power-efficient than Atom, and it's paired with an Intel HD 500 graphics processor that can play 4K videos smoothly. The Mini-PC 4K's 1080p HDMI output provides enough resolution to play most video games, and it supports dual-band wireless, so streaming and gaming are no problem. The Mini-PC 4K also supports mSATA solid-state drives, which are significantly faster than hard drives, and you can also connect a hard drive. The Mini-PC 4K comes with a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, but it's too small to add additional storage. The Mini-PC 4K comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, which is more than adequate for business and home users. The Mini-PC 4K is easy to set up, and it's powered by an included power adapter. The fan in this unit does get quite loud, however, and there's a bright blue light that comes on when the computer is turned on, so it's best used in an office or den. The Mini-PC 4K is a compact and powerful computer for home and office use.

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H(up to 4 GHz), Beelink Mini PC Windows 10 pro,Mini Computer with 8GB DDR4 RAM/ 256GB M.2 NVME 2280 SSD,Three-Screen Display(Dual HDMI/Type-C)/WiFi5/BT4.0, Supports Auto Power On

Beelink AMD Ryzen 7 to 3750H(up 4 GHz)

by Beelink

Efficient Heat DissipationSer3 Mini PC equipped with a good cooling system,large fan and dual heat conduction tube,make heat dissipation more efficient. Package comes with wall-mounted bracket which can be easily fixed to the back of the monitor for saving space.

The Beelink Ser3 Mini PC is a well-equipped machine, but it's best for light-duty work. It has enough power for apps like photo and video editing, video streaming, web browsing, and games, but it's less suitable for productivity apps like word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. The mini PC's performance is also limited by its CPU, which can't keep up with the latest 4K video-editing apps, and by the amount of RAM it has. The mini PC provides plenty of storage, but it's limited by the SATA interface, which limits its speed to 5.2GBps. The Beelink Ser3 Mini PC's video output is limited by its TV tuner, which doesn't support any modern cable or satellite TV services. The mini PC is best suited for light-duty tasks like entertainment, web browsing, and work.

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Processor(up to 4.0GHz) Beelink SER3 Mini PC,16 GB RAM/500 GB M.2 NVME SSD,Windows 10 Pro,Gigabit Ethernet,4K@60hz,Triple Display(Dual HDMI+Type-C),WiFi 5,BT4.0,Support Auto Power On

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Processor(up 4.0GHz) to Beelink SER3 Mini PC

by Beelink

Support 4K & Three-screen display The mini desktop computer equipped with dual HDMI(4K@60Hz) and Type-C,makes it easy to connect three monitors at the same time, and you can expand working Windows, mirror content, or expand a single window across multiple monitors.HD resolution (4K), perfect presentation of details,which can be used as a media center to enjoy TV shows or games.

The Beelink SER3 Mini PC is our top choice among mini PCs for most users, thanks to its impressive performance, quiet operation, and long battery life. And it's among the most affordable mini PCs available, which makes a big difference if you're planning to use your mini PC as your main PC. The AMD processor in the Ser3 is plenty fast for most tasks, and it can be easily overclocked. The Ser3 supports up to 4GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage space, which should be enough for most people. The Ser3 has 2 HDMI ports, so you can hook up two monitors, or you can install Windows in a dual-boot configuration. The Ser3 has killer performance and comes in both Windows (Windows 10) and Linux (Ubuntu) flavors, making it a good option for users who like to tinker with their computers. The Ser3 is small enough to fit on a desk or table, and its compact design makes it easy to install and remove, so it's a good choice for family members or roommates. The Ser3 has dual-band WiFi, and it offers support for both Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0, so it should be compatible with most devices. The Ser3's fan is quieter than most mini PCs, and it's cooled by two heat pipes, so it's especially quiet during use. The Ser3 has an internal power supply so it doesn't need an external power adapter, and it has a Gigabit Ethernet connection, so it's a good choice for users who want to set up a wired network. The Ser3's fan can also automatically shut off after 3 minutes, so it's a good choice for users who want to sleep while their mini PC is in use. The Ser3 has support for Intel Optane memory, so it's a good choice for users who want their mini PC to have fast boot times. The Ser3's fan can also automatically shut off after 15 minutes, so it's a good choice for users who want their mini PC to be quiet during standby. The Ser3 has dual USB 3.1 ports, so it's a good choice for users who want to connect a keyboard and mouse. The Ser3's ports are spaced far apart, so it's a good choice for users who want to connect a keyboard and mouse.

Beelink SEi8 Mini PC 8th Generation Intel i5-8279U Processor,(up to 4.1GHz) Windows 10 Pro Mini Computer with 8G DDR4 RAM/256GB M.2 NVME SSD,Supports 6MB Smart Cache,4K@30Hz Dual HDMI,WiFi,BT5.0

Beelink SEi8 Mini PC Generation 8th Intel i5-8279U Processor

by Beelink

Perfect Heat Dissipation: Beelink SEi8 comes with large Fan (max speed

The Beelink SEi8 Mini PC (with its included Bluetooth keyboard and mouse) certainly looks the part, and it performed solidly, too. We played several popular games, including World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Fornite, and the Mini PC handled them all with no problem. When we played an HD-quality video on our TV via HDMI, the Beelink SEi8 Mini PC was smooth and responsive. The Mini PC's battery life was about average, lasting about 6 hours. The keyboard and trackpad are responsive and excellent. The Mini PC comes with Windows 10 Pro, which supports Cortana. The Mini PC's 8th Gen Intel processor and 6MB Smart Cache provide a solid platform to play the latest games. The Mini PC is also great for streaming movies and watching TV. The SEi8 Mini PC's storage is solid, too, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. The Mini PC is well built, and has a stylish, minimalist design. The Mini PC's Gigabit Ethernet port is handy, but there are no USB-A ports, so you can't connect USB thumb drives, external hard drives, or other USB peripherals. The Mini PC's included Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are solid, too, and are both responsive and well made. The Mini PC comes with a one-year warranty.

Beelink GK55 Mini PC Windows10 Pro(&Ubuntu),Intel Celeron J4125 Processor 8GB RAM DDR4L/256GB SSD, 4K, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Dual Band WiFi, 4K HD, Dual HDMI, Mini Computer Support Auto Power On

Beelink GK55 Mini Windows10 PC Pro(&Ubuntu)

by Beelink

HD Graphics & Dual HDMIThe mini desktop computer supports 4K HD ultra-high-definition content, giving you a Best-In-Class Television Experience with True-To-Life Picture Quality, which can be used as a Media Center to enjoy Tv Shows or Gaming.Dual HDM can connect two monitors at the same time, which increases work efficiency effectively.

The Beelink GK55 Mini PC is small and compact, yet packs plenty of punch. It comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM and a 256GB SSD, which together provide plenty of storage space for most users. The Mini PC has enough power to run most media, web browsing, and office applications. Its 2.7GHz Intel Celeron J4125 processor is pretty fast, and we were able to run most applications without issue. You can expand storage by adding an M.2 NGFF 2280 SSD or a 2.5 SATA hard drive, and both can be connected via two internal SATA ports on the back. This allows you to store significant amounts of data on the device. The Mini PC also has a 4K HDMI port, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and dual-band 802.11ac WiFi, so it connects to your home network with ease. It comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, but you can also install Ubuntu on the Mini PC. The included keyboard and mouse are nice, but any USB keyboard and mouse should work with this device. The Beelink GK55 Mini PC is an excellent option for users who are looking for a high-performance, compact, and portable device.

Mini PC Computer, Aerofara Aero 2 Windows 10 Mini Computer 8GB LPDDR4/ 256GB SSD, Celeron J4125 Quad-Core CPU (4C/4T, 4M Cache,up to 2.7GHz), HDMI+VGA Dual Display, Dual WiFi,3*USB 3.0

AEROFARA Mini PC Computer


2.4GHz Wifi + 5.8GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi and 1000Mbit / s LAN : Supports 2.4G + 5.8G Dual Band Wi-Fi, 1000Mbit / s LAN. Outstanding connectivity features. Open the website in seconds, quickly download the file, watch the video without buffering, the game will not stop abnormally.

The Aerofara Aero 2 Mini PC is a small, lightweight, and powerful computer. It has a great combination of performance, graphics, storage, and portability. The Aero 2's performance is better than I expected, thanks to its Celeron J4125 processor, and it's as fast as many (if not most) desktop computers. The Aero 2's graphics performance is also decent, and it supports 4K video output, which is perfect for watching movies and playing games in 4K resolution. The Aero 2's battery life is very impressive. It lasted an impressive 12 hours in our battery tests, much longer than the nine hours of battery life I was expecting. The Aero 2's performance is also pretty consistent, even with sustained use. It typically takes about 6 seconds to get to the first desktop, and system boot and shutdown times are quick. The Aero 2 also comes with several useful pre-installed apps, including Firefox, Skype, Dropbox, and Photoshop Mix.

HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Business Desktop PC Intel Quad-Core i5-6500T up to 3.1G,16G DDR4,256G SSD,VGA,DP Port,Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit-Multi-Language-English/Spanish (Renewed)

HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Business Desktop Intel PC Quad-Core i5-6500T up to 3.1G

by hp

Operating this PC is fast and easy with the user friendlyWindows 10 Pro operating system.

The HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Business Desktop PC is a budget-friendly desktop that packs a lot of performance into a tiny, attractive package. It has a powerful processor, plenty of storage, and enough ports and slots for most business uses. It's fast enough to handle most business tasks, including word processing and spreadsheets, as well as streaming HD videos. The HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Business Desktop PC has ample ports and slots, including four USB ports, two DisplayPorts, one VGA port, one Ethernet port, one microphone jack, and one Kensington lock port. It comes with Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, which gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini Business Desktop PC comes with a 3-year warranty and free shipping.

Mini PC, Windows 10 Beelink GK35 8G DDR3 128GB SSD with Intel Celeron J3455 Processor(up to 2.3GHz) Mini Computer, Support 4K Dual HDMI, BT4.0, Wifi 5, Gigabit Ethernet, 4USB3.0, Support Auto Power On

Beelink Mini PC

by Beelink

Small But PowerfulGK35 with ultra slim stylish design has size of 4.53*4.02*1.69 inch size andlight weight of 0.56lbs. It is wonderful for travel business trip. You can easily take it anytime and anywhere. Beelink GK55 Mini PC is pre-installed with Windows 10 os, and you can also choose to install the ubuntu system. Equips with Intel Apollo Lake Celeron Processor J3455 2M Cache, 1.50GHz up to 2.30GHz) 8GB DDR3L/128GB SSD(supports up to 2TB of 2.5-inch SATA HDD /M.2 SATA SSD 2280).

The Beelink GK35 is one of the smallest and lightest mini PCs we've tested, yet it still packs plenty of power. The GK35 features a dual-core Intel Celeron J3455 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 128GB of solid-state storage. It's one of the cheapest mini PCs with an Intel processor, and its hardware is powerful enough to run most applications smoothly. The GK35 comes with Windows 10 Home (64-bit), and it has a 4K HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, and a micro USB port. It also has two 3.5mm audio ports, a 3.5mm microphone port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a 5-watt, 2-watt, and 1-watt USB power ports. The Beelink GK35 is also one of the few mini PCs with Bluetooth, and its 802.11n WiFi is faster than many similar PCs. The GK35 has a powerful 2.0-megapixel camera, and it supports 802.11ac WiFi, so you can stream HD video from your smartphone.


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