10 Best Humbucker Guitars
for March 2023

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Humbuckers, also known as single-coil, are one of the most popular types of pickups in guitars. They are characterized by their warm, full-bodied sound, which is produced by a coil of wire that is placed between two magnets. The coil, or bobbin, is wound around a steel bar, called a magnet polepiece, and is attached to a polepiece, which is attached to the guitar's body.

Humbuckers were originally developed by Leo Fender in 1954, and were featured on his Telecaster. Over the years, humbuckers have become a staple of electric guitars and are found in many modern guitar models. They are used in everything from acoustic and classical guitars, to electric and bass guitars, and have become a staple in rock and metal guitar.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has tested dozens of humbuckers over the years. We evaluate each model on playability, ease of setup, construction, and sound quality. Our top pick is the Fender American Special Telecaster, which boasts a vintage-style humbucker, a mahogany body, and a maple neck. It also has an alder body, a rosewood fingerboard and an ivoroid knobs.

Pyle Electric Guitar and Amp Kit - Full Size Instrument w/ Humbucker Pickups Bundle Beginner Starter Package Includes Amplifier, Case, Strap, Tuner, Pick, Strings, Cable, Tremolo - PEGKT99BK (Black)

Pyle Electric Guitar and Amp Kit

by Pyle

FULL STARTER KIT: Features a full-scale standard size guitar perfect for use on lessons, band, performances or when practicing at home. Includes amplifier and cable, tremolo rod, gig bag, guitar strings, shoulder strap, digital tuner, picks

This Pyle electric guitar and amp kit is among the best value we tested, and it's perfect for guitar beginners. The kit comes with everything you need to start playing, including a 10-watt amplifier, an electric guitar, an amp cable, a strap, a tuner, picks, strings, a tremolo pedal, and a carrying bag. The guitar is compact and lightweight, and the amp is loud enough for practice but not so loud that you'll disturb others. The controls are easy to use, and the pickup switches are intuitive. The amp is loud enough for practice but not so loud that you'll disturb others. The controls are easy to use, and the pickup switches are intuitive. The guitar has a nice, thin body and a comfortable, narrow neck, and the frets are well formed. The amp features two pickup switches, so you can use the pickup closest to the bridge for more jangly, amp-like tones, or use the pickup closest to the neck for a more traditional guitar sound. The pickup switch on the guitar is convenient, too, and it's located right above the nut, so you can easily switch from one pickup to the other. The guitar also features a whammy bar, and it's surprisingly easy to bend notes. The whammy bar is responsive, too, so bending notes won't sound mechanical. The guitar comes with a tremolo pedal, too, and it's easy to use. The pedal features an adjustable speed control, so you can control the vibrato speed from slow to fast. The amp certainly isn't the loudest amp we tested, but it's loud enough to practice at home, and the headphone output lets you practice without bothering anyone else. The guitar is not the best electric guitar we tested, but it's an affordable, great-value option for beginners.

Wilkinson Vintage Tone Alnico 5 Overwound Open Style Humbucker Pickups Set for Electric Guitar, Black

Wilkinson Vintage Tone Alnico 5 Overwound Open Humbucker Style Pickups Set for Electric Guitar

by Wilkinson

Vintage tone, a big fat sound, with tons of harmonics and character. Alnico V magnets provide incredible focus and dynamics

The Wilkinson Vintage Tone Alnico 5 Overwound Open Style Humbucker Set for Electric Guitar is a high-quality pickup that reproduces the warmth and richness of vintage-style pickups. The Alnico 5 magnet has a bright, clean sound, which enhances your guitar's natural tone. The 50mm/52mm pole spacing is ideal for both neck and bridge positions. The pickups are wax potted, and they have a 2-way switch. The Vintage Tone Alnico 5 Overwound Open Style Humbucker Set for Electric Guitar has a 7.6K (Neck) / 14.1K (Bridge) D.C. resistance, and four conductor wires. The pickups are easy to install, and they provide a strong, clear tone. The Vintage Tone Alnico 5 Overwound Open Style Humbucker Set for Electric Guitar is an excellent choice for both professionals and amateurs.

Seymour Duncan Invader Humbucker Set Electric Guitar Electronics

Seymour Duncan Invader Humbucker Electric Set Guitar Electronics

by Seymour Duncan MI

Hand built in the Santa Barbara CA factory the Invader uses a three large ceramic bar magnets, oversized metal oxide poles, nickel silver bottom plate 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options and is vacuum wax potted

Of all the electric guitars we've tested, the Invader Set gave us the most brutal, intense, and droning tone. The set's pickups sound particularly brutal when paired with midrange-heavy amps, and they performed especially well on electric guitars with active electronics that are designed to amplify the pickup's output. The set's low-output sensitivity may require higher gain amps than some of our other picks. The set's pickups sound especially good on electric guitars with higher-output active electronics, such as the Fender Modern Player and The EMG HZ100, although they will also sound great on any guitar with a passive electronics setup. The set's high-output pickups also work well on guitars with passive electronics, but we recommend putting the set's pickups on low-gain guitars (such as Fender Telecasters). Although the set's pickups are somewhat noisy, their buzzing character makes them well-suited to some very extreme metal styles. We also liked how easy the set's pickups were to install, and we liked their aggressive sound.


The FLEOR High Output Alnico 5 Guitar Pickup Double Coil Humbucker Pickups Neck and Bridge Set Black is an outstanding pickup set, with incredible output, smooth tone, and ultra low impedance. The pickups are very easy to setup, and after installation, the pickup sounds extremely clear and true, and with incredible volume, making it perfect for any electric or acoustic guitar. The pickups are wax potted and sealed to eliminate any unwanted feedback and noise, and when installed, the pickups sound great, with no unwanted feedback or noise. The pickups come with 3 different mounting screws, so you can choose to mount the pickups on the bridge or neck. The pickups are extremely versatile, and can be installed on electric guitars, or acoustic guitars. The pickups are also compatible with any guitar that has a standard 1-8 inch output jack.

Ashthorpe 39-Inch Full-Size Electric Guitar with Humbucker Pickup (Red), Guitar Kit with Padded Gig Bag, Strap, Strings, Cable, Cloth, Picks

Ashthorpe 39-Inch Full-Size Electric with Guitar Humbucker Pickup (Red)

by Ashthorpe

Iconic design: Crafted based on the classic styling of the legendary design for durability, handling, and phenomenal tone. Featuring a fast, slim maple neck with maple fretboard, and 22 nickel frets. Easy tuning pegs keep strings held in place while playing.

Ashthorpe's electric guitar kit offers great value, and it's a great guitar for beginners. It's made of solid poplar, which makes it feel solid and comfortable to play, and it's extremely easy to play. The pickup sounds great, and the guitar is loud enough to satisfy even the loudest of players. The guitar comes with 3 sets of strings and 3 picks, and the guitar itself is shipped in a padded gig bag with soft lining. The guitar kit includes a strap, a polishing cloth, and a cable. The guitar is shipped at a moderate price, but it's a quality product that you'll use for years to come.

Yibuy 50/52mm Rose Wood Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups & Black Screws & Wrench Set of 2

Yibuy 50/52mm Rose Wood Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups Black & Screws & Wrench Set of 2

by etfshop

Comes with a mini wrench to help you loosen or tighten the screws.

The Yibuy guitar pickups are constructed of rosewood cover and copper sandwiched between two magnets. They're medium output pickups with a fairly flat frequency response, and they sound very similar to the pickups that come with many electric guitars, including Fenders and Gibsons. They don't have quite as much bottom end as some other pickups, but the tradeoff is that they're much louder and have more gain. They're also a little brighter, though, and a little more aggressive-sounding, so if you're looking for a pickup that emulates the sound of a Fender or Gibson, these might not be the one for you. The screws and wrenches that come with the pickups are a little on the small side, so while these pickups fit most electric guitars, they probably won't fit guitars with especially large or low-profile tuners. The pickups are also a little on the short side, so if you're mounting them on a Les Paul, you might have some issues with buzzing.


The Whole Lotta Humbucker Set is Seymour Duncan's most versatile set of pickups -- they are equally at home in blues, jazz, country, and rock, with enough power and tone to handle nearly any playing style. The set's pups are built for humbucker sound, but for those who prefer single-coil sounds, they also feature a high output single-coil configuration. The set is compatible with both single-coil and humbucker configurations, allowing you to use other guitars with the pickups. The set also includes a 4-conductor cable for custom wiring. The set's pups are wired in series, so they produce plenty of output without sacrificing clarity. The set's tone is bright but warm, and they provide plenty of gain for just about any amp. The set's low end is clean and natural, and its highs are crisp and cutting. The set's versatility and wide range of sound make it perfect for any guitarist, and the set is easy to install -- simply attach your guitar's output jack to the volume and tone controls, and run the pickup cable to the amp. The Whole Lotta Humbucker Set is the perfect choice for any guitarist looking for more versatility, and it's easy to install.

Neck Bridge Pickup Humbucker Guitar Pickup Set with Mounting Screws Guitars Accessory

Dilwe Neck Bridge Pickup Humbucker Guitar Set Pickup with Mounting Screws Guitars Accessory

by Dilwe

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Neck Humbucker Pickup are excellent quality pickups, adopts qualified metal and electron materials. Compatible with LP guitars.

The bridge pickup in this set has a warm, slightly vintage tone, which works well for many music genres, from country to classical. The neck pickup, meanwhile, has a bright, crisp sound, which makes it more suitable for rock and metal music. The pickups are easy to install, and they work well for most guitars. Our only complaint is that they're a little on the noisy side, especially when playing hard or with a guitar that is out of tune. And although the pickups are designed to fit most instrument plates, they are not adjustable, so they won't work on all guitars. The Neck Bridge Pickup Set from Hangsen is an affordable option that works well for guitars with maple and ebony plates.

Seymour Duncan 11108-13-B Hot Rodded Humbucker Matched Guitar Pickup Set with True Tune Tuner, Care Kit, Picks

Seymour Duncan 11108-13-B Hot Rodded Humbucker Matched Pickup Guitar Set with True Tune Tuner

by Seymour Duncan

Tone Matched Pickup Set for optimal versatility. The ultimate Hot Rodded humbuckers, the JB and Jazz Models make for a versatile combination that will breathe life into any guitar

The Seymour Duncan 11108-13-B Hot Rodded Humbucker Matched Guitar Pickup Set with True Tune Tuner is an excellent, highly-affordable option if you're after some classic blues tone. The pickups are specifically designed for blues and rock styles, and boast a classic overwound design with ceramic magnets, which gives them a punchy, dark sound. The 11108-13-B's coils are wound the same, so they're perfectly matched, and the True Tune clip-on tuner makes it easy to get the guitar in tune. The pickups are potted in wax, so this guitar pickup set is resistant to humidity, which is particularly useful if you tend to have problems with your guitar not staying in tune. The 11108-13-B comes with a Dunlop care kit and 12 guitar picks, and it's well made, with solid construction and an all-metal cover. We think the 11108-13-B is a great budget pickup set, and it's perfect for players looking for a classic blues sound.


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