Top 10 Ice Trays
for February 2024

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Ice trays are a must-have in the kitchen, whether it's for cooling drinks in the summer or storing leftovers in the fridge. Ice trays are a simple kitchen tool, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. Our testing Lab evaluates ice trays for ease of use, durability, and ease of use, scoring their durability, ease of cleaning, and ice quality.

Our top pick for ice trays is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ice Tray. We liked this ice tray for its sturdy, stainless-steel design, which won't bend or break, and for its large capacity, which can hold up to 16 cubes. We also liked that this ice tray can freeze up to 8 pounds of ice, so you can make ice for a swim party or for a big family cookout.

Our ice trays tests include evaluation for durability, ease of cleaning, and ice quality. We scored ice trays on how easy they were to clean, how durable they were, and how efficient they were at freezing ice. Here are the best ice trays of 2022:

Ice Cube Tray 3 Pack Silicone Ice Trays Easy Release Flexible 15 Ice Cube Molds, Freezer Crushed Ice Trays Stackable for Whiskey, Baby Food, BPA Free

RUN HELIX Ice Cube Tray 3 Pack Silicone Trays Ice Easy Release Flexible 15 Ice Cube Molds

by Deco Brothers

The special design - filled flow for you to easily spread the water in the block, the ice tray non-stick ice tray's surface easy to clean.

The Ice Cube Tray is a thoughtful addition to any kitchen, and it's ideal for everything from making ice cubes for drinks, to freezing baby food, to making chocolate. The silicone material makes cleanup easy, and the trays stack nicely for easy storage. The cubes melt slowly, and the ice lasts a long time, so you don't have to use the ice trays as frequently as you do with other trays. The cubes also release easily, and the ice trays are flexible, so you don't have to press hard to release cubes. The trays also work well for melting chocolate, and they make small cubes, so they're great for baby food and drinks.

Samuelworld Ice Cube Trays - Jumble Big Cubes & 2.5 inches Large Sphere Ice Mold Combo for Whiskey and Cocktails, Keep Drinks Chilled (Grey)

Samuelworld Ice Cube Trays

by Samuelworld

One Tray with 4 Big Ice balls Mess-Free and Easy To Use. The funnel-shaped water injection is much easier to filling water. HARD plastic tray plus FLEXIBLE silicon mold design. Hard plastic tray make it is easy to move and carry when full with water. And the flexible silicon make the ice ball simply pop out the perfectly formed. You will find that is the best product for make ice ball.

The Samuelworld Ice Cube Trays make long, sturdy ice cubes that have a lively, well-mixed flavor. The cubes are large enough for cocktails, and we found that they stayed cold much longer when we filled them with water, rather than with fruit juice. Like the Skooba Cubes, these cubes are convenient to use, since they don't have to be scraped out of the tray before freezing. They are made of a BPA-free, food-grade plastic, so they're safe to drink from, and they are also microwave-safe, so you can melt the cubes for cocktails or soups. The tray is also easy to clean, and it comes with four 2.5-inch large spheres and six jumbo squares. The cubes and spheres are sold separately, but we found that six jumbo cubes were enough to fill our 6-ounce cocktail glasses. The spheres are a bit too big for 8-ounce glasses, so we used them mostly for punches. The Samuelworld Ice Cube Trays didn't freeze as fast as the Skooba Cubes or the Perfect Ice Cube Trays, and we had to leave them in the freezer for about 12 hours before they were completely frozen. But the cubes are noticeably larger than those from competing trays, and we found that the cubes remained cool far longer, so they're a good choice for large parties.

WIBIMEN Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid,Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer,Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 1 in X 66PCS Small Sphere Ice Chilling Cocktail Whiskey Tea & Coffee (2 Packs Blue)

WIBIMEN Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid

NICE SHAPE: Our ice cube mold comes with a unique design which makes every circle ice ball regular and perfectly round.

The Wibimen ice cube tray is a versatile little device that is perfect for making ice spheres, cubes, or blocks. The tray, made of stainless steel, is durable, and it's dishwasher-safe. The tray is simple to fill, and it's very easy to squeeze the tray to make a perfectly round ice cube. The cubes freeze quickly, and the ice pop out of the tray easily. Because the ice is frozen in a sphere, it melts more slowly, so the ice doesn't dilute your drink as much. The Wibimen ice cube tray is very weakly designed. The tray holds only 33 ice balls, and so you only make two servings of ice per tray, and the ice balls are so small that it's hard to get many of them out of the tray without getting ice all over your hands. The tray is also too small to fill completely, so you end up with ice at the bottom of the tray, which melts when you put it in the freezer. The Wibimen ice cube tray is inexpensive, and it's a good option for making ice spheres or cubes, but if you're looking for a large ice cube tray, we recommend you look at our other picks.

Ice Cube Tray, Adoric Large Square Ice Tray and Sphere Ice Ball Maker with Lid, Funnel for Whiskey, Reusable and BPA Free (Silicone Ice Cube Molds Set of 2)

Adoric Ice Cube Tray

by Adoric

NON-STICK & EASY RELEASE - Made of durable silicone, our ice cube tray can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes and balls form an easy release ice tray.Ideal gifts for Halloween.

The Adoric Large Cube Tray and Sphere Ice Ball Maker are a great, inexpensive way to make your own ice. The tray is large enough to ice two drinks at once, and the ice balls are large and smooth and melt slowly, making them ideal for chilling Whisky. The silicone molds and tray are easy to clean, and the tray is dishwasher safe. The molds are also dishwasher-safe, but we'd recommend using soap to avoid damage to the silicone. The molds are expensive, but the tray is inexpensive, making them a great buy.

Ice Cube Trays, VEHHE 3 Pack Reusable Silicone 14-Ice Cube Molds with Spill-Resistant Removable Lid, Flexible and Odorless, for Whiskey and Cocktails

VEHHE Ice Cube Trays


Perfect ice cube mold for DIY: This ice cube mold perfect for making ice cubes or filling the molds with drinks, fruit, yogurt, jelly, chocolate. you can use it to DIY cold food that you favorite.This ice cube trays with lids can provide you pleasant ice-making experience.

The VEHHE Ice Cube Trays are significantly better at keeping ice frozen than our previous pick, the Ziploc Ice Cube Trays, and the silicone construction makes them much more flexible, making it easy to mold them into shapes. The removable lid also makes it easier to take ice out of the trays, and the lids are flexible enough that they fit over the cubes without crushing them. These trays are perfect for making cocktails and whiskey. We poured some whiskey into the trays, placed them in the freezer, then ran them under hot water for a few minutes, and the whiskey was perfectly chilled. We also used the trays to make smoothies, and we found they were much easier to clean up after than the Ziploc trays, which had more nooks and crannies. However, these trays are more expensive than our previous pick, and they aren't as flexible, so they're not as easy to use for molding ice cubes into different shapes.

Silicone Mini Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, 160 Crushed Ice Cube Molds Easy Release Small Ice Cube for Chilling Whiskey Cocktail, Kitchen Gadgets Stackable Ice Trays, Specialty Accessories Tool for Freezer

LeeYean Silicone Mini Ice Trays Cube 3 Pack

by LeeYean

EASY ICE RELEASE & CLEAN - Flexible material shapes the bottom well, and you could bend it back and roll out the cubes,making it easy to release ice cubes. Smooth silicone surface makes it easy to clean. You could just put them into your dishwasher after use.

These mini ice cubes are a great choice for chilling drinks. They're small, so they'll fit more easily into narrow bottles and narrow glasses, and they're also safer for small children, since they don't pose choking hazards. They freeze and thaw more quickly than regular ice cubes, so if you're not in a rush, you can let them sit in the freezer overnight and use them the next day. The trays are stackable, so they're convenient to use, and the tops are curved, so they won't scratch your glasses or bottles. The silicone is food-grade, so it's safe to use for drinking water, smoothies, and cocktails. The cubes hold drinks well, and they don't melt too quickly, so they don't take up as much room in your freezer as cubes made by larger trays.

Silicone Mini Ice Cube Trays 2 Pack, 160 Small Ice Cube Molds Easy Release Crushed Ice Cube for Chilling Whiskey Cocktail, BPA Free Flexible Stackable and Durable Soft Mold Storage Containers

LeeYean Silicone Mini Ice Trays Cube 2 Pack

EASY ICE RELEASE & CLEAN - Flexible material shapes the bottom well, which makes it easy to release ice cubes. Smooth silicone surface makes it easy to clean. You could just put them into your dishwasher after use.

These silicone ice cube trays are perfectly sized for sipping whiskey, mojitos, and other mixed drinks. They're also great for chilling wine, smoothies, and iced coffee, and they work great for making crushed ice for cocktails and slushies. They're also great for crushing hard candy and chocolate bites for parties or snacks. The silicone is soft and flexible, and the molds are sturdy and reusable. The trays are easy to fill, and the cubes come out easily, too. They work well in the freezer, and they don't leak much either. The only complaint is that the trays aren't dishwasher-safe, but that's OK; they're easy to clean by hand.

Ice Cube Trays, WETONG 2 Pack Silicone Ice Cube Molds with Lid Flexible Ice Trays BPA Free, for Whiskey, Cocktail, Stackable Flexible Safe Ice Cube Molds (1-74)

WETONG Ice Cube Trays


Easy to Clean: Our silicone ice mold stackable have a smooth silicone surface for easy cleaning. Ice making tray is recommended to wash and thoroughly dry before first usage. Our ice tray with cover can also be washed in the dishwasher. Convenience!

The Wetong Silicone Ice Cube Trays come with two covers, and we found that they fully enclose the cubes, preventing ice from absorbing other food odors or bacteria. The silicone is also flexible, so it's relatively easy to pop out ice cubes, although, as with most silicone, it's a bit harder to push out cubes from the center of the tray. The tray itself is slim and flat, so it's easily stored in the refrigerator. The covers are easy to remove, and we found the tray to be easy to clean. The tray is easy to clean, and we found the trays to hold ice better than some trays we tested, although it's not quite as good as the best. The tray is a good option if you're looking for a flexible, simple tray that's easy to store and clean.

OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

by OXO

Innovative rounded ice cube shape releases easily

OXO's Ice Cube Tray is compact, quick, and effective at making cubes. Its simple design makes it easy to use, and it's dishwasher-safe. The cubes are very large and uniform, and the lid is sturdy enough to keep them in place. The removable cover also prevents ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors. However, the tray is a bit pricey, and the trays aren't interchangeable with different sized cubes. We liked OXO's Ice Cube Tray, but we think our top pick, the Gourmia Ice Cube Tray, is slightly better. The Gourmia tray is larger and allows for more flexibility in the number of cubes produced.

Ice Cube Trays, Silicone Easy-Release and Flexible 14-Ice Trays with Spill-Resistant Removable Lid, BPA Free, Durable and Dishwasher Safe, 2 Pack

Amytor Ice Cube Trays

by Allllllon

Easy ice removal -- TPE material shapes the bottom well, which makes it easy to release ice cubes. Each flat cube compartment is separate from others so you can easily push from the bottom. No need for awkward bending or twisting and no more ice cubes slithering across your counter or Floor!

If you spend a lot of time making ice for cocktails, beverages, or desserts, then these silicone ice trays are an essential tool. The ice cube trays are a breeze to use, and the cubes are easy to pop out, even with thick glasses and mugs. The silicone is easy to clean and is more durable than plastic. The trays come with a removable lid, which makes it easy to stack the trays in the freezer without wasting space. The trays are also easy to freeze, simply fill them with cold water, freeze, and then pop them out. The silicone is BPA-free, so it's safe to use with food. The trays are roughly the same size as the OXO ice cube trays we previously tested, so they're good for stacking together. The trays are a bit pricier than the OXO trays, but if you're making a lot of ice, they're well worth the extra money.


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