Top 10 In Ground Pool Pumps
for October 2023

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When you're on the quest for the perfect In-Ground Pool Pump, the sheer amount of options can feel overwhelming. But fret not - MOOZ has done most of the heavy lifting for you! Feast your eyes on our carefully curated list of the 'Top 10 In-Ground Pool Pumps'. After extensive research and analyzing a multitude of reviews, these stellar products made the cut. Our mission? To make your shopping experience a breeze, and ensure you acquire a pool pump that's worth every penny.

Our list boasts top-notch pumps like the AQUASTRONG 2 HP, the Aquastrong 2 HP with Timer, and the Acquaer 2 HP pool pump. These pumps are worth drooling over. Why, you may ask? They offer powerful self-priming, high flow rates and come with filter baskets. If superior performance and convenience are your thing, these are right up your alley.

But that's not all - keep scrolling down to see all the highly rated items we’ve compiled for you. You don't want to miss the delicious pièce de résistance at the end of our list - the VIVOHOME Upgraded 2.0 HP. A pool pump that's been awarded the CEC certification, can handle large pool capacities and delivers powerful self-priming performance? Absolutely enticing. Dive into our product collection and see for yourself! Trust us - your perfect pool pump is just a few clicks away.

AQUASTRONG 2 HP In/Above Ground Dual Speed Pool Pump, 115V, 5186 GPH, High Flow, Powerful Self Priming Swimming Pool Pump with Filter Basket

Powerful 2 HP Dual Speed In/Above Ground Pool Pump for High Flow and Self Priming

Easy to clean9.8
Energy efficiency9.9
For deep cleaning8.5
Popularity & Sales9.7
Value for money8.9

The 2 HP In/Above Ground Dual Speed Pool Pump motor with extra-large water flow ensures efficient water circulation speed, providing your family with a clean and safe swimming experience. The stable operation produces ultra-low noise, making you ignore the presence of the machine

We've earmarked the AQUASTRONG 2 HP Dual Speed Pool Pump first on our list for its salient feature of being a master energy saver. Imagine having a powerful pool pump without the menace of mountainous electric bills! Here's the story of a product that integrates convenience with powerful performance. Just plug it in, switch to your desired setting, and there you go, keeping your pool clean whilst being gentler on your pocket.

This AQUASTRONG marvel boasts a dual-speed function that can oscillate between high-speed mode (5186 GPH) and a power-saving low-speed mode (2578 GPH). Its high flow capacity and self-priming feature are streamlined to work with your schedule and swimming needs. All this, in a durable and transparent design that lets you periodically check your filtration status, reinforcing that the misery of unkempt pools is truly a tale of yore. Is it any wonder then, that you are soon to be the content owner of a gleaming, pristine pool?

Aquastrong 2 HP In/Above Ground Pool Pump with Timer, 220V, 8917GPH, High Flow, Powerful Self Primming Swimming Pool Pumps with Filter Basket

Aquastrong In/Above Ground Pool Pump: Powerful, High Flow & Self-Priming with Timer (2 HP, 220V)

Easy to clean9.5
Energy efficiency8.2
For deep cleaning8.8
Popularity & Sales9.5
Timer function9.6

The 2 HP In/Above Ground Pool Pump motor with extra-large water flow ensures efficient water circulation speed, providing your family with a clean and safe swimming experience. The stable operation produces ultra-low noise, making you ignore the presence of the machine

Our number two spot goes to the Aquastrong 2 HP Pool Pump. Why does the Aquastrong pump deserve this honor? Its high flow capacity of 8917GPH and its powerful self-primming feature are definitely a major part of its appeal. When your old pool pump kicks the bucket, this one steps up to the plate, offering you major savings on energy and, consequently, your electricity bill.

But our affection for the Aquastrong doesn't stop there. This pump also comes with a built-in 24-hour programmable timer that lets you schedule your pool cleanings at your convenience, with nine selectable operation hours ranging from two to 24. You'll especially appreciate its large filter basket that efficiently collects debris, saving you the time and hassle. So why not give your pool the second best treatment with the Aquastrong 2 HP Pool Pump?

Acquaer 2 HP Pool Pump, 7860 GPH 115V Above Ground Inground Swimming Pool Pump, High Flow Energy-Efficient Single Speed Self Priming Pool Pump with Strainer Basket

High Flow Acquaer 2 HP Inground Pool Pump, Energy-Efficient for Above Ground Pools

by Acquaer
Easy to install8.6
Easy to use8.9
Popularity & Sales8.3
Tech Support9.4

Powerful Motor: The self-priming pool pump features a high-performance copper wired motor and impeller that provide high flow in an energy-efficient way. It runs on 115V smoothly with max. flow 7860 GPH or max. head 59ft. The fan-cooled motor is completely waterproof, safe and reliable, offering continuous and quiet operation

In the mystical quest for the perfect pool pump, this Acquaer 2 HP Pool Pump has earned its place as the third option in our top picks. This pump, fittingly nicknamed 'Aqua Beast', stood out mainly due to its iron motor housing and commercial-grade reinforced thermoplastic shell. When you lay your eyes on it, it's clear how these features will resist corrosion and increase durability. Not to forget the safety that the standard 5’ power cord ensures. It’s got the looks and the muscle!

However, the Aqua Beast isn’t just another pretty face. Its practicality is perhaps what makes it so intriguing. With an extra-large filter basket and simplistic cleaning method, maintaining the 'Beast' will be a breeze. The true beauty though is its built-in overheat protection. It generously offers your long service life and who can resist such a courteous pump, isn’t it? This product’s versatility for above-ground and in-ground pools deemed it a fine asset to have in our list.

Pool Pump,PureBy 2.0HP Dual Voltage 115/230V In/Above Ground Pool Pump, Self-priming Swimming Pool Water Circulation Pumps with 1.25

PureBy 2.0HP In Ground Pool Pump - Reliable Water Circulation for Swimming Pools

by PureBy
Easy to use8.1
Noise level8.5
Popularity & Sales8.2
Suction power8.5

Super Quiet High-grade stainless steel shaft and bearings help to redue noise to 60dB,You won't hear instead of motor roaring. The strong suction also allows the pump to run a pool cleaner easily.

Our favorite feature of the PureBy Pool Pump is, without a doubt, its dual voltage capability. You'll love the versatility it offers. It is compatible with both 115V and 230V power supplies. They're factory-wired to 115V with a power cord but you can swiftly rewire it to 230V. The extra mile taken by PureBy for convenience is simply unmatched, making the item a stand out from the pack.

Another commendable aspect is the thermal protection. The PureBy Pool Pump is ETL approved and will shield itself from damage if any improper use is sensed. This ensures a long lifespan for your investment. The PureBy Pool Pump will definitely be a useful acquisition for anyone seeking top-notch performance and longevity in their pool equipment. We wholeheartedly recommend it. Enjoy your pool time without any worry!

Oswerpon Pool Pump Above Ground/Inground, 1.5 HP 5400GPH Powerful Selfpriming Pool Pumps for 15,000-31,000 Gallons Pools, Dual Voltage Swimming Pool Pump with Strainer Basket & Drain Plug

Powerful Oswerpon In Ground Pool Pump for 15,000-31,000 Gallon Pools - Selfpriming & Dual Voltage

by Oswerpon
Customers Rating8.1
Easy to use8.4
Energy efficiency7.6
Popularity & Sales9.9
Tech Support7.6

Pool Pump with Filter Basket: Extra-large filter basket design ensures easy leaf and debris removal and extends the time between cleanings, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning. See-through strainer cover for a fast and easy check of the strainer

First off, the best feature of the Oswerpon Pool Pump is its robust and efficient design. It's crafted from commercial-grade reinforced thermoplastic - a testament to its durability. On top of that, its advanced engineering has you covered with an energy-efficient, low-noise pump that also self-primes. You can clearly tell that the tall pump's performance isn't an afterthought.

Imagine taking a dip in your pool on a sunny afternoon, the last thing you want is a noisy, ineffective pool pump ruining the experience. This is where the Oswerpon Pool Pump distinguishes itself. With a powerful 1.5 HP motor, you are guaranteed an impressive water flow rate of 410L/min ensuring your pool stays clear all day. Thanks to its dual voltage design, this pump serves you right, wherever you're located.

The Oswerpon Pool Pump is highly recommended for owners of medium to large-sized pools, between 15,000-31,000 gallons. Relaxing by the pool will always be a serene experience for you.

BOMGIE 3HP Pool Pump Inground, 7860 GPH Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump, 115V High Flow Single Speed Powerful Self Priming Pool Pumps with Strainer Basket, Energy Saving, Low Noise

Powerful 3HP Pool Pump Inground - High Flow, Energy Saving, Low Noise- for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Easy to install8.9
Easy to use8.9
Noise level8.4
Popularity & Sales9.4
Value for money7.2

Quiet OperationNo one wants a noisy pool pump disrupting their relaxing poolside experience. Many modern pool pumps are designed to operate quietly, reducing noise pollution and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without disturbance. The fan-cooled motor is completely waterproof, safe and reliable, offering continuous and quiet operation.

BOMGIE 3HP Pool Pump

We fully believe the BOMGIE 3HP Pool Pump Inground is a workhorse. Let's talk about the stellar performance first. With a copper-wired motor and impeller, this powerful pump ensures maximum flow, hence, keeping your pool in top-notch condition consistently. Easy to install, noise-tame, and energy-efficient, it shines where others falter.

Think crystal clear water and healthy swimming. This machine accomplishes all of that without breaking a sweat. One other remarkable feature is the extra-large filter basket, adept at preventing debris from sneaking in. So, if you're seeking quiet operation alongside superior strength and longevity, this product is a total winner. The efficient design and high durability make the BOMGIE 3HP Inground Pool Pump ideal for those who own a pool and value long-term cleanliness and health. Never underestimate the power of commitment to quality!

Doheny's Inground Pool Pro Swimming Pool Pump | 1.5 HP, 115V/230V, 97 GPM, Self-Priming | Updated Motor | 1.35 THP | Dual Voltage Installation Options | 2

Doheny's 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump - Powerful and Efficient for Your Pool

by Doheny's
Easy to clean8.9
Easy to use9.2
For deep cleaning9.1
Popularity & Sales9.5
Tech Support8.5

Swimming Pool Pump: This self-priming pump features an extra large basket to increase time between cleanings. The clear lid makes it easy to see when cleaning is needed

One fascinating aspect that MOOZ found interesting about the Doheny's Inground Pool Pro Swimming Pool Pump is the Dual Voltage Installation Options. It's not often you find a robust pool pump with a 115/230 Volt connection. This specific attribute shows that the Pool Pump is flexible and consumer-friendly, easily hooking up with either a 115V or 230V circuit.

Now to the lay of the land. If you are a pool owner dealing with the rigors of changing weather, this tough cookie, built with a stainless steel motor and a thermoplastic body, is definitely what your pool needs. The heavy-duty construction makes it resistant to cold winters and hot summers. It's truly a solution made to stand the test of time.

Pentair SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pool Pump, 342001

Pentair SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pool Pump - High-performance in-ground pool pump

by Pentair - Distribution
Customers Rating6.2
Easy to use7.8
Energy efficiency9.5
Popularity & Sales8.9
Tech Support8.5

Simple, intuitive user interface is easy to program and operate; easy to access electrical connections for simple installation

Our smart algorithms and product testers have been smitten with the Pentair SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pool Pump, and it's not hard to see why. Its variable speed technology is a cost-effective masterstroke. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket with high energy consumption, this pump sips power like a miser, all without compromising on efficiency. It's genuinely a case of having your cake and eating it too.

We think that the Pentair SuperFlo® VS pump is most handy for standard pools that require up to 1.5 hp pump. The product's 110-230v and 50 and 60 Hz capability is a testament to its versatility and broad convenience. Above all, we're convinced that its real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention will make your life easier. Now, isn't that something to look forward to in your pool maintenance routine?

TONGCHANT 2 HP Pool Pump, 110V/220V Dual Voltage Single Speed Pool Pumps Above Ground, 6800GPH Self Priming Inground Pool Pump and Swimming Pool Pump

TONGCHANT 2 HP Inground Pool Pump - Powerful 110V/220V Self Priming Pump for Above Ground Pools

Easy to clean7.2
Easy to use9.1
For deep cleaning6.6
Popularity & Sales6.8
Tech Support6.3

PREMIUM QUALITY: The primary material of the pool pump motor is high-quality copper wire, ensuring the pump operates silently and efficiently. The anodized body improves the durability of the above ground pool pump.

Upon purchasing the Tongchant 2 HP Pool Pump, the first feature that catches your attention is its power. This little pump is capable of delivering an outstanding 6800 gallons per hour, making it a gem for those that want to keep their pool water crystal clear. The fact that it's time-saving will make maintaining your pool a breeze, especially with its super-efficient 1500W power. Isn't that remarkable?

Moreover, the compatibility aspect of this pump is simply admirable. Whether your pool is above ground, inground or even a spa pool, this pump handles them all. This makes the Tongchant 2 HP Pool Pump a perfect match for you if you have different pool types to maintain. Lastly, let's not forget about its dual voltage feature. Regardless of voltage limitations, the pump performs seamlessly.

VIVOHOME Upgraded CEC Certificated 2.0 HP 6800 GPH Powerful Self-Priming Pool Pump with Strainer Basket for Pool 15,000-30,000 Gallons w/ 1.5&2.0 inch inlet

VIVOHOME 2.0 HP 6800 GPH In-Ground Pool Pump for 15,000-30,000 Gallon Pools

Customers Rating6.1
Easy to use9.8
Energy efficiency7.9
Popularity & Sales9.7
Tech Support6.6

POWERFUL PUMP - Advanced engineering features an impeller that maximizes flow, minimizes noise, and self-primes in an energy-efficient manner; Copper wire motor provides not only a more efficient, stable and safer running, but also longer service life compared with common motor

The VIVOHOME Upgraded CEC Certificated 2.0 HP 6800 GPH Pool Pump reaches our top list due to the impressive power and sturdy construction. It's something you'd be particularly excited about if you need a pump for large-sized pools. Here's a little tale MOOZ crafted for you about this gadget that's really caught our eye.

This pump isn't just a machine. It's been built with commercial-grade reinforced thermoplastic, marking its spot as a robust ally when you deal with pool maintenance. It's more than equipped to handle pools from 15,000 to 30,000 gallons. But what really managed to capture our attention is that fascinating extra-large strainer that not only aids in filtering but also has been designed for your convenience with its detachability and clear visibility.

This product will turn out to be an essential for anyone who owns a large swimming pool, hot tubs or even an irrigation system. It brings together durability, power and thoughtful design, all in one place, ensuring your water systems are functioning at their best. The extra-wide application span of this VIVOHOME pump simply accentuates the versatility we found enticing. A gem, indeed, for those looking for a multitasking tool. Enjoy your clean, clear water with a tad less worry, courtesy of this remarkable pool pump.


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