10 Best InFocus Video Projectors
for March 2023

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For your home theater needs, we've tested the top 10 video projectors on the market. We tested for brightness, color accuracy, and contrast. We also evaluated how easy they are to set up and use. With the features and specifications explained below, you're armed with vital info to cut through the noise and find the right projector for your setup.

For this review, we tested models from well-known manufacturers, including Epson, TCL, Sony, and Optoma. These projectors all boast impressive brightness levels, but to be on par, we needed to compare their brightness and resolution to each other, for their screen sizes, and with their HDTVs.


The InFocus IN1503 is one of the nicest projectors we've tested. Its 3000 lumens of brightness and WXGA (1280 by 800) resolution make it a very good choice for home theater applications. The projector has a 20% zoom range, a 6.5-minute full warm-up time, and a bright 150-inch screen that fills most average-size living rooms. The projector has six HDMI inputs, including one with MHL, and one USB input. The default projection mode is WXGA, but you can switch to WUXGA (1366 by 768) or HD. The IN1503 has built-in speakers that sound good for such a small projector, and it has a headphone jack for private listening. The projector has built-in Wi-Fi, and it can stream video from a Netflix app, but not Hulu. It has an IR remote that features an Enter/Exit button. The projector has a three-year warranty.

InFocus IN3134a XGA Network DLP Projector, 4200 Lumens, HDMI, MHL

InFocus IN3134a XGA DLP Network Projector

by InFocus Corporation

GET BETTER IMAGES ON ANY SURFACE- 4200 lumens of brightness, high contrast, six-segment color wheel and BrilliantColor technology produces incredible images in high ambient light.

The InFocus IN3134a XGA Network DLP Projector is an affordable, relatively compact, relatively lightweight projector with a bright, bright image, good brightness uniformity, and decent throw distance. The IN3134a's image quality is on par with other DLP 3LCD projectors in its price range, and it's the first projector we've tested that comes with M-HL support. (You can connect a compatible mobile device to the projector via HDMI, and then cast content to it on a supported TV or monitor via MHL, though at 480p rather than 1080p.) The IN3134a's image quality is decent, but it's not quite as bright or sharp as many other projectors in its price range. Its color reproduction is decent, though not quite as good as that of more expensive models, and it's not quite as dark as other models. The IN3134a has a relatively thin profile, and the 6.2-pound projector is easy to mount and position, especially considering its throw distance. The projector's relatively affordable price also makes it an attractive option for people who don't need a full 1080p resolution. The InFocus IN3134a XGA Network DLP Projector is a good option for people who just want an inexpensive projector with good picture quality, and it's one of the few projectors in its price range that is equipped with M-HL support.

InFocus IN138HD DLP 1080p 4000 Lumens, 3X HDMI, VGA, 3D and Wi-Fi Ready TechStation Projector

InFocus IN138HD DLP 1080p 4000 Lumens

by In Focus

Class-leading, whisper-quiet design with smooth flow fan technology, a cooling-efficient enclosure, and silent bearings

The InFocus IN138HD projector is a well-rounded device that offers excellent picture quality, good connectivity, and is reasonably priced. The native 1080p resolution and 4000 lumens of brightness make it a great choice for dimly lit rooms, and when paired with the included 2.1 audio speakers, it can fill a room with sound. The dLP technology produces bright, sharp images, and the 1.2x horizontal and vertical zoom make it easy to position the projector in virtually any room. The IN138HD's video inputs include HDMI, VGA, and 3.5mm mini-jack, and you can also connect a Google Chromecast, Intel computer stick, Fire TV stick, or other Fire devices via the projector's Tech Station HDMI Bay. The screen is bright enough for most classroom applications, and the 4-watt speaker offers enough volume for small group presentations. The IN138HD also comes with two built-in 100-watt lasers, so it's ideal for home entertainment as well. The only downsides are that the setup process is a little tricky and there's no screen adjustment, but you'll be up and running in no time.


The InFocus IN118HDa is a handsome 1080p 3D projector for movies, music, and games. It delivers bright, vivid images, with colors that pop, and images that are sharp and clear. It also has excellent color accuracy, which is crucial for watching 3D movies. The projector has expansive room-filling projection, and it's capable of 4K resolution as well. With 3000 lumens of brightness, it's bright enough to project a 120-inch image in a moonlight room, and it's bright enough to use in a light-filled room with thick curtains. The projector's image doesn't suffer from the jaggies you get from other projectors with lamp bulbs, and the projector's 3000 lumens of brightness also contribute to its warm, pleasant color output. The projector has 3 HDMI inputs, and one of them supports 3D pass-through. The projector has built-in speakers, and it's loud enough for a normal-size room. It has an SD card slot, and it's capable of playing back movies, music, and photos stored on a memory card. The projector comes with everything you need, from a 3D lens, to a remote, to cables and adapters. The projector has a two-year warranty, and comes with lifetime technical support.

InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector, 3D ready, SVGA, 2700 Lumens

InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector

by InFocus Corporation

High contrast ratio and BrilliantColor technology

The InFocus IN112 is a lightweight, portable 4K DLP projector, with a sharp picture and a high native contrast ratio. The projector is compatible with a wide range of file formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, AMV, and MKV. The projector's color accuracy isn't as accurate as you'd hope for in a $1,000 projector, but its 2700 lumens brightness and wide 100-150 inch image projection range more than make up for it. The projector's light output is also relatively color neutral, so whites and blacks don't look overly warm or cool. The IN112's 720p resolution is perfect for watching HD movies and playing games on a big screen. The projector's 3D capability is also impressive, with 20 phasers and 10 digital glasses included in the box. The projector's 100-150 inch image projection range makes a large projection screen unnecessary, and the image remains bright at even the widest angles. The InFocus IN112 is also surprisingly easy to connect to your PC or laptop, thanks to an included USB cable. The projector's passive cooling system keeps it quiet even at maximum brightness, and InFocus offers up to 24 months of warranty coverage.

InFocus IN112XV Presentation Projector, DLP SVGA 3600 Lumens 3D Ready HDMI

InFocus IN112XV Presentation Projector

by Infant Technology Management Software Ltd

QUICK SETUP & LOTS OF CONNECTIVITY - This versatile projector sets up in minutes and can easily connect to your phone or iPad with a LightCast Key (sold separately).

InFocus has a strong reputation for producing affordable, high-quality projectors, and it's easy to see why with the IN112XV. It's bright, supports 3D, and it's very easy to connect. The 3,800-lumen brightness (which is greater than 60% brighter and 3 times brighter than most competitors) makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses, including home theaters, classrooms, and offices. The IN112XV has 720p resolution, which makes it suitable for most business presentations. It also supports HDMI input, so you can plug your computer directly into the projector. The only drawbacks are that it's a bit noisy when it's on full volume, and that it takes about 30 minutes to warm up. For the price, however, the IN112XV is a bargain.

InFocus IN112XA Projector, DLP SVGA 3800 Lumens 3D Ready 2HDMI with Speakers

InFocus IN112XA Projector

by In Focus

LONGEST LASTING LAMP - Get over 15,000 hours of viewing with a long lasting projector lamp that will provide hours of crystal clear viewing, whether it's being used for business presentations or the perfect 3D home cinema experience (3D Glasses sold separately).

The InFocus IN112XA projector has one of the best images we've seen on a 3LCD projector: It produces bright, vivid pictures with impressive color reproduction, and the image clarity is good, even on large screens. The projector also has great contrast, making it great for watching sports, movies, or TV shows. The projector also gets pretty bright for a 3LCD projector, making it good for rooms without dimming lights. The IN112XA has two HDMI ports, so you can easily connect an HDMI-equipped laptop or gaming console, and it also supports HDMI pass-through. The projector also has two 3.5mm inputs for connecting a TV or a video game console, and it comes with a pair of built-in 2.1 speakers. The projector's built-in speakers aren't great, so you'll want to connect a set of external speakers, but that's easily done with one of InFocus's optional external speakers. The IN112XA is easy to set up, and it automatically switches between HDMI and DVI inputs, so you don't need to switch inputs every time you connect a different device.

InFocus IN124a XGA Wireless-Ready Projector, 3500 Lumens, HDMI, 2GB Memory

InFocus IN124a Wireless-Ready XGA Projector

by Infant Technology Management Software Ltd

Wireless connectivity with optional USB adapter

The InFocus IN124a is an excellent all-around projector for home offices, classrooms, and lecture halls. It's bright, clear, and loud, and it offers plenty of value for the price. We particularly liked the fact that it supports wireless projection, so instead of using a long HDMI cable, you can transmit your screen to anywhere within 20 feet. Moreover, the IN124a connects to both Mac and PC computers as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The projector's remote control is easy to navigate, and it offers a full selection of inputs, including HDMI, VGA, and composite video, as well as audio inputs. The projector's 1920x1080 native resolution is an upgrade from the IN124's native 800 x 600, and it's bolstered by an 8000:1 contrast ratio and BrilliantColor technology. The IN124a also offers plenty of connectivity options, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 VGA ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, a 5-in-1 media card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The projector's lamp lasts up to 7,000 hours, so you won't need to replace a bulb for at least a decade. The projector is easy to install and use, and it connects to most screens. The IN124a also offers a lot of value for the price.

InFocus IN114xv Projector, DLP XGA 3800 Lumens 3D Ready HDMI

InFocus IN114xv Projector

by Infant Technology Management Software Ltd

This versatile projector sets up in minutes; can easily connect to your phone or iPad with a LightCast Key (sold separately)

The InFocus IN114XV is a surprisingly good budget projector. It has a DLP chip (the type of projector used in most consumer projectors) and is built around a 3800 lumens lamp, which is brighter than the 2600 lumens of most budget projectors. The projector also has 26000:1 contrast ratio, which boosts black levels and makes the projector look brighter. The IN114XV also has HDMI connectivity, so it's capable of displaying HD content from an external device. The projector's DLP chip also means that it can produce 1920 x 1080 resolution 3D images. It also has built-in speakers, which provide enough volume for a small room. The projector's throw distance is also good: it covers 100-150 inches, which is enough for a small classroom or conference room. At $479, the IN114XV is more affordable than most budget projectors, but it's pricier than some projectors in this price range. We also found the projector to be a bit sluggish when switching between 2D and 3D images. The projector's lamp-life rating is also shorter than most budget projectors, with 15000 hours of lamp life in dynamic mode, but users shouldn't expect to get 15000 hours in non-dynamic mode. The projector also lacks Wi-Fi, which some budget projectors have. Despite these downsides, the InFocus IN114XV is one of the best budget projectors we've ever tested, and it's a good choice if you're looking for an affordable projector for a home or small office.


The InFocus IN114 is one of the least expensive portable projectors you can buy, and it's one of the best we've seen. It has a nice bright output, bright enough for nearly any action movie, and its images have a respectable brightness and clarity. The IN114 also has excellent color reproduction, with a true-to-life color calibration that preserves color and contrast without boosting or defragging. The projector's contrast is also impressive, and while it's not as impressive as some of the projectors in our lineup, it's still plenty good for a 4K TV. The projector's image is sharp, and given the projector's small size, it holds up well against larger projectors. The projector's lamp life isn't great, but given the projector's small size, it's acceptable. The projector's controls are simple, and the menu navigation is easy to use. The InFocus IN114 is a simple, compact projector that looks great and is easy enough to use that it should be great for showing movies at home.


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